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Before I leave my office for the day, I want to make you aware, if you are not already, of the National Moment of Remembrance scheduled for Monday, May 26 at 3:00 PM. The following information is from www.remember.gov: Memorial Day Event The National Moment of Remembrance, established by Congress...
One of my favorite explanations for why the Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to sell a property and defer the capital gain tax on the sale of that property through the use of a Section 1031 like-kind exchange contains the words in the subject of this article. The explanation goes like th...
Are your income properties a business, an investment, or both? I suspect most property owners would say they are both. That’s how I feel about mine. They certainly qualify as a business, but the primary reason I bought them was as an investment for the future. Why does this matter? Because unless...
Did you know that after you use a Section 1031 exchange to acquire new property, you will face the same tax-related issues when you decide to sell that property? Is there any way around paying capital gain taxes when you sell your property? With the issuance of Rev. Proc. 2008-16 and some advanc...

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