weather in big canoe georgia: Here Comes the Sun! Let's Turn this Market Rightside up!! - 02/18/10 09:45 AM

I'm sending out a Big Wave of GOOD LUCK to all of the agents out here on the East Coast so that they may have a sunny weekend full of good clients and full price offers! Down here in the north Georgia mountains we have been bombarded by icy and snowy weekends for over a month! Looking at the sunny weekend weather forecast today makes me want to BURN my GALOSHES!!!
Cheers to all of you! Lets make some NEWSWORTHY SALES this weekend!

weather in big canoe georgia: I'm OVER IT!! (Beware of Vent) - 01/11/10 09:56 AM
Oh please take the time to read through my last few posts starting from last Tuesday. You will see the progression of fiery excitement due to the pending snow in Big Canoe.
Here's the Readers Digest Version
Day One, Tuesday:we get the call that there would be a half day on Wednesday due to the fore-casted snow for the afternoon. My husband (Grrrrr) shouts out in front of the kids "Let's just keep them home all day". So we did.
Day Two, Wednesday:Spent over half the day saying "I don't know when the snow will start"! It finally started around 2ish

weather in big canoe georgia: It's Gonna Snow, ho ho, Right Here in Dixie!! - 01/05/10 11:55 AM
Quick note from me before the sappy stuff starts. I'm proud to announce that my little company, IBA is celebrating 5 years in business this year. I never thought I'd make it as far as I did and now I have a true passion for real estate! We are not a fortune 500 but as far as small town agencies go I couldn't be happier! Hooray! .....And now for the weather:
This Northern Transplant Yankee (I say this with great pride)┬áis just about as happy as she can be tonight! looks like we will be having snow here in Big Canoe … (2 comments)

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