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I had to reshare this post. Bill Gassett obviously put a lot of time and thought into this one.  If you are buying a home or selling a home there is great info in here for you to start with.  Crazy Good Featured Real Estate Articles Are you ready for a killer real estate roundup? Do you want to r...
I recently wrote a blog post on virtual staging. I was prompted to write the article after having a string of vacant listings. Unfortunately, marketing a vacant home can present some challenges. Vancant room after vacant room, especially when they have no defining features tend to run into each o...
For the better part of my career I have used a third party showing service to schedule showings on my listings.The pro's of the service are creating an easy seamless way for agents to easily schedule showings and for home owners to easily confirm showings.  A showing can be confirmed as easily as...
An excellent post by Denise Lones. You only have one opportunity to get it right when selling your house or you will find selling your home to be an up hill battle.  Denise shares some critical component of selling your home.Two aspect of real estate photography are discussed here. Denise points ...
For many years prior to the smart phone, the prevalence of the internet and technology, open house were a marketing staple.  But I present to you, that while there is a time and place for open houses, there are far better areas of marketing your home to effectively get a buyer.  Should you have a...
Right now it is a battlefield in the real estate market.  With extremely low inventories and buyers competing for homes with mutiple offers it is tough for buyers.  Fortunately a home buyer does not necessarily have to go it alone.  Home buyers can be represented by a buyer's agent.Unfortunately ...
Why Am I Not Sharing Your Posts on Pinterest?I try to share a variety of real estate articles on a number of social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc... If I find an article interesting, I will usually share it on most or all of my social media channels.There are actuall...
I recently wrote a post over on my main blog on how using a drone for aerial stills and video can provide enhanced marketing for our home sellers. Aerial views, for now, offer a unique view to capture a home buyers attention.  The newness and novelty alone will draw in home buyers. The other thin...
I recently was reminded of a funny situation I encountered a few years ago.  Sometimes as agents we get caught in very bizarre situations that just make you laugh.The HouseDuring the ecomomic downturn I found myself doing quite a few short sales here in Massachusetts.  I was wrapping one up in Lo...
Over the past couple of months I have written two extensive articles about multiple offers and how to handle them.  One article is focuses on Multiple Offers for home buyers and one is on Multiple Offers for home sellers.  I will give a brief recap and a link to each article.From talking to my co...

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