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   Sawgrass Venice FL Real Estate Market Snapshot – 2nd Quarter 2013     Real estate market snapshot for homes in Sawgrass Venice FL is provided by Kwee Huset Realty for your over view of how homes for sale performed during the 2nd quarter 2013.     Sawgrass is a stable gated golf community. Curr...
  Osprey FL Market Snapshot Zip Code 34229 – June & July 2013   Real estate market snapshot zip code 34229 for homes in Osprey FL will provide you a good over view of how homes for sale performed during June & July 2013 and are as follows:   June 2013 Market Snapshot   To view single family homes...
  LEED – 6 Important Elements of Green Building   Q by buyer: What is LEED? A: LEED means Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, and is redefining the way we think about the places where we live, work and learn. As an internationally recognized mark of excellence, LEED provides building own...
 Labor Day weekend 2013 - Venice FL Events Labor Day weekend is here.  Besides BBQ there are other fun things to do around the area by yourself or with family and friends of all ages (including your dog), and they are free. This information is provided by the courtesy of Kwee Huset of Kwee Huset ...
 Publix Newest Grocery Store in Nokomis Florida   Publix newest grocery store located at Plaza Venezia, 2438 Laurel Road East, Nokomis Florida was opened yesterday on August 29, 2013. The Store Manager is Mr. Mike Lawless.                            Publix Store Hours Their store is open seven da...
    Homestead Exemption in Sarasota County Florida –Part 3   Q:  How do you assess new additions to previously Homesteaded properties? A:  We generally use what is called "The Cost Approach" (i.e., the South Florida fair market replacement construction cost -- on a square foot basis -- for an add...
Sold – Costa Brava, Condo in Downtown Venice FL   Kwee Huset of Kwee Huset Realty just sold another property at Costa Brava, 232 Saint Augustine Avenue #606, Venice, FL.   Currently only one unit is listed for sale in Costa Brava… click here to see the update       From Renters into Buyers A coup...
Homestead Exemption in Sarasota County Florida –Part 2   Q:  What are the requirements for a Homestead Exemption? A:   You are entitled to a Homestead Exemption if, as of January 1st of the year for which you are applying, (1) you are a permanent resident of Florida, (2) you hold legal title to y...
           Homestead Exemption in Sarasota County Florida - Part 1   Q: What is the history of the Homestead Exemption? A: The Great Depression began in 1929. As the Depression deepened, many Florida property owners found themselves unable to pay their property taxes and in serious danger of los...
  Ixora – Florida Gardening Ixora is also known as Flame of the woods.  It is a colorful flowering shrub that favors warm climates. The plant is native to East Indies and a popular landscaping shrub in tropical or subtropical zones throughout the world.   Variety of Ixora There are dwarf and regu...

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