garden: Jack Fruit(Artocarpus heterophyllus) for your Edible Garden in Florida - 09/06/14 06:29 AM
Jack Fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) for your Edible Garden in Florida
Common name is Jackfruit and the scientific name is Artocarpus heterophyllus. It is the national fruit for the countries of Bangladesh and Indonesia. Many Asians in Florida plant the tree in their edible garden.

We met a Vietnamese friend living in Sarasota Florida that has this ten year old jack fruit tree which he planted when he bought the house.  The biggest fruit he had harvested weighed 50 pounds, and the smallest weighed 30.
He also showed us several about twenty feet of the ground, … (23 comments)

garden: Frangipani (Plumeria), Beautiful Flowers with Fragrance - 05/30/14 12:01 PM
Frangipani (Plumeria), Beautiful Flowers with Fragrance
Frangipani (common name) Plumeria (scientific name)
Frangipani is native to tropical and sub-tropical climates around the world. Like many other flowers, Frangipani is a beautiful flower which has many different colors with different fragrances.

Kind of Frangipani and Uses of Beautiful Flowers
Plumeria alba has white color with more yellow in the middle. It is a national flower of Laos and Nicaragua.
Plumeria obtuse has white color with less yellow in the middle
Plumeria pudica has pink color with some yellow in the middle
Plumeria rubra has dark pink color … (20 comments)

garden: Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), Beautiful Flowers for Garden - 03/28/14 06:44 AM
Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), Beautiful Flowers for Garden
Hydrangea is a common name, and hydrangea macrophylla is the scientific name. It is a green bush with beautiful flowers in round shapes, which have attractive colors of pink, blue or white for your garden. It grows wild along the rivers of China and Japan.

Hydrangea – Watering and Feeding
Hydrangea   requires partial shade and will grow well in well drained and moist soil. You may plant it in a pot and bring into the house during the winter season, because it is not hardy. They need … (16 comments)

garden: Floss Silk Tree (Chorisia speciosa) – Flowers and Trees, Florida - 11/17/13 09:35 AM
Floss Silk Tree (Chorisia speciosa) – Flowers and Trees, Florida
This large tree in Florida which has many thorns and beautiful flowers is called floss silk tree. Its scientific name is Chorisia speciosa.  
On my way to show properties I saw this tree in Pinebrook, a deed restricted community within the City limits of Venice. 

Floss silk tree likes warm weather and is drought tolerant. The younger tree trunk is green in color due to high chlorophyll content. When the tree is mature it can grow up to about 50 feet tall, and its trunk which … (13 comments)

garden: Ixora – Florida Gardening - 08/25/13 12:28 PM
Ixora – Florida Gardening
Ixora is also known as Flame of the woods.  It is a colorful flowering shrub that favors warm climates. The plant is native to East Indies and a popular landscaping shrub in tropical or subtropical zones throughout the world.
Variety of Ixora
There are dwarf and regular ixora with many species. Dwarf is slow growing and the plant has a small leaf while the regular has a bigger leaf. The plant produces a large cluster of tiny flowers in a ball-shaped. The flowers have a variety of colors like reddish orange (most common for the … (11 comments)

garden: Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) – Specimen Tree for Your Garden - 07/10/13 12:18 PM
Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) – Specimen Tree for Your Garden
Royal Poinciana is one of the most spectacular of all flowering trees in Florida. It attracted my attention when I was on my way to show properties. This picture was taken on Lucaya Ave. at Pinebrook, Venice FL 34285
The tree is fast growing   in tropical weather. It will grow up to 40 feet tall with small fern like green foliage as you can see from the picture. It provides shade and is drought and salt tolerant.
It flowers beginning in May until July … (24 comments)

garden: Do you consider this as Spring color? Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) - 05/05/13 06:39 AM

Do you consider this as Spring color? Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta).
This golden bronze or orange yellow color tree is Silky oak; the scientific name is Grevillea robusta. The bright outstanding color above the house attracted my attention, while I was on my way home after showing property yesterday.
The Silky oak tree is from Australia and is not related to an oak tree, also not usually classified as a flowering tree. Its wood grain is similar to oak, and is used in making furniture and paneling.
It is a fast growing tree … (22 comments)

garden: Gardenia as White as Snow - 04/24/13 01:13 PM
  Gardenia as White as Snow
Gardenia is from China in the family of coffee plants and is the national flower of Pakistan.

The genus was named in honor of a florist/physician Dr. Alexander Garden of Charleston, S.C, who is responsible for its initial success as a house plant.
Gardenia blooming season is between April and August. The beautiful flower is white as snow, and is used for corsages and for its fragrance. Some ladies even put it in their hair. Gardenia has been noted as one of the best smelling flowers, and it is usually pollinated by … (18 comments)

garden: Pictures of Roses - 04/07/13 08:22 AM
Pictures of Roses
We stopped to smell the roses today. My husband and I enjoy the beauty and varieties of colorful flowers and their scents.They remind me of my mom in Malaysia; she used to have a beautiful rose garden beside our home when I was young.
There are more than one hundred species of roses.Most of them are native to Asian countries.In general, roses fall in any of the three categories:wild, old garden and the hybrid or modern garden.
Picture of Wild roses

This is naturally created. It has only five petals, and was not hybridized by … (17 comments)

garden: What is a Bromeliad? - 12/09/12 06:57 AM
Most bromeliads are air plants; some grow on the ground, such as the pineapple.  All bromeliads grow like pineapple tops with leathery, pointed leaves rising up from a central colorful crown.  They can be grown outdoors year round as an ornamental plants.

What is a Bromeliad? Bromeliads have beautiful foliage and bright flowers that last for weeks or months.  The leaves of a Bromeliad form a container in the center of the plant called a “tank” to collect water for food.   If you find a white powdery substance on these plants, it is not a disease, it helps … (14 comments)

garden: Kweeh Wordless Wednesday 9/26/2012 – Backyard Garden Harvest - 09/25/12 11:56 PM
Backyard Garden Harvest
Sugar apple (Annona squamosa)                                                        Banana
Sugar cane                                                                                Star fruit (Carambola)
Silk squash (Luffa acutangula) & Pomelo (Citrus maxima)                 Winter melon
Bitter melon (momordica Charantia)                                   Long beans (Vigna unguiculata)
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