buyers market: Is it really a "buyer's market"? Or a "seller's market"? - 06/15/12 03:31 AM
After years in this business I can't help but reflect on a common theme I hear from buyers, sellers and my esteemed colleagues. The concept and often used terminology of "it's a buyer's market", or "it's a seller's market".
Sales managers love to pump up their real estate salespeople by encouraging them that there is no such thing as a good or a bad's either a buyer's or a seller's market, plain and simple. "Now go out there and sell, sell, sell! Server your clients with this wonderful knowledge! It's a buyer's market! Fight for your buyers!"
I feel compelled … (0 comments)

buyers market: Ready to List and Sell Your Home with a Realtor? How Will You Handle the Shadow Inventory Coming to the Market? A Few Thoughts from a Greenville, SC Realtor & Short Sale Listing Agent - 02/07/12 06:59 AM
All signs point towards 2012 being a significant year, in terms of the real estate market gaining a lot of clarity with respect to the movement of shadow inventory (foreclosed, bank-owned homes, pre-foreclosures, short sales and homes heading towards a foreclosure "sale date").
If you're a buyer, you have the perfect buyer's storm to navigate through and come out smelling like a rose! Inventory, competition in the marketplace and resulting downward pressures on home values, more short sales, more foreclosures and historically low mortgage interest rates all make for an exciting moment in history to be a buyer in the real … (0 comments)

buyers market: Greenville, SC Homes for Sale...2011 Will Absolutely be the "Perfect Homebuyer Storm", the Best Time to Buy a Home!!! - 12/23/10 08:05 AM
I know, it sounds cliche' and the term is often overused in the real estate industry. "Now is the best time to buy a home".
Well, if I am anything I am 100% honest with people. The most common compliment I receive from my clients is that I am a "straight shooter" with them.
Allow me to share my 100% honest and professional advice with you, regarding the Greenville, SC real estate market throughout 2011...
2011 is expected to be the "bottom" of our market. Will home values spring back and begin to appreciate wildly starting in 2012? Not necessarily. I … (0 comments)

buyers market: Homebuyers Turn Screws On Desperate Sellers - 08/30/08 04:09 PM
"Homebuyers Turn Screws On Desperate Sellers"
This was the title of an article I read the other day on CNN/ As usual, this type of article is speaking in general terms, as if every real estate market in the country is the same. Is it a buyer's market right now? Sure! More than likely it is a buyer's market right now in most markets.
However, what does it mean to suggest that buyer's are "turning the screws on desperate sellers"? We've got motivated sellers in Greenville, but I'm not aware of too many desperate homeowners who are allowing buyers to "turn … (10 comments)

buyers market: Get Off The Fence And Buy Now! - 06/22/08 05:04 PM
With mortgage rates ticking upwards, now is the time to buy a home! In many markets people are just scared. They're thinking if they sit on the fence just a little while longer, then the prices will drop another $50,000.
Well, by waiting to buy a home the buyer runs the risk of the rates going even higher. When you compare the higher interest rate over a 30 year loan with a possible price reduction of maybe $25k to $'s just not worth it to wait!
Prices are low, there is an inventory glut in the marketplace and interest rates are … (3 comments)

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