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Get the latest information on all things real estate for the Lewiston/Auburn area of Maine as well as events and attractions in the area. Search the Maine MLS and find out about Lewiston/Auburn are home prices.



I've always considered myself a "non-decorator."  I am more of a function over form person and happy to be so (or so I thought.)  Please don't get me wrong, I like decorated homes, especially when people let their personality show through, I just have never put that much effort into it myself.  I...
Pick your own strawberry fields are in full swing in Maine. Don't miss out on your chance to get the sweetest strawberries around.  There are many farms and fields to choose from.  My family enjoyed a day at Fairwinds Farm in Bowdoinham this past weekend.  You could actually smell the strawberri...
The Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce is holding a no-cost program for its members Tuesday, July 27, 2010.  This program will give members the opportunity to learn more about the new Medical Marijuana law and ask questions. "Medical Marijuana - The Law and You"Where:  The Chamber's Communit...
Lewiston, Maine The Lewiston Farmer's Market opens this season tomorrow, June 29, 2010 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm at Kennedy Park (corner of Pine & Bates Streets.) This farmer's market is dedicated to providing healthy and locally farmed produce that is equitably priced. The market features health out...
In today's world, we seem to hear so much about the value of compromising.  Children, unions, management, governing officials, and yes, buyers and sellers, are all told that they should compromise in order to solve disputes. Is compromise really the best way to go?  In my experience, the most suc...
Help Carolyn Capalbo, the Realtor get her good name back.  I think we can all imagine how we would feel if our good name and reputation was suddenly overcome by the actions of someone else with the same name. Carolyn Capalbo Is A REALTOR In Northern Virginia That Needs Your Help   Carolyn Capalb...
Have you ever attended a webinar or class and got all excited learning a new skill, only to have your excitement crushed when you actually tried to act on what you thought you had learned? I have on many occasions. Two separate events today got me thing about how quickly I can go from "Arrrrrgh!"...
We've all seen the ads by now, whether in magazines or on television.  Dawn dishwashing liquid pledging to donate $1.00 for every bottle sold. The "dirty" little secret they don't tell you on the ads is that you have to go to their website and register your bottle for the donation to kick in. The...
I get a little weepy every time Father's Day rolls around.  I am fortunate though, my Dad is still with me and my parents live just 45 minutes down the road.  I get weepy because it is a reminder of how fortunate I am that my Dad took on our family.  Without him, my life would certainly have been...
We learned something new about one of our neighbors today.  Funny how you can live across the street from someone for almost 5 years and still not know all about them. For the past 3 days, we have been visited by a lovely white dove, something we have never seen in the area before.  Today, one of...

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