maine real estate market: Break Out The Sweaters! Fall Comes To Maine Right On Cue - 09/23/13 04:55 AM
Yes, break out the sweaters and pack away those summer toys! Fall has come to Maine this year right on cue.  The calendar registered the first day of fall, the skies let loose of a little rain, the clouds parted, and the crisp Autumn air and sunshine moved right in.
Here in Maine, we are known for our mild summers, our nice snow filled winters, and of course the beautfiul foliage of a New England Fall.  We even have a website set up for the sole purpose of letting visitors know when and where the best fall foliage viewing will … (2 comments)

maine real estate market: Maine Real Estate Market Update - The numbers are in! - 09/23/13 02:38 AM

This is the headline of the latest press release from the Maine Association of Realtors.  However, as you can imagine, headlines (and even some statistics) don't always tell the full story.  So what do the latest figures mean to you?
Most Maine counties saw an increase in both the number of sales and the median sale price for this past quarter when compared to the same period last year.  This does give indications that our real estate market is strong and on it's way to recovery.  However, an … (0 comments)

maine real estate market: How Is The Real Estate Market in Maine? Androscoggin County - 04/15/10 03:06 AM
State of the Market:  Androscoggin County
Are Homes Selling?
How Are Prices?
What Does It All Mean To Me?
The most recent rolling quarter home sale statistics were released from the Maine Real Estate Information System showing a 21.88% increase in the number of homes sold and a 6.67% increase in the median sale price as compared to the same period last year for Androscoggin County!
Statewide, the median sale price of existing single-family homes remained the same compared with last year, although here in Androscoggin County we showed an increase.  The national median sales price actually dipped 2.1%.  According to the … (0 comments)