maui real estate: Luxury Living in Maui Near the Famous Kaanapali Golf Courses - 12/02/19 01:26 PM
Here at Maui Luxury Real Estate Team, we value what our island has to offer potential homeowners such as yourself. No matter where you are on the island, your home will always come with a view. Whether that means living Upcountry amongst the rolling hillsides or having glimpses of the pristine white sandy beaches in South Maui, you’re never far from Hawaii’s true beauty here on the island of Maui.
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maui real estate: Why You Should Buy Kaanapali Real Estate in Maui Hawaii - 11/22/19 02:54 PM
In Hawaii, everyone has a favorite island. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of Honolulu mixed with the laid-back vibes of Oahu’s North Shore, while others love the rawness of Big Island’s wilderness and the slow-pace of Kauai. But for us, Maui is No Ka Oi (the best), and there’s no competition. But even on our own little island, there are some places we like more than others, and one of those places just happens to be Kaanapali. We think you should look into buying your next home or condo in Kaanapali and here’s why.
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maui real estate: Celebrate Christmas on Maui this Season with These Fun Holiday Events - 11/15/19 03:18 PM
Fall is upon us and Christmas is right around the corner. It always seems like this time of the year just flies by, and so it’s important to slow down and take some time to plan out your goals before the new year hits us. Speaking of goals, if one of your goals is to become a homeowner on Maui, then make sure to contact us and reach out to one of our agents so we can get started on paving a path towards homeownership for you as soon as possible. As you can see right here on our website, we … (1 comments)

maui real estate: West Maui Land for Sale in Kaanapali at Lanikeha - 11/08/19 01:26 PM
If you’re someone who is considering building rather than buying their home, then investing in land for sale on Maui to start this adventure can be a little tricky. Maui is notorious for having prices that match the views, but that’s not always the case. Right now you can invest in a 1.25 acre West Maui land for sale at under $1 million!
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maui real estate: Paki Maui Luxury Oceanfront Condo for Sale in Maui, Hawaii - 10/25/19 02:21 PM
Our Maui Luxury Real Estate Team has a variety of great condos and homes for sale featured right here on our website. From Maui oceanfront properties to beachfront luxury houses, you’re sure to come across some incredible Hawaii real estate right here on our website. But a place today that we’re interested in sharing with you is on the top of our list as a hot buy and we think it should be on the top of yours too! Read on to learn more about the home for sale at Paki Maui condominiums.
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maui real estate: Maui Luxury Plantation Estates Home for Sale in Kapalua, Hawaii - 10/18/19 04:45 PM
On Maui, there are some neighborhoods that stick out among the rest. Sure there are plenty of places to live and call home, from South Maui to Upcountry, but did you know some of the most gorgeous views, peaceful settings, and amazing properties just so happen to be located in a West Maui Kapalua neighborhood by the name of Plantation Estates? Well, it’s true and today we’re going to introduce you to a West Maui luxury home for sale that is one of the best on the island. Introducing...
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maui real estate: Adventure Awaits in Kaanapali Black Rock Beach Maui - 10/11/19 02:26 PM
Here on Maui there are plenty of amazing parts of the island to explore. But we’re here to tell you about a special place in West Maui that attracts numerous visitors each year to indulge in some real Maui fun and relaxation on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches of all time!
At Kaanapali Beach, you’ll be left breathless by the miles of white sand and bright blue ocean water that expands out into the horizon. In front of you’ll witness sea turtles, waves, clouds, two islands of Molokai and Lanai and plenty of sunsets each night to enjoy. And while … (0 comments)

maui real estate: Stunning Mahana Estates Luxury Home For Sale in Kapalua Maui - 10/04/19 04:46 PM
Luxury properties are a dime a dozen on Maui and if you’re lucky you might just find the right one for you West Maui, Hawaii. From Lahaina to Kapalua, there are plenty of multi-million dollar luxury mansions for sale, both beachfront and oceanfront, that are incredible places to live and call home. But one property, in particular, that sticks out among the rest is a home located in Mahana Estates.
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maui real estate: Buying a Home on Maui - Why Not Buy a House or Condo in Lahaina Town - 09/27/19 04:22 PM
On the island of Maui, few places truly compare to the historic town of Lahaina. This west-side happening place is home to so much to see, do and enjoy on the island. If you’re new here, you’re going to love strolling through Front Street and seeing all that this little part of the island has to offer.
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maui real estate: Maui Luxury Condo for Sale at Kapalua Ridge With Dramatic Views - 09/20/19 02:27 PM
In terms of luxury real estate on Maui, we certainly have some of the best properties you can find on the island. From oceanfront properties for sale to beachfront properties for sale, our agents can turn you on to a wide variety of amazing homes for sale on the island so make sure to spend some time looking through listings and contact us when you find one that appeals to you. But if you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind buy that you can’t find anywhere else, then look no further because today we’re featuring a special luxury property you’re going to want … (0 comments)

maui real estate: Build Your Dream Home in Kaanapali Maui Today - 09/13/19 04:07 PM
Have you always dreamed of building your own one-of-a-kind, luxury property in West Maui? Have you envisioned everything from how many bedrooms you’ll have to how big your pool will be? If you’ve been contemplating, planning, and working towards building a house in paradise, then you’re in luck because one area on the island of Maui has all that you need to make this dream come true. Kaanapali!
Kaanapali is a fantastic place to build a property in. This popular destination location is home to so much to do and see on the island that it will amaze you! With the Whalers … (1 comments)

maui real estate: Stunning Views at Oceanfront Condo for Sale at Paki Maui Resort - 09/06/19 04:56 PM
If you’re looking for an incredible place to buy on Maui, then you’ll want to pause for a second and check out the island’s West Maui real estate where good weather, good vibes, and good people are abundant. One location in particular, that is a great place to buy a vacation or permanent home happens to be the Honokawai, Napili and Kahana area. This small surfer town is relaxed, private, and laid back and is an ideal place to enjoy the island lifestyle. With coffee shops, restaurants, and a grocery store nearby, you’ll love being near so much but also away … (2 comments)

maui real estate: Maui Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Kapalua Plantation Home for Sale - 08/30/19 03:42 PM
When it comes to purchasing luxury property on the island of Maui, there are many neighborhoods to choose from. Our Maui luxury real estate agents can point you to homes in South Maui, where Wailea and Makena have plenty of options to choose form. But there’s one area on the island that screams class and that happens to be in West Maui’s luxury Kapalua district.
Located along Maui’s far west side, Kapalua is home to some incredible properties. With views of Lanai, Molokai and the West Maui Mountains, it’s hard to beat this neighborhood in terms of beauty, upscale homes, and all … (1 comments)

maui real estate: Million Dollar Maui Beachfront Condo for Sale at the Aston Whaler - 08/23/19 04:08 PM
Are you looking for a new luxury condo for sale on Maui? Have you been researching day and night trying to find the perfect home away from home so you and your loved ones can finally make your dream of becoming permanent residents on the Valley Isle a reality? If you have been busy searching Maui real estate high and low, looking at all the beachfront condos and oceanfront condos for sale on the island but still haven’t found the ideal fit or property for you then look no further because we have just the one you’ve been looking for. 
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maui real estate: EPIC Multi-Million Dollar House in Lanikeha Kaanapali with Ocean Views - 08/16/19 04:13 PM
Kaanapali is one of the best areas in all of Maui to live and work in. With so much to do and so much fun to be had, along with some pretty amazing views, it’s no wonder why people are saying this is the IT place to be in all of Maui. Why? Because Kaanapali has it all. From the stunning Kaanapali Beach where you can surf, go parasailing, and take a boat ride, to the plethora of shops and eateries nearby, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to this area year after year and why new homeowners such … (1 comments)

maui real estate: 2019 Halloween on Front Street in Lahaina Maui Hawaii - 08/09/19 02:06 PM
Aloha real estate home buyers and welcome back to our weekly blog. We hope you’re enjoying looking for your perfect home on Maui with us and have spent some time looking at the various options we have available for you right here on our website. So whether you’re looking for a luxury beachfront property on the island or are ready to work with one of our luxury real estate agents, you can do all that in more through our website. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.
While looking for a new home on Maui is what you’ve … (0 comments)

maui real estate: Hawaii Luxury Penthouse Condo For Sale at Kaanapali Alii - 08/02/19 04:36 PM
When it comes to luxury living on Maui, few places compare to that of Kaanapali. And whether you’re looking for an oceanfront luxury condo or perhaps even a beachfront luxury home, Kaanapali real estate on Maui is some of the finest in the world. And with so much to experience and enjoy nearby, it’s no wonder why. Isn’t it time you discover the best in Hawaii living with a penthouse condo for sale at Kaanapali Alii?
Full Article Here: Hawaii Luxury Penthouse Condo For Sale at Kaanapali Alii

maui real estate: Hot Maui Beachfront Condo at Kaanapali Alii Resort For Sale - 07/26/19 05:19 PM
If you’re looking for an incredible piece of luxury real estate in West Maui where you can enjoy ocean views, a beautiful space, and access to plenty of things to see and do on the island, then read on because today we’re featuring a listing that has all that and more.
Full Article Here: Hot Maui Beachfront Condo at Kaanapali Alii Resort For Sale

maui real estate: The XTERRA Run is back this October - 07/19/19 02:58 PM
When it comes to living on Maui, there’s just no comparison. With our beautiful west side beaches, our fantastic restaurants, and never-ending outdoor activities, living here is hard to beat. We’re sure that’s why you’re spending your free time checking out our oceanfront luxury listings and searching through our West Maui condo listings, but have you spent any time reflecting on why you wanted to buy a home here in the first place? Well, if you need a reminder, don’t worry because that’s what we’re here for. And today we’d like to shine some light on an annual event that brings … (0 comments)

maui real estate: Top 5 Things To Do in Kaanapali - Hot Maui Adventure Activities - 07/15/19 02:10 PM
Maui is hands-down one of the best islands in all of Hawaii. With its beautiful beaches, fantastic whale season, and excellent outdoor adventures from upcountry to Hana, it’s no wonder why so many of you want to become homeowners here. Speaking of becoming a homeowner on Maui... Make sure you’re coming back to our website frequently to explore our luxury oceanfront and beachfront real estate for sale. There are some great homes for sale right now so don’t miss this opportunity and contact us when you see a property that you like.
But real estate aside, today is all about the fun … (2 comments)

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