keller williams: Lessons Learned from Willy Loman - 01/12/18 09:27 AM
Lessons Learned from Willy Loman
By Gloria Schmitt
Last evening as I was reviewing, and yes already amending, my 2018 annual, monthly and weekly goals, my youngest child came into my office and asked if I would mind proofreading the essay she had just completed for her winter college session in honor’s English.   Without hesitation, I said with pleasure.    Looking down at her paper and seeing only the title itself, made me smile.   She seemed annoyed and asked; why are you smiling? It is a sad story and you haven’t even read it yet.    I explained to her that I myself had read … (4 comments)

keller williams: Today I Lost a Friend - 05/24/17 05:51 AM
Today I Lost a Friend
By Gloria Schmitt
Today I learned that a good friend had passed away yesterday.   I had just spoken to his family days ago to find out how he was feeling as he was diagnosed with stage four cancer six months earlier.   His son (my oldest son’s best friend) said they had prepared him for at home hospice and that the doctors had given him 6-8 weeks but that he was resting comfortably.   Three days later he was gone.    As you could expect, my family and I did not take the news well.   John was a kind, caring, generous … (1 comments)

keller williams: Give Where You Live - Renew, Energize & Donate - 05/09/17 07:23 AM
Keller Williams Realty Landmark Volunteers Will Give Where They Live And Help Restore The Facilities at Saint Mary’s Hospital For Children (in Bayside) and The Poppenhusen Institute (in College Point)
Queens, New York — Keller Williams Realty Landmark will be among more than 157,000 Keller Williams associates worldwide participating in the real estate franchise’s ninth annual RED Day on May 11, 2017.
RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is a collective service initiative where Keller Williams associates donate a day to give back to the local community.
This year Keller Williams Realty Landmark, located in Bayside, Queens, will be helping two incredible … (0 comments)

keller williams: Does Always Being Busy, Make You Better? - 04/26/17 11:45 AM
Does Always Being Busy, Make you Better?
By: Dylan Bugallo
My fellow executive team members and I are currently reading a very uplifting and inspirational book. The book is called “You are a Badass” written by Jen Sincero. Not only does the book motivate you to be the most “Badass” version of yourself, it also ignites a sense of confidence within yourself that you may not have felt before.
Throughout the book there were many quotes from the author that caught my attention; however there was one that especially stood out in particular. “Stop talking about how busy you are. Focus on … (1 comments)

keller williams: What Kind of Impression Have You Left After the Deal Has Closed; Did You Build a Lasting Relationship? - 04/11/17 07:40 AM
What Kind of Impression Have You Left After the Deal Has Closed; Did You Build a Lasting Relationship?
By Gloria Schmitt
Recently I taught a class to both newly licensed, as well as, experienced associates in my market center entitled going from Chaos to Productivity.   While interacting and listening to the associates during the class, it struck me that as salespeople we are very passionate about exceeding our client’s expectations by continually putting the customer first and coming from a place of contribution; always operating with honesty and integrity, demonstrating effective communication and coordination throughout the entire process.    With that being said, we … (0 comments)

keller williams: Queens Real Estate Market Update, What to Expect in 2017.. - 12/21/16 02:33 PM
Queens Real Estate Market Update, What to Expect in 2017 – and Thoughts For Planning!
By Helen Keit – The Keit Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark
Key Points:
* Interest rates have been held artificially low for years and now with this first increase since last December, the Fed is indicating there could be more regular increases in rates during the coming year.
* A shortage of homes for sale versus demand by buyers- especially first-time buyers – will continue to impact the market and spur additional price appreciation.
* The real estate market has been in a 7+- year cycle of appreciating prices and … (0 comments)

keller williams: Does Culture Contribute to Your Professional and Personal Happiness? - 12/06/16 05:40 AM
Does Culture Contribute to Your Professional and Personal Happiness?
By Gloria Schmitt
Keller Williams Realty Landmark
Each morning I begin my day at 5AM; I get out of bed, say a quick affirmation and get myself ready for at least an hour long commute to the office.   Recently, colleagues, friends and family have all questioned why I choose to spend generally two and half hours every day in my car commuting when I can just as easily find a job locally.  My answer is quite simple – I love the company and the people I work alongside but most importantly, I love the incredible … (2 comments)

keller williams: Got Culture? - 05/17/16 11:49 AM

By Joseph Sica & Lisa Pucar     
          What it means to work at Keller Williams goes beyond any amount of money or materialistic items that one can acquire. The friendships and relationships developed have created a foundation for new goals and opportunities. The rare ability to be trained by top-producing agents and the possibility of passive income both differentiate Keller Williams from any other business corporation as it is. But the power of continuity in a work environment that creates motivation, service, and value is the core to what makes our company distinguished from the … (0 comments)

keller williams: Do You Wake Up Each Day With Your End Goal in Mind? - 05/11/16 02:02 AM
Do You Wake Up Each Day With Your End Goal in Mind?
By Gloria Schmitt
Keller Williams Realty Landmark
Last week I attended a workshop at Keller Williams Realty Landmark hosted by a top national speaker, Naeem Mahmood, on behalf of the Tony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop.   The intent of the workshop was to help us establish routines, develop a positive “unstoppable” mindset and to prepare us physically, mentally and emotionally in order to maximize our outcome and to attain our goals.   If I’m going to be completely honest, my original thought was here we go again, another motivation speaker who’s going to tell … (0 comments)

keller williams: Are Distractions in Your Life Getting in the Way of Achieving your Goals? - 03/23/16 10:10 PM
Are Distractions in Your Life Getting in the Way of Achieving your Goals?
By Gloria Schmitt
As a wife, mother of two and Chief Operating Officer of Keller Williams Realty Landmark, I completely understand both the importance of, as well as, the challenges we face every day when it comes to time management.  Regardless of whom you speak with in the real estate industry, time management is generally at the fore front of every discussion.    So my question to you is how do we effectively manage our time, eliminate distractions and focus on the activities that will help us to achieve our financial, … (0 comments)

keller williams: Dream Big! One of America's Happiest Companies.. - 03/21/16 07:13 AM
By Lisa Pucar
Keller Williams Realty was named as one of Career Bliss’ 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2016. Now I’m going to assume you’re wondering, what makes Keller Williams such a happy company? Well, I’m glad you asked!
Let’s start with our Belief System…
Here at Keller Williams we have a belief system that defines how we treat each other and people that we do business with.
We refer to our belief system as the WI4C2TS: 
Win Win: or no deal
Integrity: do the right thing
Customers: always come first
Commitment: in all things
Communication: seek first to understand
Creativity: ideas before results
Teamwork: together everyone achieves more
Trust: starts with honesty
Success: Results through … (0 comments)

keller williams: 7 Tips on Using Facebook for Your Business - 03/14/16 07:08 AM

By Lisa Pucar
More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook. The average Facebook user has 338 friends. Imagine talking to 338+ people at the same time about your business for free? Well, that’s Facebook for you. Facebook is a great tool for your business. You just need to use it correctly.
Personal Account: Your profile page
Business Page: The public page you create for your business
           Post Often (on your personal account)Post often on your personal account and less on your business page. Your personal account is where people can see what you’re doing daily, and it’s key … (2 comments)

keller williams: The Ultimate Customer Experience Knowledge is Power Trust is a Must - 02/29/16 11:50 PM

How to Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience:
Knowledge is Power but Trust is a Must
By Gloria Schmitt
Keller Williams Realty Landmark
Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending Keller Williams Real Estate’s Annual Family Reunion (convention) in New Orleans.   The event attracted more than 16,000 agents gathered to train, share systems, models and success stories and to network with likeminded professionals throughout the world.   From the onset, while listening to Gary Keller’s Vision Speech, for me a continual theme emerged – our actions and focus determine our success.   These are such simple words but with a very powerful message.   That same … (0 comments)

keller williams: This Month's Agent Spotlight - Salvatore Sica - 06/09/15 03:31 AM


keller williams: May's Agent Spotlight - Seungmee (Katherine) Kim - 05/13/15 06:29 AM
This month's Agent Spotlight at Keller Williams Realty Landmark goes to 
Seungmee (Katherine) Kim.
We are so proud to be in business with you!

keller williams: April's Agent Spotlight - Yvette Kearse - 04/08/15 03:24 AM
This month's Agent Spotlight at Keller Williams Realty Landmark goes to Yvette Kearse.
We are so proud to be in business with you!

keller williams: Second Annual Cultural X Change - 04/07/15 12:17 AM
For the second year in a row our office will be hosting its annual Cultural XChange and International Potluck. The purpose is to have a panel of multicultural realtors who will lead an open discussion on common traditions, customs, and things to be aware of when approaching people of different ethnicities of New York.
Throughout history New York has been a major gateway for immigrants, and the term ‘melting pot’ was even coined to describe the densely populated immigrant neighborhoods of lower Manhattan. Today, over 800 languages are spoken in New York making it the most linguistically diverse place in the United … (0 comments)

keller williams: Tech Tuesday - KW Mobile App - 03/17/15 07:18 AM
At Keller Williams Realty Landmark, our associates have access to their very own GPS powered Keller Williams Realty Search App. Each associates app features their branding and their contact information to build their Real Estate business..


keller williams: The Best Irish Restaurants & Pubs in Queens, NY - 03/13/15 04:33 AM
By Allison Gambone
The best Irish Restaurants & Pubs in Queens are a hop, skip and Irish jig away from your front door!
There’s nothing like a good corn beef cabbage and potatoes to warm your Irish spirit. There’s also some of the most incredible Shepherd’s Pie’s right here in the best Irish restaurants / pubs in Queens..
BB's Pub & Grill
BB’S Pub and Grill (formally known as Sheehan’s) is a family owned business that takes pride in their great food, great service and live entertainment. The Shepherd’s Pie is my personal favorite! With … (2 comments)

keller williams: March's Agent Spotlight - Champion Wu - 03/10/15 01:05 AM
This month's Agent Spotlight at Keller Williams Realty Landmark goes to Champion Wu.
We are so proud to be in business with you!


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