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Real estate musings and Lizette's Kentucky life in the fast lane even though time stands still here!



Can I enjoy myself while out showing properties? YES...I can!  Yesterday, I was over in Jessamine County, Kentucky and had a little time to stop and smell the sweet aroma of country living! The property I was to show was south of Nicholasville on Brumfield Lane. On the way there and on the way ba...
Paradise Cove...A slippery Piece Of Heaven In Richmond Kentucky Finally, Richmond Kentucky has a new public pool! It's called Paradise Cove and is located in Gibson Bay. It features a fabulous eight-lane diving pool with two, one-meter diving boards, a children's pool, two 40-foot tall slides, a ...
Click here for Nothing. What are you doing today...Nothing? I used to live near Nothing, AZ. Drove through it one time. Yup...nothing there. Does nothing else matter?? What do you buy for someone that wants nothing?? 20 Things you didn't know about nothing. What am I selling today? Nothing I hav...
Amber & Adam's Kentucky Home : First Time Homebuying Experience The process to own your first home should be fun. I know the feeling of being a renter and wanting something of my own. Just to be able to paint the wall any color and the freedom to be creative with everything because you own it is ...
My story begins in 2004. I was really dreaming of owning my first home in Kentucky. I was busy in my rookie year of real estate. Since I was a first time homebuyer, I knew I wasn't really experienced with owning land. I had been a renter all my life or at least since I was 18. Sure, I had a small...
Residential Real Estate For Sale In Richmond Kentucky Real Estate is alive and well in Richmond, KY! The home pictured is 218 Marengo Dr. priced at only $194,900 on over an acre lot in the scenic country. It sold for $179,900. It's an exciting time to be able to purchase residential real estate a...
When I was out in Lexington the other day, while walking back to my car, I spotted this house that clearly was having some issues. Was the house sad to be negelected and abandoned? I wondered about the people that had lived there or actually owned the house. How would you let small leaks or gene...
Let me tell you...I ALWAYS get a good night's sleep! is sweet over at my house. My pal is Green Teddy, he keeps me safe at night. He's fun to snuggle with. Mommy brought him home one night after going to see an Elvis Impersonator sing"I want to be your Teddy Bear". She snagged this gu...
Cazz's Story...Twas the day after ChristmasAnd we looked for a houseAround lovely Richmond townWith the sun shining downAlright, enough with the poem, on with the story of how two Cheeseheads from Wisconsin came to live in beautiful Madison County.On December 26, 2007, we arrived in Richmond, wal...
Yes...I have been out of the rain for a bit. Not because I was tired of being here...but I have been absolutely swamped. In a good way.This past week I have had final walk throughs, three closings, attended the Peter Lowe's Motivation Seminar, showed homes and farms, wrote my newsletter, wrote tw...

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