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Real estate musings and Lizette's Kentucky life in the fast lane even though time stands still here!



In the dead of the night... I heard something from far, far away. A familiar sound... but alarming. I jolted awake to glance fearfully at the clock. 2 AM it blinked. My cell phone was RINGING! My heart starts to pound. Is it some emergency? I don't recognize the number ....I let it go to voicema...
OK...what does this have to do with Kentucky? Well, most everyone in Kentucky has a couch or bed that they pile on pillows. It doesn't all look good. OK...I do it too. Now, I need to reassess my pillow factor on the couch and the bed! I love the visual display of Kimo Stowell to show how it shoul...
How long have you owned a computer? How long have YOU been on the Internet? I was commenting on posts this morning and ran across one by Tammy Lankford. She had been online for ten years! That's exactly how long I have too! My motivation was to build a website for my art business. LIZETTE.COM Man...
It's that time of year in Kentucky when we adults (well... some of us that never grew up) start planning our Halloween costumes. This holiday is as big as Christmas around here. The house decorating is competitive and so are the costumes. Just in case you are on the fence with what your costume w...
Only 14 more days till Halloween and dressing up isn't just for kids anymore. This holiday is getting to be just as celebrated as Christmas. At least when it comes to decorating some people go all out with the spooky decor.  Halloween Costumes | Funny Jokes at JibJab
In Kentucky, we aren't affected by everything going on across the country. Some in the media are saying we are in a depression. Since I didn't live in the depression I can't imagine how that could be. Most of us are accustomed to spending and doing all the things we want to do. I was reading ton...
Many of you don't know that I was a starving artist before being in real estate. Well...not exactly starving, but I really knew how to hang onto my money. I paid cash for EVERYTHING. If I saw something in the store I wanted I gave it a 3 day wait period to see if I REALLY needed it. If I was sti...
Feng Shui of Calumet Farm Calumet Farm is the first beautiful horse farm visitors see when they fly into Bluegrass Field in Lexington, KY. Miles of white fences and pristine barns. Recently, I was talking with Monica Hess about all the work she has lately been doing for horse farm owners to creat...
 Baldwin Farm / Richmond KY Yesterday was the kind of day that you wish could be poured in a mason jar like mid-summer honey to savor all winter when you want to bring back good memories. I loaded Mom in the car and went out to take some pictures of fall foliage and landscapes while the weather s...
Madison County / Tates Creek Road / Valley View Kentucky Every creek in Kentucky has a road beside it. Well not all but most of them do. Kentucky is second behind Alaska for the state with the most waterways. How did the roads develop? I have to wonder if they first had Indians and settlers walki...

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