fayette county: Paradise Cove - Richmond Kentucky A Slippery Piece Of Heaven - 06/10/10 12:42 PM
Paradise Cove - Richmond Kentucky A Slippery Piece Of Heaven

Finally, Richmond Kentucky has a public pool! It's called Paradise Cove and is located in Gibson Bay. It features a fabulous eight-lane diving pool with two, one-meter diving boards, a children's pool, two 40-foot tall slides, a wide slide and a small butterfly slide for the small tykes.

There is talk of adding a lazy river in Paradise Cove and another slide at a later date. It just wouldn't fit into the original budget. Even though the weather has been a bit cool, the pool is a welcome sight to Madison County … (6 comments)

fayette county: Kentucky Horse Farms For Sale - Keeneland Race Track - Lexington KY - 08/24/09 03:25 PM
Kentucky Horse Farms For Sale - Keeneland Race Track - Lexington KY
Keeneland Race Track in Lexington KY is quite a legendary place and horse race aficionados will tell you that there is no place in the world like it.
Nearby are legendary Kentucky horse farms. A few in Fayette County are for sale.
Keeneland is with out a doubt the most beautiful race track anywhere.
A jewel-box showcase for owners to present their best horses to well heeled spectators and serious horse people.
It's hard to put it into words, but here it is about pageantry, nobility, elegance and thrill of Thoroughbred … (5 comments)

fayette county: Kentucky Horse Farm Lexington KY - Fayette County - Horse Farms For Sale - 08/14/09 08:35 AM
Kentucky Horse Farm Lexington KY - Fayette County - Horse Farms For Sale
If you have never seen one, you need to check out a Kentucky horse farm in Lexington KY. There are beautiful horse farms for sale in Lexington and Fayette County.
Many new clients are finding us on the website, www.lizette.us  and making arrangements to relocate to Kentucky. Once in Lexington, they fall in love with the ambiance of the stone walls, black plank fences, lush bluegrass fields and horses...everywhere! It's quite breathtaking to be here in person!
Lexington Kentucky is "The Horse Capital of the World."
My world has always been centered around horses, so I … (6 comments)

fayette county: Selling Your Home In Central Kentucky: How to Get your Home Sold In A Buyers Market - 06/09/08 03:18 PM
Selling Your Home In Central Kentucky: How To Get Your Home Sold In A Buyers Market
We are lucky compared to a lot of places in the United States. In Central Kentucky we are not experiencing the problems with houses sitting on the market for long extended listing periods.
Granted there are still a few that linger on the market. Houses listed over $200,000 are not moving as quickly. I was lucky last month. It was my best month ever to get my buyers to a successful closing.
How did I do it with the media telling me times were bad? I … (6 comments)

fayette county: Kentucky Residents Burrowed Underground For Seventeen Years Emerge! - 06/05/08 09:57 AM

 The other night as I was driving back home through the country in Fayette County, I started to hear the sweet sounds of the bugs of summer. It made me smile as I drove along.
 Ahhhh....summer is finally here, I thought. You know the bugs that sing loudly and remind you of the deep South. Sultry nights on the veranda of your plantation.  
 These are Cicadas.
  The other night I was showing a farm in lower Madison County way off Red Lick Rd.
I was walking around checking out the front yard and there were small holes in the dirt...EVERYWHERE!

fayette county: Lunch at Keeneland Sales costs a mere 3.7 Million! - 09/12/07 02:59 AM
                                                                                  Lunch at Keeneland Sales costs a mere 3.7 Million!
Well...not exactly! My lunch was $4.00 but for Mr. O'Byrne it was 3.7 million!
Imagine having a delicious lunch and in the room next door a live auction is underway at Keeneland Sales. What is up for sale is a beautiful Kentucky thoroughbred colt.
The bidders seem to be hidden because it's hard to tell who is bidding.I swear they must bid with their eyes by blinking because I don't see anyone scratching their nose or raising a finger. Then suddenly as the bid is going up $200,000 a lick... it … (9 comments)

Yesterday morning I had a chance to get out and have my coffee out in some of the prettiest scenery in Kentucky. My girlfriend called and invited me to go over near the Kentucky River on some property she owns. It is very close to Raven Run Wildlife Sanctuary...maybe a few miles.
The woods and creek there are drop dead gorgeous. I only had my camera phone with me, so I wasn't really prepared to take pics so early in the morning. I thought this one of the moss covered tree trunks on the ground looked like a wishbone.                                                                                                             … (2 comments)

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