kentucky: The Real Life of Lizette The Broker - Mentor - Troubleshooter - Friend - 08/17/18 03:27 PM
So...what exactly have I been doing when I'm not selling real estate in Central Kentucky? Lately, I have been training a new agent fresh out of school. Two more future agents are in online school trying to get finished and take their tests.
I own an independent brokerage, Lizette Realty, so I love being a mentor for new agents. It's hard when you first get your real estate license to find your feet. Especially, if you have chosen to go into a large franchise full of competitive agents. Many new agents get overwhelmed and just drop out. Maybe, they don't know there is another option … (5 comments)

kentucky: Kentucky Horse Farms For Sale - Lexington - Versailles KY Area - 03/28/17 12:54 PM
Kentucky Horse Farms For Sale - Lexington  - Versailles KY Area
Have you been dreaming of owning a Kentucky Horse Farm? Lexington Kentucky is the horse capital of the world. Whether you are just wanting a mini farm with a few acres or hundreds of acres for a training or breding operation we can find the perfect farm for you. There is a little of everything here.
Central Kentucky is truly a lush manicured area full of beautiful pastures, wood fences, creeks and wooded nooks. Horses of all breeds are celebrated here.
Many of the surrounding counties around Lexington are just perfect to find your dream home with … (0 comments)

kentucky: Buyers Are Holiday Shopping For Your House That Isn't For Sale - 12/16/15 01:17 AM
Buyers are holiday shopping for your house that isn't for sale.
What does this mean exactly?
Did you know that December and January are the hottest months for Internet home buyer searches?
Seriously, this is the time to have your home on the market. Don't wait til Spring!

As people shop for toys and gifts, they also shop for new homes or investment property.
When it snows, schools, workplaces and roads are closed. The only thing to do is shop online.
So people start dreaming about a new home so they can start fresh in the new year.
Procrastinators wait til May … (2 comments)

kentucky: 1308 Hartland Woods Way Lexington KY 40515 For Sale - 07/09/15 12:42 AM
1308 Hartland Woods Way Lexington KY 40515 For Sale
Have you been looking for your first home or just want to downsize and be in a great neighborhood? Maybe you would just love to be able to be right around the corner from the grocery or be able to eat out at a good restaurant? These houses on Hartland Woods Way are hardly ever available for sale. Why?  Because people move in and stay a long time because of the fabulous neighborhood. Here's your chance to buy a nice one!
This house features 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen with all appliances, … (2 comments)

kentucky: How To Sell Your Home FAST With Photography - 01/11/15 11:17 PM
How To Sell Your Home FAST With Photography
Sounds easy? It can be if you know how to prepare your home before the photographer arrives.
If the listing agent has done all the paperwork and wants to just take pictures that day on the fly and you haven't staged the house... don't. The agent may have no plan at all to be sure the pictures turn out perfect. If your agent is not already a professional real estate photographer... request one. Seriously, it's all about the photography to sell your home fast!
This takes some effort to pick a day with … (5 comments)

kentucky: Kentucky Home Buyer Tax Credit - KHC Home Buyer Tax Credit - 03/08/12 05:20 AM
Kentucky Home Buyer Tax Credit - KHC Home Buyer Tax Credit 
Kentucky Home Buyer Tax Credit
What is KHC Home Buyer Tax Credit? For some time, new Kentucky home buyers have not been aware that there still is a program available to give them a tax credit. The KHC Home Buyer Tax Credit is just the thing they need to see great savings on their yearly IRS tax returns.
KHC Home Buyer Tax Credit is available through Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC), which reduce the amount of federal income tax you pay, giving you more available income to qualify for a mortgage loan.  … (0 comments)

kentucky: Take A Scenic Drive To Valley View Ferry - KY 169 - Tates Creek Rd - Kentucky - 08/20/10 03:32 PM
 The most fun way to drive to Lexington KY from Richmond KY is to take KY 169 (Tates Creek Rd) to Valley View and ride the famous ferry across the Kentucky River.
Every creek in Kentucky has a road beside it. Well... not all, but most of them do.
Kentucky is second behind Alaska for the state with the most waterways. How did the roads develop? I have to wonder if they first had Indians and settlers walking along them to get to the next settlement.
The paths became wider over time with wagons and carriages. Later were paved in asphalt to … (4 comments)

kentucky: Kentucky State Fair / Louisville KY - 08/22/08 08:20 AM
Kentucky State Fair Louisville KY
The excitement builds as you arrive off I-65 to the Kentucky State Fair exit ramp.
As Monica Hess (AR's fabulous KY Feng Shui  blogger) and I drove up to the ticket booth we joked with the attendant that we wanted 2 senior citizen tickets.
He wasn't buying our story and waved us on through with a big smile.
Would it be the same as I remembered? Would I find lots of neat stuff? What would be new? What are they giving away? What have I been missing out on all these years?
I have to admit I had not been … (12 comments)

kentucky: Two Wisconsin Cheeseheads Escape To Kentucky... for Good! - 05/04/08 01:54 AM
Cazz's Story...
Twas the day after Christmas
And we looked for a house
Around lovely Richmond town
With the sun shining down
Alright, enough with the poem, on with the story of how two Cheeseheads from Wisconsin came to live in beautiful Madison County.
On December 26, 2007, we arrived in Richmond, walked down Main Street in the late afternoon, and fell in love with the town. We found friendly people, especially at Chestnut Tree Gallery.  We were given the name of a local Realtor, Lizette Fitzpatrick, and the rest is history. 
She was personable and got right to work searching for the right home for us.  We … (8 comments)

kentucky: Localism: Lexington, KY Real Estate Info - Kentucky - Kentucky Relocation - 12/12/07 02:50 AM

Kentucky is the place to be! I like to think of it as the land where time stands least the beauty and lush surroundings. Mile after mile of black plank fencing surrounds legendary Kentucky horse farms.
I have lots of folks all over the USA contact me about Kentucky relocation. They want to know what is special about Central Kentucky, what is there to do here, what about jobs, about schools, where to board their pets(pet friendly hotels in Kentucky) and Kentucky homes for sale.
Moving to Kentucky is a lot less scary when you have a good idea of … (5 comments)

kentucky: Magic Key Turns On Holiday Lights in Lexington Kentucky - 12/02/07 12:45 AM
The holiday freight train is rolling into Lexington KY right in the nick of time! 
Last night the festivities were changed up from past celebrations for the Christmas Parade and the Celebration of Lights. They were combined and at night!  What a great idea!
Usually, the parade is in the morning at 10AM and the lighting of the tree on another day. The crowd that gathered last night got many new surprises and they stayed warm with hot chocolate and coffee supplied by many downtown restaurants.  
At the center of the festivities, people crowed around fabulously decorated Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Plaza to see Santa, … (5 comments)

kentucky: In Mt. Sterling Kentucky: October Court Day = A Wild Weekend of Shopping! - 10/14/07 05:01 AM
In Mt. Sterling Kentucky: October Court Day = A Wild Weekend of Shopping!
There is NOTHING in this world as whacky as October Court Day in Mt. Sterling Kentucky! It's completely in my blood and genes. There's no known cure for it and I am afraid it is terminal.
There is no way I would miss a year of attending. It always occurs every third Monday in October. That was when court was in session and country folk came into town to swap, trade, sell while they wasted away the day waiting to see how issues in court would turn out. It quickly expanded … (18 comments)

kentucky: The St. James Court Art Show Was One HOT Festival! - 10/08/07 01:29 AM
Let me tell you that it was HOT here last weekend!
This is my third year for traveling on down to the St. James Court Art Show. I took my Mom with me and with map in hand we figured out what end of the festival we wanted to start in.
After circling around a bit I located a place to park for $10 in an alley close to 4th Street. After driving around awhile I was willing to pay the guy $20! The place was packed and if you want a good parking place you will need to pay … (11 comments)

kentucky: Lunch at Keeneland Sales costs a mere 3.7 Million! - 09/12/07 02:59 AM
                                                                                  Lunch at Keeneland Sales costs a mere 3.7 Million!
Well...not exactly! My lunch was $4.00 but for Mr. O'Byrne it was 3.7 million!
Imagine having a delicious lunch and in the room next door a live auction is underway at Keeneland Sales. What is up for sale is a beautiful Kentucky thoroughbred colt.
The bidders seem to be hidden because it's hard to tell who is bidding.I swear they must bid with their eyes by blinking because I don't see anyone scratching their nose or raising a finger. Then suddenly as the bid is going up $200,000 a lick... it … (9 comments)

kentucky: Is Progress Killing Our Kentucky Green Space? - 08/19/07 04:06 AM
Don't get me wrong...I love my hometown. I was born in Madison County and I have lived half a century to see some major changes here.
I am in the business of selling real estate. It would be rare to see a client buy farms just to see them stay as they are. Most always they are bought to subdivide for homes or build commercial buildings.
I admit to the love of shopping and have been excited to see some better stores and restaurants move into Richmond Centre. I am sad to see the changes to our unique historic landscape that is green-space.
My Dad … (31 comments)

kentucky: Midway Kentucky is a Tourist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh! - 06/23/07 09:45 AM
Midway Kentucky is a Toutist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh!
Last weekend, I spent some time over in Midway, Kentucky. I've been there many times but I am amazed how much it is starting to feel like being in the wine country towns of California. 
The charming little town has a plentiful amount of restaurants, great food, and shops. My girlfriend' and I had a fabulous meal at Quirk. I had the HUGE pimento sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup. Both were the best I have had in forever! YUM!
Later, we took a stroll down the sidewalks of the downtown formerly called … (9 comments)

kentucky: Kentucky Kitten Needs a Home - 05/28/07 02:20 AM
I escaped from neighbors that moved away. (I really think they left me behind.)
A few houses down I scampered onto the yard of a Realtor that was watering some flowers. My sister had done the same thing the other night and now she is living the life of a princess with one of her clients! They named her Picassa.
I am hoping that the same thing will happen for me. I was kinda scared when this picture was taken. My eyes are green and my other front leg is all white. I'm healthy and loveable as you can see.
Please call Lizette … (9 comments)

kentucky: Daniel Boone Put Kentucky On the Map - 05/17/07 12:44 AM
Let me tell you'all a story about a man named,"Boone". Or is it really "Boon"?
There is some confusion over the spelling but Daniel Boone did put Boonesborough or Boonsboro on the map in 1775
while working for the Pennsylvania Company to find new land. 
He built the settlement of Fort Boonesborough on the bank of the Kentucky River in Madison County.
More about his fantastic life,
Historical account of his adventures...
Boone lived here till 1792 and saw Kentucky admitted to the union as a state. Litigation arose about the titles of settlers to their lands. Boone, losing all his possessions for … (4 comments)

kentucky: Madison County Kentucky Demographics - 05/09/07 02:35 AM
Madison County Kentucky Demographics
Population        2003                 2010
Richmond        29,080             N/A
Madison Co.    74,814           83,629
Labor Market  616,395         687,971
Civilian Labor Force(Sept. 2002)  37,428
Unemployment Rate (2003)  5.2%
Median Age(Co/2003)  32.8
Households(Co/2003)  $35,531
Median Household Income(Co/2003)   $34,354
Madison County Kentucky is locate in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains. Daniel Boone thought it was the promised land for new settlers and built Ft. Boonesborough on the bank of the Kentucky River. It is also one of the first counties in the nation to have had battles in both the American Revolution and the Civil War.
It is one of the fastest growing counties in Kentucky with … (1 comments)

kentucky: BOATWRIGHT DR, BOATWRIGHT ESTATES,BEREA,KY 40475, Kentucky Horse Farm - 04/26/07 04:00 PM
Exquisite Boatwright Estates
No longer listed but may be available. Please call Lizette  859-979-2834 
Superb countryside with 10 to 16+ acre tracts just waiting to be enjoyed! Gently rolling pastureland. Come build your dream home on spacious land with mature trees. Bring your horses & experience spectacular sunsets. 6 mini horse farms available priced $84,500 - $100,000
Lots of road frontage. The view from these farmsof the sunset and mountains is spectacular. Extra bottomland acres are also available. Only 5 miles from I-75 on a newly paved Hwy21.
 Kentucky Bluegrass is becoming extinct. Own a piece of history before it is … (16 comments)

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