kentucky realtor: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Tax Credit For First Time Home Buyers - 08/01/08 04:35 AM
EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Tax Credit For First Time Home Buyers.
Finally, some good news has arrived to stimulate a new home purchase for the first time home buyers.
The tax credit is $7500!
This will also benefit renters that finally have a way to buy a home and gain equity.
Say "goodbye" to renting and throwing away your money!
Say "hello" to home equity!
Sellers can put their homes on the market and know that buyers will be there to buy them.
This will also be a plus because the sellers will have to purchase their next … (7 comments)

kentucky realtor: The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub, 150 E. Main St., Richmond Kentucky - 07/22/08 03:57 PM
The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub, 150 E. Main St., Richmond Kentucky is finally open for business in a new location.
Third time is charm for the owners, Greg Ferrell and Chuck Fields.
Established in 2004 on Water Street...then to Main Street in 2006 for a year a few doors up from the new location. Then it burned to the ground in the middle of the night.  
The famous fire is still one of Richmond Kentucky's unexplained mysteries.
Fire experts scratched their heads in puzzlement as to the cause.
"Hmmmm...It could be this...or could be that." Who really knows? 
All that … (8 comments)

kentucky realtor: WLAP 630AM Welcome Home Show With Kentucky Realtor® Lizette Fitzpatrick - 07/19/08 01:53 AM
WLAP 630AM Welcome Home Show With Kentucky Realtor® Lizette Fitzpatrick.
Can you believe it? Yes, it's true you can tune in this morning at 10AM EST to the Welcome Home Show to hear what's going on for sellers in the Central Kentucky real estate market from a Kentucky Realtor's® perspective.
Larry Frakes and Jamie Mortimer (Mortgage Loan officers)from Guardian Saving Bank invited me to talk about how sellers can get their homes sold. I covered as many topics for sellers as I could within 6 minutes. Believe me, the time passed fast! There are a few more interesting guests on the show today … (17 comments)

kentucky realtor: Scenic Roads in Kentucky: Central KY Pictures: Working As A Kentucky Realtor® - 07/11/08 07:11 AM

Scenic Roads in Kentucky: Central KY: 
Working As A Kentucky Realtor ®You might think it's just another day in the life of a Realtor ®,
but everyday in Kentucky there is eye candy for me.
I enjoy getting out in the country on the scenic roads.
There is always something I find interesting to click a pic of. Yes, I may be out showing houses but when clients like to look around on their own, I take the time to snap a few pictures of whatever interests me.
Some pictures I just keep in my file that I might … (14 comments)

kentucky realtor: Lexington Kentucky IS a True Housing Bargain Says John F. Wasik - 06/10/08 03:24 PM

Lexington Kentucky IS a True Housing Bargain Says John F. Wasik
I wasn't kidding when I was telling anyone who would listen that I was still doing very well in real estate in Central Kentucky.
When I meet someone new and they ask what I do... the next thing they say is, "Isn't the housing market bad in Lexinton Kentucky?"
I have been telling them "NO". But, I think they thought I was pulling their leg.
Last month was my best month since I have been in real estate. Now it seems I ‘m not the only … (9 comments)

kentucky realtor: Selling Your Home In Central Kentucky: How to Get your Home Sold In A Buyers Market - 06/09/08 03:18 PM
Selling Your Home In Central Kentucky: How To Get Your Home Sold In A Buyers Market
We are lucky compared to a lot of places in the United States. In Central Kentucky we are not experiencing the problems with houses sitting on the market for long extended listing periods.
Granted there are still a few that linger on the market. Houses listed over $200,000 are not moving as quickly. I was lucky last month. It was my best month ever to get my buyers to a successful closing.
How did I do it with the media telling me times were bad? I … (6 comments)

kentucky realtor: We Are Waiting For Spring Here in Kentucky - 02/29/08 10:05 AM
So rains in Kentucky.
I'm wondering now about the 6 weeks of bad weather the groundhog predicted. Maybe it is just fresh on my mind, but we have really have had too much snow this year. This frog on my porch table seems to be clearly upset that he has to be hanging out in the snow.
I can't much blame him. Chanel is not too fond of it either.
It hasn't bothered my clients because I have been swamped with showings and interest on my own listings. Many of my relocation clients for Kentucky horse farms have already been here or … (17 comments)

kentucky realtor: THE BENNETT HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST - RICHMOND, KY - MADISON CO. - 02/02/08 04:08 PM
The Bennett House Bed & Breakfast 
Richmond KY's Little Biltmore
I grew up on the streets in Richmond Kentucky. We lived on the west end and I used to ride my bicycle to town. My Dad owned a Greyhound Station on Water Street that was totally interesting to hang out in. As I would leisurely ride my bike in the 1960's along Main Street, I would pass by some truly beautiful old historic homes. I would wonder what their lives were like and just who had lived there in the past.
One house that I truly loved to gaze upon was … (4 comments)

kentucky realtor: I Should Walk 24 Hours In Your Shoes - 12/09/07 12:42 AM
What if you could trade lives with a stranger for 24 hours?
Clothes, identification, cell phone, houses, partners, jobs, family and secrets?
What would you discover about them? About yourself?
While I was having my morning coffee, I was reading an article in the New York Post about a heterosexual, 28-year-old Italian artist that traded lives for 24 hours to be gay and Greek.
It made me think about how it would work in all our communities to discover how we could help one another.
What would someone feel after being me for 24 hours? Would they feel tortured? Bored? Happy? Sad?
How would I feel … (22 comments)

kentucky realtor: Another Day in Kentucky! Look what I get to see while I work... - 11/15/07 02:06 PM
Another Day in Kentucky! Look wahat I get to see while I work... 
Not long after I enjoyed my morning coffee, I loaded up Old Bessie with signs for my new listing. Brrrr....why is it suddenly so cold outside? It feels like a winter day. 
I searched in my closet for a much warmer coat. On second thought better grab one with a hood. A pair of work boots might be good to have on hand too.
The frame for my sign had been freshly coated with a dusting of white paint a few hours before as I stood in the morning frost. Now it … (32 comments)

kentucky realtor: Google "LIZETTE FITZPATRICK" For Internet Marketing to SELL Your Kentucky Home! - 11/04/07 05:24 AM
 Do you have Real Estate in Central Kentucky that needs be SOLD?
While talking to a potential seller the other day, I had a brainstorm. We are always wondering just what sets us apart from other agents.
What would be a deciding factor that a client might pick one agent from another?
It might not be that I could stick a sign in the front yard, I could have an open house or that I could put a picture in a newspaper or magazine. That's old school marketing. We all can do that.
What sells your property these days is complete Internet presence … (4 comments)

kentucky realtor: Referrals From Satisfied Clients Make My Day! - 11/04/07 04:20 AM
People that know me know that I love my real estate career.
I often think that the best part of my job is that I meet people that I become friends with for life! I recently had a referral that everything went absolutely perfect. A first-time home buyer. I love it when my team of professionals (Lender, home inspectors, title attorney, appraiser, underwriters,etc.) get everything right and a successful closing happens exactly as it is supposed to.
My goal with every client is to troubleshoot potential obstacles and refer the best professionals to get the job done correctly. I don't refer … (6 comments)

kentucky realtor: The St. James Court Art Show Was One HOT Festival! - 10/08/07 01:29 AM
Let me tell you that it was HOT here last weekend!
This is my third year for traveling on down to the St. James Court Art Show. I took my Mom with me and with map in hand we figured out what end of the festival we wanted to start in.
After circling around a bit I located a place to park for $10 in an alley close to 4th Street. After driving around awhile I was willing to pay the guy $20! The place was packed and if you want a good parking place you will need to pay … (11 comments)

kentucky realtor: Is Your Business Card Legendary or Just Ordinary? - 09/02/07 03:29 AM

Will your client remember you years later because of the card you gave them?
Seriously, I can only think of three cards that were given to me years ago that I remember vividly.
One was made of wood veneer and was from a man that owned a lumber company. This was presented to me in the early 80's. Back then something like that was truly original.
The second presented to me in the late 80's was a white card that was 4" x 4" that had a family crest and the name below.The rest of the room was empty so the person could write … (39 comments)

kentucky realtor: Applebees Park - Home of The Lexington Legends - 08/29/07 03:40 AM

Applebees Park - Home of the Lexington Legends

One thing I know for sure is that I'm not a sports nut.
Even with that said, I didn't turn down an invitation by Richmond Mayor Connie Lawson to join her for a visit to Applebees Park to see the Lexington Legends play the other night. The park built in 2001 has the distinction of being the first totally privately funded Minor League Baseball park in the United States. It can hold up to 6,994 screaming fans!
Sounds like fun...count me IN!!
 The first warning as we arrived and were directed … (9 comments)

kentucky realtor: Lizette Is Back In Midway, Kentucky On A Mission - 08/11/07 02:22 PM
Last Thursday I got to re-visit Midway. It hadn't been in the plan earlier in the week but I received a voicemail from someone that was researching to do a real estate article on Midway. I think they had read what I wrote earlier posted on Localism. Midway, Kentucky is a Tourist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh! Anyway, I was asked to contribute some quotes and a few pictures. I sure didn't need much of a reason to want to go back. That place is magical!
So...I asked one of my best friends to accompany me for the day and we loaded up the camera and notepad … (12 comments)

kentucky realtor: Foreclosure Rate in Kentucky August 2007 - 08/11/07 12:18 AM
 Foreclosure in Kentucky inched higher in the first half of the year. Looks like we are catching up with the rest of the states. Realtytrac's midyear 2007 report revealed: 
Kentucky's foreclosure rate increased 55% from the first six months of 2006. 4,503 properties were at some stage of foreclosure in January-June 2007 (1 in 414 properties). In ranking of states, we are 31st by rate of foreclosure, By comparison, Ohio ranked 6th,Indiana was 10th, Tennessee was 12th, Missouri was 20th and Virginia was 25th.
If the previous six months are compared Kentucky had an increase of 7% in total foreclosures. When June 2007 … (0 comments)

kentucky realtor: Midway Kentucky is a Tourist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh! - 06/23/07 09:45 AM
Midway Kentucky is a Toutist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh!
Last weekend, I spent some time over in Midway, Kentucky. I've been there many times but I am amazed how much it is starting to feel like being in the wine country towns of California. 
The charming little town has a plentiful amount of restaurants, great food, and shops. My girlfriend' and I had a fabulous meal at Quirk. I had the HUGE pimento sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup. Both were the best I have had in forever! YUM!
Later, we took a stroll down the sidewalks of the downtown formerly called … (9 comments)

kentucky realtor: ONE OF A KIND CENTRAL KENTUCKY NEWSLETTER - 04/01/07 03:32 AM

My days are filled showing real estate, helping new and old clients find the perfect properties and sitting on my deck contemplating my creek!
One part I REALLY enjoy is writing my weekly Central Kentucky newsletter. Since I have been a Realtor, I have always sent a newsletter to my clients, friends, family, Realtors, bankers, mortgage brokers, etc. It used to be a 4 page letter sized brochure in a red envelope mailed once a month. That was very time consuming and involved a trip to the printer and post office. Since it … (4 comments)

kentucky realtor: New Clients are EVERYWHERE! - 03/20/07 03:42 PM
People always ask me how I meet my clients. Most of my clients are now close personal friends with me. Most meet me first by phone if they have called Prudential about a house. Chances are...I was on floor duty and all calls went to me.
Next might be open house that I host most Sundays. Many are referrals from past clients or friends. Some are clients after seeing my website or ad in TravelHost about relocating.
In Kentucky Homes Magazine I like to showcase a client and they tell their story of how we met. Now people (even other agents) read these every … (6 comments)

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