lexington ky real estate: Lexington KY Is A Photographers Paradise - 08/20/10 04:50 PM
There are so many photo opportunities all around me here in Lexington KY. It's good to keep the battery charged on my camera and have it in the car.
As I go through my day, I always take a look around to see if I can snap something unusual or usable in a future blog post, newsletter or greeting card. I design Send Out Cards now and that has been a lot of fun.
Some pictures are saved in files until I need them. It's nice to have your own stock photos.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture one day as … (14 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Paradise Cove - Richmond Kentucky A Slippery Piece Of Heaven - 06/10/10 12:42 PM
Paradise Cove - Richmond Kentucky A Slippery Piece Of Heaven

Finally, Richmond Kentucky has a public pool! It's called Paradise Cove and is located in Gibson Bay. It features a fabulous eight-lane diving pool with two, one-meter diving boards, a children's pool, two 40-foot tall slides, a wide slide and a small butterfly slide for the small tykes.

There is talk of adding a lazy river in Paradise Cove and another slide at a later date. It just wouldn't fit into the original budget. Even though the weather has been a bit cool, the pool is a welcome sight to Madison County … (6 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Is It Good Business For A REALTOR To Turn Down A Listing? - 12/27/09 12:40 PM
Why would a REALTOR turn down listing your home?
Maybe, It's Nothing Personal...Just Good Business.
A few days ago, I was asked by another REALTOR to take a look at a property out of his MLS area to see if I might be interested in listing it as a referral.
The property was actually a county outside my usual area but, if it were marketable I would be interested.
You never know till you go look and see what is around it.
There are some areas surrounding Lexington and Richmond KY that just take extra time to sell. Even in good times they just take a … (58 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Lexington KY Real Estate - Homes For Sale - Sellers Can Add Value To Their Homes - 07/06/09 03:19 PM
Lexington KY Real Estate
- Homes For Sale -
Sellers can add value to their homes

What Sellers Can Do To Add Appraisal Value To Their Homes?
I was talking today to a Lexington KY appraiser about adding value to a home for an appraisal.   
If you have the best house in the subdivision don't upgrade inside. If your home is of less of lesser value to the neighbor's homes it will add value.Add square footage extensions like extra bathroom, bedroom, family room....basements don't count for much. 1st floor and above floors can add value of $65 - $85 per … (0 comments)

lexington ky real estate: I Drove By Your EXPIRED Listing Today in Kentucky... - 01/07/08 02:20 AM
Hmmmm...I wonder why it expired?
Let me take a look into this.
As I pull up the MLS expired list...
There is only one picture of the house.It isn't a picture that I can even see the house.
(Note: this isn't the real expired listing picture I'm blogging about)...but it is an excellent example!  
Usually, no inside pictures mean the inside looks bad and not staged or... 
My next thought...who had it listed?
Ohhh...I see.
Maybe it's an agent that is possibly unfamiliar with the Internet or might be not good with taking multiple pictures and would have no idea on how to do virtual tour.
I google … (26 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Kentucky Relocation - Moving To Kentucky - Relocating To Kentucky - Pet Friendly Kentucky Real Estate - 12/03/07 05:58 AM
Thinking of relocating to Kentucky?
Do you need Kentucky relocation information?
Do you need help to find a home in Kentucky?
Do you need pet friendly real estate in Kentucky?
If you have been wishing for a
new home in Kentucky,
I can help you.
Whether you are moving to Lexington, Richmond, Winchester, Georgetown, Paris, Versailles, Georgetown, Berea, Nicholasville, Mt. Sterling, Corbin, London, Somerset, Louisville, Shelbyville, Frankfort or any place in between.
Every Thursday, I send a FREE unique newsletter to my clients on the latest hotsheet listings, what just sold and for how much, real estate news, Central Kentucky events and lots more. Email me and I … (5 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Google "LIZETTE FITZPATRICK" For Internet Marketing to SELL Your Kentucky Home! - 11/04/07 05:24 AM
 Do you have Real Estate in Central Kentucky that needs be SOLD?
While talking to a potential seller the other day, I had a brainstorm. We are always wondering just what sets us apart from other agents.
What would be a deciding factor that a client might pick one agent from another?
It might not be that I could stick a sign in the front yard, I could have an open house or that I could put a picture in a newspaper or magazine. That's old school marketing. We all can do that.
What sells your property these days is complete Internet presence … (4 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Referrals From Satisfied Clients Make My Day! - 11/04/07 04:20 AM
People that know me know that I love my real estate career.
I often think that the best part of my job is that I meet people that I become friends with for life! I recently had a referral that everything went absolutely perfect. A first-time home buyer. I love it when my team of professionals (Lender, home inspectors, title attorney, appraiser, underwriters,etc.) get everything right and a successful closing happens exactly as it is supposed to.
My goal with every client is to troubleshoot potential obstacles and refer the best professionals to get the job done correctly. I don't refer … (6 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Are You Ready For the 33rd Annual Midway Fall Festival?? - 09/11/07 01:48 AM
This will be my first time at the Fall Festival.
I have heard that it's a very BIG event for this historic community!
SEPT. 15 & 16, 2007
SAT. 10 -6   SUN. 12 - 5
If you haven't visited Midway this will be a great time to bring the family and enjoy the day.
For more information on what fun Midway is check out:
Lizette Is Back In Midway, Kentucky On A Mission
Midway, Kentucky is a Tourist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh!
Lizette Fitzpatrick is a Baby Boomer Real Estate Relocation Specialist with Prudential Don Foster in Richmond, Kentucky.
Rated number … (4 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Is Your Business Card Legendary or Just Ordinary? - 09/02/07 03:29 AM

Will your client remember you years later because of the card you gave them?
Seriously, I can only think of three cards that were given to me years ago that I remember vividly.
One was made of wood veneer and was from a man that owned a lumber company. This was presented to me in the early 80's. Back then something like that was truly original.
The second presented to me in the late 80's was a white card that was 4" x 4" that had a family crest and the name below.The rest of the room was empty so the person could write … (39 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Applebees Park - Home of The Lexington Legends - 08/29/07 03:40 AM

Applebees Park - Home of the Lexington Legends

One thing I know for sure is that I'm not a sports nut.
Even with that said, I didn't turn down an invitation by Richmond Mayor Connie Lawson to join her for a visit to Applebees Park to see the Lexington Legends play the other night. The park built in 2001 has the distinction of being the first totally privately funded Minor League Baseball park in the United States. It can hold up to 6,994 screaming fans!
Sounds like fun...count me IN!!
 The first warning as we arrived and were directed … (9 comments)

lexington ky real estate: A STAIN on the LIZETTE HOME OFFICE! - 07/25/07 06:19 AM
The Lizette Home Office has just been STAINED!
 Not in a bad way, but in a fresh new coat of stain/sealer. 
I was putting off getting it done because
 I would have to take off all the furniture
and clean it. 
Two years ago, I decided to do it myself,
 so I researched it half to death before I started.
That took time too...and I was worn out after it was all done!
What I know now...
Next : It is best to clean it
with oxygen bleach
(I bought it on the Internet)
I learned that pressure washing ruins
the soft … (19 comments)

lexington ky real estate: LUCKY MONKEY 203 - 07/19/07 08:36 AM

I'm Lucky in Kentucky!
We all think we have lucky numbers. If we didn't there would be no Las Vegas. I grew up in a house with the number of 203. Somehow that stuck to me. I don't think it was particularly lucky...but what counted was that I believed it to be.
Later when I bought my first sports car (an Alfa Romeo Spyder)I was at the Madison County court house in the license office begging for any plate that might have a 203 on it. The lady didn't think I was crazy and dug through piles of tags till … (26 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Lexington,KY LBAR MLS Statistical Data for June - 07/13/07 08:47 AM
For LBAR in June 2007, closed sales are 1009 at  $187,713,734 for Lexington and area counties.
Pending sales were 883 in June 2007 compared to 1,100 in June 2006. 
Year to date, sales are down 8%.  Average days on market are 90.
By June 30th there were 6,987 active residential properties on our MLS.
For a more in-depth study over the past few years click here... LBAR Statistial Data

lexington ky real estate: Life comes at you fast....NOW AT 70 MPH!!! - 07/10/07 02:03 AM
We can finally drive 70 MPH on I-75 & I-64!
496 signs will be changed today. I can remember back to the old days when it used to be 70. The speed limit was reduced to 65 to save lives (They said). One can only ponder if there have been too many lives saved at that speed and now it is prudent to raise it again to 70. Hmmmm...
I drive this road almost everyday and I know that most drivers have been driving along at 70 to 80 MPH for a long time. Now, I wonder how this will affect … (15 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Contingent Upon Touring The Seller's Home - 07/04/07 08:27 AM
In the land of contingencies there are many to choose from. Such as:Contingency to sell your home before you close on another.Contingent upon buyer obtaining proper financing.
Contingent upon seller to pay X amount toward buyer's closing costs.
Contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection.
Contingent upon the house appraising at purchase price or higher.
Yada, Yada, Yada.......
Many of my buyers are from out of state and make plans in the near future to come check out the listings I have sent them.This all takes a considerable amount of researching both the buyers and the listings to find the perfect home. Usually, they are very excited about visiting … (37 comments)

lexington ky real estate: Midway Kentucky is a Tourist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh! - 06/23/07 09:45 AM
Midway Kentucky is a Toutist's Secret! Shhhhhhhh!
Last weekend, I spent some time over in Midway, Kentucky. I've been there many times but I am amazed how much it is starting to feel like being in the wine country towns of California. 
The charming little town has a plentiful amount of restaurants, great food, and shops. My girlfriend' and I had a fabulous meal at Quirk. I had the HUGE pimento sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup. Both were the best I have had in forever! YUM!
Later, we took a stroll down the sidewalks of the downtown formerly called … (9 comments)

lexington ky real estate: May Statistical Data for Lexington LBAR - 06/16/07 01:01 AM
May Statistical Data. 
May 2007 sales closed (1,064) are higher than May 2006 closed sales (1,031) and much better than April 2007 (811). 
Sales reported pending in May were 1,023.  This compares with 1,091 in April and 1,090 in May 2006. 
We have a record number of residential listing with 2,022 placed on MLS in May.

lexington ky real estate: SNAKE Patrol & Relocation at the Home Office (Just another day in the jungle) - 05/30/07 01:59 AM
I have a garter snake in my front flower bed that shocks visitors from time to time.
He likes to hang out in the clematis right beside the steps. I was ok with him till a few of my friends were saying that they would rather come into the house around back. Believe me I am no fan of snakes. I have whacked quite a few at my creek since living here. Now as long as I see them first I am not too fearful.
I also notice that I am opening the front door carefully again. Just as I did … (21 comments)

lexington ky real estate: 1st Time Kentucky HomeOWNERS, Karen & Clay - 05/23/07 08:28 AM
Becoming home owners was something my boyfriend Clay and I always thought would come much later in our lives. We were sure that we would have to wait forever to have "all our ducks in a row" to even starting looking for a home. After meeting Lizette by chance at an open house holiday function, then again at Clay's business, For the Love of Dogs Bakery, we knew that Lizette was who we would call when we started looking for a home.
Lizette was so excited when we called and let her know that we were ready to start searching for … (7 comments)

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