richmond ky real estate: 2025 Highlands Dr. Richmond KY 40475 - Condo For Sale - Lizette Realty - 03/17/18 09:46 AM
2025 Highlands Dr. Richmond KY 40475 -  Luxury Condo For Sale 
Lizette Realty
Open House Sunday 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Check out all the pictures and details!
As rare as sighting a unicorn!
A one story luxury condo in Richmond KY for sale! In this section of town,
we rarely see one of these upgraded models go on the market. 
This one owner maintenance free beauty features gorgeous hardwood floors with ceramic tile in the kitchen and baths. Tons of style with 9” double tray ceilings in great room w/ gas fireplace and master bedroom. Gourmet kitchen with appliances. Dining area and kitchen bar. Separate utility room.
Pretty view … (4 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Residential Real Estate For Sale In Richmond Kentucky - 05/12/08 05:19 AM
Residential Real Estate For Sale In Richmond Kentucky
Real Estate is alive and well in Richmond, KY!
The home pictured is 218 Marengo Dr. priced at only $194,900 on over an acre lot in the scenic country. It sold for $179,900.
It's an exciting time to be able to purchase residential real estate at a low, low  interest rate. Madison County is seeing a surge in buyers out looking at homes.
Many are first time buyers that will be financing using an FHA program. This has many advantages with a low downpayment.
As of May 12, 2008, there are 909 active homes for … (2 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Google "LIZETTE FITZPATRICK" For Internet Marketing to SELL Your Kentucky Home! - 11/04/07 05:24 AM
 Do you have Real Estate in Central Kentucky that needs be SOLD?
While talking to a potential seller the other day, I had a brainstorm. We are always wondering just what sets us apart from other agents.
What would be a deciding factor that a client might pick one agent from another?
It might not be that I could stick a sign in the front yard, I could have an open house or that I could put a picture in a newspaper or magazine. That's old school marketing. We all can do that.
What sells your property these days is complete Internet presence … (4 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Is Your Business Card Legendary or Just Ordinary? - 09/02/07 03:29 AM

Will your client remember you years later because of the card you gave them?
Seriously, I can only think of three cards that were given to me years ago that I remember vividly.
One was made of wood veneer and was from a man that owned a lumber company. This was presented to me in the early 80's. Back then something like that was truly original.
The second presented to me in the late 80's was a white card that was 4" x 4" that had a family crest and the name below.The rest of the room was empty so the person could write … (39 comments)

richmond ky real estate: 733 Sage Ct., Richmond, KY 40475 - 08/16/07 04:25 AM

733 Sage Court in Fieldstone Subdivision, Richmond, Kentucky
$182,900 - SOLD!
Best location in town! A delightful Craftsman style home on a peaceful cul-de-sac.  It features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen w/ breakfast bar, appliances, living room, bonus area that could be an office or sitting area between bedrooms, landscaped, deck, all electric. Full walkout basement. Convenient to schools and shopping. 


richmond ky real estate: My First Clients from Activerain just Bought a Kentucky Home - 07/26/07 12:03 AM
I'm just amazed at the power of Activerain! I met some wonderful clients,Tom, Peggy & Griffin that researched here on our website and then contacted me. They wanted to relocate to Kentucky from Illinois. It was Tom's dream to own a horse farm or just get as close as they could to that dream. Since Lexington is the Horse Capitol of the World, it's going to get you in the mood to be around horses!
On the second day of our tour they stepped into a fabulous house that backed up to some quaint farmland. The day we took a look, a farmer … (64 comments)

richmond ky real estate: LUCKY MONKEY 203 - 07/19/07 08:36 AM

I'm Lucky in Kentucky!
We all think we have lucky numbers. If we didn't there would be no Las Vegas. I grew up in a house with the number of 203. Somehow that stuck to me. I don't think it was particularly lucky...but what counted was that I believed it to be.
Later when I bought my first sports car (an Alfa Romeo Spyder)I was at the Madison County court house in the license office begging for any plate that might have a 203 on it. The lady didn't think I was crazy and dug through piles of tags till … (26 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Life comes at you fast....NOW AT 70 MPH!!! - 07/10/07 02:03 AM
We can finally drive 70 MPH on I-75 & I-64!
496 signs will be changed today. I can remember back to the old days when it used to be 70. The speed limit was reduced to 65 to save lives (They said). One can only ponder if there have been too many lives saved at that speed and now it is prudent to raise it again to 70. Hmmmm...
I drive this road almost everyday and I know that most drivers have been driving along at 70 to 80 MPH for a long time. Now, I wonder how this will affect … (15 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Contingent Upon Touring The Seller's Home - 07/04/07 08:27 AM
In the land of contingencies there are many to choose from. Such as:Contingency to sell your home before you close on another.Contingent upon buyer obtaining proper financing.
Contingent upon seller to pay X amount toward buyer's closing costs.
Contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection.
Contingent upon the house appraising at purchase price or higher.
Yada, Yada, Yada.......
Many of my buyers are from out of state and make plans in the near future to come check out the listings I have sent them.This all takes a considerable amount of researching both the buyers and the listings to find the perfect home. Usually, they are very excited about visiting … (37 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Friends should let you know your house stinks! - 06/28/07 09:34 AM
the past month
or so I have smelled the sewer in my house!
It hasn't been an everyday thing.
Just every now and then I get the odor of rotten eggs in different rooms.
I made a few phone calls to handymen
and all I got was that maybe the sink traps were dry?
What does that mean??
Well...the other day I had some friends over and a few of them commented that they smelled something "Funny"(To each other...not me).
Yeah, the funny thing was that they didn't tell me at the party.
I guess they didn't want to embarrass me!
What great friends!!!
Finally … (17 comments)

richmond ky real estate: SNAKE Patrol & Relocation at the Home Office (Just another day in the jungle) - 05/30/07 01:59 AM
I have a garter snake in my front flower bed that shocks visitors from time to time.
He likes to hang out in the clematis right beside the steps. I was ok with him till a few of my friends were saying that they would rather come into the house around back. Believe me I am no fan of snakes. I have whacked quite a few at my creek since living here. Now as long as I see them first I am not too fearful.
I also notice that I am opening the front door carefully again. Just as I did … (21 comments)

richmond ky real estate: 1st Time Kentucky HomeOWNERS, Karen & Clay - 05/23/07 08:28 AM
Becoming home owners was something my boyfriend Clay and I always thought would come much later in our lives. We were sure that we would have to wait forever to have "all our ducks in a row" to even starting looking for a home. After meeting Lizette by chance at an open house holiday function, then again at Clay's business, For the Love of Dogs Bakery, we knew that Lizette was who we would call when we started looking for a home.
Lizette was so excited when we called and let her know that we were ready to start searching for … (7 comments)

richmond ky real estate: The Kentucky Robins That Moved Right On IN - 05/17/07 10:56 AM
Every spring here in Kentucky, I fight with the mommy Robins. They try to build their nests in the hanging baskets if I put them out too early. This year I thought I had outsmarted them because I held off on buying the ferns till the first of May.
I have a wreath on the front door that one Robin tried to put some twigs in to get it started. Those I threw out and I thought she had given up.
One day I noticed a bird flying off my wreath again but this time when I took a closer look … (11 comments)

richmond ky real estate: How To Destroy Your Driveway Without Trying - 05/09/07 02:00 AM
a couple of winters ago,
 I DESTROYED the concrete in my driveway!!
The surface became pitted and later flaked off from an application of salt I used only one time.
I hired someone to seal and save it...
that hasn't worked.
Also, I paid him in advance to cut some lines
in it so it wouldn't crack.
He took the money
                 and never came back to do the work.
(Old story ...but still a good one.
My Dad used to call those type of people "Jackleg")
So since then it has bugged me
and I will eventually redo my new 3 year old … (13 comments)

richmond ky real estate: The NEW Lizette Kentucky Home Office - 05/05/07 01:43 AM
Ahhhh...the home office has sure made working a whole lot easier. A nice sunny Kentucky day lured me outside to the deck overlooking the creek. It sure made listing 6 properties on two MLS systems a whole lot more enjoyable. Before the day was done each listing was on over 200 websites. Internet marketing at it's best! 
While I am out here, I may as well get started on my newsletter. I send it out every Thursday to my clients. It will always have the latest listings and news about local events.
That' s a lot of work to be sitting at a … (24 comments)

richmond ky real estate: "Google Lizette Fitzpatrick" For Internet Marketing to SELL YOUR HOME! - 04/29/07 03:12 AM
While talking to a potential seller the other day I had a brainstorm. We are always wondering just what sets us apart from other agents.
What would be a deciding factor that a client might pick one agent from another?
 It might not be that I could stick a sign in the front yard, I could have an open house or that I could put a picture in a newspaper or magazine.
What sells your property these days is complete Internet presence. I'm not talking about just the local MLS. That's a start, but now I can tell clients that they will be listed on … (21 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Ancient Wisdom of Madison County Trees - 04/25/07 02:45 AM
Last Saturday, while I was out showing horse farms, I was in the middle of a beautiful plot of land out in Boatwright Estates in southern Madison County. This Sycamore tree is majestic and ancient. Just lean against one and feel the wisdom and peacefulness transfer to you! It made me wonder why developers move off all the beautiful trees when grading an area for a subdivision.
It includes 6 tracts that are 10 acres or more for mini horse farms. I know one couple that bought one just for the sunset factor. I went out there with them right before … (2 comments)

richmond ky real estate: The Church of WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW! - 04/08/07 02:19 AM

The Church of What's Happening Now!
This doesn't have anything to do with Easter or real church(if you are looking for a religious story).
One of my favorite investor clients came up with this phrase a few days ago when we were discussing how to approach someone that was asking way too much for some Richmond Kentucky real estate (In his opinion).
He went through his long list of reasons for the price to be lowered then said, "He need's to come to the church of what's happening now!" I cracked up! I told him that if there was such a church I … (15 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Showing Houses in the April...Snow??? - 04/06/07 12:21 PM
Normal Richmond, Kentucky day...showing some houses to my out of town clients. It's a nice family from Maryland and it's their first time here. I apologize about how cold it has become. Last week was in the 70's. They even ask me if it ever snows? Are there snakes?? Does it get humid in the summer? 
By the third house it starts a blinding snow storm!!! Can you believe it is REALLY coming down !
At one point the husband had to get out of the car to shake off a street sign just so we can see where to … (20 comments)

richmond ky real estate: Tornados Can Wipe You Out and Bring You Everything - 04/04/07 02:47 AM
We all have moments in our lives that define who we are.
I read somewhere events that happen before you turn age 18 impact how you deal with your life in the future. This includes child abuse, divorce of parents, death of a family member, moving, bullying, good or bad teachers, accidents, etc. All these freaky things roll together and form who you are and how you live.
April 4, 1974 was the night of the tornados in Madison County, Kentucky. Today is the anniversary. I was a senior in high school and my brother was in the Navy so I … (7 comments)

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