real estate: Winter Home Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Home for Winter - 02/14/23 08:46 AM
The onset of winter heralds an onslaught of burdensome tasks that must be undertaken to ensure your home is properly prepared for the season. 
It's extremely important to properly winterize your home otherwise you could be costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars come spring time!
From shutting off power supplies to refitting windows, there are plenty of jobs to undertake!
Are you ready to embark on a winter home maintenance checklist? If so, let's get started!
1.) Clean Your GuttersGutter cleaning can keep your home free of debris and prevent potential damage to siding and roofs. If left unchecked, tree sap can seep into … (5 comments)

real estate: What Should You Expect From A Real Estate Agent When Selling A Home? - 01/31/23 07:20 AM
Whether you are selling your home or purchasing a home, you will need the help of a qualified real estate agent.
This article will provide you with the information you need to know about what to expect from your real estate agent when selling a home.
1) Top Notch MarketingWhen listing your home with a real estate agent, you should expect to receive top notch real estate marketing from them.
This means that your home will be marketed in a way that is relevant to the area you are selling in, and will be placed in front of potential buyers who meet your criteria.
Real … (8 comments)

real estate: Do You Love Writing About Real Estate? Looking For More Exposure? - 01/16/18 10:00 AM
If you answered YES to either of the questions from the title, you just might have struck GOLD!
The Rochester Real Estate Blog is looking for quality contributors and you might be the perfect candidate!
First and foremost, if you're not familiar with our website, here is a little background!
About Our Website
The Rochester Real Estate Blog is run by Kyle Hiscock, a Pittsford NY Realtor with RE/MAX Realty Group.  The Rochester Real Estate Blog, in 4 short years, has been recognized as one of the top real estate blogs to follow according to numerous websites and organizations.
Since being launched in 2013, the Rochester … (41 comments)

real estate: 3 Tips For Buying A Home With Very Little Money - 08/18/17 07:08 AM

There are tons of people out there who'd love to purchase a home but don't have much money saved.  Often these people believe that they have no shot at buying a home.
There are actually many ways to buy a home with very little money, possibly even with no money!  It's very important when trying to purchase a home with very little money down to understand the PROs and CONs of buying a home with little money down.
Below we're going to discuss 3 great tips for buying a home with very little money. If you're looking for some ideas and ways to … (51 comments)

real estate: Do Open Houses Really Put A Sellers Best Interests First? - 08/17/17 11:01 AM

One of the most controversial topics in the real estate industry are open houses.  Like with anything, there are PROs and CONs to open houses.
As a home seller, your real estate agent should be doing everything to put your interests first.  So the question I present to every home seller is, "do open houses put your interests first?"
At first glance, many home sellers believe that an agent hosting an open house is putting their interests first.  This is understandable because many agents will convince a seller that the reason their home is going to sell is because they're going to host … (26 comments)

real estate: Irondequoit NY Real Estate Market Report May 2017 Edition - 06/22/17 08:21 AM
What Happened During May In The Irondequoit Real Estate Market?

Happy Thursday fellow Rochester residents!  
Local Irondequoit NY Realtors have continued to see a very strong sellers market over the past month.  The market has certainly slowed a bit from March and April but still remains very strong, especially for sellers!
In this May Irondequoit real estate market report, find out how the market has been performing over the past month.  There are some helpful statistics about to current Irondequoit homes for sale, pending sales, and also relating to the Irondequoit homes sold during May!
If you have any questions about Irondequoit real estate, comment … (4 comments)

real estate: Henrietta NY Real Estate Market Report April 2017 Edition - 05/17/17 06:50 AM
How Did Henrietta Real Estate Perform During April 2017?

Good morning fellow Rochesterians!  As this market report for Henrietta real estate is being published, it's already over 70 degrees outside and it's before 10AM!  Let's hope we're past all of the raining and cold weather!
Henrietta NY real estate agents are continuing to see a very strong real estate market, especially for home sellers!  The shortage of inventory is definitely presenting challenges for those buyers looking to buy in the area.
In this April market report, you're going to learn all about how Henrietta real estate has been performing over the past month.  There … (1 comments)

real estate: Brighton NY Real Estate Market Report March 2017 Edition - 04/18/17 09:55 AM
What Happened During March 2017 In The Brighton NY Real Estate Market?

Good afternoon fellow Rochester residents!  I hope this post finds you well after a long Easter weekend! We're more than half way through April and the weather is starting to look more and more like spring here in Rochester!
Thanks for stopping in to learn about what happened in the Brighton real estate market during March 2017!  Top Brighton NY real estate agents are starting to see a small improvement in the number of new listings in Brighton, which is good news for Brighton buyers!
In this market recap find out how … (1 comments)

real estate: Webster NY Real Estate Market Report February 2017 Edition - 03/08/17 11:33 AM
How Did Real Estate In Webster NY Perform In February 2017?
Happy Wednesday fellow Rochesterians!  The month of March is almost 1/3 of the way complete and just like the rest of 2017, this month is flying by.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out this Webster NY real estate market report.  In this report you're going to find out how the real estate market in Webster is doing as well as learn about it's performace from February.
Continue reading to find out about the current active homes for sale in Webster, pending sales, and also the homes that closed during February 2017 in Webster. … (2 comments)

real estate: Rochester NY Real Estate Market Report January 2017 Edition - 02/02/17 09:38 AM
How Did The Rochester Real Estate Market Perform In January 2017?
The first month of 2017 is in the books!  January is typically one of the slowest months of the year when it comes to real estate in Rochester as people are still recovering from their holiday hangovers.  
As one of a few thousand real estate agents in Rochester NY, I for one believe it's extremely important to keep the LOCAL consumers up to speed on what's happening in their own backyard.  In this Rochester real estate market report, you're going to find out some extremely important information pertaining to residential real estate … (0 comments)

real estate: 4 Easy "Rules" About Selling A Home In As-Is Condition - 11/25/16 11:22 AM
Guide For Selling A Home In As-Is Condition
There are some homeowners who will face the decision whether to sell their home in as-is condition or not.  There are a variety of reasons why homeowners grapple with this decision.  Below are five of the most common reasons why sellers decide to sell a home in as-is condition.
Seller has no money to make repairs/changes Seller has no motivation to make updates or repairs Seller is going through a divorce Seller is dealing with a major life altering event, such as health issues Seller feels that making the updates and/or repairs will not … (15 comments)

real estate: 10 Common Real Estate Questions From Home Sellers - 06/08/16 01:07 AM

Selling a home, especially for a first time seller, often comes with many questions.  Since selling a home is not something that someone typically does a lot in their lifetime, it's normal to have questions about the process.
Many of the frequently asked questions about selling a home that are asked by sellers are great questions.  After all, knowledge is power, and having an understanding of the home selling process and a variety of real estate topics and situations is a smart idea for sellers.
Below you will find out what 10 of the most common real estate questions are from home sellers … (10 comments)

real estate: Dummy Proof Guide For Buying A Condo - 04/01/16 04:56 AM

Some buyers will grapple with the decision whether to purchase a single family residence or whether to purchase a condo.  There is a difference between buying a home and a condo.  Once a buyer decides that buying a condo is the right choice, it's important they know how to do so and what they should be on the lookout for!
About a month ago, I wrote an article here on ActiveRain that was a dummy proof guide for buying your first home.  It was very well received and the feedback was positive.
Without further ado, I'm pleased to present a dummy proof guide for a buying … (5 comments)

real estate: How To Sell A Home With Kids - 03/22/16 06:19 AM

Selling a home can present many different challenges along the way.  Depending on a home sellers situation, some may face more home selling challenges than others.  
Whether it's attempting to sell and buy a home simultaneously, sell a home with pets, or sell a home with an elderly loved one, it's important that sellers realize what steps should be taken to over come the challenges.
For over the past 5 years working as one of the top Penfield NY real estate agents, I've been approached by many sellers who are parents.  Many home sellers who have children don't realize the extra work and steps … (3 comments)

real estate: 5 Home Selling Blunders That'll Blow Your Mind - 03/01/16 01:55 AM

Some homeowners who are attempting to sell their home or who will be selling their home make it seem like they are trying to solve a Rubik's cube.  The reason these home sellers make the process seem so impossible is because they are making some silly and sometimes comical mistakes.
Home sellers who follow the proper steps for selling a home and who are educated on the process can make it seem simple.  Those sellers who do not know what it takes to sell a home need to realize what mistakes can cost a home sale.
As a top real estate agent in Pittsford … (68 comments)

real estate: Tips For Lowering A Tax Assessment On A Home - 02/19/16 03:01 AM

During the first quarter of the year is when most municipalities will send out their tax bills for the upcoming year.  This time of the year is less than exciting for most homeowners.  Property taxes, depending on where you live, can be a very large sum of money!
There are some homeowners who get extremely annoyed because their tax assessment on their home may seem higher than it should be.  The truth is that if a tax assessment on a home really is higher than it should be, no municipality is going to come knocking on your door with a check in … (9 comments)

real estate: Dummy Proof Guide For Buying Your First Home - 02/17/16 04:51 AM

Buying a home for the first time is confusing for most.  Don't be offended by the title, you are not a dummy!
Many first time home buyers don't have a clue where to start or what they should be thinking about when buying their first home.  
As a top Realtor in Rochester NY, I work with many first time home buyers and I know the importance of explaining the home buying process to them as well as the importance of educating them on certain aspects of buying a home.
If you ask a dozen people who have never purchased a home what they … (28 comments)

real estate: Guide For Selling A Home During A Divorce - 02/11/16 05:06 AM

A divorce is not something that anyone looks forward too nor expects when they tie the knot.  The reality is that divorce happens.  A divorce can be emotionally draining, frustrating, tricky, and many other things.
When you add into the picture a marital home, it can get downright crazy.  Homeowners who know what it takes and how to sell a home during a divorce increase the probability that the process is not absolutely miserable.
As a top real estate agent in Penfield NY, a suburb of the Greater Rochester NY area, I'm often asked by divorcing couples how to go about selling a … (7 comments)

real estate: What Real Estate Marketing Strategies Should Realtors® Be Using? - 02/09/16 02:33 AM

One of the biggest complaints that you will hear from unhappy home sellers is they don't feel their Realtor® is marketing their home correctly.  The reality is that it is probably true.  The days of putting a sign in front of a home, entering it into the local MLS, and waiting for offers to roll in are over!
With the evolution of real estate and the Internet, there are so many places that Realtors® should be marketing not only their homes for sale but also themselves.  These real estate marketing strategies don't only stop at the Internet though.  Traditional forms of marketing and … (18 comments)

real estate: 3 Real Estate Myths - Fact Or Fiction? - 01/27/16 01:10 AM
Have you ever watched the television show MythBusters?  If not, it is a show that takes various theories and tests them to decide whether they are fact or fiction?
As a real estate professional, there are tons of theories that not only buyers and sellers believe but also other Realtors®.  There literally could be an entire segment on the show MythBusters relating to the most common real estate myths.
What are some of the most common real estate theories that you hear on a frequent basis?  
Below are three of the most common real estate myths and theories and some insight into why they are … (19 comments)

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