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I was working with some buyers last month and we found a home that the husband and wife finally agreed on but it was just a bit higher than they wanted to spend (they have seen almost every home in their price range). The owner of the home was also the list agent. He was at the house during the s...
I've been experimenting with creating my own virtual tours. So far I've tried several programs. Thankfully I found several with free trial periods so I haven't wasted a bunch money on programs that just don't offer much. So far I like Duckware's PMVR virtual tour program and A3D Stitcher for pict...
If you have a website these questions are for you. How do you handle buyer leads from your website? If they leave a phone number and their email address do you call and follow up with an email? Or do you just do one or the other? If the phone number looks fake do you still send an email or just d...
Earlier tonight I made a blog post about basic SEO advice. One of my points was to submit to directories that don't require a link back. In other words a one way link to your website. These are the best kinds of links and are actually like a vote of confidence to search engines. Anyhow someone as...
A major percentage of my business is generated through my websites. Using the internet to produce leads has become the common forte for many Realtors. Actually getting those leads is something entirely different. Creating a website and putting it online isn't going to produce any leads unless you...
I was reading an article by Andrew Wetzler on broker agent news about effective online strategies and thought it might be useful read for the rest of you. You can read it here: the article is pretty basic it ...
Lovebugs. To some you might think I’m talking about the VW car with the affectionate name. Or maybe a rock band from over seas. And for the romantic minded people you might have an image of a cute couple holding hands. For any Floridian or person that has visited Florida during the spring months...
“What is your commission fee for selling my home?” is almost always the question first and foremost in all home sellers’ minds. The question is commonly asked the first time you speak to a potential seller. It can even be difficult to get a listing presentation appointment unless as an agent you ...
The Federal Trade Commission and the US Justice Department continue the attack on the real estate industry, our MLS systems, and real estate agents practice of discouraging completion from a variety of sorts including; virtual offices, commission rebates to buyers and sellers and flat fee or "lim...

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