advice: The New Face of Professional Staging - 09/27/09 04:09 AM
I have to admit this blog was inspired by the comments from another blog I wrote last week   I am often amazed how this industry and my company has morphed into this amazing multi-level diverse profession.
If someone had told me 7 years ago when I was thinking of leaving the wine industry to start my own business that I would be soon staging homes, designing interiors and creating custom furnishings amongst other things... I would have said they were nuts!  How could I possibly be doing that when I have been a marketeer and brand director for most of … (14 comments)

advice: I saw Julie & Julia and My Mind is Cooking! - 08/30/09 05:34 PM
My daughter Alix and I just returned from the 7:15pm showing of the most lovely movie Julie & Julia.  If you haven't seen it yet, make a date and do it.  Its was just wonderful.  You might be thinking to yourself right about about now "we'll that's nice Kym thanks for the tip, but what does that have to do with Real Estate?  You are blogging on Active Rain you know."  We'll let me tell you.
Half way through the movie my mind started cooking.  Not that my mind takes too many holidays, but this one really got me going.  I … (19 comments)

advice: When Homeowner's Know MORE than Their Realtor - 09/05/08 12:55 PM
A couple of months ago one of my fantastic Realtors called me in for a consultation on a couple's home in Concord, Ca. They only wanted a consultation/report as the wife wanted to do the work herself.
I did my report and wished them well and went on my way.
A few weeks back I received a call from Nancy "the wife" and she said that they were helping an uncle put hits home in San Francisco and tha it had been on the market for two months with 100's of people through and no offers. Not even slight nibbles/interests nothing!
Even … (32 comments)

advice: Exciting Happenings were going on at the Furniture Show in Las Vegas - 07/30/08 05:16 PM
Rod Stewart gave a concert on Monday night at the Furniture Show in Vegas. It was in the outside patio area at the center of the three buildings at the World Market where the show is held
There was a huge banner of Rod, looking very good and not a day over 45, hanging from building B over looking the area. Every morning as we got off the bus Rod would be towering over us, looking down and giving us a sexy smile. Yes, that was nice, but that wasn't the best thing that was happening this week at the Furniture … (16 comments)

advice: Amber Arias the Resident Expert Stager of Livermore, CA - 07/24/08 06:30 AM
This morning Terrylynn Fisher, Diablo Realty and I had the pleasure of getting up bright and early to attend the Livermore Marketing Meeting as the guest of Amber Arias of Vision HomeStaging and Design.  Amber was asked to sit on a panel of experts for the marketing meeting to discuss the benefits of Professional Staging in today's market.

The event is held at the weekly marketing meeting at a restaurant in downtown Livermore. It was a lively group of Realtors and other industry professionals who meet once a week meet to discuss the current market conditions and to tour listings in the … (6 comments)

advice: The results of our blog on Trial and Error - a very happy ending - 07/12/08 06:20 PM
I was pleased to give updates on my blog Trail and Error.
If you haven't been following the saga the following links are in order
about the homeowner's who ended up firing the hobby stager due to lack of quality inventory, length of time it was taking to stage, and a few other unprofessional techniques. The Realtor called us in a bit of a panic when the homeowners decided to hire Staged to Sell instead. She was worried we would not be able to fit the project in at the late date. But, of course, we did.
They hired Staged to Sell … (14 comments)

advice: What type of customers are you looking for? - 07/12/08 05:30 PM
Whenever I ask a stager that question I get the funniest look...
"What do you mean what kind of customer?... A paying one of course!"
We'll that goes without saying. We all want customers who;
1. Don't argue about the price
2. Pay the deposit on time and have the remainder waiting for us on staging day
3. Their check or credit card goes through on the first try and if they have to extend their contract they pay before the date its due.
But that is not what I am talking about.  What kind of customer are you looking for...If you … (18 comments)

advice: Bullseye...when a Realtor and A Professional Stager Teams up - 07/03/08 12:04 PM
I am a very fortunate professional stager. I have wonderful Realtor clients, many who I have had since the beginning of my business almost 6 years ago.
I love working with new Realtors too. That look in their eye when they meet us and see the magic we do and say things "where have you been my entire career?" It makes you feel warm all over.
My absolute favorite thing to do though is to be on a Realtor Team.  A valuable member of the team who is brought into every job. Those Realtors would not think of listing a house without us! We have several Realtors … (29 comments)

advice: Fabulous Follow up on Trial and Error - 06/27/08 12:34 PM
I just wanted to share the comment from the Realtor who worked so hard for me on the situation with the hobby stager that I shared with A/R a week ago on a blog called Trial and Error .
If you may recall the homeowners were cutting corners and received five bids from Stagers and picked the lowest bid which was a hobby stager because of price. Then when the stager started to stage they were not happy and fired her and came back to me to do the job. 
We did the job this week.
Here is the comment from … (12 comments)

advice: Two Red Lockers, One Buyer, One Happy Customer - 06/22/08 12:25 PM

Woohoo...It's was a red banner day today for my Virtual Consignment Shop.  I have been working with a seller on his property for the past month or so. He has a tenant that is moving out in two months and we are trying to prepare and put the property on the market this week. 
It's a bit of a challenge when the person living in the property is not the stakeholder in the sale.  You end up having conversations like:
"Really, it's a good thing that we are go come in and stage your home and have buyers walking through … (10 comments)

advice: Trial and Error - UpDATED with photos and response - 06/20/08 04:21 PM
It happened about three weeks ago...I received a call from a very nice Realtor in the Berkeley area who was referred to me by a current client. She wanted me to meet with her homeowner clients and put together a bid on a small craftsman style home in the heart of Berkeley.
I met the Realtor and the homeowner at the property. Took pictures; gave them my information; talked about the Cobalt Blue exterior and went on my way. I submitted the proposal two days later and received a phone call back the next day. They loved me, loved my work and … (29 comments)

advice: Active Rain keeps percolating business - 06/18/08 05:48 PM
 I was one of the "oh so lucky" people who was called for Jury Duty last week in our County seat of Martinez. Now don't get me wrong I really don't mind doing my service and I am more than happy to put criminals behind bars even though trials can be very long and boring.  The thing is its June. June, June, June, one of the busiest months of the year for us stagers and to be called away from work to maybe sit on a jury for up to two or three months just doesn't work for me.
I tried … (33 comments)

advice: This Industry Has Changed - But then again they all do - 05/14/08 09:54 AM
It would be nice if someone would take a poll.
Some impartial person or company who can put their finger on the pulse of our ever changing industry.
You know that pulse we all have, all industries that is, that regulates how fast, how hot, how cold we are running. 
How many stagings are you doing this week? 7? 5? 2? 0? We'll, if we are honest, we can look across the country and see that the Stagers in the "Hot" markets are still staging 5 times a week and the ones in the "Not so hot markets" aren't. Right? Hmmm....Maybe not.

advice: It's NOW a Warm and Inviting Family Room in stead of... - 04/27/08 03:59 AM
I tell my clients, friends and acquaintance "I Love My Job" for many reasons. It is such an honor to be trusted with my client's possessions and properties. They meet me once or twice and the next thing you know they are gone for the day and my crew and I have taken over their property and are in their homes with our hands on EVERYTHING! What an honor to be trusted with their most valued possessions.
One of the many delicate situations we run into is how to tell our clients that certain items are best taken down to market their property … (12 comments)

advice: Multiple Offers are Still Possible - Make sure you do everything possible to Showcase - 04/14/08 03:32 AM
Two trucks, 5 member staging crew, dozens of boxes of accessories, 5 custom florals, living room full of furniture, lots of artwork, and three bedding sets.  Just a few of the items we brought in to this lovely home in the Ruby Hill's area of Pleasanton.  We did the enhancement staging in one day, but the work had started a month before our trucks loads of staging props arrived.
We started with a consultation. We brought along our team member Dave Casteel, the best painter in town, and went through the property room by room. We pointed out a few key items to the homeowner, … (20 comments)

advice: Water SELLS! - 04/06/08 12:42 PM
I had a lovely client this week who was referred to me by one of my favorite Realtors. My client was high energy and could almost speak as rapidly as I so we got along famously.  I met her at 9:00 in the morning and she had already been up for hours working on her business, getting her kids off to school and making phone calls to clients. I thought right off the bat "we could be twins." 
When we arrived we got right down to business and when you have two people who speak rapidly it doesn't take long to … (19 comments)

advice: More Bee's with Honey - 02/29/08 04:07 PM
My crew and I finished a wonderful job today.  It was a great property, but even better we love the Realtor and her lovely clients.  The Realtor was a new referral that I met with about a month ago.  She had been sent to me from one of my favorite clients and we hit it off from the get go. I knew she would have great clients as we all know that " like attracts like."
When we met in the beginning of February I did my consultation, wrote my report and we set a date for the staging. The clients worked on getting all … (29 comments)

advice: I had no idea what staging was...I thought it was just bringing furniture into a home for sale - 02/28/08 04:13 PM
Last night friend and local Realtor of the Year  2007 Terrylynn Fisher of Diablo Realty asked me to join her for a speaking engagement to a group of investors/flippers. They get together once a month to discuss properties locally and across the country they consider purchasing, fixing up and selling in the shortest amount of time and for the most money.
Terrlynn was first up to speak front of the group and gave a fantastic and informative talk about the benefits of staging in the Real Estate Market.  She had some great points and backed them up with statistics such as:
63% of buyers … (25 comments)

advice: It's Almost Unbelievable - How can they not believe? - 02/13/08 02:11 PM
A friend approached me 10 months ago and mentioned that she was helping her mom put her house on the market. She then asked if I had any thoughts about staging it. I said, "of course you need to stage it." She then explained that her Realtor is a non-believer. My friend was a little worried though as her mom's medical bed was in the middle of the family room. The Realtor assured her that it did not need to be moved and when the house was being shown they would simply throw a blanket over it. - OH MY GOSH!
I told her I would be happy to … (69 comments)

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