sales: Making Sense of a Confused Client - 04/09/18 09:31 AM
You’ve been working with a client for weeks, maybe even months, to no avail. Just when you feel like you’re making headway, the client changes their mind or expresses their hesitation, and just like that you’re back at square one.
It feels like a waste of your time and theirs, but you persist anyway because you think that each minute you put into the sale, you are that much closer to the close.
In some cases, you might be right—the energy you put in will pay off. But if a client is simply not ready to make a decision one way or the … (1 comments)

sales: Do You Struggle to Get Testimonials? - 11/21/17 07:29 AM
These days, the discerning prospect is more likely to vet agents based on their Internet presence rather than in-person interviews. Since you might not even get the chance to interact with these potential clients, you need to try to make a great impression as they are on the buyer's journey. A buyer can relate more to one of your clients than they can to awards and accolades.
One of the best ways to earn the trust of prospects is by publishing the testimonials of past clients. But to publish a testimonial, you have to collect one, and it can be easier said than done. A … (3 comments)

sales: 4 Tips for Hiring an Inside Sales Rep - 10/13/17 09:19 AM
When agents reach a certain level of success, they’re going to have to start focusing on building a team. Often times one of the first hires to make is an inside-sales rep. In this episode of Above the Noise, Luke breaks down how to make sure hiring an ISA makes sense, and how to go about finding the perfect personality for the role. 

sales: Land More Buyers Than You Can Handle - 10/03/17 07:03 AM
Renters and first-time homebuyers make for great clients, but they usually aren't interested in ownership because they have been educated on how to get started. Pick up the phone!!! Spread the word and fill your funnel with sweet leads.
Cold Calling Script Download:

sales: Find Success in the Renters Market - 09/29/17 03:26 PM
Renters are an under-served demographic in the world of real estate. Buyer leads will always be secondary to sellers, but rookie agents need to take advantage the money on the table when it comes to renters.

sales: Veteran Agents Reignite Their Careers - 08/28/17 09:00 AM
Creating a fruitful career in sales is a true accomplishment. But when we have a great sphere of influence, work in a solid market, and have deals coming in, it can be hard not to rest on our laurels. To remain a top producer, we cannot afford to stay still for long. It isn’t that we have to constantly work harder, year in year out, but we do have to keep growing.
Here are three ways you can take your game to the next level:
Social Media – Social media is no longer an exclusive youth club. While folks from every generation are … (2 comments)

sales: Above The Noise | Client List: Friends & Family - 08/23/17 06:41 AM
Luke Acree talks about how to lock in your friends and family as potential clients. It can be easy to take them as a given, until you see they did business with someone else. Here are two simple hacks to integrating friends and family into your client list.

sales: A Timeless Follow-Up Method - 06/22/17 09:42 AM
When was the last time someone wrote you a letter?
It’s hard to imagine that this was once a primary form of communication. With e-mail and texting, everything’s instantaneous, but something is lost with all this cold digital efficiency. The handwritten note is a fantastic way to generate business for nearly nothing. It simply takes a bit of time and postage. In turn it makes an amazing impression on any recipient.
To leverage the power of the handwritten note, you have to implement writing into your routine. Come up with a firm number of notes you want to send out every week and … (0 comments)

sales: No One Cares What You Say - 06/22/17 09:33 AM
Sales is all about communication. When you look at top-producers across every industry, communication skills are one of the few things that unites them all. To be able to take an idea and express it convincingly is the foundation of the craft.
We might think our pitches are the most essential part. If we can only pick the right combination of words they will act as a spell to win over any prospect. Pitches are incredibly important, but why can two salespeople say the exact same pitch word-for-word, yet one closes like a champion while the other can’t even keep someone on … (2 comments)

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