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            Happy Mother's Day to all my Feathered and Non-Feathered Friends. Today is the day we celebrate Mothers everywhere... Our mothers by birth... those who have been Mother-figures to us.... those out there who provide a nurturing and loving environment for all of the children and babies ...
I wrote my first post in June 2008 and had one comment from Cindy Edwards, and God bless her, I still see her in my comments.   It was not a very good post, but it wasn't too terribly bad.  I didn't post again until December of that year and had a grand total of 2 posts for the month with a grand...
When I first moved to South Florida, I cried every day for 2 weeks. Looking at the photo below, you're probably shaking your head and saying... "Are you nuts?" You see, I was in my late 30's when I first moved away from my beloved hometown of Houston, Texas.  It was where I was born; where I'd go...
Chrissy Doremus of US Inspect wrote an excellent post today about how to prepare a home for the Open House. Now as a Stager, I'm used to suggesting to our clients that they have all the lights on, window coverings open/up, everything clutter free and clean.. you know the drill, But Chrissy gave ...
  Mimi Foster, a Colorado Springs Realtor, told us today about a new "gadget" called About.Me.  I don't know abut you but for the contact information  I like to see their name, company, phone number and email address.  Maybe even their website.  But as we stagers are always decluttering everythin...
Staging has a place in all kinds of Marketing..... Would YOU want to run out and join this Company?? I was stopped at a red light when I saw this sign.  I couldn't believe this was placed by any serious company looking for help. I don't know about you but my first impression was :                ...
  Katerina Gasset has done it again and given us an easy to follow tutorial on how to set up our name fields so we can get better optimization.  It's so easy to follow and if you're like me... you probably haven't changed your profile since you set it up.  It doesn't hurt to take a look at yours ...
She was the Queen of Denial but she has abdicated... join me in supporting Queen Anna. My friend,Anna Dovger, wrote a post yesterday detailing her "coming out" and her aha moment that has led her down the path of healthy living!    Anna has done the brave act of admitting to us here... in public....
A Useful Blogging Tip- Just Because It's Been Written... Doesn't Mean It's Been READ! With the 31 Days in May Challenge in full swing, we're all scratching our heads and searching for something about which to write.  Yes you can write about a listing, post a recipe, write about something funny th...
William Johnson, San Diego Realtor, has kicked it up a notch for the Month of May with a Photoblogging Contest.  I've seen some remarkable photos here on the Rain so I can't wait to see some of the entries.  Grab your cameras and bring along some imagination... the deadline is May 21!  Oh yes, a...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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