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  Sam Miller of ReMax in Howard OH showed us how his Facebook Business page has morphed into a mini-website.  I had a banner designed  a year or so ago, but outside of directing my AR posts there, i've done very little with it.  But if you think about it... it makes sense to have this page work f...
Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach..Add Water, Sand and Sun = ActiveRain Party Time!! Where would I go if I were planning an ActiveRain "Bring It On" Party? I wouldn't have to think twice... Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach! Now Atlantic Avenue isn't a building or hotel conference center... it's more...
Realtors and Stagers... It May Be a Commission or Project for you or me but getting their home sold can mean not being alone anymore for our Senior Sellers. I gave a presentation today, thanks to Jody Samanich of ReMax, at The Horizon Club in Deerfield Beach, an Assisted Living and Independent Ca...
Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County-Home Staging is Needed AND is Available for Every Pricepoint!           I've often heard people say that Staging is only for higher priced homes.           I've also heard people say that a certain higher end home had expensive design work and therefore did ...
Everyone enjoys the Fourth of July Weekend especially in Delray Beach.  However today I received this request: In a nutshell,  due to an unexpected increase in barge costs, we are short $36,000 for this years Annual Fourth of July Fireworks.. I know this is not everyone's problem but if you are i...
Make the Choice to See the Donut. This post was inspired by Cindy Edwards' post -  Pay It Forward: Helping Others.   In it she spoke of a dilemma we all face from time to time, which is when confronted by someone asking for money... do we help them, knowing that they are in all likelihood giving ...
Realtors- Seriously... Why not take me along on your next listing appointment!  No... not ME.... take this: Today I was at my monthly Lunch on the House for the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches where the featured speaker discussed social media and his company's Visual Tour.  The topic of ...
  Mike Wong of Sugarland, Tx shared a commercial that shouts out a quite message.  You won't even need to have your volume up to get the message.  I encourage you to take the 1 minute and 36 seconds to enjoy this message. Every where I look (and myself included) people have their heads down readi...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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