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An Accredited Staging Professional providing Staging services, Home Readiness services, ReDesign and eStaging Consultations in Palm Beach County, FL.



Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County-  Sellers... If You Want to Stage Your House.. Do it Before You List It.   In the last 2 months I've received calls from both Realtors and Home owners with one common thread... they'd jumped the gun and put the cart before the horse.  Most recently a Realtor...
Warning-X Rated Canoodling Not to Be Confused with the VBloggers Challenge Some of you may have seen some of my Green Cay Wetlands Alligator posts, which are pretty tame.  Many of them are just sitting in the water... on the bank.. eating a turtle.... Well.. alligator mating season is over but I ...
It is Friday and in case you weren't aware, there is a group called Facebook Fridays.. The purpose is primarily to share and promote each others Facebook pages.  All you have to do is pick 5 ActiveRain members and go to their pages and "LIKE" them.  That's easy enough and you can give them a "he...
  OK...for all you Points groupies... Stacey Smith, Dana Point, CA Realtor has put the carrot out there for many of us who have put off incorporating videos into our marketing efforts (that would be me). You have from July 15-Sept 15th so there's no complaining about no time to do it.  The only t...
I'm Playing Hooky Today Because I Have a Date with Harry, Ron and Hermione! OK... admittedly this is not a post about Staging, Real Estate, blogging or even the latest techie thing but after all... it IS Friday and the very last Harry Potter movie... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 op...
Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County... I Think I Need a New Room for My TV!                    or Tips for Avoiding the Mine is Bigger than Yours Syndrome! Last week I wrote about using a Home Stager to Help Your Buyer Make a Choice.    One of the questions that my client asked was "will a big...
Water, Water Everywhere... So Please Make Sure You're Drinking Plenty of it!  You don't have to consult a map to know it's hot out there... in fact South Florida is cooler than some of our neighbors to the north. Temps have been in the high 90's with heat indexes that are in the 100's.  You'd lik...
  Janet Jones of Just Your Style Interiors in Hawaii made an excellent analogy between your house competing in this housing market and a horse race.  Racehorses have Claiming Races where horses who have a losing records compete in another race in which all of the horses are on the market.  One by...
Ever Want to Do Something for Someone... Just Because? Last year I met Yvonne Westerman , The Harmony Restored Team/Keller Williams, through my Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches monthly Lunch On the House.  She contacted me.. not so much to inquire about Home Staging but to find out where ...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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