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 Look Who I Saw This Morning!     Spotting a Bobcat at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach is always a treat.  If you keep your eyes open, you might just see one or two waiting to give you a glimpse.  I saw this friendly guy this morning on our walk. The Bobcat, a smaller cousin to the Lynx, is t...
OK you fellow Bananas.. if you're anywhere near Anna Bananan's on Sept 8 ... that would be North Phoenix  you need to head to this MeetUp following the online Raincamp.   Head over to her email for exact directions! If you have any kind of Tude.. you won't want to miss this! North Phoenix Meetup ...
Pardon Me... But Haven't We Met Before?  A Staging Deja Vu! I wrote a post the other day about not being able to remember everyone's names.  I wish that I had Google Circles in my head.   And often the same thing happens to me with houses.  I was called in a while back by my friend and Realtor to...
Interior Redesign in Palm Beach County: 3 Tips You Need to Know When Hiring a Contractor for Your New Impact Windows.  Whether you live in the north or here in sunny South Florida, replacing your existing windows with Impact Windows is a good way to update your home.   In addition to the added va...
Be Honest... Do You Tell a Friend She Has Spinach in Her Teeth? This is a dilemma all of us have experienced.  Do we tell someone they have something in their teeth... that their dinner napkin is stuck to their clothing... or egads.. the TP is stuck on their heel!  Come on... you know the feeling...
You Want to Sell Me What?? And You Don't Even Know Who I Am? First this is not a rant on telephone sales calls or cold calls... well maybe just a little.   But here is how a call to me went today... Me: "Room Service Home Staging...may I help you?"    Now this is where I here what sounds like som...
Celebrate the Day- I Can Vote Thanks to Our Mothers and Grandmothers.. AND Let's Not Forget Our Favorite 4 Legged Friends! It's another day to celebrate and today is Women's Equality Day.  Did you know that women did NOT have the right to vote until 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the Constitutio...
I need Google+ Circles in My Real Life to Help Me Know Who's Who and How I Know Them! Having lived in different cities I'm always running into people that I think I know.  Problem is I'm never sure if I know them from living here in Delray Beach; my hometown of Houston or from a few other cities ...
Julia Maher of Nestings Home Staging in Fairfield CT wrote an excellent post about Real Estate Jeopardy.  Are you putting the sale of your home in jeopardy by not showing the possibilities and purpose of your rooms?  This is especially true for unusually shaped rooms or over-sized rooms.   Make s...

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