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An Accredited Staging Professional providing Staging services, Home Readiness services, ReDesign and eStaging Consultations in Palm Beach County, FL.



Boca Raton Home Staging- Things You Need to Ask Before You Get Additional Storage Space! Whether or not you are selling your house in Boca Raton or anywhere else in Palm Beach County, chances are you have been told to store or remove some of your "clutter".    Your Realtor no doubt brought this u...
Chestbumping... Who Do You Think Copied Whom... The Football Players or the Birds? I am so excited that the NFL Preseason kicks off August Thursday, August 11!   I love football and NFL lockouts and over-the-top salaries and egos aside.. I can't wait!   As of today Brett Favre is still retired; C...
Rebekah Radice of Benchmark Mortgage in Colorado Springs, CO. has written another great post to help us increase traffic to our blog. And, as we've been told, a good blog begins with good content.   If you're still struggling to write your posts or even if you've been writing for years, you'll fi...
If You Have to Knock Someone Down to Build Yourself Up...You Might Want to Remodel Your Attitude! Unfortunately we see this too often in our personal and professional lives... and of course, it really rears its ugly head during an election year.   Friends will often pass along negative gossip abo...
Home Staging in Boca Raton... Consider Me Part of Your Marketing Team! Dorie Dillard of Coldwell Banker in Austin recently wrote an excellent post in which she likened a Listing Agent to the Business Manager in the sale of a client's house.  I could not agree more, and if you are wondering what r...
Marco Giancola of Castelli Real Estate Services, reminds us that even though we're in our hot humid days of August, if you're planning on selling your house in the fall, now is the time to get your house "show" ready!  Take care of any repairs or deferred maintenance NOW.   Contact your local Pro...
Home staging tips in Palm Beach County... Why are you making your Buyers wonder and wander through your house? Today's Buyer has a tough job... how to navigate through the many properties available and choose the one that fits their needs. If your property is one of those out there in the sea of ...
How to Beat the Heat with some Read and Green!  It's National Watermelon Day! With temperatures in the high 90's today in Delray Beach....and even in the 100's in our midwest anything you can do to beat the heat and keep you hydrated is a big plus! Today is National Watermelon Day!  Settle down.....
You're a Person... You're NOT a Machine?  Thank You for Answering! I know this subject has been discussed ad nauseum but I had another occasion yesterday where answering the phone got me another client! MS Client called "after hours".... I was actually preparing dinner.  When I answered the phone...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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