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An Accredited Staging Professional providing Staging services, Home Readiness services, ReDesign and eStaging Consultations in Palm Beach County, FL.



Why Am I Trusting You?  Because It’s a Lot Healthier for ME!The word “trust” is probably one of the first words we learn as a child. “Trust me... I won’t let you fall” as your dad teaches you to ride your bike. “Mommy won’t let you go... trust me.” And chances are that phrase gave you a sense of ...
  Sometimes your thoughts are with others... your friends or family …. and what they may be going through.  And try as you might, your words take a backseat and all you are left with is an empty feeling of helplessness. If you’re lucky you can reach out with a gentle hand to let them know you’re...
I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours! How NOT to Stage a Post!This will be my 811th post but no... this is not a post asking for your Cheers.  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours..... My First Post Bad.. I know.  NO Clip Art....No Pictures.... No Bolded Words.  BORING! And bless you Cindy ...
Russel Ray Photos January Contest- I Couldn't Stand Still! No I have not lost my head.  There's some shaking going on here!! But.... it wasn't me.  I've been trying to get a shot of these Painted Buntings for months and finally there they were at the feeder at Green Cay.  I even had my "big boy" ...
One of my favorite Bloggers at Active Rain, Alan May, has updated his list of reasons on why your house won't sell.  And... they're all very real reasons.  If your home is on the market and it's not selling... take a look at these reasons.  Then if condition might be a factor... give me a call!  ...
Need a Blogging Idea?  Get Engaged!!! It’s not what you think... although if you got engaged over the holidays... congratulations!  No...this is the time of year when we all set goals for our personal lives and for our work, and that often includes goals for blogging.   Last year I set a personal...
Events in Delray Beach- Ocean Mile Swim This Weekend-Sunday January 8th. Grab your beach towel and sunscreen and head to Delray Beach this Sunday for the Ocean Mile Swim.  This event benefits our Delray Beach Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Competition Team and Junior Lifeguard Competition.  Registration ...
Celebrate the Day- It’s National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day- January 3!I know... we’re only 3 days into the New Year and I’m already tempting everyone with Chocolate and Cherries!  But it really is National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day!  So you won’t feel so guilty look at it this way....you’...
Eric and Russel are giving us a chance to "showcase" our worst photos and wind a great software program if we win!  What more could you ask for.  I'm thinking of all of the before and after staging photos I have where I just wish someone's elbow wasn't peeking around the corner.   Take a look at ...
Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County- We May Want To Buy the House But What We Really Want is to Be Outside!If your house is on the market or you’re even thinking about it here’s a tip to help your Buyer really SEE what they want to see.   Think about it... the average temperature in Palm Beach...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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