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An Accredited Staging Professional providing Staging services, Home Readiness services, ReDesign and eStaging Consultations in Palm Beach County, FL.



Just as I learn something new here at AR every day we can also learn from each other .  Dick had this remarkable challenge last year and I'm glad to see it back.  If you need some help in an area, just ask for it.  Oh yes and and don't there are points involved! One of the most remarkable things ...
It’s Not Enough to Keep Your Eye on the Ball- Sometimes You Have to Reevaluate Your Direction! In our personal life and in business, it’s not enough to keep your eye on the ball...sometimes you have to step back and reevaluate your direction.   I was at the Delray Beach International Tennis Champ...
Shelly Petrolia- Delray Beach Realtor/City Commission Candidate!Meet Shelly Petrolia, a long-time Delray Beach Realtor and a candidate for City of Delray Beach Commission  Seat#1.   I have known Shelly and her husband, Tony, for many years, when Tony sold our first house in Tropic Isle.   A rarit...
World Compliment Day is March 1- Let’s Really Celebrate This Day!World Compliment Day is celebrated March 1 but it’s one of those special days that you’re going to wish was celebrated and practiced every day. National Compliment Day began in the Netherlands more than 10 years ago by its initiator...
The Delray Beach International Tennis Championships-Now thru March 3, 2013.This is the “World’s only combined ATP Champions Tour  & ATP World Tour Event Featuring Tennis Legends and ATP Pros”.   The event runs through Sunday, March 3 at the Delray Beach Stadium & Tennis Center. On Monday and Tues...
Let’s Have Some Sunday Fun!  Who Should Win Best Picture Oscar?   Place Your Vote Below!Who’s watching the Oscars tonight?  Come on... you can admit it!  We know that all the members here are intellectual professionals and wouldn’t be caught dead watching something so ….. bourgeois but it’s ok......
I Learn Something New at ActiveRain Every Day and It's Time I Showed You.  February 10  to February 16, 2013. I learn something new every day at ActiveRain!  With this series I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that “light bulb” moment.  It could be something techie, about Real Esta...
Staging FAQ’s-Boca Raton-Do I Have to Stage Every Room in My House?This is a frequent question I get from sellers.... “If I do stage my vacant property, do I have to do every room?”  The purpose of staging a vacant home is to help Buyers see the potential and the possibilities of a space.   It al...
I'm here... I know I am but I don't see me!  I can see you ... I can comment but oops, I just went pear shaped. Does anyone know where I am?  I’m not joking!  I look in the mirror and I see “me”, I’m commenting on your posts and I’m there but I went to look for me and ….. I’m not there.  Well, my...
Single Tasking Day- February 21-And There’s a Treat at the End!Yes, Today, February 21 is Single Tasking Day.  What pray tell is that?    There are more and more studies showing that multitasking, while many of us like to think we can do it, isn’t as efficient or effective as we’d like to think. ...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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