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I've featured Barry Owen  posts in my weekly Sunday post many times and for good reason.  His posts are thought-ful as in full of thought and if you take the time, something will strike a chord. Barry is not new to the real estate profession and after several years with Keller-Williams, he now ha...
Delray Beach- Clouds, Rain and Wild Cards The first week of the New Year in Delray Beach was rainy and cool, but who can complain, it was still in the low 70’s! It’s been interesting watching our 100 foot Christmas come down.  I’m always a little sad to see the tree, skating rink, and all of the ...
Weltan What? In Lynn Friedman’s 2016 Blog JUMPSTART challenge, she asks us to talk about what part of the Weltanschauung speaks to us the most.   This was an easy one for me because it is in the first sentence:“We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests entirely with its membe...
I Can’t Take It Anymore! Let’s Celebrate the Day. January 7 is “I Can’t Take It Anymore” Day and I think we all have something we can no longer take!  What a good way to begin the year!  If you are of a certain age, you might remember the movie “Network” where Peter Finch’s character said that fa...
My Own List of Banished Words Yesterday, Lake Superior State University published its 41st Annual list of words that should be banished.  Perhaps it is a sign of my narrow sheltered world or being of a certain age, I was unfamiliar with many of the words that suffer from “Over-use, Mis-use and ge...
Just Because It’s Been Said, Doesn’t Mean It’s Been Read. Did you ever read the title of a post then slap yourself in the head and say “Bummer, I was going to write about that!”  You could probably say the same thing about a topic you’ve already covered. "I can't write about that...I already did!...
Home Staging Tips for the NEW YEAR!Some sellers take their homes off the market during the holidays, while some sellers are beginning the new year by listing their home. And there may be some sellers who are wondering why their property hasn’t sold.  Whatever the case, it’s a NEW YEAR and that me...
It's odd that we're still talking about smoking in 2016 but people still smoke.  Years ago when we were looking for a home in Virginia, as soon as we walked in the door, our eyes were burning and I was having a little trouble breathing.  It turns out the owners had been one heavy cigar smoker and...
What I Learned This Week At ActiveRain-December 27 to January 2, 2016 I learn something new every day at ActiveRain!  With this series I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that “lightbulb” moment.  It could be something techie, something about Real Estate, about a place or person!  O...
Delray Beach- A New Year BeginsOne thing I love about this time of year is the sense of lull that creeps into our lives between Christmas and New Years.  And then BAM! the New Year is upon us! Delray Beach is especially busy during the holidays with families   and visitors enjoying our warm weath...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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