addicted to activerain: Update: Fix For Some of the Issues from Our Recent Release - 09/30/13 11:22 AM
Put the pitch forks down guys..... here's the latest  from ActiveRain and the latest updates.  If you're new to AR, you'll learn that AR does listenand they do make every effort to fix things when they can. 
Please read on and see what's been fixed.   Hey..... even Apple had to send out a fix to the iOS7 update a few days after it was released. 
I'll start with a blanket "I'm sorry". The changes we recently made, especially to the blog editor were not met with the excitement we had hoped. (understatement of the year). Had there been no bugs, I'm … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: It's a Small World After All! (This Must Be my Disney-Themed Week) - 06/16/13 04:06 AM
It’s a Small World After All!   (This must be my Disney-themed week)

I tuned in to listen live to Margaret Rome’s weekly radio program today because I’m usually not able to listen at Noon Sundays (EST).  And Carra Riley was going to be her guest so definitely wanted to listen.
Have you listened to Margaret’s radio show?  Well, let me tell you what a small world it can be.  
Carra Riley can dance circles around the social media crowd.  She offers a wealth of knowledge about how to make your presence known, whether it’s on Google+ or Facebook … (13 comments)

addicted to activerain: What Do Cheese Curds and the ActiveRain Community Have in Common?? - 06/14/13 09:07 PM
What do cheese curds and the ActiveRain community have in common?
Well... not much really except that were it not for reading about cheese curds in a recent post
by Sally and David Hanson and featuring it in my weekly “What I learned at Active Rain” series, I might never have had the opportunity to speak with Sally Hanson over the phone nor would I have had to opportunity to try these:

Yesterday a package arrived and guess what was in it?  Cheese curds....taco, natural and ranch!

And, you can guess who sent them!  
More than … (25 comments)

addicted to activerain: Let's Get Carla Muss Jacobs Over the Hump - 06/12/13 11:56 AM
Let's help Carla join the Millionaire club at ActiveRain.  Charita Cadenhead has sent out a call to help our fellow ActiveRain member.  All you have to do is go to one of her posts and comment on it.   And, who knows, you might even want to stay a while and subscribe to her blog!
Let's Get Carla Muss Jacobs Over the Hump
I was just checkig out my friend Carla Muss Jacobs blog and noticed that she only has 437 points to go before she's an AR Millionaire.  Now if I know anything about AR members, and I think that … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: Don't Forget to Wish Roger "Congratulations!!!!" - 06/05/13 01:37 PM
Roger made his Millionaire Post "Members Only"and it has been Featured however if you have not yet gone to his post I hope you will head there and congratulate him for becoming the latest ActiveRain Millionaire.  
Roger and I became friends after we noticed each other's comments on the posts of others.  I remember I headed over to his blog to see who he was.   He is funny and sincere; irreverent and thoughtful.  His journey here has not been an easy one.  When I first started reading his posts I suggested that he become a Rainmaker so that  the public … (15 comments)

addicted to activerain: Meet Brian Feldman! Jupiter-Tequesta Realtor-New ActiveRain Member! - 05/30/13 08:50 PM
Meet Brian Feldman! Jupiter-Tequesta Realtor-New ActiveRain Member!
I met Brian at our ActiveRain MeetUp in April and have to tell you what a good sport he is.  His “mentor” Mark Loewenberg had texted me before he arrived that he had told Brian that as a new Active Rain member he would have to recite the ActiveRain “motto” ( or something like that).  Mark let Brian off the hook after he arrived, but I have a feeling that what I mistook for shyness was really Brian’s effort to figure out what the heck the AR motto was and how could … (15 comments)

addicted to activerain: Even if They Don't Complain... Sellers Notice - 05/27/13 09:32 PM
I've spoken to my clients when providing a staging consultation and often get the feeling that the agent that represented them in the past didn't keep in touch.  They told me but not their agent.  Jennifer Allen  lists some good points that your sellers may notice but never mention to you.  Read on and please drop by Jennifer's post to comment. 
A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called: "How to Wow Your Seller - The Favorit-est Tips" where I listed the results of a little survey I did following a SWS Teleseminar on the subject of knocking the sox off … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: WCR Palm Beaches-We Had the Most Remarkable Speaker! Let Me Share Her Tips. - 05/21/13 09:13 PM
WCR Palm Beaches- We Had the Most Remarkable Speaker Today! Let Me Share Her Tips.
At our monthly business meeting of the Women’s Council of Realtors Greater Palm Beach Chapter we were privileged to have as our speaker Christine King.   Christine is owner and President of Your Best Fit but her story begins almost 17 years ago when she was seriously injured in a Jet-Ski accident.
Unable to feel her legs as she was being removed from the water, Christine and her family did not know if she would ever walk again.  Her lower lumbar vertebrae exploded in … (28 comments)

addicted to activerain: Challenge: Crowdsourcing the Way to More Referrals - 05/20/13 10:13 AM
OK you points mongers.... just kidding.  Bob Stewart has another challenge for us, and the really "big deal" about this is that all of us can benefit from it.  Who doesn't love and want a referral?  Are you doing what you can to get them?  Do you have your tried and true way of getting referrals?  Share them and, yes of course... points are involved!!! 
The "Aha" (OK, it wasn't really an "aha", it was more of a 'dang, that many?')
In a webinar recently about (link to recording of the webinar) generating seller leads, I opened the discussion by asking the audience … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: A Little Different Look and Feel - 05/16/13 10:00 AM
Hey everyone, obviously you've noticed the new look to ActiveRain and I think it has a nice clean, crisp look to it (it must be the stager in me.)  But, don't forget to register for a guided tour given by Bob Stewart next Monday at 1 PM EST!  Thanks ActiveRain !  

ActiveRain Gets a New Header Design
Lots of fun announcements taking place recently.
This is one that I'm really excited to get to share with you. Depending on when you are reading this, you may already notice something a little different about the look and feel on the top of … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: ActiveRain LINKS For Blogging Success - 05/14/13 10:56 AM
Navigating around Active Rain has been made easier thanks to this post written by Richard Yates    If you are trying to figure out how to write a blog or what the heck points are and how to get them, Richard has provided links for everything.  
If ever there was a post to bookmark, this would be one of them.  Thank you Richard!   Thank you for reading this; please feel free to stop over at Richard's post to leave comments. 

ActiveRain LINKS For Blogging Success
These are the most important ActiveRain LINKS For Blogging Success, and will take you … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: I'm Going to Be on the Hot Seat! Tune in Sunday to Hear Me on Margaret Rome's Radio Show! - 04/19/13 09:14 PM
I’m Going to Be on the Hot Seat!  Tune in Sunday to Hear Me on Margaret Rome’s Radio Show!  April 21!

I’m going to do my best to prevent my Texas Twang from tripping me up and tying my tongue!   Whew!  That was a mouthful.
 I am so excited because this Sunday I’m going to be a guest on Margaret Rome’s Live Radio Sunday at Noon!  If you are not familiar with Margaret Rome..... where have YOU been?  You can find out more at a recent post I wrote about What I Learned from Margaret Rome.  
We’ll be discussing … (32 comments)

addicted to activerain: Senior Moment, Busy, or Just So Much to See! - 04/17/13 09:44 PM
Senior moment, busy or just so much to see!  
 Charita Cadenhead commented on my Sunday weekly post that she thought she had already read and commented on Mike Cooper’s post on safety but apparently she didn’t.
 Been there... done that.  Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t.
We’ve all been busier lately and we have so many new and wonderful bloggers on board, not to mention the seasoned bloggers who consistently provide us with posts that are entertaining, informative, humorous and just fun to read that it’s a wonder we can keep up.
 I will often skim the … (28 comments)

addicted to activerain: How Long Does It Take To Write A Post? - 04/16/13 03:47 AM
Toni Weidman writes an excellent post on how long it takes to write a post.   Some can crank them out in minutes.  I am not one of them but I do wish I were.  Every post takes a different amount of time.  Sometimes I labor for a long time, leave it in draft and have to return to it.  Sometimes I feel as if I haven't a thing to say.  
Also, do you know the difference between a post and a blog?    Read on!
How Long Does It Take To Write A Post?
We had our meet-up last week … (0 comments)

addicted to activerain: Yesterday I Reached 1 Million Points.... 1 Million Smackeroos! - 04/14/13 09:45 PM
Yesterday I reached 1 Million points.... 1,000,000 smackeroos!  What makes it so memorable is not  
so much the “MM” beneath my name  but the journey to get here.
For those of you who’ve spent any time here at all you’re no doubt shaking your heads with a knowing look.  You know exactly what I mean.  
 My journey has taken me from clueless to communicative via my blog that I write.   
It has taken me to places like Kirkland Hills, OH to Vernonia OR..... from the beautiful Kentlands Community in Gaithersburg MD to NW Austin, TX.  

The journey … (142 comments)

addicted to activerain: What I Learned This Week in Active Rain- April 7- April 13, 2013. - 04/13/13 09:14 PM
What I Learned This Week At ActiveRain- April 7-April 13, 2013.
 I learn something new every day at ActiveRain!  With this series I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that “lightbulb” moment.  It could be something techie, about Real Estate, about a place or person!

April 7:  Merline Pennant      Things You Need to Know When Buying in an HOA.
I learned more about HOA’s after I moved to South Florida but there’s always something that comes up that surprises me.  Make sure you and your buyers are aware of how HOA dues and rules could affect … (52 comments)

addicted to activerain: It Was an ActiveRain Meet Up Week! More Photos! - 04/12/13 10:02 PM
It Was an ActiveRain Meet Up Week!  More Photos!
This has been a wonderful week of ActiveRain Meet Ups from Washington State to Washington DC  and Seattle to  San Antonio.
 Besides hosting a Meet Up on Wednesday I also attended one in Broward County hosted by Eileen Burns and another one today hosted by ActiveRain Newbie Victoria Piroso in Palm Beach.  
Small or large, held in Starbucks or someone’s home, ActiveRain MeetUps are always fun and a great way to add that 3rd dimension to our Virtual Friendships.
Here are a few photos from the … (42 comments)

addicted to activerain: ActiveRain- You're Not Just Blogging to the Members! - 04/11/13 09:11 PM
ActiveRain- You’re Not Just Blogging to the Members!
 OK......without thinking …..when you wrote your first few posts here...  who did you think might be reading them?  Were you directing them towards anyone in particular?  
I attended an ActiveRain MeetUp today in Broward County hosted by Eileen Burns and this subject came up.   
 “I’m not marketing to other Realtors but aren’t they the only ones who will read my posts?”
“Aren’t members the only ones who will see my blog?

addicted to activerain: Newbies & Oldies-We Had a "Rocco" Good ActiveRain MeetUp in Palm Beach County! - 04/10/13 09:21 PM
Newbies and Oldies - We Had a Rocco-Good ActiveRain MeetUp in Palm Beach County!
 The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful ActiveRain Meet Up!  What was discussed?
ActiveRainLocal Real Estate
Keller Williams
….........So Much Fun!!!
We had our Meet Up at Rocco’s Tacos on PGA Boulevard.   
Meet (from left) Merline Pennant, Kathy Streib,Kevin Tolbert, Mark Loewenberg,Eileen Burns, Bob Publicover, Victoria Piroso and Brian Feldman!
Merline Pennant is relatively new to ActiveRain but she's jumped right in.
Kathy Streib host, photographer and oh yes.... Stager!
Kevin Tolbert If you haven't read his posts on the Keller … (30 comments)

addicted to activerain: What I Know Now That I Truly Wish I'd Known Then-Hindsight is So Much Better! - 04/09/13 09:31 PM
What I Know Now That I Truly Wish I'd Known Then- Hindsight is So Much Better, Isn’t It!
I have a graduate degree in Psychology but for the most part I’ve always been in some kind of sales/commission position.  And my husband is a retired homebuilder, so I know the lingo.   BUT..... I’d never started up a business and I knew absolutely zilch about SEO/ Blogging and marketing my business the “new” way.  
“If only.... woulda, coulda,shoulda”    We’ve all been there.  So, if I could, here’s what I’d tell myself.
 1. From the beginning get assistance with SEO, website … (39 comments)

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