celebrate the day: Flag Day is June 14...And We Fly It Proudly - 06/13/21 05:38 PM
Flag Day is June 14...And We Fly It Proudly
Clearly etched in my memory is the period of time after the attacks of 9/11 when we as a nation came together. Part of that solidarity was the flying of our Flag and many wearing the flag on whatever we were wearing. 
You can learn more about Flag Day as well as Flag etiquette. 
For me, displaying the flay is more than raising it up a flag pole or placing it somewhere outside my home. 
I hope that I display how proud I am of My Country every day that I live by my acts and … (19 comments)

celebrate the day: Say Something Nice Day...It’s Good for You! - 05/31/21 01:47 PM
Say Something Nice Day...It’s Good for You!
If you think about it, saying something nice to someone sounds very simple...a no-brainer. However, I think whoever created this day meant for what you say to be sincere and well thought out. 
Take just a moment to think about the last time someone said something nice about you...paid you a compliment. It might have been in person or on social media. 
We’re all human and when someone says something nice about us and means it, then we can’t help but feel good...we get a nice warm smile on the inside. 
We remember that person and in fact, … (30 comments)

celebrate the day: Memorial Day...Service, Honor, and Sacrifice - 05/30/21 05:22 PM
Memorial Day...Service, Honor, and Sacrifice
It has been refreshing to see so much written about what Memorial Day is about...not the barbecues or time off...or trips to the beach...but the lives given while in service to our country. 
A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle. George William Curtis
Those were lost lives who would never get married or grow old and play with their grandchildren. There were dreams that would not be fulfilled. 
This Memorial Day, let’s say a prayer for those who paid the … (27 comments)

celebrate the day: Red Nose Day 2021 - 05/26/21 03:30 PM
Red Nose Day 2021
For most of us, the thought of any child going without the very basics in life...food, shelter, education, medical care...is unthinkable. And yet, in our wonderful country that we live in, there are children who live with food insecurity. 
“In 2019, more than 1 in 7 children—10.7 million—were food insecure, meaning they lived in households where not everyone had enough to eat”
Red Nose Day was established to raise awareness of the existence of childhood poverty. So far, more than $240 million had been raised. 
“More than 1.5 million children enrolled in public schools experienced homelessness during the 2017-2018 school year.”
Covid-19 … (32 comments)

celebrate the day: Today is The Stars and Stripes Forever Day! - 05/13/21 04:34 PM
Today is The Stars and Stripes Forever Day!
You may not recognize the name of this march by John Philip Sousa, however, when you hear it, you’ll start clapping and tapping your feet!
May 14 is chosen because it was on this day in 1897 that The Stars and Stripes Forever was performed. 
For me, I love seeing our flag whether it’s high on a flag pole, in front of someone’s home, worn as a pin, at the beginning of a parade...anywhere at all. 
And when I hear The Stars and Stripes Forever, I get goosebumps. I feel the same way when I hear The … (23 comments)

celebrate the day: Husband Appreciation Day is April 17...Some Random Thoughts - 04/14/21 04:41 PM
Husband Appreciation Day is April 17...Some Random Thoughts
As I was wandering around Cyberville yesterday I learned the Husband Appreciation Day is April 17. In that I am very fortunate to have a husband I adore, I have no problem celebrating this day.
Who else would I get to do away with the critters (snakes) that I don’t want within 25 feet of me?

Who else would man the smoker and grill to make my burgers and brisket??

Who else would fix the many things I have a way of breaking (I am an acknowledged klutz)?
And who else would make me feel like a … (27 comments)

celebrate the day: Join Me In Celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day...Let’s Go! - 03/29/21 04:51 PM
Join Me In Celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day...Let’s Go!
Larry and I begin our day with a walk. When we lived in Delray Beach, our “park” was the beach. Every single day there was something new to see. 
Even though we’re no longer close to any beach, Houston and Harris County have more than enough interesting parks, preserves, and paths to help keep us moving. 
Did you know that the United States has 423 National Parks? Texas has 80 State Parks. 
Houston has 366 Parks, 200 Green Spaces, and over 125 miles of Hiking and Biking Trails. 
I’m not sure if they count … (24 comments)

celebrate the day: National Vietnam War Veterans Day is today, March 29. - 03/28/21 04:40 PM
National Vietnam War Veterans Day is today, March 29.
If you are my age, chances are you served in Vietnam or had classmates, friends, or family members who joined or were drafted and served during this war.  March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
Larry was an F-4 pilot; a good friend, Vic, was part of the Lost Platoon in May of 1967. There were high school friends who served and some did not return home to their families. There was a cousin who saw a sight so horrible that when he returned home, it was many months before he … (22 comments)

celebrate the day: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Bring On the Bagpipes! - 03/16/21 04:09 PM
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Bring On the Bagpipes!
Well, no, I’m not Irish!  But I am on St. Patrick’s Day. 
Delray Beach always has a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day parade and no matter what we were doing, Larry and I always attended. One of our favorite parades had World War II Survivors as the Parade Marshalls. 

And I do love bagpipes, so hope you’ll enjoy these!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be still. Be. 
                                  St. Patrick
For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way: Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every … (26 comments)

celebrate the day: Celebrating Organize Your Home Office Day… - 03/08/21 04:01 PM
Celebrating Organize Your Home Office Day…
March 9, 2021, is Organize Your Home Office Day. Many of you already have a home office that you routinely work from. However, I’ll bet that there are some who have had to turn their occasional work area into a full-time office thanks to the pandemic. 
I’ve worked from home for years and my suggestion to you if this working-from-home thing is more than occasional is to invest the time, money, and space into making it work for you!
Tips to get your home-office organized…
1. Make a space that will house everything you need to get the job … (28 comments)

celebrate the day: National Day of Unplugging...That’s a Tall Order - 03/04/21 02:36 PM
National Day of Unplugging...That’s a Tall Order
If you’re like me, you wouldn’t think of going anywhere without your phone. It’s our adult security blanket.
However, in roaming around Cyberville, I learned that today is National Day of Unplugging. Its hope is to make us more aware of the ubiquitous sighting of what someone once called The iPhone Prayer. 
(You know...heads bowed down while looking into their iPhone or other devices.)
While I’m not sure that I could completely unplug for a day and admit to having my phone with me always, I don’t let it keep me from enjoying the real world. 
While it is … (36 comments)

celebrate the day: Read Across America Day  (Dr. Seuss Day) is March 2...What Are You Reading? - 03/01/21 12:18 PM
Read Across America Day  (Dr. Seuss Day) is March 2...What Are You Reading?
The ability for all people, young and old, to read has always been important to me and it should be for the future of our country. Help celebrate Read Across America (Dr. Seuss Day)
I could not blog without you guys
I could, but it would not be wise.
I read and write to prove I am
A whole lot more than green eggs and ham.

 You can read why it is so important here but in a nutshell, when I was administering psychological tests to recently released prisoners, I had to first … (30 comments)

celebrate the day: Wear Red Day is Friday, February 5, 2021 - 02/04/21 02:00 PM
Wear Red Day is Friday, February 5, 2021
Women are usually the ones to care for our family and friends. We urge them to see a doctor when sick, accompany them if needed, make sure they are eating healthy meals, and, yes, make them soup when they’re sick.

But, we are also the ones who often fail to make sure we go to the doctor or care for ourselves. 

Wear Red Day has morphed into Go Red for Women. It is less about wearing red but more about educating others about the risks and symptoms of cardiovascular disease and stroke in women. 
Make … (39 comments)

celebrate the day: Wordless Wednesday...Grab Your Fork - 01/26/21 02:08 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Grab Your Fork

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day...one of my favorite days of the year. Just saying chocolate cake or reading it in a book brings back fond memories of my childhood. 
My mother made wonderful chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting. Nothing out of a box...all homemade. Chocolate cake makes me think of summers and birthdays...of a simpler time. 
If you’re not a fan of cakes, that’s ok...I’ll eat your share!  I could not find my mother’s recipe for her cake or frosting. Consequently, I am on a constant search for the perfect recipe. For my birthday, my mother made a 3 … (34 comments)

celebrate the day: Squirrel Appreciation Day...Don’t Tell Barbara Todaro! - 01/20/21 04:06 PM
Squirrel Appreciation Day..Don’t Tell Barbara Todaro!
Shhhhh- don’t tell our friend Barbara Todaro about this!!! Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day and if you’ve seen my posts you know that I love all wildlife, especially squirrels.
And you would be correct in saying that squirrels can cause major damage to a home. But like other creatures, squirrels do have their good sides.
Besides giving us...especially children...a great amount of joy, squirrels are good distributors of seeds and nuts and “aerate your lawns with holes.” 
From my observations, squirrels are pretty benevolent as well. I’ve seen them take all kinds of abuse from our bluebirds … (35 comments)

celebrate the day: Welcome, 2021...We’ve Been Waiting for You - 12/31/20 06:39 PM
Welcome, 2021...We’ve Been Waiting for You
Happy New Year to all and to 2021...it’s about time!
I know that when the clock struck 12:01 this morning signifying that we had left 2020 (yea!) and entered 2021, it wasn’t as if a magical twitching of the nose or waving of a wand swept away what had been hovering around us all year. 
So I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!
May all that you wish for come your way. 
May every dream you have come true. 
May what you ask for be what you need. 
May what you need be what you find. 

Happy New Year!

celebrate the day: Today is Bake Cookies Day!  Let’s Get Started! - 12/17/20 05:17 PM
Today is Bake Cookies Day!  Let’s Get Started!
We had every intention of starting our Christmas baking earlier but several things got in the way…
-Our freezer is already packed
-We had appointments that popped up unexpectedly this week
-Larry would have eaten them all by now
I’m not sure of the origin of this day but let’s get started. One of my favorite cookies is a gingerbread cookie. When I was a little girl, our bank gave away these beautiful Gingerbread Men cookies. 
I’m awful with a rolling pin but years ago I found a recipe for Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies that were in the shape of … (47 comments)

celebrate the day: Thankful for My Gift From Heaven...Happy Birthday, Larry! - 11/30/20 02:16 PM
Thankful for My Gift From Heaven...Happy Birthday Larry.
Forty-three years ago I was given a gift from heaven and I have given thanks ever since. Today is Larry’s birthday and I want to celebrate this remarkable man. 
According to a psychic whom I went to 40+ years ago (all the consultants in my office went for fun) Larry and I have been married to each other in at least 3 of our previous lives. No...I haven’t flipped...how in the world do you prove or disprove this?!  
But it might explain why we never had a date...we evolved. 

True love is finding your soulmate in your … (34 comments)

celebrate the day: A Very Grateful Thanksgiving… - 11/25/20 05:28 PM
A Very Grateful Thanksgiving…
In a year when many would wonder what in the world we have to be thankful for, I know that there are many who feel as I do..there is much to be grateful for. 
I am thankful for Larry, my gift from heaven...my family and their health...for my friends in real life and in Cyberville...for being back in my home state of Texas...for nature and all that she shares with us...and for every morning that I wake up. 
Remember...it’s easy to be thankful when the road you’re on is smooth. Learning to see the blessings you have when the road … (22 comments)

celebrate the day: Beautiful Day is November 20...What’s Beautiful to You? - 11/19/20 02:42 PM
Beautiful Day is November 20...What’s Beautiful to You?
While I was wandering around the Internet I discovered that today is Beautiful Day. I have no idea what this day is about other than finding something of beauty to focus on. 
And given what we’ve gone through, that’s not such a bad thing. If you watch/read the news it could cause you to crawl in a hole until 2021. 
So today, try to find something of beauty that is around you.  Perhaps it’s a flower or a song...an old photograph of a sunset or sunrise. Go out for a walk and you’ll see beauty all … (26 comments)

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