friday fun: Friday Fun…Name Your Top 5 - 06/01/23 01:53 PM
Friday Fun…Name Your Top 5
Yesterday was the beginning of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season. However, hurricanes alone are not the only reason why we may be asked to leave our homes at a moment's notice. Sometimes, you may be forced to stay away overnight or longer.  Yesterday I wrote about making a plan. So let's have some fun and exercise your dendrites!
If you haven’t made a list of what you would take if you had to leave your home with very little notice or time, I hope you’ll take 10  minutes and make that list now. Pets and family members aside, … (19 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…You Scream, I Scream…. - 05/25/23 02:09 PM
Friday Fun…You Scream, I Scream….
When I was walking through our local grocery store stopped and did a double take! There in the frozen food section were pints of Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Ice cream!
Now if you’re not from Texas, you may not be familiar with Blue Bell Ice Cream or Dr. Pepper but they are very good friends with those of us who grew up here. 
I rarely eat ice cream and don’t drink soft drinks but with the end of the school year here and summer weather already here, I may have to try a Dr. Pepper Float!  
I did some searching … (19 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun… Graduation Gifts - 05/18/23 11:49 AM
Friday Fun… Graduation Gifts
  Our family has 3 graduations occurring this spring…one from college and 2 from high school. Besides well wishes, congratulations, and all kinds of parties, there is the graduation gift. 
I’m going to date myself here but I remember my aunt and uncle giving me a set of luggage when I graduated from high school.  I wasn’t the only one either. Quite a few of my friends received luggage. Perhaps that was a gentle way of saying “Time to move on!”
Of course, there were the usual gifts of money, jewelry, and fountain pens (this was after all pre-computer days.) Today, … (19 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Who Are the Ones You Remember? - 05/11/23 02:07 PM
Friday Fun…Who Are the Ones You Remember?
Though Teacher Appreciation Week concludes today, many would agree that teachers deserve our gratitude daily for what they do. After all, it is in their hands that we place the care and education of our children.
A quote by Andy Rooney that I shared this week made me think about some of the teachers I’ve had whom I have not forgotten and who made an impression on how I live my life.

 Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for … (20 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Wanna Play? - 05/04/23 03:06 PM
Friday Fun…Wanna Play?
This week I wrote a post about playing which prompted Dorie Dillard Austin TX and Dr. Paula McDonald to ask the question, when did we stop playing?
I’m pretty sure that I never stopped playing. The only thing that may have changed has been any limitations due to aging knees. 
Play is important, no matter your age. I remember friends after college who seemed to morph from fun college students to old married ladies upon their return from their honeymoon. 
So today for our Friday Fun, take some time to reflect on what fun play activities you had when you were … (23 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…What Popped Into Your Mind? - 04/27/23 02:44 PM
Friday Fun…What Popped Into Your Mind?
Since today is Pay It Forward Day I have a question for you. I want you to share with us the first thing that popped into your mind when thinking about an act of kindness…a Pay it Forward act that you experienced. 
What popped into your mind???
I’ll share mine…in 1987, Larry was transferred to Florida to start up the South Florida Region of a large home builder. I was 37 and had never lived anywhere but Houston.
I was devastated.  My work, my friends, my family, the Galleria,...everything I knew was here. When I told my friends … (36 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…What’s Your Creativity Level?? - 04/20/23 01:37 PM
Friday Fun…What’s Your Creativity Level??
Traveling through Cyberville, I saw that today is World Creativity and Innovation Day and it reminded me how important it is to encourage and nurture these traits in ourselves, our children, and in our workplace. 

We’re all creative in some way in different areas. Not all of us can be gourmet cooks or artists, or be able to develop new software for AI, or write best-selling books. 
But every day you may find an innovative way to market a property that would make some agents pass on accepting the listing. Or when an oops moment comes up just before … (28 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…What Makes You Laugh? - 04/13/23 02:52 PM
Friday Fun…What Makes You Laugh?
When I read that today is International Moment of Laughter Day, I knew this was right up my alley. It was originated by Izzy Gesell who is a professional speaker, trainer, and humor consultant!
However it began and for what reasons, I’m all for it because I love to laugh.  
Laughing is good for you, in fact studies show that it helps to relieve stress. 
So for Friday Fun, here are links to some funny quotes, funny jokes, and this compilation of funny videos that were published during Covid while we were stuck inside. 
And for our cat and dog lovers…

friday fun: Friday Fun…Oh, You Just Painted Your House? - 03/30/23 12:25 PM
Friday Fun…Oh, You Just Painted Your House?
While going through old client photos, I came across one that made me smile and chuckle. 
This couple was one of my favorites. They listened with an open mind to my suggestions and were just a lot of fun. 
It was the holiday season and every inch was decorated to celebrate the season…even the shower curtain in the hall bath. 
Besides editing and addressing other minor issues, I felt that the baby blue color on the exterior and interior could be a distraction.

Had the home been on the water in the Keys, for example,  instead of a quiet … (17 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…What’s Your Least Favorite? - 03/23/23 02:55 PM
Friday Fun…What’s Your Least Favorite?
In an effort to eat healthier, Larry and I have been watching our carb intake. (We go on this carb sabbatical every 10 to 15 years) Sadly, most of the things I love to eat involve carbs. 

When I made Shepherd’s Pie recently, I substituted mashed cauliflower for the potatoes. 
It took me two days to get the scent of cauliflower out of the house. 
I don’t care if it comes in my favorite color (purple) I don’t like cauliflower! 
A friend once tried to get me to eat it by smothering it with melted cheese.

friday fun: Friday Fun…Bring on the Green! - 03/16/23 01:38 PM
Friday Fun…Bring on the Green!
While to my knowledge there is not a drop of Irish blood in me, I love St Patrick’s Day. 
In my young adult days, it meant green beer (which I only sipped) and corned beef and cabbage. 

Our extended family and friends in Delray Beach were huge on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Each year we attended the Delray Beach St Patrick’s Day parade. 
The Delray Beach St Patrick’s Day Parade n 2016 was special because the Honored Grand Marshalls were World War II Veterans flown in for the event. 
So … (20 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Call Me Crazy - 03/09/23 02:08 PM
Friday Fun…Call Me Crazy
Yes, call me crazy but I love the sound of bagpipes! 

I have no idea why but when I hear bagpipes, I stop what I’m doing and listen. (full disclosure…I have an app that plays bagpipe music) And today is International Bagpipe Day!
Years ago there was a piper on the beach in Delray who welcomed the sunrise with his beautiful music. The first time I heard it, I wasn’t sure if God was calling me home or what!  Larry and I continued to enjoy his beautiful music whenever he was in town. 
And, appropriately, this week, Brian England … (18 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Could You? - 03/02/23 02:35 PM
Friday Fun…Could You?
Today is National Day of Unplugging so my question for you today is do you have it in you to unplug???
Years ago at a Realtor’s meeting, the speaker mentioned looking out over a sea of people doing the iPhone prayer.
That got everyone’s attention. 
I must admit my love for all of my devices and at the same time, I have observed the damage that extensive time on these little guys has impacted some of our social skills and ability to interact with others. 
I admire those who can unplug during the day, week, or even on while on vacation. And I … (23 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Your First Home - 02/23/23 05:01 PM
Friday Fun…Your First Home
After reading many posts about first-time home buyers, I began remembering our first home.
It was a new home that Larry’s company had built, in a new subdivision west of Houston. Prior to that, we’d lived in a one-bedroom apartment. 
What totally surprised me was how much “stuff” we needed for the new home and I’m not talking about furniture. 
We must have made dozens of trips to Target, Home Depot, and Sears…often going two or three times a day.  
I went from living at my family home where we had everything…to a small apartment where you need nothing…to a brand … (19 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…A Good Day to Celebrate - 02/16/23 02:16 PM
Friday Fun…A Good Day to Celebrate
It’s time to celebrate a day that’s worthy of recognition every day of the year! Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. 
In the 1990s, the Foundation evolved
“during a summer of violence when a reporter noted that people should stop reporting on “random acts of violence” and start ‘practicing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty…”
I don’t need to tell anyone here about  Random Acts of Kindness, because this community is made up of people who show kindness to others every day. 

BTW- Kindness can be anything from…
… A pat on the back when someone … (25 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun..Are you Ready? - 02/09/23 02:53 PM
Friday Fun..Are you Ready?
Let’s have some Friday Fun!  Even for those not interested in football, you must know that Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! 
Super Bowl LVII…the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles!

When people talk about the Super Bowl, 4 topics typically come up …
Food…what are you having? The Ads…usually fun and interesting to watch. The Half-time show Who will win?  
Let’s have some fun…I’ll start…
Food- We’ll have ribs with my homemade bbq sauce. If I could make wings, I’d make those but I’ve never made them.  The Ads…they used to be the highlight of the game…even non-football … (24 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Your Showing Surprise? - 01/26/23 04:20 PM
Friday Fun…Your Showing Surprise?
Last Sunday, Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400  mentioned a showing surprise they had.
At a consultation, I walked into the kitchen.  There, on the kitchen counter was a large (maybe 40-gallon) aquarium. No fish, though. Just the biggest and ugliest lizard I’ve ever seen!  There wasn’t a cover on it so I was reluctant to get too close.
My suggestion to the seller was to find a vacation home for the lizard until the home was sold.  LOL (It took everything I had not to scream and jump when I saw the thing.)

So just for fun, share … (22 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…My Favorite Job - 01/19/23 02:32 PM
Friday Fun…My Favorite Job
The other day, I had the chance to reminisce with a friend I used to work with. We talked about how much we learned there and how much fun we had.
We worked at a staffing office placing office support staff in companies large and small. My chief accounts were usually oil & gas, legal, and real estate companies.
This was not the first job for either of us and of course, it wasn’t the last. We loved what we did. Our owner, whom we all adored, was far ahead of his time in how he treated everyone … (20 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Knock Wood? - 01/12/23 02:08 PM
Friday Fun…Knock Wood?
Ok…you can admit it…are you superstitious? It’s Friday the 13th and there are some who will not schedule appointments on this day.  Maybe it's a day when you'd prefer not to have any listing appointments?
I’d say that I’m not critically superstitious. By that, I mean that any superstitions I have do not cripple or prevent me from doing what I want to do. 
I’d describe myself as being casually superstitious. My knocking wood is more from habit than any belief that the knocking will protect me. 
The fear of the 13th day of the month falling on a Friday dates … (16 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Calling All Geeks - 01/05/23 05:26 PM
Friday Fun…Calling All Geeks
When I learned that today is National Technology Day, I thought I’d ask my fellow Geeks and Geekettes what your favorite technological innovations are…your favorite Tech Toys…Gadgets that have enhanced your life…and even medical innovations that help save lives.
The first thing that popped into my mind is the Smartphone. I still remember my first cell phone which was as big as a brick. And would you believe that the only thing I could do was make and receive phone calls?!?
I love that thanks to video conferencing apps we’re able to connect with friends, relatives, and business associates when … (23 comments)





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