friday fun: Friday Fun…In or Out??? - 05/16/24 03:15 PM
Friday Fun…In or Out???
While wandering around cyberville I ran across this article…6 Kitchen Trends Going Away in 2024.  Hmmm
The 6 are…
-White kitchens
-The farmhouse aesthetic
-Matte black hardware
-Combined stove and oven ranges
-Visible appliances
-High contrast graphic tile
-The open kitchen (they’re on the fence about this one)

Keeping up with the latest trends has never been high on my list. However, if you are considering remodeling or updating, these may be of interest to you.
-I like white kitchens if they have interesting details and pops of color. 
-Never was into the farmhouse look
-Ambivalent about the matte black hardware, combo stove and oven, and visible appliances
-Not a personal … (14 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Are you Cleaning Today? - 05/09/24 12:35 PM
Friday Fun…Are you Cleaning Today?
Today is National Clean Your Room Day so I wanted to find out what kind of “cleaners” you are.

Do you have someone who cleans for you?  
Are you someone who picks up every day or lets it pile up?

Studies have shown that keeping your space clean and “uncluttered” is beneficial for your stress level and the ability to focus. 
When I consulted on homes for sale, I saw dishes left in the sink, laundry piled on washing machines, and newspapers and magazines thrown on tables. What surprised me was the homeowners knew I was coming over but gave no … (19 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Believer? - 05/02/24 03:01 PM
Friday Fun…Believer?
Today, May 3rd is Paranormal Day!  Let’s have some fun!
Paranormal…of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.
When I was a kid, all of our slumber parties had one thing in common…at midnight, we told ghost stories.   The more we could scare each other, the better! 
I’ve always been intrigued with ghosts, ESP, and things that are inexplicable. My family has a history of what some would call ESP. I am pretty sure that we had a ghost in our home in Leesburg, VA. ( … (17 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…How Do You YOUTUBE? - 04/25/24 12:43 PM
Friday Fun…How Do You YOUTUBE?
Yesterday in Dorie Dillard Austin TX’s Throwback Thursdays Post she shared that the first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. 

When it was introduced, I remember thinking “Who on earth would want to watch someone’s videos?”
Yes…I was wrong. To say I lacked foresight in this would be a gross understatement. As it turns out, YouTube is the second most visited website behind Google!
More Stats…
~there are more than 114 million active YouTube channels
~an average of 2500 new videos are uploaded every minute
~music videos are the most popular

You can see more fun facts here. 
We know you upload your … (18 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Where Do You Begin Your Reading? - 04/18/24 04:27 PM
Friday Fun…Where Do You Begin Your Reading?
Most of us have routines for many of the things we do. We have a daily routine when we get up in the morning, what we do when we arrive at work, and what we do when we return home. 
So…what’s your ActiveRain routine?  Where do you go first to start reading?
Is it the Q&A?   The Featured (or front) page? A particular group such as Bananatude or Bartender Make It a Double? Or perhaps you begin with the Blogroll?
And since we’re on the topic… When do you begin your ActiveRain Day?  Some begin early before … (21 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…What Says Spring to You?? - 04/11/24 03:33 PM
Friday Fun…What Says Spring to You??
Patricia Kennedy wrote a post Picco’s Walk in which she talked about seeing the Cherry Trees but the Redbud trees signaled SPRING to her.

For many, it may be the tulips and daffodils beginning to poke their heads through the soil. 
Some see robins in their area and that signals Spring 
For me, it’s the appearance of our Texas Bluebonnets and the azaleas!  When these make their appearance, I know it’s time to put the heavy jackets away, break out my flip-flops, and get more allergy medicine! 
What about you? 
What signals SPRING for you???


friday fun: Friday Fun…Springing Into Cleaning?  - 03/21/24 02:08 PM
Friday Fun…Springing Into Cleaning? 
Spring means flowers, warmer weather, Spring Break and….Spring Cleaning!
I know that some here continually clean. A good friend was a cleaning freak. At least once a year she took off 3 or 4 days and stayed home to do Spring Cleaning with the couple who regularly cleaned her home. 

Some people clean as needed. Some have someone else handle the cleaning. 
Some…couldn’t care less. 
So for some Friday Fun…share with us this…what if the strangest, wackiest, oddest  or least expected thing you include in your Spring Cleaning???
(My friend went around and cleaned every light bulb!)


friday fun: Friday Fun…Which One? - 03/14/24 02:30 PM
Friday Fun…Which One?
After reading Michael Jacobs’ Pi(e) Pondering Post, my thoughts were on pie…the edible version. 
However…what would I want? Sweet or savory?
 Pie (any kind) or Pizza with everything (make mine with anchovies)
If I could have only one I’d choose pie. However the conundrum then becomes what kind of pie…apple, pecan (a Texas favorite), chocolate cream, peach, blueberry. 
So many choices! 
So…what would you choose?

friday fun: Friday Fun…Revisiting Post #1 - 03/07/24 02:01 PM
Friday Fun…Revisiting Post #1
Do you ever revisit the first post you wrote? I’ve written about this before but it never hurts to return to your older posts. Even if you’ve only been here for months, I’ll bet there are some things you’ve learned about blogging that you didnt know your first day here. 
How do you find your first post?
*Go to your Home page
*On the left hand side, scroll down to Traffic (Stats)
*This takes you to your stats where you’ll see…

You can click on any column and see your posts, for example, with the most views. Or click on Date to go … (22 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Do You Know Yours? - 02/29/24 02:30 PM
Friday Fun…Do You Know Yours?
It’s time for some Friday Fun!!! Tomorrow March 2 is Texas Independence Day. It commemorates the day Texas formally declared its independence from Mexico. 
I am proud to be a Texan and know what most Texas school children are taught… the State Song, the State Flower and the State bird. 
The State Song of Texas….Yes, I still remember the words and in fact, once sang it while in the wine cellar at Arturo’s Restaurant in Boca Raton…and yes it was courtesy of a few adult beverages.)

The State Flower…The Beloved Texas Bluebonnet…bluebonnet season is around the corner. Soon the … (11 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Your First Impression - 02/22/24 01:33 PM
Friday Fun…Your First Impression
We know how important first impressions are…they can be everlasting!
So for fun…what was the first impression you had when you joined ActiveRain? 
I found ActiveRain when I began my staging business. I’d never made a website and had no idea what I was doing. I started researching other stager’s websites. At the bottom of one was the ActiveRain logo. Once I logged on and joined I started reading all of the posts. 
My first impression was how much information there was here…all in one place. All I had to do was read the posts.  I had no idea what SEO … (24 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Video or the Written Word? - 02/15/24 04:56 PM
Friday Fun…Video or the Written Word?
Video and its use in marketing is not going away.  Dorie Dillard Austin TX's post yesterday reminded me that YouTube has been around since 2005!   Look how it’s grown!
When it was introduced, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to look at someone else’s videos they uploaded. 
And now?  Larry uses YouTube all the time to find out how to fix things.  YouTube has morphed, grown, and become a fun source of entertainment. 
I like videos! I have my favorites on YouTube and Instagram. Videos are the perfect way to grab someone’s attention about a listing. We … (18 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Dark, Milk, or Not At All? - 02/08/24 04:39 PM
Friday Fun…Dark, Milk, or Not At All?
This is the perfect time to celebrate chocolate…February 9 is Chocolate Day!
Did you know that there are people who do NOT like chocolate? 
~49% of Americans prefer milk chocolate 
~The most popular time of day to eat chocolate is in the evening
~November 1 is the biggest day for chocolate sales in the U.S. 
~Chocolate comes from a fruit tree; it’s made from a seed.
~It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate
~Studies have demonstrated that one of the major saturated fats in chocolate does not raise cholesterol like other hard
fats–meaning chocolate … (18 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Is a Hamburger a Sandwich? - 02/01/24 04:25 PM
Friday Fun…Is a Hamburger a Sandwich?
Let’s have some Friday fun.  One of my favorite things to eat is a hamburger, cooked on the grill…not the kind you pick up at the drive-thru window. You know the ones with flattened patties, non-descript buns that are too big for the patty and no flavor but for the condiments.  
However, in my foody mind and contrary to Merriam-Webster’s definition of a sandwich,  a burger is in a separate food category, just as is chocolate. A burger is a burger and a sandwich is a food item that has a filling between two slices of bread. 
The … (18 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Your Top 5 - 01/25/24 02:06 PM
Friday Fun…Your Top 5
When your buyers are looking for a home you ask them to make a list of their must-haves in a new home. 

It’s a must-do because it starts the process for the buyers of thinking about what they have to have and what is negotiable. It’s also what agents need to know so that they do not waste anyone’s time. Listening to your buyers and knowing what is important to them sets you apart from other agents. 
So let’s have some Friday Fun. The internet is full of lists of what buyers want from kitchen updates to multipurpose rooms. 
If you … (14 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Good Memories - 01/18/24 01:51 PM
Friday Fun…Good Memories
Time for some Friday Fun. When I learned that today is Good Memory Day all kinds of memories ran through my mind. 
The word memory takes on many meanings.

There are the memories that bring a smile to our faces. If we’re looking at old photos of friends, family, and places something always pops up in our memory store. 
With the weekend just ahead of us, we may be planning an outing or event that will create even more memories. 
And then there is the feared memory…the one slipping away from family members and friends. 
To celebrate Good Memory Day…
~Think of a memory … (15 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Cold Weather’s Here or Coming Soon - 01/11/24 04:18 PM
Friday Fun…Cold Weather’s Here or Coming Soon
Some of you are already experiencing snow and winter weather.  Texas will get our share next week although so far there’s no snow in the forecast. 
One of the best pieces of advice I received when we moved to Northern VA was to make sure we always had water, blankets, gloves, and energy bars in the car. 
~So share with us, what do you always have in your car for emergencies, especially in the winter. 
~What do you make sure you have in your pantry/fridge just in case you can’t get out?
~What’s your favorite cold-weather comfort food?
I always … (14 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Banished Words 2024 - 01/04/24 01:03 PM
Friday Fun…Banished Words 2024
This is one of my favorite lists each year.  Lake Superior State University publishes a list of overused, misused, and well…words that many of us are sick of hearing. Thus Banished Words. Here is the 2024 List of Banished Words.
You can learn more at their site. And if you’re interested find words banished from previous years. 
For example…Karen and pivot (2021) or Chad and Leverage (2001).
I’d not heard of one of the words on this year’s list (Rizz). And (listen up Marte Cliff) admit that when I’m in a hurry, I’ve used impact when I can’t decide if … (25 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun...When? - 12/28/23 01:20 PM
Friday Fun…When?
I love seeing all of the Christmas decorations whether in my own home, the lights our neighbors put up, or in the retail stores. So as Christmas Day slips away, I begin to miss my tall Santas and Nutcrackers. 

And yet, the time comes when the twinkly lights and special holiday decorations will be carefully wrapped in marked boxes. They’ll go into a closet until just before Thanksgiving next year! 
So the question today is when do you take down your Christmas decorations???
Do you begin packing between the day after Christmas and New Year’s Eve???
Do you pack them on January 1 while … (13 comments)

friday fun: Friday Fun…Christmas or Not? - 12/21/23 02:12 PM
Friday Fun…Christmas or Not?
There are some debates for which there is no right or wrong answer. There are opinions!
For example, many years ago I was part of a Christmas cookie exchange that doubled in size over the years. We had fun trying to up our game each year with the cookies and the boxes we brought them in. 
We had two rules: the cookies had to be homemade AND NO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES were allowed!
There was a bit of why not by new members but we convinced them that chocolate chip cookies were not Christmas cookies. 
The same debate has been ongoing for … (16 comments)





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