home staging: A Helpful DIY Staging Kit for Agents - 09/05/19 01:47 PM
A Helpful DIY Staging Kit for Agents
There have been many agents I’ve met who are also excellent at staging.  They give on-point suggestions to their sellers about preparing their homes for sale. And I've seen their finished product when they brought in accessories to enhance the property.
Many have a private staging stash they use to enhance rooms when they need to. 
It would be nice if we had a room in a box for each house but this is the real world and not a cable show. What you can do, though, is to gather items for your own staging box. 
Before you begin, … (29 comments)

home staging: Don’t Buy for the House You Want… - 08/19/19 04:30 PM
Don’t Buy for the House You Want…

There’s a saying when you’re working that you should dress for the position or job you hope to have.  

That may work for getting ahead in the corporate world but not when you’re decorating your home. 
As a home stager, I’ve seen it all too often. Knowing that you will eventually move to a larger home, you don’t want to have to buy all new furniture when you do move. 
However so often in doing so you purchase pieces that are too large for the home you’re currently living in. They’re comfortable and you love them. And … (30 comments)

home staging: How to Hire a Moving Company...7 Tips To Help Save You Time and Money - 08/15/19 04:41 PM
How to Hire a Moving Company...7 Tips To Help Save You Time and Money
Just as you wouldn’t hire just any real estate agent (well, I hope you didn’t!) to guide you through your largest investment transaction, why would you hire a moving company to transport your treasured belongings?
Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you need to make sure that you’re placing your whole home furnishings and memories in the hands of a professional. 
7 Tips for Hiring a Moving Company
1. Ask for and seek out recommendations
Thanks to apps like NextDoor and local Facebook groups it’s even easier now to … (57 comments)

home staging: Decorating and Staging Are Different...And Alike - 08/12/19 05:02 PM
Decorating and Staging Are Different...And Alike
What’s that you say?  How can decorating and staging be both different and alike?

At a social function recently, when someone I’d just met learned that I was a home stager (semi-retired) their comment was one I’d heard before…
Oh no, if I ever have you over you’ll be looking at everything I have wrong. 
I assured them that it was not the case at all. (Well in full disclosure, I might see things I would do differently but that’s not to say it’s wrong.)
How Decorating and Staging Alike...
They both follow or adhere to the basic principles of interior … (34 comments)

home staging: Overstaging...Too Much is Too Much - 07/31/19 04:53 PM
Overstaging...Too Much is Too Much
Too much is too much whether it’s been staged by the owner/seller, home stager, or decorator. 
As a home stager, I’ve seen private and model homes that seemed to be all about the furnishings. In my mind, it became all about showcasing the “stuff” and not the space. 
How do you know when it’s too much?!

1. When you leave the property you’re thinking of buying and all you can talk about are the furniture and accessories.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Home Goods and Z Galleries as much as the next person but you want your buyers to be … (38 comments)

home staging: Price Isn't Everything... - 07/17/19 05:51 PM
Price Isn’t Everything...
It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to the Golden Arches or The Capital Grille, you want the restaurant to be neat, clean, and inviting. 
The same could be said of buyers when they’re looking for a home to buy.  
There are some sellers who think that just because a home has a lower price-point it doesn’t have to be as “perfect” as a home with a higher price point. 
But like diners going into the golden arches, buyers still want the property they’re viewing to be clean and in good condition. 
You don’t have to redo your kitchen or bath area and put … (31 comments)

home staging: 3 Reasons Why Sellers Shouldn't Play the Wait and See Game - 07/10/19 05:43 PM
3 Reasons Why Sellers Shouldn't Play the Wait and See Game
If you’re planning on selling your home or even have it on the market now, you have probably heard of home staging. And if you’re like so many sellers, you’re thinking ...I’ll give it a month or so and then if it doesn’t sell, I’ll think about staging it. 
Below are 3 reasons why you need to stage your home BEFORE you put that For Sale sign in the front yard. 
You can’t sell your home if no one wants to look at it. 
We all know that everything begins on the Internet these … (40 comments)

home staging: One More Reason for Editing All of Our “Stuff” - 06/26/19 04:30 PM
One More Reason for Editing All of Our “Stuff”
When we moved back to my hometown of Houston, I made it a point not to move items that I no longer used, needed, or wanted.  To paraphrase the words of our latest organizing guru (Marie Kondo), if it didn’t bring me joy, it was gone. 
The impact of choosing less hit me when my niece was over and said that our home was so relaxing and peaceful. She wanted to try to achieve that in her own home. 
I know exactly what she was talking about because I have felt the same sense of … (56 comments)

home staging: March 29 May Be Smoke & Mirrors Day, But Not for Home Staging. - 03/28/19 04:46 PM
March 29 May Be Smoke & Mirrors Day, But Not for Home Staging.
Today is Smoke & Mirrors Day and I have no idea of its origin or what if anything we are supposed to celebrate.
But it did remind me of what many have said of home staging, especially in the early days of staging.
Some have called it nothing more than smoke & mirrors.
Today, many are aware of what staging has to offer, however, just in case ...
1. Stagers don’t cover up things a buyer needs to see.
This can include stains or holes in the carpet and cracks … (18 comments)

home staging: Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget These Areas! 30 Quick Tips! - 03/20/19 05:16 PM
Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget These Areas!
Whether you’re in the process of selling your house, or you are part of the multitudes who view the first signs of Spring as the signal to give your home a thorough cleaning, then below is a list of areas that often get overlooked.
In many areas we would call some cleaning companies as providing condo clean services...that is to say that unless otherwise instructed, they cleaned surface areas only.
And, on a daily basis, that can work. But every home needs to have every area cleaned, some more frequently than others.
Don’t overlook these areas as … (32 comments)

home staging: Love Was in the Air For This Young Couple - 02/18/19 05:28 PM
Love Was in the Air For This Young Couple

Many of my staging projects have involved clients who were middle age and above. Not all, though.
Years ago a young couple was referred to me by their aunt. They had not been married long and were now facing a possible move to the west coast (as in California.)
They were so excited because it was for a dream job of the husband’s, and his wife was fully supportive even though it meant leaving their family and friends.
They did not want the sale of their townhome to slow down their move so decided … (31 comments)

home staging: It Was Time to Move On - 02/10/19 01:56 PM
It Was Time to Move On

When I met my seller, he told me it was time to move on. His dear wife had been gone now for over 5 years and Mr. C was ready to move into a living arrangement that would give him the assistance he needed.
Therefore, it was time to prepare his 2 bedroom condo for sale. His only relative was his 60+ year old nephew who lived nearby and was going to help where he could.
This was over 10 years ago and we all remember what the economy was like then. The condo was clean … (29 comments)

home staging: Pitching In to Get It Sold - 02/06/19 10:46 AM
Pitching In To Get It Sold
Who could possibly forget 2008? I was just starting my home staging business in Delray Beach, FL.  Unfortunately, this was not the best time to be in Real Estate in most any capacity, and not just in Florida.
My clients, who had been referred to me by one of my favorite agents in Boca Raton, needed to sell. The husband had lost his job and was depressed. The wife lost hers as well but did have a job lined up about 75 miles north. They had an adult son who lived with them but could not … (34 comments)

home staging: Vacant Staging - What You Don’t Want to Do - 10/31/18 04:45 PM
Vacant Staging - What You Don’t Want to Do
If you are considering selling your property and leaving it vacant or are an investor with a vacant property, there are tips to help you make sure that it stands out to all potential buyers.
Empty properties can present a different set of issues for sellers.

Vacant homes have nothing to cushion footsteps and voices, so buyers will feel like everything they say echoes throughout the house.

Even with overhead lights, vacant homes can appear dark. There are no table or floor lamps to provide additional lighting.

With nothing else to catch their eyes, … (57 comments)

home staging: Sellers...Don’t Get HGTV’D! - 08/05/18 04:37 PM
Sellers...Don’t Get HGTV’D!

Debe Maxwell, CRS  recently wrote an excellent post about HGTV and the impact it has had on agents.  Home Stagers have a similar love/hate relationship.

When the idea of staging a home to help sell it was born, many areas of the country had never heard of it.

When I started staging in 2007, there were many agents as well as homeowners who had not heard of home staging.

HGTV and the staging shows helped to spread the concept of home staging.
HOWEVER...since most reality shows have to take some poetic license to make the show entertaining, with that … (32 comments)

home staging: Throwback Thursday...My First Staging - 06/20/18 03:44 PM
Throwback Thursday...My First Staging

For months I have been going through photos, personal and work, to delete what I can as well as reorganize them.
It’s kind of fun going into the “Way Back” machine looking at old photos, deleting the ones that I don’t need or whose quality is questionable. And like how you feel anytime you edit and simplify things in your life.

I came across photos of my very first staging. It was back in 2007 when I’d just completed my Home Staging Course. The home was large (3 levels) and still furnished. The husband had already moved to … (33 comments)

home staging: What Do You Think? Is Staging Stupid? - 05/18/17 03:49 PM
What Do You Think? Is Staging Stupid?

The other day I read a post entitled Stupid Staging.  From what I could tell, the point was that staging is, for the most part, no longer needed in our current market and could, in fact, could incur “additional costs due to carrying costs and the time value of money.”
If you’re a seller or planning on selling your home, that premise may mean that you don’t have to worry about staging your home. And, you certainly don’t want to add to the costs of selling your home.
I have a different take on this, however. … (76 comments)

home staging: What I Love About Staging... - 02/01/17 04:33 PM
What I Love About Staging…
This month Liz and Bill Spear have asked us to write about what it is we love about our job.  It is a February Challenge so make sure you share your thoughts with us!

There are many reasons why I love what I do. Besides the flexibility I have with my time and being my own boss... there is that inner feeling of satisfaction I get when I know I’ve helped someone.
Oh sure, a seller could prepare their home on their own but besides our expertise and experience, we also lend a lot of moral support and … (48 comments)

home staging: Waiting Until the New Year to Sell Your House? - 12/20/16 05:28 PM
Why wait until after the New Year?  Get a head start NOW!

Many sellers choose to wait until after the first of the year to put their home on the market. After all, who wants to go through showings and keeping your home up during the holidays!?

However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until January to prepare your home for sale.

Why not get a jump on the market! Here are 5 things you can do now!
1.Hire the right agent.
If you haven’t chosen an agent yet, this is a critical step.  The right agent, one who is knowledgeable about your local … (27 comments)

home staging: Thank Goodness for Mulligans.. - 12/01/16 05:51 PM
Thank Goodness for Mulligans…

Most of us who’ve been in business for any amount of time have learned lessons...some the hard way and others that thankfully were learned before too much damage was done.

This month Grant Schneider  is hosting the ActiveRain Contest: Who Says There Are No Do Overs?  He has asked us to share mistakes we’ve made in our business that we were able to do over.

Mine was a common mistake that many who are in business for themselves make, and that is putting too much emphasis on pricing your service to get the business and not enough on pricing … (33 comments)

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