home staging faqs: How to Stage Your Home for the Holidays - 11/29/18 02:59 PM
How To Stage Your Home for the Holidays.
On our evening walk on Thanksgiving, we noticed that many of the homes in our neighborhood already had their Christmas decorations up and on! I’ve had sellers ask me what they can do if their home is on the market.
Do they have to forego decorating altogether?
The short answer is...No!|

However, and you knew that was coming, you’ll want to keep it simple.
In fact, creating that feeling of home with a holiday spirit can help your buyers picture themselves there. Let them see the possibilities of your home.
Remember the Basic Principles of … (44 comments)

home staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-Should I Go Ahead and Remove All of My Furniture? - 09/13/18 03:40 PM
Staging FAQ’s-Should I Go Ahead and Remove All of My Furniture?
The other day I received a call from a seller who was just starting the selling process. They are still living in their home but had been given different advice from their friends.
They were confused because one set of friends told them that buyers don’t want to see all of their furnishings, just their space. Their furniture would be distracting to them.
Another friend told them that they were better off moving everything out and hiring someone to bring in new furniture.
And then their parents told them that buyers will … (50 comments)

home staging faqs: Will your home be able to answer your buyer’s questions? - 05/24/17 03:47 PM
Will your home be able to answer your buyer’s questions?
Buyers are looking for answers when they are looking for a home. They will need to know the list price, the location, school district, etc.

They will have questions involving their mortgage and home inspections.

And, if they’re smart, they will have hired a professional local buyer’s agent who can help guide them through the buying process and answer these questions.

However, there are more questions your buyer will have that only your home can answer.
There will be questions such as…
? Will our bed fit in the Master bedroom?
You may know that … (28 comments)

home staging faqs: What Do You Think? Is Staging Stupid? - 05/18/17 03:49 PM
What Do You Think? Is Staging Stupid?

The other day I read a post entitled Stupid Staging.  From what I could tell, the point was that staging is, for the most part, no longer needed in our current market and could, in fact, could incur “additional costs due to carrying costs and the time value of money.”
If you’re a seller or planning on selling your home, that premise may mean that you don’t have to worry about staging your home. And, you certainly don’t want to add to the costs of selling your home.
I have a different take on this, however. … (76 comments)

home staging faqs: Help Your Home Stager See Your Space... - 01/23/17 04:13 PM
Home Staging Tips- Help Your Stager See Your Space

Recently I wrote about 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Staging Consultation. Tip #6 recommends cleaning and editing items in your home. These include items that you plan on throwing away and items that just need to be put where they belong.
Why is this?  It’s not as if we’re the “clean police.”
1.Stagers have to be able to see your space.

When there are boxes piled in a corner or throughout the home, it’s hard (not impossible)to see what we need to see.
I’ve had sellers wonder why we weren’t … (25 comments)

home staging faqs: 5 Tips for Decorating Your "For Sale" Home This Holiday. - 12/01/15 08:26 AM
5 Tips for Decorating Your “For Sale” Home This Holiday.

Yes, houses do go on the market before and during the holiday season.  And if your house is for sale you’re probably wondering if you can put up any decorations.

Go ahead and celebrate the season!
Buyers are human and understand that it is a holiday season but if do choose to add some holiday cheer, here are...

5 Tips for Decorating Your “For Sale” Home:
1. Allow the Buyer to see the space.
Buyers still need to see your space...it’s what you’re selling.  You won’t want to have so many distractions (ie. decorations) that … (46 comments)

home staging faqs: Is It Ever Too Soon To Talk to a Real Estate Agent or Stager? - 08/05/15 10:53 AM
Is it ever too soon to talk to a real estate agent or stager?
One of my first clients was going through a lifestyle change.  She would be selling the home that she and her family had lived in for over 20 years. When we spoke, she was preparing to start work in just a few weeks.  Her goal was to sell her house and be in a new one by Christmas.  

After we spoke, she said:

“I wish I had called the agent and you earlier.  I could have been getting some of this done! Why did I wait?”

So, is it ever … (34 comments)

home staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- Why Isn't Anyone Looking at My House? - 05/27/15 11:42 AM
Staging FAQ’s- Why Isn’t Anyone Looking at My House?

Real estate agents and Home Stagers get this question all of the time.  A seller lists their home but can’t understand why they aren’t getting any showings.  Price, location and condition all affect a home’s “sale-ability.”

If buyers can’t see it, they won’t come.
Two things can affect this…. two things that could determine whether or not buyers AND agents will be able to see your home.

One….your MLS presence.
Did you know that about 90% of buyers begin their search on the Internet?  
Test it yourself…. go to the MLS and look at … (30 comments)

home staging faqs: Home tip: Scat Cat. You are not welcome here now or during a sale. - 07/04/12 06:01 AM
Living in Florida, we love our outdoor area but if you're having trouble enjoying it because of the "aroma" left by roaming cats read on.  Valerie Zinger of House Proud Ottawa, gives us some good tips to help rid your backyard retreat of those cat scents!
This is especially good to know if you have your house on the market!
There are a few cats in my neighbourhood who are allowed to roam freely.  One of the by-products of these free range cats it that they like to mark or spray ‘their’ territory and that includes my backyard.  When the sun … (0 comments)

home staging faqs: Boca Raton Home Staging FAQ's-I had a designer, Why get it staged? - 05/27/12 09:13 PM
Boca Raton Home Staging FAQ’s- I Had a Designer, Why Get It Staged?This is a question Home Stagers get asked by homeowners and Realtors.  They also point out that all of the objects and decor in the home are very expensive.  
Nicely Decorated Doesn’t Always Mean Well Staged.
Interior Decorators or Designers plan “creative and technical solutions” for interior spaces incorporating the client’s particular interests and preferences.  
Home Stagers provide creative and technical  solutions for a property
so that the assets, space and possibilities of the home are highlighted.
They want to appeal to the broad range of … (28 comments)

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