misc: To-Do Tuesday...Getting Ready - 09/13/21 02:25 PM
To-Do Tuesday...Getting Ready
While we won’t be getting a hurricane this week, Nicholas has decided to favor us with a lot of rain. Who knows, he could change his mind and make us wish we’d turned our sprinklers on!
When we lived in Delray Beach, when a hurricane was on its way, our concerns were for the winds. However, in Houston, it’s always about the flooding. 
With our clay soil, lots of bayous, and flat terrain, it makes it hard for whatever water that does fall to head back out to the Gulf. 
My “son” (Larry) has had all sorts of fun this weekend tinkering … (35 comments)

misc: Customer Service...It Still Matters - 08/02/21 03:57 PM
Customer Service...It Still Matters
If you read most service-oriented websites or marketing pieces, you’ll see that excellent customer service is always highlighted. 
Customer service though isn’t just a label you place in your marketing material or talk about on social media.  It’s more than just a part of your mission statement. 
Customer service should be what you offer...who you are. It should be ingrained in every employee or team player from the top down.

What You Can Do…
Make sure that your employees or team members are informed and educated on pricing, current listings, services, etc. 
How many times have you been in a retail store … (36 comments)

misc: It’s Hot! Be Cool and Be Safe in the Water! - 07/29/21 03:38 PM
It’s Hot! Be Cool and Be Safe in the Water!
This is not the first time I’ve shared this information but with so many areas experiencing high temperatures, it’s important to protect you and your family. 
Summer weather always calls for some time in the water, either in a pool, the lake, river, ocean, or water parks.  And let’s face it, what better way to stay cool and have fun. 
However, did you know that…

An average of 3,957 unintentional drowning deaths occurred each year from 2010–2019.  That’s about 11 drowning deaths per day. 
Besides making sure that you and your family know how to swim, … (20 comments)

misc: What Would You Do Differently (If Anything?) - 07/15/21 05:11 PM
What Would You Do Differently (If Anything?)

Recently one of the talking-head shows "threw out" a question that I thought was interesting...what would you do differently if a pandemic similar to CoVid 19 were to occur again?   (knock wood)
I gave it some thought and decided that I would do the same thing that I did in 2020.
I read and listened to information and made my own decisions.  

 That said what was reinforced was something we all have known since childhood...wash your hands, stay at home if you’re sick, wash your produce, cough into your elbow, and keep your distance … (39 comments)

misc: Protect Our Pets...Even If You’re Not the Owner - 06/24/21 01:27 PM
Protect Our Pets...Even If You’re Not the Owner
The other day when I was leaving my grocery store and headed to my car, I heard a dog barking. He was across the aisle from my car, in an SUV with all windows rolled up. It was 9 am and already 80+ degrees outside with a feels-like temperature of 95 degrees. 
I looked for the owner and was ready to call the store manager so they could page the owner and was also ready to call the police.
The car’s owner came out and it looked like she had just a few items that … (28 comments)

misc: Thank You For Participating In the April Challenge - 05/03/21 12:05 PM
Thank You For Participating In the April Challenge
Thank you all for participating in April’s Challenge!  
When the April Challenge began, it was also another month of some glitches here in the Rain. This would have made my second time to host a challenge when things were a bit wonky on the platform here. 
However, thanks to all of you we had 33 members who participated and contributed 77 local posts!  
It may not seem monumental but these posts can help to make your own blog here and on your website more interesting to your readers. 
Through this challenge, I learned about a fascinating Veterans … (30 comments)

misc: Finding the Fledglings and a Lesson on Targeting and Focus - 04/19/21 05:41 PM
Finding the Fledglings and a Lesson on Targeting and Focus
The bluebirds in one of our boxes at Kickerillo fledged late last week and we went out Monday afternoon to see if we could find them. 
Often they’re high in a nearby tree, protected from predators. They wait patiently while mom and dad hunt for food that they bring to them. We’ve watched them at our home...and that’s an awful lot of work!
It’s not easy to find them because at this stage they’re speckly and blend in with the trees. 
So what do we do? Like they say in police shows we Follow the … (21 comments)

misc: Funky Friday -Fighting the Freeze For our Feathered Friends - 02/25/21 02:02 PM
Funky Friday -Fighting the Freeze For our Feathered Friends
Before our very cold weather last week, I’d read in one of my local Backyard Birding Groups that as an alternative to external heat lamps to help keep the hummingbird nectar from freezing, bubble wrap would also work. 

Back in November of 2020, Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD shared a post about the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer.  Had I known it was going to ever get cold enough in Houston to need one of those things I would have ordered it immediately.
“Hummingbirds burn energy so fast that they need to eat … (29 comments)

misc: Shedding Some Light... - 02/22/21 04:45 PM
Shedding Some Light…
Our Arctic air is gone but there is always the opportunity for any and all of us to lose power in our homes. And after learning today that our names (Kate and Larry) are on this year's List of Hurricane names, I told Larry that we need to be prepared for another hit this year!
At any rate, I wanted to share two items that enlightened our home during our power outage. 

MPOWERD Luci Solar inflatable light
You can recharge this light using solar power or through another power source using a USB cord. We recharged ours in the car. There … (34 comments)

misc: Waiting on Weather... - 02/14/21 04:23 PM
Waiting on Weather…
People joke that the slightest dusting of ice or thought of snow will bring the city of Houston to shut down. And, they would be partially correct. 

Currently (Sunday evening) it is 31 degrees and they say we are getting light snow showers. (I’m still looking for them) Tonight (Sunday), we might get snow somewhere around 2 A.M.  

We don’t get much snow in Houston...in fact growing up here, I could count on one hand the number of times we had snow. And, the snow we got was so light that there was barely enough to build a decent snowman. 

We have … (28 comments)

misc: LSSU 2021 List of Banished Words...Want to Add Any? - 01/25/21 02:44 PM
LSSU 2021 List of Banished Words...Want to Add Any?
Every year since 1976, Lake Superior State University has published a list of words that should be avoided because they are  “overworked, redundant, oxymoronic, clichéd, illogical, nonsensical — and otherwise ineffective, baffling, or irritating."

It probably will not surprise you that many of the words that landed on the 2021 list have to do with Covid19. 
The 2021 List of Banished Words are…
~We’re all in this together
~In an abundance of caution
~In these uncertain times
~I know, right?
If you’d like to see what words made the list for previous years, you can check here. Or you can … (37 comments)

misc: Fun Friday...Mask Missives - 10/22/20 03:59 PM
Fun Friday...Mask Missives
Masks have been on most everyone’s minds (or faces) for months.  I have a few thoughts now that I’ve been wearing one for several months.
Because of my allergies and asthma, my initial tolerance for wearing a mask was about 20 minutes. Now, I can wear one long enough to have my hair colored or for a doctor’s visit.
So what about masks... 
Many of my female friends have mentioned that they have saved a lot of money because they don’t feel the need to wear makeup under a mask. That’s especially true of lipstick. 
I don’t know about anyone else, but these … (35 comments)

misc: Here We Go Again… - 08/13/20 04:12 PM
Here We Go Again…
It’s so important, especially now, to try to turn our focus on positive stories. If we wanted to bring ourselves down, all we’d have to do is turn on the news or ask someone how they’re doing!
Many here have been sharing posts that dwell not on the woe is me tale, but on learning to appreciate the present and all that we have. 
I also like to share stories of people sharing their kindness with others. 
Once again while shopping in my local large grocery store chain, a young employee took a few moments to share his thoughtfulness. 
I was in … (25 comments)

misc: Fun Friday...Pink - 08/06/20 04:04 PM
Fun Friday...Pink
It’s Friday and I feel like pink!  I was scrolling through photos and came across some pics with pink in them and they immediately brought a smile to my face. 

As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place. Unknown

Pink isn’t the only color or thing that can bring a smile to my face, but, what the heck, pink was the color of the day and I went with it. 
Keep your mind and heart open for whatever brings you joy and guess what...it will be there!
Pink is a beautiful color, because it is one … (26 comments)

misc: Want to Have Some Fun? - 07/27/20 03:20 PM
Want to Have Some Fun?
Yesterday I made a quick trip into a Walgreens (at the corner of Happy and Healthy)  on my way home from a doctor’s visit. 
I dutifully put my mask on and when I walked through the door, a lady on her way out (who like everyone else in the store had her mask on) waved at me and with a big smile said  “Well, hi Neighbor!”
I waved and said “Hi” back.  
I have no idea who she was. 
These masks can help protect those around us but they also can make for some interesting fun...if you’re so inclined. 
Next time you’re … (31 comments)

misc: Apps Away...Touch Retouch - 07/20/20 04:24 PM
Apps Away...Touch Retouch
Yes, I plead guilty to being an apps w____!  But I’ve been spending some quality time with the apps on my iPhone while waiting in line to comment here. 
I’ve been doing the Delete or Keep dance with my apps. One app I use often is Touch Retouch. 
The app is available on IOS and Android platform and, trust me, it’s easy to use. 
While you don’t want to deceive or mislead your viewer, the app allows you to remove phone lines, for example, or perhaps the garbage can that you forgot to remove from the front of the property. 
There is a … (21 comments)

misc: Another Gentle Reminder...Zoom Call-May 26! - 05/25/20 03:42 PM
Another Gentle Reminder...Zoom Call-May 26!
Hope that you’ll be able to join us for the ActiveRain Zoom MeetUp today at 2 PM EST. 
It is part of Jeffrey Richman’s May ActiveRain Challenge for Zoom Meetings and the last if you are participating in the challenge. 
You won’t want to miss this because Tuesday’s guest will be George Souto who will share his knowledge of mortgages and how they’re being impacted by the coronavirus. And I’ know that he’ll be there answer questions about the different types of loans available now. 
You don’t have to participate in the challenge to attend.  
Come to learn more about mortgages. 
Come … (27 comments)

misc: Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything? - 05/18/20 05:45 PM
Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything?
OK, I couldn’t resist.  On our daily walks, there is an agent who walks and rides a bike.  How do I know that this person is an agent?
They arrive and get out of a car with signage on both sides that bears their photo and name. 
The agent and friend are friendly and always wave and say “hello” to all they pass.
HOWEVER...with physical distancing being practiced, this agent seems clueless. As they walk in the middle of the path, everyone they pass is forced to go off the path onto the grass and … (28 comments)

misc: This Is Staying With Me After This Pandemic Thing… - 05/14/20 05:07 PM
This Is Staying With Me After This Pandemic Thing…
Most of us will not exit from this very unusual time we’re going through without learning something or making some change in our lives.
During our stay-at-home period and the focus on handwashing, I made a change in my guest bathroom that I intend to keep. 
Many years ago I saw something like this in a luxury hotel I was in. There was a large selection of small face cloths/hand towels that guests used to dry their hands.  When done, you just tossed them in a basket. 
No wasted paper towels...no air blowing the skin off … (31 comments)

misc: Tuesday Gentle Reminder-ZOOM Meeting Today! - 05/11/20 12:11 PM
Tuesday Gentle Reminder-ZOOM Meeting Today!
Ok, James Dray ...you asked for a reminder. This will be the third or fourth ActiveRain Zoom Meetup and the second in May ActiveRain Challenge for Zoom Meetings, hosted by Jeffrey Richman. 
When: Tuesday 2 pm EST 
Link to Zoom Meeting
Guest: Marte Cliff
You don’t need to participate in the Challenge...it’s always your choice. And for those of you who are Zoomed out or just can’t be bothered...that’s all right too. 
But if you’re interested at all in seeing (virtually) some of the members you know from this community AND learning something at the same time...then come and join us. 
It’s a Zoom … (26 comments)

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