motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Through the Eyes of a Child - 05/02/21 03:18 PM
Motivational Monday...Through the Eyes of a Child
It’s so easy to become cynical and blase about everyday events in our lives as we grow older. Maybe we see them too often or maybe we don’t want to let others see the inner child in us. 
I have a sure-fire fix for that...see the world through the eyes of a child. 
The other night Mini-me and her grandparents (my brother and sister-in-law) came over for dinner. As requested by Mini-me, we had homemade lasagna and Uncle Larry’s homemade garlic rolls. And for cream sundaes. 
The most exciting part of the evening was seeing the joy … (33 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...The First Step - 04/25/21 05:24 PM
Motivational Monday...The First Step
My oldest niece visited today with my Mini-me to do some bird watching, She reminded me of when she put in a frantic “What have I done” call to me after she registered to go for her Masters in Education. 
I asked her one question…
Is this what you really want?
Her biggest obstacle was her parents who weren’t sure how she would handle it with 3 young children between the ages of 3 and 10, a full-time job as a teacher, and a husband whose job as Houston Police Officer had him working odd hours. 
There were some who thought she … (28 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...No Quid Pro Quo Expected - 04/18/21 05:05 PM
Motivational Monday...No Quid Pro Quo Expected
There are many times when we give with some expectation of something in return...whether it’s friendship, money, favors, referrals... and the list is long. 
However, there are times when your heart opens up and doesn’t even think about what you may or may not get in return.
Sportin’ Woody’s is a local sports bar where my brother and his band...Checkered Past...frequently play. Like so many bars and restaurants across the world, Sportin’ Woody’s had to shut down when the pandemic hit. 
Many friends and patrons of the bar began donating money to the bar to go to the … (27 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...What Will You Decide This Week. - 04/04/21 07:39 PM
Motivational Monday...What Will You Decide This Week.
Every day, almost every hour, you and I make decisions.  They can be as small as what you’ll have for dinner or a little more impactful as what Zoom Meeting you’ll attend. 
How do we make our decisions? Sometimes they’re ones we have to make quickly. And then there are others that allow us time to weigh the pros and cons. 
I’m a Libra so I need balance and I weigh decisions carefully. That said I have been known to make knee-jerk decisions.  Not always but sometimes. 
As my friend, Michael Jacobs, it depends.
When you and I … (27 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Blameless or Less Blame - 03/21/21 04:30 PM
Motivational Monday...Blameless or Less Blame
The other day I had a short (short being the operative word) conversation with someone who insisted on placing the blame for everything on one person.  And by everything I mean the virus, the economy, masks, their granddaughter having to hold her wedding in the garden instead of the 5-star retreat she’d hoped for...and the list goes on. 
Since we’re human we’ve all developed a keen set of defense mechanisms and blaming falls into that set. 
However, one sign of maturity is that blame, while often a knee-jerk reaction, moves aside for introspection.  What takes its place is seeking … (26 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Act It Out - 03/14/21 03:01 PM
Motivational Monday...Act It Out
Let’s face it, there are times when we aren’t that happy. We’re human! Maybe our morning got started off on the wrong foot when we discovered our favorite coffee shop was temporarily closed. 
So many bumps in the road that can make us want to detour down the PPM (Poor Pitiful Me) Road. 
I read that today is Act Happy Day created buDr. Dale Anderson, M.D.   The point of the day is to remind us that often just acting happy can have a positive effect on us.
Research shows that laughing releases endorphins, which can help lift our mood. … (24 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...One More Time - 03/07/21 02:27 PM
Motivational Monday...One More Time
This weekend Mini-me and her brother were over for a small tea-party. Jacob was there under duress but only because his Uncle Larry agreed to attend. 
Part of our party included an outing to a local neighborhood park. Jacob went with Uncle Larry to do some geocaching and Mini-me headed for the playground equipment. 
Part of the equipment had a long wooden swinging bridge that she really wanted to try. She studied it and tested it out. It was a little slippery and not having the right shoes (she was wearing boots) she turned around and tried something else. 
But she … (32 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Being a Good Neighbor… - 02/28/21 02:01 PM
Motivational Monday...Being a Good Neighbor…
Whenever I worry about where we are headed as a society, I have only to look around me at the good deeds that others are doing for their neighbors and often for people they don’t even know. 
A few months ago I saw a post on NextDoor encouraging us to try a local Donut shop that was struggling to stay afloat. Besides dealing with the pandemic and shut-downs, the owner of the retail strip was renovating the complex and to anyone driving by, Mr Donut looked closed. 
As a result of that one post, many in the area made … (28 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Inspired By Others - 02/21/21 03:42 PM
Motivational Monday...Inspired By Others
Susan Emo posted a ponder-worthy (see that Michael Jacobs) question in the Q&A the other day and it made me think of all of the people in my life who through their words and deeds inspired me and helped me to become a better person.
There have been so many people in my life who have had an impact on how I live my life. Some I knew my whole aunt who though tiny could stand up to anyone, and would father who read enough to know a little about a wide variety of take … (30 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Keep Learning - 02/07/21 05:38 PM
Motivational Monday...Know Your Stuff
With the Super Bowl and football in the rearview mirror until this fall (or not) I was thinking about how much I miss my favorite player...Peyton Manning. 
As a player, he was known for being the first one at training headquarters and the last one to go home. He loves the game of football, not for the fame or fortune it would bring him, but for the game of football.  Very different from some of the players who appear to be in it for how much “me” time they get onscreen. 
Even when the defense was on the field, Peyton … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Rediscover Your Joy - 01/31/21 03:34 PM
Motivational Monday...Rediscover Your Joy

Been there...done that!  Have you reached a point in your life where you find yourself saying or thinking that? 
Sometimes we make our way through our day to day lives not seeing the things, people, situations that we’ve seen so many times before. They become mundane or ho-hum or we may not even notice them.

Last Saturday, Larry and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my mini-me. We both had so much fun seeing new adventures through the eyes of my great-niece.

She was excited to peel eggs with Uncle Larry and make deviled eggs...check … (35 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...You Be the One - 01/24/21 02:01 PM
Motivational Monday...You Be the One
How many times have you come across a situation and thought Someone should do something about this.

We can’t fix everything however if everyone thinks that something should be done but never looks to themselves to be the one to take action, then where would we be?

The other day in my Nextdoor app, someone posted a request for readers to help a local doughnut shop owner. They have been struggling since Covid, just like many other small retail businesses that were forced to close. 

This post had 93 comments! All very supportive. Larry and I dropped by the day … (47 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Orchids and People - 01/17/21 03:18 PM
Motivational Monday...Orchids and People
Saturday was our friend’s mother’s 102nd birthday. We call her The Queen and she is deserving of every bit of respect that comes with the title. Two years ago, I got to see her in a fashion show at her assisted living facility! The Queen loves orchids as much as I do so I gifted her with a miniature orchid. 
This leads me down The  Michael Jacobs pondering path. When I started collecting orchids many people told me that they were all alike...what you did to one, you did to the other.

At one time, I had over 100 orchids, … (36 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Get Out! - 01/10/21 04:34 PM
Motivational Monday...Get Out!

It may be a new year but it seems that some of the rubbish that was strewn about in 2020 has been packed in a bag and managed to make its way into 2021.

When you add to that the fact that many areas of the country are experiencing winter weather, it’s enough to make you want to crawl back under the covers until December 31, 2021.

In Houston, our Sunday was cold, dreary and it rained all day.  Larry and I made a point of getting out of the house (between football games) a few times to keep … (29 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...A Bird in the Hand... - 01/03/21 02:36 PM
or...A Peanut in the Paw
In another life, I might have been an animal trainer but for my fear of snakes and things that crawl. However, when it comes to Rocky the squirrel, I love observing these little guys and I’ve trained a few to take a peanut from my hand. 
In fact, I have two whom I call Frick and Frack. I have no idea if they’re related to each other but they do show up around the same time for peanuts. 
In fact, they can both get pretty competitive when scampering towards me for their peanuts. Even though I have a peanut … (37 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Keep Believing - 12/13/20 04:55 PM
Motivational Monday...Keep Believing
You may not know this but I do love my iPhone apps, especially the ones that allow me to have fun with my photos. The other day I was playing around with an AR (augmented reality) app that shows Santa in your home or around your tree.  (Catch Santa) While I have others like it, I wanted to try it out. 

Just for fun, I sent it to both of my nieces to show their children. I told them that Santa was checking out my fireplace. 

One niece texted to say that she was going to show this to my … (30 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Zoom Out - 12/06/20 03:44 PM
Motivational Monday...Zoom Out
You probably are aware that today is the 79th anniversary of the day that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  And while I was born after this event, I do remember what this day means to many.
 There were lessons learned by our young nation...such as coming together when we need to and that believing something can’t happen is the first step to failure. 
Thinking about this time in history reminded me of other difficult times we’ve faced. All of the sacrifices that were made during the Wars we’ve been in...September 11, 2001...AIDS...riots...hurricanes, fires...
When you’re living through it all, just as we … (26 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Mondays...Clearing Our Path - 11/29/20 03:29 PM
Motivational Mondays...Clearing Our Path
Last week we had grey skies and rain off and on. In fact, one night I thought something or someone was in the back yard because our light came on. It turned out to be lightning followed by a loud clap of thunder. football watching day… it rained all day. The dampness chilled us to our bones. And now I look out and the sun is doing its best to give us some warmth and light. 
Life can be like that...bumps in the road, an unexpected turn of events...the year 2020!  
The storms we’ve faced have shown some the path … (39 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...Giving Without Expectations… - 11/15/20 01:48 PM
Motivational Monday...Giving Without Expectations…

We were on the last let of our morning walk at Kickerillo Mischer Preserve Sunday. I was engrossed in whatever was playing on my Amazon music and going over the Thanksgiving menu in my head. Larry was a few steps behind me. 
I saw two joggers coming towards me from the opposite direction and as they passed one of them smiled and quietly said Bless you. 
They gave Larry the same blessing as they passed him. 
By the time I realized what they’d said they had jogged around the corner and were no longer in sight. 
I felt sorry that I didn’t … (29 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday...You’re Worth It - 11/08/20 01:26 PM
Motivational Monday...You’re Worth It
Last week when I was in our local grocery store, I strolled by the floral department. While I will buy orchids and plants, I rarely buy flowers for myself. 
It’s not that I don’t like them because I do. For my birthday, my family gave me bunches of beautiful many Larry said it looked like we were having a wedding or a funeral. 
But for me, the reason I rarely buy flowers just for me is that in short order, you have to throw them out. 
But on this day while looking at the flowers, a young lady and her … (41 comments)

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