motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Free Spirit - 04/14/24 01:35 PM
Motivational Monday…Free Spirit
Have you ever watched someone doing something you wished you had the nerve or courage to do? 
One thing about our morning walks is that you never know what or who you’ll see. When we walked along the beach in Delray we would see a woman dancing as she walked. It was beautifully elegant!
One day, I stopped her and told her how much we enjoyed watching her as she danced along A1A.  Martha (the dancer) was a real estate agent but her hobby was ballroom dancing.  
I admired how she was comfortable in her own skin and could dance along the … (17 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Turn Around…Look Around - 04/07/24 03:34 PM
Motivational Monday…Turn Around…Look Around
Isn’t it interesting how some people, standing almost in the same spot can see an event or person differently?
While wandering through Cyberville I came across this quote…

Good things are always coming our way, we’re just looking in the wrong direction. Turn around.
Jay Shetty
When we’re journeying down Negativity Lane, sometimes all it takes is taking the blinders off to change your view. 
Didn’t get that listing you wanted?  You were focused on it all week. Take a moment to evaluate things, then change your direction.  Look at the other leads or calls you’ve received. 
We’ve had morning walks when it’s overcast…no … (21 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…It’s Up to You - 03/31/24 07:05 PM
Motivational Monday…It’s Up to You
There are countless quotes and anecdotes to remind us of the importance of our attitude.  This post is yet another one. 
Short story…for our Easter family gathering, I found out on Easter morning that there would be 3 more attending. 

My knee-jerk reaction was … “What…you couldn’t have told me earlier?!” 
And then, I took a deep breath and realized I needed an attitude adjustment. 
I decided to channel my grandmother whose attitude was There’s always room for more.”

Having 33 or 30 for dinner made very little difference. I always have more than enough “goodie bags” for the children. And no … (20 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Starting Early - 03/24/24 06:11 PM
Motivational Monday…Starting Early
Larry and I took a late afternoon stroll at Kickerillo to check on the bluebird boxes. We were in an open wooded area. 
Our eyes were partially focused ahead and on the ground so as not to trip over the Texas-sized tree roots. 
All of a sudden a small soccer ball whizzed across our path. 
Chasing the ball was the cutest little tyke, maybe 4 years old.  His father closely followed him.  
What impressed Larry and me was his father calling after him and saying…
Heads up, son. Show respect for others. 
The little boy stopped, looked at us shyly, and gave us an apologetic … (19 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…What Do You Do? - 03/17/24 02:52 PM
Motivational Monday…What Do You Do?
There are things we do everyday to maintain our physical health. For example, we brush our teeth, take our vitamins or pills, drink water, walk, or exercise. 
It would never occur to us not to do them unless, for example, we want our teeth to fall out! (I’m channeling our mothers)
There are things we can do to help with our overall mental health as well. I ran across this quote last week and thought I’d pass it on.
Remember that you only get a limited time on this earth. Today is a good day to do something that … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday… Hand It Off - 03/10/24 01:47 PM
Motivational Monday… Hand It Off
Worry…stress…anxiety…we all experience these. I have a way of taking on the problems of family and loved ones. Admittedly I can be bossy, but I also want to help. 
In the past this led to some sleepless nights.  What I’m learning to do is hand it off. 
I won’t give up on being there for someone who needs my help or advice but I’m learning to say Bye bye to people and problems over which I have no control. 
At the end of the day, we have to allow people to make their own decisions and deal with their problems … (17 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…No Regrets - 03/03/24 05:18 PM
Motivational Monday…No Regrets
Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly.
Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and
never regret anything that makes you smile.
Mark Twain

When I read the quote above from one of my favorite sources of funny and oh-so-true sayings, I knew I had to share it. 
Perhaps it takes growing older for the life is short saying to truly sink in. It hits even harder when someone we know or read about is taken far too soon. 
Break the rules but please don’t break any laws. Remember when we were told not to wear white after Labor Day or to … (19 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Illumined Freedom - 02/11/24 04:37 PM
Motivational Monday…Illumined Freedom
Mini-me is said to have one of my traits…being bossy. (I refuse to respond lest I incriminate myself) When she was only 4, she told her older brothers (9 and 11) what to do and did not hesitate to throw them under the bus. She is independent and creative. 
Recently we were making frosting for a cake and decorating it. I realized I had to rein in my “do it THIS way” attitude. 
As long as she wasn’t hurting herself, or burning down the house, my job was to guide her… show her the basics of baking…and talk to her about … (18 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Mondays…The Two Sides of Giving - 02/04/24 04:55 PM
Motivational Mondays…The Two Sides of Giving
We’re all familiar with the many sayings and quotes that remind us of the benefits of giving to others. And they’re true…we’ve all experienced the inner joy we get when we give of ourselves to others. 
When you think about it, there are two sides of giving. 
There is a special person Larry and I’ve met while on our daily walks. His name is Greg and he has many responsibilities at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve where we walk. 

He’s a good ole’ Texas boy.  If he sees something that needs to be done, he does it. The “not my job” saying … (14 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Shut Your Ears - 01/28/24 05:39 PM
Motivational Monday…Shut Your Ears
Going into the AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, the favored team appeared to be the Ravens.*
In fact, something was flying around the internet that said all professional sports were rigged and a news report “signaled” that the 49ers and Ravens would be playing in this year’s Super Bowl. 
How in the world do you wrap your head around your game and winning if the news and others are saying otherwise? 
We experience this in our own lives, personal and business. For example, you want to “farm” a new community or start a niche … (20 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…When To Let Them Go On - 01/21/24 03:02 PM
Motivational Monday…When To Let Them Go On
Have you ever had a disagreement with someone that seemed to be heading to “nowhereville?”
Both of you had both feet planted firmly in the ground and you both believed that your own opinion was the right one. 
It’s been years since I let myself get caught up in a game of vicious verbal volleyball. The Libra in me won’t allow it. 

However, there are times when you feel compelled to make sure your point is taken. Been there…done that. 
Let’s face it…this is not a win-win situation.  But…what can you do?
~Ask yourself why. Why is it important that … (17 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday-What’s Your Focus? - 01/14/24 04:47 PM
Motivational Monday-What’s Your Focus?
Several years ago, Larry’s Kansas Jayhawks had a winning streak going as they headed for March Madness and the National Championship. 
It was nervewracking! What Larry said made me stop and think...

They need to just lose! Get it over with so they can start focusing on winning.
And it was true for the team. Once they got that first loss out of the way, they began to play like the winners we knew they were. 
When we’re more focused on not losing a listing, for example, we often forget to do what we do best…we forget what brought us to … (13 comments)

motivational monday: Monday Motivational…Learn-Relearn - 01/07/24 05:41 PM
Monday Motivational…Learn-Relearn
Whatever we do in our work and personal lives, it seems we are always learning, relearning, and often unlearning. 
Such is the way of life. We learn how to use our cell phones and then after updates and redesigns, we have to relearn what we hoped we’d never have to learn again. 

You get your real estate license and you’re set to go. Not so fast! There are Continuing Education classes, new rules, new technology new lock boxes…you name it!  
What you learned may have to be relearned or even forgotten. That’s not always easy!  Former Florida Gator QB and NFL player Tim … (15 comments)

motivational monday: Monday Motivational…Gather the Perfect Moments - 12/17/23 05:10 PM
Monday Motivational…Gather the Perfect Moments
Recently I read a quote that seemed befitting for the season…
Life isn’t about finding perfection, It’s about enjoying perfect moments. (Unknown)
This Christmas the whole family will be over. It will be similar to our large Thanksgiving dinners however instead of turkey or prime rib, we’re having Christmas brunch. We’ll also have a hot chocolate bar!

All of the planning and list-making reminded me of my late mother-in-law. Rachel was brilliant…Phi Beta Kappa Mensa, and a master bridge player. 

However, in her obsession with everything being perfect…or rather her view of perfection, she rarely enjoyed the event she had planned. … (17 comments)

motivational monday: Acts of Kindness…Laughter and Compassion for Others - 12/10/23 02:21 PM
Acts of Kindness…Laughter and Compassion for Others
In early 2020 when we had to stay in, we needed something to keep our spirits up. One day while scrolling through the Next Door app, I came upon this…

I have no idea who the author is but for 52 weeks he took the time to cheer us up with a cute laugh. Neighbors drove by his homemade signs posted on a pole or saw his “smile@nocharge” post in the Nextdoor app. 
This year he’s taken his kindness even further by donating two community trees to anyone who needs them. He places them at the … (18 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…No “I” in Team - 11/26/23 05:02 PM
Motivational Monday…No “I” in Team
Playing in some kind of team sport when you’re young teaches much more than the importance of fielding in baseball.  With luck and guidance, we learn that it takes the whole TEAM to win.

Recently I heard this saying…

 Sometimes being a team player means
sitting on the bench. 
We know what that means but how does that relate to our lives, business, and personal?
A fellow placement consultant turned a new client over to me once because she felt I could do a better job with this particular company.  It ended up being a win-win for us and our company … (18 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Who Says It’s Too Late? - 11/19/23 02:59 PM
Motivational Monday…Who Says It’s Too Late?
A few weeks ago I listened to a story about a relatively young man who did not let go of his dream. 
Matt Ganyard is a 34-year-old kicker for the University of Virginia. No, this is not a typo, Matt is 34 years old, married with two children. 
Matt played soccer when he was younger but had never played football. … (22 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Choose Kindness - 11/12/23 06:07 PM
Motivational Monday…Choose Kindness
You know that “everything will be ok” feeling you get when someone shares a smile or a pat on the back with you when you need it the most? 
Today is World Kindness Day!  Maybe I’m dreaming it however a few years ago there was an ad that showed how one act of kindness was like a ripple on a pond. 
I found this on YouTube that illustrates my point. 

Often we don’t know what someone may be going through.  However, every human’s spirit can be uplifted when someone opens the door for them or offers to help when they are … (15 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Redirect That Negativity - 11/05/23 03:33 PM
Motivational Monday…Redirect That Negativity
One of the perks of getting older is that I am more comfortable divesting myself of negative people. 

It’s not that I literally “get rid” of them but I make it a point to limit the time I have to be around them.  In some cases that time may be NONE. 
However, there are situations when there isn’t an opportunity to leave. Such was the case last week.  The person I was with is a very kind soul. However, if anyone could find anything negative in something or someone, it would be this person.
Because I couldn’t leave, I did what … (19 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…A Two-Way Mirror - 10/29/23 05:14 PM
Motivational Monday…A Two-Way Mirror
When we see ourselves in the mirror, we check our hair and our makeup, and we make sure we are presentable.
Throughout the day, we may check again, depending on how the day has gone. Is the spinach we had for lunch stuck in our teeth?
How often, though do we stop and think about how others see us?  
You are no doubt saying who cares? 
A mark of our level of maturity indeed is that we do not let what others think about us hold court over our actions. 
For me, I’ve maintained that one of the perks of getting older is … (17 comments)





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