motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Keep It Active - 05/22/22 12:50 PM
Motivational Monday…Keep It Active
Getting older is not for the faint of heart.  When we first met our friend, one of the first things he told us was that his memory is going. He takes medication for it. However lately, he forgot a few turns here and there and lost his credit card.

One of the things that Larry and I admire about him though is that he continues to want to learn. 

It has been a task in recent weeks getting him set up on a laptop…a move away from his desktop. But we’re close to the finish line!
We may never remember all … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…the Gift of a Good Ear - 05/15/22 01:32 PM
Motivational Monday…the Gift of a Good Ear
Recently I spent some time with a friend who called for some marital advice. She didn’t feel comfortable speaking with family members or her friends who were closer to her age. 
But she did tell me that she felt I would listen to what she said and not judge her. And…I did speak with her and listened to what was going on. 
I’m not a professional therapist. What I gave to her was my time and even more important…my total attention. 
For many people, the answers they are seeking are already within their reach. What they need are…

 Ears … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…It Doesn’t Matter - 05/08/22 01:48 PM
Motivational Monday…It Doesn’t Matter
Saturday we watched the Kentucky Derby with our neighbors and saw an incredible race and finish. 
I know very little about horse racing much less the Kentucky Derby. The winner, Rich Strike, managed to surprise its owner, trainer, and everyone watching. 
This was a horse that wasn’t even supposed to be in the race. Not even their owners knew until Friday morning that they would be racing the next day. 
 Rich Strike may have been late to the dance but he made the most of this race. Watch below…

What’s the lesson, you ask, because surely you’re not writing a post about … (32 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Mental Focus - 05/01/22 05:15 PM
Motivational Monday…Mental Focus
Last Friday my great-nephew tested and received his 1st Degree Black Belt. He worked hard for this and it has taken time and dedication.
Part of the test required breaking not just one but up to 4 boards thick with his foot and arm.  When I asked him what went through his head before he attempted this, he said it was all mental. 
He focused on hitting the middle of the boards. “I have to put everything else out of my mind.”
Mental Focus… some people don’t succeed no matter how hard they try because they lack the ability to focus … (28 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Let’s Start With a Smile - 04/24/22 01:00 PM
Motivational Monday…Let’s Start With a Smile
This is a topic I've shared before but the subject came up again on several of our morning walks. 

 Once in a while, we run across someone who will not return what we’ve given to them. We give them a pass because they may be in deep thought or conversation with someone on their device. 
Sometimes my mind wanders and I make up little stories…they’re afraid that if they open their mouth a bug will fly in… they are from an alien planet where smiles don’t mean what they do here.  

There have been some fellow walkers that finally … (30 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Reaching Out - 04/17/22 07:36 PM
Motivational Monday…Reaching Out
What an exhausting day…and I loved every minute of it. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. 
We ended up having 35 over and my feet are finally propped up. Throughout the day, I kept thinking of family and how blessed I am…we all are…to have each other. 
Our family is made up of not just those related by blood but those who will always have a place at our dinner table no matter what. 

A family gives you strength when you need to be a rock…it makes you laugh when you need it the most…it offers you a hug without … (28 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Are You Filler? - 04/10/22 01:40 PM
Motivational Monday…Are You Filler?
Prices are up all over and that includes pet food. Per the lady at the pet store, she’s had a hard time keeping her shelves stocked and what comes in is expensive. 

While the birds who visit us are able to find their own meals, Larry and I like to supplement their meals. 
The other day when we were looking for bags of birdseed, hoping to find some on sale, we found a bag that was quite a bit less than what we normally purchase. Looking through the plastic, we could see some sunflower seeds. (birds like those)
Larry looked closer … (27 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday… Show Up - 03/27/22 05:09 PM
Motivational Monday… Show Up
This weekend was excruciating for me as I watched my Houston Cougars lose to Villanova. It’s not so much that they were outscored. No, my issue was that they never appeared to be “in” the game until perhaps the very end. 
Vegas had them going all the way…the analysts had all good things to say about how well they played. They were expected to win that game. 
All of this makes me think about the times when we go in thinking we’ve got this in the bag. It may be a listing appointment or a presentation to a potential buyer … (33 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Outside the Box - 03/20/22 02:54 PM
bbMotivational Monday…Outside the Box
Have you ever had a problem that looked simple enough to solve but no matter what you tried, it became more difficult? 
The tried and true solutions were not working. 
Look at what thinking outside the box can do…

When Indiana played Saint Mary’s last week, the basketball became lodged between the backboard and the shot clock. 
Someone tried a broom, someone suggested just getting another ball (no fun there) and with all of the tall players around, the ball remained stuck until…

Cheerleaders to the … (37 comments)

motivational monday: Monday Motivation…On Time, No Time? - 03/13/22 02:42 PM
Monday Motivation…On Time, No Time?
By now I trust that we’ve all figured out what time it is and have not missed any appointments. At least twice a year, we are compelled to consider the concept of time. 

Falling back…springing forward…and of course trying to get our body clock to come to grips with the time change.

However, what about the rest of the year when we either waste it, lose it, or misplace it?
What do you think when someone tells you that they didn’t have time to ___?

What I’m hearing is that they chose not to make the time. 
And that’s ok. Our … (27 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…A True Inspiration - 03/06/22 01:55 PM
Motivational Monday…A True Inspiration
Saturday night many eyes were focused on the UNC-Duke basketball game. Even those whose allegiance was to another team wanted to witness the final game at Camden Indoor Stadium for Coach Mike Krzyzewski. 
If you’ve read my posts then you know how much I love sports. And I have the greatest admiration for Coach K.  If you’re interested you can learn more about him here as well as what makes him the legend he is. 
What I learned from Coach K.

Family is number one to Coach K and that family includes Duke and the players. This commitment goes beyond any … (18 comments)

motivational monday: Right is Right - 02/27/22 01:57 PM
Right is Right
Have you ever read a comment on social media that made you shake your head and say “That’s not right!”?

For example, on NextDoor, there have been comments that appear to indicate that it is acceptable for someone to do something wrong and even illegal as long as there is a need. 
During the holidays I saw a Ring video of a young woman who walked to the front porch of a home…picked up a small holiday decoration, and took it. 
“Maybe she wanted it and didn’t have one.”
Another video showed someone taking a potted plant from someone’s front porch. 
“She may not … (33 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Aim High - 02/20/22 02:43 PM
Motivational Monday…Aim High
We have a special friend who has an outlook on life I truly admire. His gift is not in his academic strength. He has what many call street smarts and a business sense. 
He started with one salon and ended up with four. He saw a run-down apartment building. He knew that if he updated the apartments he could rent them out for more than he could if he kept them as they were. Every night after work, he began to rehab each apartment. Everyone around him thought he was crazy for doing this.
When his daughter thought about applying … (31 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Helping Others - 02/06/22 01:59 PM
Motivational Monday…Helping Others
How many times are we presented with the opportunity to help someone and we hesitate? It’s not that we’re some mean Ogre (my apologies to Ogres) and don’t want to help. 
I have a feeling it’s that we don’t know if we should. We don’t want to insert ourselves in their situation or perhaps we don’t know what they would want or need. So instead, we say… “If you need anything, let me know.” 
Sometimes people are so overwhelmed they don’t know what they need. And there are people who find it difficult to ask others for help. 
On the local news … (34 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Preparation and Anticipation - 01/30/22 03:13 PM
Motivational Monday…Preparation and Anticipation
There’s been a lot of speculation this week about Tom Brady’s retirement.  Whatever he chooses to do, it will be right for him and for his family. 
A few weeks ago, some of the football analysts were talking about the G.O.A.T (Brady) and why he is so successful. 

Someone said that when Tom Brady steps up to the line of scrimmage, he already knows where he’ll throw the ball. He has prepared and studied not just the game of football, but the players on the opposing team. 
Because of his thorough preparation, he is able (usually) to anticipate what will happen. 
It’s … (39 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Come On…Laugh - 01/23/22 02:36 PM
Motivational Monday…Come On…Laugh
When I read that today is Global Belly Laugh Day I knew that this was a day I wanted to celebrate. 
Besides breathing and smiling, laughing is something I do every day. And a good old belly laugh is even better. It’s my belief that when you laugh, especially a BBL (Big Belly Laugh) you push out the negative thoughts in your soul. 
The air you take in is fresh and helps to clean your spirit.

You may think you’re having a good laugh but are you really?  Or are you chuckling?  (chuckle: to laugh quietly or inwardly)  Don’t mistake it … (32 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Mistakes...It’s How We Learn - 01/16/22 05:12 PM
Motivational Monday…Mistakes...It’s How We Learn
The other day, I was having a conversation with the mother of three…8,10, and 14.  The discussion turned to what so many parents face…how much do you do for your children. 
She wants so much to do everything for them and protect them from mistakes that she made growing up. And yet, she also knows that this isn’t what they need. 
We all face this in life…personal and in our business life.  At work, if our teammates or employees try and fail,  what long-term effect does it have?  How do we guide them but at the same time allow … (31 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Celebrating Being Peculiar - 01/09/22 05:07 PM
Motivational Monday…Celebrating Being Peculiar
While trolling Cyberville, I discovered that today is Peculiar People Day.  I would be quite happy to be called peculiar. 
Years ago when listening to Oprah, the guest speaker talked about the fact that we are NOT all alike. We are all different. Her point was that instead of trying to fit everyone into a square hole, we need to recognize and celebrate what makes us all unique. 
If you looked up synonyms for the word Peculiar you’d see words like distinct, particular, unique, and special. 
I would be happy with any of those monikers. Lately, however, it seems that we … (35 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…That First Step - 01/02/22 01:58 PM
Motivational Monday…That First Step
When we head into a new year, we bring with us our ideas, goals, resolutions, and good intentions.  We wrap them in a bag and hope to bring them out throughout the year. There is an excitement in the air that a new day or chance brings with it.
It’s like the Magic Slates we had when we were kids. (Mine was the non-electronic kind) With one lifting of the acetate, we erase what’s there and try again. Whatever you did or didn’t do or accomplish, you have been given another day to try again. 
While I don’t believe … (34 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…What Lemons? - 12/26/21 04:19 PM
Motivational Monday…What Lemons?
One more holiday before we wake up to 2022.   I hope that everyone’s Christmas went as they hoped. 

The past two years have called for us to make adjustments and do something with the lemons we’ve been given. 
The Lemon…
Our neighbor was not able to be with their family here in town because a family member contracted the virus. (They are doing fine, no fever)

Even though they had just seen them a few nights earlier, they spent Christmas Day depressed because they were not going to be with them. We offered to bring over cookies and other goodies to … (40 comments)





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