reblogs: Make a Wish! - 10/12/19 03:29 PM
Roy's post will bring a smile to your face today and if that doesn''ll love his photo!!!
Make a Wish!
This history was provided by Wonderopolis. Click on the link to read more.
As dandelions turn to seed, children everywhere rush to pick them, so that they can close their eyes, make a wish, and blow the seeds into the air.
No one knows for sure how or why people started making wishes on dandelions. These flowers have been around for thousands of years, and people have grown and used dandelions for much of that time. Every part of the … (5 comments)

reblogs: On Being Civil - 07/05/19 07:09 PM
Michael has been pondering as of late and I loved where his recent pondering took him. When you hear the word civil, you might think of civil engineering or civil court, then there are civil liberties.  But I do think we've been missing out on the other definition and use of the word. Being civil. That's not such a bad thing. 
On Being Civil

On Being Civil 
This is not a political post. But I guess it could be construed as such if your mind works in that way. 
I … (8 comments)

reblogs: Summer and Pool Safety - Why It Is A Priority - 06/15/19 03:07 PM
We have already had several drownings in my area and that is too many!  Please read this and never take your eyes off of children when they are in or around the pool. 
We hear the sad stories all the time...toddler drowns in pool. Don't think it can't happen to you because it happens to people you never thought it would. It happens to celebrities, helicopter moms and dads and even your loving and nurturing neighbor. You can never be too safe especially with toddlers who love water. Toddlers do not see nor do they understand the danger. They think of a … (6 comments)

reblogs: Let's Just Have some Fun...Pass it On..... - 06/03/19 03:10 PM
Who says you can't have fun on a Monday?!  Head over to Sally K. & David L. Hanson post and join the fun. If you have the time, reblog this and invite others to have fun as well. 
  Working on some "do overs" for listings ....from landscaping to roofing and just about everything in between and looking at a full entertainment/social schedule with graduations, dinners etc.  We all have take a breath sometime...So here it is...a Breath and little fun along with it !
    I will pass the link to someone in their email or contact from their profile who … (0 comments)

reblogs: Sharing is a Wonderful Thing.... - 05/29/19 07:00 PM
Sally and David take being thoughtful to a new high!  I love the idea of giving a hostess gift that can be used after the big event when they really could use it. This is especially good for closing gifts for your new buyers who may be planning on hosting a Housewarming for their new home. 
Tis the season with many celebrations...graduations, weddings, parties of all kinds that hope for wonderful weather this season in southeastern really is "all about the party" time !  We enjoy entertaining and as a result have quite an inventory of all kinds of "entertainment … (8 comments)

reblogs: Monday Musings: Inspirational Words on The Practice of Peace... - 05/11/19 01:37 PM
I hope you'll take the time to read this post because it shares a message we all need to read and take to heart. Peace starts within us. 

We all want to live in peace.  The word, peace, has become a distant wish rather than a possibility.  The 24/7 news keep reporting shootings and bombings, and emphasizing that peace is impossible. Many of us are shocked at what appears to us as senseless violence and feel helpless.  This morning as I was perusing the news and views, I realized that the same old views and opinions persist, and as usual … (7 comments)

reblogs: Shop Now...Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Sat. May 11th - 05/06/19 06:52 PM
Please be on the lookout for your donation bags from your local postal carrier. There is no reason why anyone in our country should go hungry, and yet people do. Please give from your hearts and open up your wallet!!!
   It is an annual event....the Postal Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. If you don't get a plastic bag to attach to your mailbox this can certainly use one of your own.  It has been our tradition,(it always seems to rain on that day), to put out lawn chairs with plastic bags full of donations. The non perishable items … (10 comments)

reblogs: Home Staging Consultations - Preparation Is An Investment Of Time - 03/02/19 12:19 PM
Should you doubt whether staging can help an occupied home, take a look at what having a professional home stager like Sharon Tara can do to highlight a home's spaces. Her "before" and "after" photos tell the story!!!
Home Staging isn't always fully embraced when suggested to sellers. I've had some uncomfortable home staging consultations with sellers who are only going through the motions because their agent suggested they meet with me.
I'm happy to report that those "eye rolling" sellers are rare and most of the homeowners I've worked with have been more than willing to take my suggestions seriously.
Sellers who are … (9 comments)

reblogs: Son of The Projects of Key West - 03/02/19 11:04 AM
I love reading Gary's posts about Key West. If there is any doubt as to who the most knowledgable local agent is in Key West, all you have to do is read Gary's posts!  I marvel at his photos before and after. 

I moved to Key West at the end of December in 1993. I began noticing some of the old houses and buildings were getting renovated and then tried to recall what they looked like before. Over the years more and more houses had been renovated and the town no longer looked like it did when I first came … (5 comments)

reblogs: What words do you not want to see in a MLS Listing? - 02/26/19 11:05 AM
I love Scott's words that we don't want to see in the MLS!!!  What words would you add???
As spring approaches, there is many homes that have been For Sale since last fall. They are about to expire. Many sellers are left scratching their heads why they did not sell. Some times here in the Manchester NH, all you have to do is look in the MLS listing why the home may not have sold. Certain words, terms or sentences can and do scar buyers and their agents alike.
OWNER MOTIVATED: If the owner was really motivated, they would have priced … (7 comments)

reblogs: Hiking Log - Happy for an invention - 02/23/19 06:44 PM
I would encourage you to follow and read Kat's Hiking Log series. It's fun to see what some people write and equally fun to read Kat's perspective of what the author meant. 
This is part 25 of excerpts from the trail log which was located on a New York portion of the Appalachian trail. For the post which explains this series, click here.  You can read all the previous hiking posts by clicking here.
Each new edition includes a quote from a hiker, along with this writer's insight into what the person might have meant. Your interpretation may be different!
Following … (6 comments)

reblogs: Do It for Love, It Doesn't Always Have to be About Money - 02/12/19 06:28 PM
I love how Kevin took the time where other agents would not. Isn't this one of the best gifts we could give anyone...our time and listening to them?! 
It was in the Spring of '83 when I first met William. Our office was in a location which attracted a lot of walk-ins and even though associates were scheduled for "floor times" if they wanted them there were always that handful of agents who could never make their appointed times. I intentionally avoided being scheduled but would take floor when others did not show up if I had the time. I could work … (6 comments)

reblogs: 'Out of Sidewalk Salt ? Uh Oh....Here's Some Alternatives ! - 02/11/19 08:12 PM
If you live in an area where you may have to salt your sidewalks, Sally and David offer some alternatives should you run out of salt.  One you use the coffee grounds before or after you make that morning cup of coffee??
Winter in Wisconsin is later than usual..there has been a shortage of "sidewalk salt." People are traveling counties away on snowy roads to secure the ice melt to keep their sidewalks and driveways safe.  No matter how well you drive in the winter or the boots you have that "grip" is a hazard that needs attention in many … (11 comments)

reblogs: Reflections Of The Christmas Tree - 12/24/18 06:22 PM
It's never too late to learn about the Christmas tree and Jay even puts trusty Mighty Mo to work!!!
Reflections of the Christmas Tree.
We buy and decorate Christmas trees.  Why?  When did this start?
Apparently in the 1400s and 1500s in Europe.  White pine trees have been used for millennia to celebrate various things, Christians began using the pine tree as a sign of the Everlasting God.
My Christmas tree and a reflection thereof can be seen in the thermal image to the right.
The word "Christmas" comes from a religious meeting, Christ's Masse, meaning "Christ's celebration."  So the tree, … (8 comments)

reblogs: Make It Your Rule - Hitch Up The Mule And Drag In The Yule! - 12/22/18 01:13 PM
Thank you Jay because I always thought that a yule log was something you ate!!!  Did you???
So, think about the Yule Log tradition - make it your rule - hitch up the mule and drag in the yule!
We've mostly all heard of the Yule Log tradition.  But what is the tradition of the Yule Log anyway?
It's a tradition probably extending back before medieval times, and said to be Norse.
In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, YULE was/is the name given to Winter Solstice festivals.
Way back the tradition consisted of selecting a tree, tall and straight and true.  The whole family … (5 comments)

reblogs: Christmas is in the Heart - 12/18/18 02:07 PM
What a timely post that Lou wrote. All of us can help the spirit of Christmas continue by keeping it in our hearts!
Christmas is in the Heart
“If Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.”
W. T. Ellis 1845 – 1925, US Representative
From Kentucky
As I see it . . . . . . .
Christmas is in the heart
The real joy of Christmas comes from the heart . . . .
For those who embrace the season . . . . and have it in their heart … (9 comments)

reblogs: You Will Face Roadblocks in Your Life - 12/17/18 01:33 PM
This is a wonderful story that Lou shared about Michael Jordan. 
You Will Face Roadblocks in Your Life
“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblock. I’ve had them;
everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you.
If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure
out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.”
Michael Jordan, Basketball Player
As I see it . . . . . . .
You will face roadblocks in your life
There will be roadblocks . . … (5 comments)

reblogs: A Basic Principal For Successful Negotiations - 12/16/18 01:29 PM
Lou offers excellent tips for a successful negotiation.  Basically, the other party needs to feel that they too are winners!
A Basic Principal For Successful Negotiations
“The basic rule for free enterprise; you must give in
order to get.”
Scott Alexander
As I see it . . . . . . .
A basic principal for successful negotiations
A basic principal for a successful negotiation is to find a common ground . . . Which involves give and take by all the parties involved to reach an agreeable outcome.
The key is … (5 comments)

reblogs: Do Something About It - 12/15/18 01:13 PM
Lou was always giving us that nudge to take the first step!  If you have an idea or dream then do something about it. 
Do Something About It
“A lot of people have dreams and never do anything
about them. When you have ideas and dreams, you
do something about it.”
Paul Newman 1925 -2008. American Actor,
Film Director, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian,
Professional Race Car Driver
and owner
As I see it . . . . . . .
Do something about it
Setting big and bold goals . . . . is … (9 comments)

reblogs: Thankful Thursday...Giving Back At The Holidays in Sedona - 12/15/18 12:04 PM
Sheri shows exactly what it means to give back. What I admire is she is giving not just with her money but her time as well. Read and head over to Sheri's post. 
Helping People Through Our Christmas Donations

I can't remember when I first saw bell ringers during the Christmas season but I have always given a donation as I walked into or out of a store. I guess I said to myself, this is the season to give, so I would dig into my purse to help. 
I Felt Compelled To Help....
Last year was the first … (3 comments)

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