staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s- What Can I Do If I Don’t Have a Lot Of Furnishings in My Home? - 03/27/19 05:03 PM
Staging FAQ’s- What Can I Do If I Don’t Have a Lot Of Furnishings in My Home?
Not every home I’ve consulted on has been stuffed to the gills. Believe it or not, there have been a few homes that were seriously lacking items that would have helped add color and texture to the home.
One of the first properties I staged had very little in the way of extra furnishings and very little color as well. The sellers had moved most of their belongings to their new home in another state and did not want to spend another dime on their … (37 comments)

staging faqs: Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Garage!! - 01/16/19 05:46 PM
Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Garage.

While searching for a house in Houston, I reminded myself of some of the staging posts I’ve written. I have had the “joy” of looking for a house...starting online and then seeing it for real.
One area that always surprises me is the garage. Now in the area of full disclosure, I did not even look at the garages when we were out house hunting. But at least one person (Larry) made sure that it was one of the first areas he looked at.
You see the garage may not be that important to one … (32 comments)

staging faqs: Why Don’t You Charge Less To Stage My Smaller Property? - 06/03/18 11:35 AM
Why Don’t You Charge Less To Stage My Smaller Property?

Recently a seller called to discuss staging their vacant home. They had recently moved everything out of it and moved into their new home. They had heard that inventory was slim and felt that their now vacant property would sell quickly.

However, it had now been on the market for several weeks and there had been no offers and very few showings.

We discussed what vacant staging would entail and the costs involved.  
While they needed to move forward the seller asked if we would charge less for his property which was … (20 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQs...What to Do If You Are Leaving for the Season or Vacation. - 05/07/18 05:55 PM
Staging FAQs...What to Do If You Are Leaving for the Season or Vacation.

If you are a snowbird with your home on the market and wondering what to do before you head north, here are 8 tips that will help your home continue to be in show ready condition.
Even if you won’t be heading north for the summer, you may have a vacation planned and will need to make sure that your home will continue to show well.

8 Tips to Help Your House Show Well When You Are Gone…

1. Keep Your Air Conditioner ON and Cool!
Now is not the time … (24 comments)

staging faqs: Staging Myths & Misunderstandings - 04/18/18 04:25 PM
Staging Myths & Misunderstandings

Last year I read a post that discussed seeing past staging when buying a home.  And that may be true when viewing a model home. A buyer needs to be realistic in that their own furniture and design may not yield the same effects as that selected by a professional interior designer.
Conversely, as Sharon Tara mentioned, you could make the same case for seeing past the issues in homes that have not been staged or whose condition has not been enhanced.
Staging is meant to show the possibilities and livability of a home to potential buyers.
However, there are still … (54 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQs -How Important Is My Garage? - 02/19/18 01:08 PM
Staging FAQs -How Important Is My Garage?

On a Staging Consultation recently, the seller planned on putting everything they didn’t need in their already- stuffed garage.  Their reasoning was that the garage didn’t matter.

Hold on there, Bucky!  

Last I looked, when someone is buying your house, it includes the garage!

Why is the garage so important?

~With no basements in South Florida, buyers know that every inch of space counts for storage.
~If you have a 2 or 3 car garage and you know that it is, that’s not good enough. A buyer must be able to see that it can hold that … (33 comments)

staging faqs: What You Can Do BEFORE Your Staging Consultation. - 02/07/18 05:09 PM
What You Can Do BEFORE Your Staging Consultation.

When you decide to sell your home you’ll want to prepare it for sale.  That is to say, you’ll want to do everything in your power and budget to make your home stand out. And you’ll want your buyer to see be able to see the value that you’ve placed on your home.

Staging consultations are one of the best investments a seller can make when they are getting ready to put that For Sale sign out there.

To help you make the most of the 2 or 3 hours you’ll spend with a … (33 comments)

staging faqs: They Told Me To Remove All of My Furniture... - 09/03/17 12:56 PM
They Told Me To Remove All of My Furniture...
It happened again to my caller. They decided to list their home at the beginning of summer, with the hopes of being moved and settled by the beginning of the school year. They have already closed and moved into their new home.
Unfortunately, some well-meaning friends told the homeowners that they should remove everything, including their furniture because a vacant home would be easier to sell.
No one told them any different. The caller told me that no one had ever mentioned staging.
And, even though they’d moved, they did leave some items … (31 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-What is the Difference Between a Designed Home and a Staged Home? - 06/15/17 04:07 PM
Staging FAQ’s-What is the Difference Between a Designed Home and a Staged Home?
Many times I’ve been told that a client’s home didn’t need staging because the seller had employed a professional interior designer when they moved in.  In fact, an agent once told me that the client had spent quite a bit of money on the furnishings and no staging was necessary.
This is sometimes the case, however from my experience...not always.
You see, there is a blurred difference between interior design and home staging. Both involve some design basics, paint, accessories, other furnishings but there is still a difference.
They … (46 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-Is There Anything I Should Do Before My Staging Consultation? - 06/14/17 04:28 PM
Staging FAQ’s-Is There Anything I Should Do Before My Staging Consultation?
One of the questions I’m often asked by agents and sellers is what they should do before the consultation. If you stop to think about it, you’re about to allow a stranger into your home to possibly tell you things you may not want to hear.
You have every reason to want to know what to expect but also how you can make the most of your consultation.
8 Things to Do to Get the Most From Your Consultation...
1.Stop worrying
I’m there to help you get your home sold, not make any judgements! … (34 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-How Do I Stage the Bowling Alley Room? - 06/12/17 03:07 PM
Staging FAQ’s-How Do I Stage the Bowling Alley Room?
We see these rooms a lot in Palm Beach County, especially in condos and townhomes. In fact, you don’t have to be selling a home to ask this question.
Whether you’re selling your home or want to redesign the long narrow room that you have, there are some easy tips that can show the liveability of the space.
When buyers walk into a vacant home, it’s relatively easy to see what to do with the standard living room or family room.
However, when they open the door and think they’ve walked into a … (26 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-What Exactly Is Home Staging? - 06/05/17 02:54 PM
Staging FAQ’s-What Exactly Is Home Staging?
Even though I’ve been a Home Stager since 2007, I still meet many who either haven’t heard of it or aren’t quite sure what home staging is.
Actually, home staging should be called something other than this. A better name would be Home Styling or Home Marketing.
Home staging is making sure that the property
appeals to a broad range of the buying demographics.
It allows the buyer to see the property in the very best light and to see the possibilities of the space.
Home staging is a tool that can be used for occupied as well … (22 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’S- Will Staging Help This Outdated Home? - 06/01/17 03:18 PM
Staging FAQ’S- Will Staging Help This Outdated Home?
Staging is an excellent tool to use when you are preparing your home for sale, but it can’t work miracles.
Often, I am asked to stage a vacant home that should be selling but isn’t. The location isn’t the issue but the home needs some updating, needs work on the deck/pool area or needs a good landscaper.
My advice to the agents and their sellers is that before you invest $3500-4500+ to place furniture and accessories in a vacant property, you consider putting that money into areas that are even more important than the … (26 comments)

staging faqs: 8 Home Staging Tips While Selling During the Holiday Season… - 11/30/16 05:50 PM
How to decorate and live in your home when it’s for sale this holiday.

Holidays are special for all of us especially if you have young children at home.  If your home is for sale during the holidays it doesn’t mean that you have to forego all decorations.
In fact, creating that feeling of home can help your buyers picture themselves there. Let them see the possibilities of your home.

But…just like any time you are trying to sell your home, the key is to let them see the space.
Here are home staging tips for decorating for the holidays when your home … (44 comments)

staging faqs: Why Should I Stage My Home If It’s a Seller’s Market - 07/21/16 09:29 AM
Staging FAQ’s- Why do I need to stage my home when homes are selling?

This question came up just the other day in a call I received. Houses have been selling and that’s good news! My caller’s home had been on the market for a few months with very little activity.

A friend suggested getting it staged.  The caller said that she didn’t want to bring in furniture or knock down walls to sell her home.

And, for the most part, I agree with her.

However, I pointed out two things to her:
1.Staging isn’t just about moving stuff around or knocking out … (30 comments)

staging faqs: Can Any Priced Home Be Staged? - 06/22/16 09:33 AM
Staging FAQ’s-Can Any Priced Home Be Staged?
Have you ever wondered if staging is right for your home?  
We often are asked:
Isn’t staging just for luxury or higher end homes?
Many agents and sellers often assume that just because a home isn’t listed at $500,000+ or considered a luxury property, that it wouldn’t be worth staging.
The truth is that every home that is on the market, at any price point, can benefit from some amount of home staging.  

Staging isn’t just about bringing in furniture and accessories and making the home look like a model home.

~ It’s about helping the seller … (29 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s-Will Staging My Home Get Me More Money for It? - 06/16/16 11:06 AM
Staging FAQ’s-Will Staging My Home Get Me More Money for It?

“Can you guarantee me that I’ll get more for my house if I stage it?”  This is a question that Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents are asked all of the time.

And, the truth is that I can’t guarantee one can.

There are, however, 2 things to consider.
1.Over 90% of buyers begin their search for their new home online.  That means their first, and possibly only impression of your house will be how it looks on the MLS or other sites like this.
Your house will need to look just … (36 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ’s- Should I Just Paint Everything White? - 05/11/16 09:21 AM
Don’t touch that paint brush...yet!

This is one of the top questions a seller will ask a Stager on a Staging Consultation... “Should I  paint all the walls white?”
 You see Staging Consultations aren’t just about moving furniture around or telling you what to get rid of.  Our Staging Consultations are like a blueprint or guide to getting your home in “Market Ready” condition.
Assisting you with paint choices is just one of the many services included.  
So.....what about the white?  When Stagers suggest a neutral palette it is not with the hope of selling white (or beige) paint.  
The purpose of … (38 comments)

staging faqs: Should I Stage My Vacant Property? - 02/23/16 06:56 AM
Should I Stage My Vacant Property?
Lately, we’re seeing properties that have been renovated by investors or owners who no longer want to keep the house as rental property.  To quickly recoup their investment, they are considering staging.
But what do you do? Bringing in furniture and accessories to stage a vacant home can be expensive.
Here are questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What is the condition of the property?
Why is this key?  If you have nothing in the rooms, then what the Buyer will see is the space.  They will also see any flaws as well.
You never want … (39 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Why Should I Remove All of My Personal Photos? - 05/30/15 01:58 AM
Staging FAQ’s- Why Should I Remove All of My Personal Photos?

Watch any of the cable shows or listen to a Home Stager, Real Estate Agent or a friend and one of the Top Three things you’ll hear them suggest to you (besides editing and painting) is to remove all of your personal photos.

I’ve heard people say to “depersonalize” your home, which always sounds cold to me.  Unless yours is a vacant home, or you’re a builder with a model home, buyers do know that a person or people live in the home.  

And, even builders have a few framed photos … (25 comments)





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