staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- What Does Staging Cost? - 05/25/15 11:21 AM
Staging FAQ’s- What Does Staging Cost?

(This post was inspired by a question asked by Tina Comstock in the Q&A section of ActiveRain)

After all of these years, Home Staging is still not quite understood.  One question that most everyone has is what does Staging cost.
Every Stager sets their own fees. Each property represents a different challenge, and there are many levels of staging.
Listed below are the most common staging services offered.
Staging Consultation   $150-200+ (approx)      
This is ideal for an occupied home where the sellers want to and have the ability to handle some DIY projects either on their own or with … (47 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- What is Curb Appeal and What Can I Do? - 05/18/15 10:07 AM
Staging FAQ’s- What is Curb Appeal and What Can I Do?
If you’ve thought of selling your house then you’ve heard about staging your home, editing what you have, and making a good first impression.
This is all true!

And an important part of the first impression is your curb appeal, what the buyers see as they pull up to your house.

Sellers... buyers begin to make up their minds before they even set foot out of the car.  

They will ooh and ahh and their eyes will light up or they might consider asking their agent if they can just move on … (40 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- How Can I Make My 50's Tile in My Bathroom Work? - 05/05/15 10:51 AM
Staging FAQ’s- How Can I Make My 50’s Tile in My Bathroom Work.
Preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to break your budget.   It’s true, bathrooms do count when buyers are viewing a property and often the 50’s tile just screams “DATED” to the buyer.   However, if your budget and time are limited, there are a few things you can do to help a buyer see this area as a possibility rather than crossing your house off their short list.

If you can’t remove it, then work with it by calling attention to other details.

1.Choose accessories that complement rather … (40 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Is There Anything I Need to Do Before the Home Stager Comes? - 02/25/15 09:18 AM
Staging FAQ’s- Is There Anything I Need to Do Before the Home Stager Comes?

It’s never easy having a stranger come into your home even if it is to help you sell your home.  Some of my sellers are a bit apprehensive before my Home Staging Consultation.
Primarily it’s because they don’t know what to expect.  Do they need to move everything out of the house first?
Am I going to arrive with a demolition crew and tear up their house?

And, if they are a fan of the staging shows on television, the ideas they have may be … (34 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Do I Have to Remove My Religious Symbols? - 02/10/15 10:15 AM
Staging FAQ’s- Do I Have to Remove My  Religious Symbols?

This question came up on my very first staging.  The seller had a beautiful home, but a very large religious display blocked a key selling point of one of her rooms.
My suggestion to her……. and keep in mind, my consultations are ALWAYS suggestions because I know very well that ultimately it is the seller's choice to make……..was to remove the items because they were hiding this key selling point.
It was not based on whether or not I thought someone might be offended because THAT is not … (38 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ'S- What Should I Do Before I Decide to Stage My House? - 01/11/15 09:19 AM
Staging FAQ’s- What Should I Do Before I Decide to Stage My House?

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, there are so many things to think about.  Getting it staged may be one of those items on your list.
This  buzzword has been around for years now and if you’ve watched the cable shows you may have some idea of what Home Staging is.
So, what do you do?  Do you call in a Stager?  Stage it yourself?  Ask your agent about staging?  Should you even bother?
Below are helpful tips … (21 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Why Do I Need a Consultation When I'm Selling a Vacant Home? - 01/07/15 09:16 AM
Staging FAQ’s-Why Do I Need a Consultation When I’m Selling a Vacant Home?

We often think of Home Staging Consultations for occupied homes but not necessarily for vacant homes.

However, I find that consultations for vacant homes are just as important.  Why is that?

First.. what is a Staging Consultation and what can I expect to learn from it?  

Basically, a consultation provides information about what you can do to improve the condition of your property so that it will appeal to buyers, as well as help get the best return on your investment.  (You see… it’s not just … (46 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- When to Keep and When to Remove All of the Furniture. - 09/21/14 06:06 AM
Staging FAQ’s- When to Keep and When to Remove All of the Furniture.

This is a question that real estate agents and home stagers are often asked.   Is it better to keep some or all of the furniture in the house when you are selling it, or just move everything out?  

For some sellers,who may have already moved to their new home, this often a dilemma.
What is the answer?  Some may say that having nothing in the house allows the buyer to see what is really there and not focus on someone else’s decorating choices.

Others would … (26 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- 5 Tips to take Your House from Nice to Wow in Palm Beach County. - 08/25/14 11:34 AM
Staging FAQ’s- 5 Tips to Take Your House from Nice to Wow in Palm Beach County.

Earlier this year I was contacted by sellers whose house had been on the market for 5 months.  They had found their new home and now the push was really on to sell their current home.

They called Room Service! Home Staging to see what they might be missing.

On first glance this house was nice… very clean… good curb appeal and well edited.  So what were they missing?   
Often, it’s the little things that you can do that can take … (31 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Can we leave our hurricane shutters up while we're out of town? - 06/23/14 08:40 PM
Staging FAQ’s  - Can we leave our hurricane shutters up while we’re out of town?
When I’m providing a Home Staging Consultation around hurricane season, this is a question that I get asked all of the time.  Hurricane season began June 1 and ends November 30, and yes, we’ve had hurricanes in the latter months. (Want hurricane tips?)

If you plan on being gone for any part of the season, it’s smart to think ahead.   However, your house will continue to be shown and you’ll want to take advantage of every viewing.  

Make sure your Buyers will still be … (41 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- It's a Seller's Market! Why do I need to Stage my home? - 06/11/14 08:33 PM
Staging FAQ’s -It’s a Seller’s Market!  Why do I need to Stage my home?

If you are planning on selling your home then you may have been advised to stage your home.

  Since the market is supposed to be getting better for sellers, you may wonder why you should bother.  You have a great location and you and your agent have agreed on a market value list price.

     Good question!

First, staging is not just moving furniture around .   It is making sure the condition of the property is the best it can be and that buyers will be … (57 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-What is the Minimum List Price of a Home You Stage? - 05/19/14 08:32 PM
Staging FAQ’s- What is the Minimum List Price of a Home You Stage?

When I’m speaking with agents or sellers, I am often asked what is the minimum list price or range of a home I will stage.  

And, I let them know that every house at any price point deserves to be shown in the very best condition.  

As a Stager, I have provided staging consultations and staging services for homes ranging from $80,ooo to $3,000.000+.


Whether or not we stage a house has nothing to do with the list price of a house.  There is NO … (49 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's: Does My Home Have to Be Perfect to Sell? - 04/21/14 09:10 PM
Staging FAQ’s: Does My Home Have to be Perfect to Sell It?

Often when I see Home Staging photos, the homes look like a model home.

Get real!  No one lives like that!

When I’m providing a staging consultation, I sense when the homeowner is concerned that they will have to turn their home into a “sterile model home.”

Home Staging isn’t about perfection!
Home Staging is all about :

1. Removing distractions and detractions
2. Presenting the house in the best possible condition
3. Showing the possibilities of the house to the buyer
4. Letting the Buyer feel … (55 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-I don't have a lot of furnishings. What can I do? - 03/19/14 08:29 PM
Staging FAQ’s- I don’t have a lot of furnishings in my home and my budget is limited.  What can I do?

It’s not always that the homes we see are so packed that the first thing on the agenda is packing and removing most of the house.

Some of the properties I see are sparsely furnished or decorated.  

What can a seller do when furnishings and budgets are limited?

1.  Curb appeal
Set the mood BEFORE a buyer walks in.  Make sure that dead plants are removed, bushes and shrubs trimmed, weeds removed, and there are some welcoming plants … (49 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- How Can I Prepare My House for a Showing? - 02/25/14 07:15 PM
Staging FAQ’s- How Can I Prepare My House for a Showing?

One of the last questions my clients ask me after a Home Staging Consultation is “How can I prepare my house for a showing?  We still have to live in it every day.”

This is a valid question.  None of us lives in a model home- we work,  have a family, prepare meals, and basically live in our homes.

So how can we live in our homes and still be ready to show it at a moment’s notice?

Make it a habit
Gather everyone in the household and let … (55 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's How Can I Stage My Laundry Room? Do I Have To? - 02/19/14 07:34 PM
Staging FAQ's- How Can I Stage My Laundry Room? Do I Have To?

There are two areas in a house that are probably the most neglected when sellers are preparing their home for sale.  They are the garage and the laundry room.

This post will focus on your laundry room.  Oh, yes, just as buyers will want to see your garage, they will want to see if there is enough space in your laundry room for their family.

Think how many times a week you’re in the laundry room.  Often this room is not just for doing laundry, but can house … (58 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's-Palm Beach County- What Am I Supposed To Do With All of This Stuff? - 01/30/14 07:39 PM
Staging FAQ’s- Palm Beach County -What Am I Supposed to Do With All of this Stuff?

Oh, sure, it’s easy for me to suggest to my clients that they edit what they have but then what are they supposed to do with everything?  

That’s a good question and one that Sellers ask stagers and their agents.  

So, where do you put everything?  

1.  If there are items that your adult children will want, you might consider passing them along now.  
One of my clients placed all of her Lladro and silver on her dining room table and … (36 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- Why Do I Have to Worry About the Garage? - 01/26/14 07:27 PM
Staging FAQ’s- Why do I have to worry about the garage?

I can always see the look of guilt and embarrassment on a seller’s face when we begin to approach the garage.   The next words are usually:

“It’s just the garage… how important can it be?!”

Well.. guess what.. IT IS!

Living in South Florida, where there are no basements, storage or perceived storage can become an important factor for buyers.  

Here’s why the condition of your garage is important…

1.  Buyers need to see it.
Just as the rest of your living space, buyers need to see your space. … (47 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- How Can I Set the Mood so Buyers Will Like My House? - 01/22/14 08:03 PM
Staging FAQ’s - How Can I Set the Mood so Buyers Will Like My House?

Selling your house is like putting on a play… when the curtain goes up, it’s showtime!  Your audience will have certain expectations and if you don’t meet them….. it may mean curtains for you and your house.

Your agent has no doubt talked to you about cleaning and editing your many treasures.  Hopefully, you’ve finally fixed the faucet that has been dripping and replaced the worn carpet throughout the house.

Think you’re done?
This is a command performance, so let’s pull out all … (39 comments)

staging faqs: Staging FAQ's- Is It Too Late to Stage My House? - 01/20/14 11:45 AM
Staging FAQ’s - Is It Too Late to Stage My House?
In South Florida we do have a season, and we are currently in it.   It’s the time when our Snowbirds return to their southern roosts to enjoy our warm sunshine.  

We are in the height of activity, and that includes Real Estate!   Visitors are here looking at the temperatures up north and realizing that South Florida would make a warm comfortable place to live next winter.

Parents planning a move are beginning their search process now, with hopes to be settled long in their new … (25 comments)

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