thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Thank You for Your Comments On My Post and Those of Others  - 06/29/22 12:52 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Thank You for Your Comments On My Post and Those of Others 
In gathering posts to feature in my Sunday post I try to read many posts daily.  I don’t read every post that scrolls through the blogroll and I have to admit that I don’t always add a comment. 
While wandering through the blog posts, I’ve noticed there are many who comment on posts, especially the ones who are new to this community or who have few or no comments. 
Just as we all want to be heard, we want to be “read” as well. 
For most of us, it takes time to … (29 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Thank YOU for Letting Us Get to Know You! - 06/01/22 02:43 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Thank YOU for Letting Us Get to Know You!
Carol Williams and I want to thank YOU for making the May ActiveRain Challenge: Getting to Know You so much fun!!! 
We had 57 members who shared with us their quirks, favorite meals, how they started in Real Estate and so much more. 
All of this…the members…the community…the support for each other…this is the essence of the ActiveRain community. 
If you haven’t had a chance to read the posts, you can go to the Challenge post and click on the links in the comment section.
And, don’t forget that there is a new challenge for … (43 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…for the Little Bit of Geek in Me - 05/11/22 03:53 PM
Thankful Thursdays…for the Little Bit of Geek in Me
When I was a little girl, I wanted a real working Dick Tracy watch. I built houses for my dolls but once I read about “the watch” that is what I wished for. It would be 50ish years before I finally had my Dick Tracy watch, otherwise known as an Apple watch.
Oddly enough, I did not take any computer courses in college. I saw my friends walking around late at night with those punch cards while they tried to get time in the computer lab and wanted nothing to do with it. … (28 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For All the Sharing - 05/04/22 03:51 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For All the Sharing
When Carol Williams and I planned this month’s May Challenge: Getting To Know You, we wanted to make it easy and fun, and we wanted to get to know YOU better. 
It’s only been 4 days and already we have 17 posts for the Challenge!!!
We can’t remember when a contest or challenge has had so many posts so early into the month!!!  
Candice A. Donofrio was first up to the plate and if you haven’t read her post, I hope you’ll stop by.
I understand that Challenges aren’t for everyone but stop by and read the posts!!! They truly … (32 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Pay It Forward - 04/27/22 05:23 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Pay It Forward
Quickly, what was the last act of kindness that someone paid to you?

It’s time to pay it back or forward if you haven’t already.  Today we celebrate Pay It Forward Day. 

The day was founded by Australian Blake Beattie in 2007 and inspired by author Catherine Ryan Hyde and her book Pay It Forward: A Novel. 

Absolutely, every day is a day when we are given the opportunity to Pay It Forward. We can give without restrictions a kind word or share a kind smile with someone. 
The more you Pay It Forward, the more kindness and love that goes out … (33 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thank You Thursday Celebrated on Thankful Thursdays - 04/20/22 05:23 PM
Thank You Thursday Celebrated on Thankful Thursdays
When I’d heard of Thankful Thursdays I never gave much thought to why or how it came about. Until…while wandering through cyberville I learned that today is Thank You Thursday. 
Inspired by motivational author and speaker Jon Gordon,  Thankful Thursdays and posts expressing gratitude have spread like ripples in a pond. 

Studies have shown that the attitude of being grateful is beneficial to our health and well-being. But beyond that, saying Thank you and being sincerely grateful for what you have is a better way to live than walking around like an ungrateful curmudgeon. 
Saying Thank You to … (37 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...Grateful for All of the Many Voices - 04/06/22 12:38 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For the Many Voices
Before I proceed, no…I am not hearing strange voices in my head. The ones I do hear are my own. 
Every morning, I check my Next Door app to see what’s going on in my area. At most, it takes me 5 minutes. I’ve learned to wade past the lost dogs and cats lest I spend all day on this site. 
However, what I have learned to enjoy are the many varying voices that respond to the posts. While I often have to shake my head and wonder how in the world they could think that…or I “shout” at … (32 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays….Thank YOU - 03/30/22 05:58 PM
Thankful Thursdays….Thank YOU
After Roy Kelley commented on my Wordless Wednesday post to let me know that I’d passed 5 million points, I threw the post I’d written out the window.

(Well, not really…who in their right mind throws away a post they’ve written! )
Congratulations aside, I am grateful for the last 14 years here spent reading, writing, and learning. Were it not for the ActiveRain members and the community that has been built, I’m not sure that I would still be here.
What Have I Learned?

If you have a question about anything to do with Real Estate, the answer is right … (25 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Good Samaritans Once Again! - 03/09/22 04:45 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Good Samaritans Once Again!

It’s time for a feel-good story! The other day I read a story that made me smile. And it also reminded me of something we all need to know or do. 
First the story- a jogger was in one of our city’s large parks when he had a cardiac episode. Not just one but several people stopped to help. Two men administered CPR, someone called 911, others prayed and made sure that the EMS could find them in the park. 
You can read the rest of the story here, but yes he survived because of these good people.
The attending … (31 comments)

thankful thursdays: Throwback Thursday/Thankful Thursdays…Peace - 03/02/22 03:04 PM
Throwback Thursday/Thankful Thursdays…Peace
Often on Thursdays, I will write a Throwback Thursday or Thankful Thursday post. However, I could not decide where my thoughts fell.

Is it a Throwback because I long for the days when there was
peace in our country and in the world (well, at least a semblance of peace), or is it a Thankful Thursday because there is still much
to be thankful for?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

We hope for peace for the people of Ukraine, as well as those in Russia. We pray that those fleeing their … (39 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…for Conversations - 02/23/22 05:10 PM
Thankful Thursdays…for Conversations
Much has been written about how texting and other forms of digital communication can be stifling the fine art of conversation. 
Larry and I were out this week and we had two refreshing conversations with fellow walkers. 
One lady noticed Larry’s Kansas shirt and thus began a delightful conversation. She is originally from Australia but was married to someone from that area.

We spoke with another walker to follow up on an iPhone she’d found on the trail a few weeks ago. At the time, she was trying to find a way to return it to its owner. Because it looked … (34 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For People Like Her - 12/15/21 02:22 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For People Like Her

You know how in almost every meeting or group there is always someone you can count on to keep things organized and motivated?  

If you’ve attended our weekly Zoom Meetings, then you know that person is Debe Maxwell, CRS.

It’s hard to believe that what began as a small Zoom-Coffee meetup at the beginning of the Pandemic has transitioned into a weekly learning experience for many of us. 

And every week…with maybe one absence that I can remember…Debe is there acting as our host and moderator. She has even Zoomed (hands-free) in the car while on the way back … (48 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Thankful for Those in Blue - 12/08/21 12:39 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Thankful for Those in Blue
This is the time of year when we’re all planning our holiday gatherings with our family and friends…Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. And of course, there’s the opening of all of those gifts!
However, there are many families like ours whose family members and loved ones are members of our local law enforcement. And, as you know, crime, emergencies, accidents, fires…there are no holidays for them. 
My brother is retired from the Houston Police Department but I can tell you there were many years when Christmas dinner for him came late that night or we celebrated the … (23 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...Thankful Leftovers - 12/01/21 05:16 PM
Thankful Thursdays...Thankful Leftovers
One of my favorite ActiveRain challenges has always been the November challenge where we share what we are thankful for. 
This year my biggest problem was keeping my gratitude list to ten. And isn’t that the kind of problem we should all have?!
One thing for which I am grateful is the ActiveRain community. 
When I began my journey as a home stager, I had no idea what blogging and SEO were. And as a home stager, you are working alone. There were stagers around the country but not that many. So it was hard to bounce ideas around with others.
When I … (29 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thanksgiving Challenge 2021...Grateful for Good Dentists! - 11/17/21 04:32 PM
Thanksgiving Challenge 2021...Grateful for Good Dentists!
We all need them and yet is there anyone out there who gleefully goes to the dentist?  

However, I have been blessed to have 2 dental practices who have come to my rescue when I truly needed it, and very painlessly I might add.
In 2017 I broke off and swallowed part of my back tooth the day before the arrival of Hurricane Irma. I was lucky to catch Spodak Dental before they were closing their offices so everyone could go home and board up. 
“Come in and even if we’re unable to work on it now, we’ll … (30 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursday...for Chocolate - 10/27/21 12:22 PM
Thankful Thursday...for Chocolate
When I read that today is National Chocolate Day, I thought it only fitting that I express my deep appreciation and love for chocolate, and in particular dark chocolate. 

There is a piece of dark chocolate waiting for me every day after dinner. With the exception of apple pie, my dessert of choice is always something involving chocolate...chocolate pie, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and dark chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce.
I am also thankful that one mile from our home is the Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory. It is family-owned and operated and you can tell how much they enjoy … (38 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...for My MIni-Me - 10/06/21 02:08 PM
Thankful Thursdays...for My MIni-Me
Today is my Mini-Me’s 7th birthday and I am so thankful that she is in our lives.
They say that my great-niece,  JK is a lot like me but I don’t know...well maybe…
When she was 3, her mother was not feeling well after teaching all day. She decided to lay down for a while. When JK’s dad came home from work, JK marched right up to him and said…
“You need to go in and take care of your wife. She doesn’t feel well.” 
When she was 5 she had her first tea party and planned the whole thing from … (24 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...A Year’s Worth of Gratitude - 09/29/21 03:40 PM
Thankful Thursdays...A Year’s Worth of Gratitude
Once again it is time that I reflect on what I’ve learned (or relearned) this past year and rejoice in what I have. 

If you’re going to go through this life you might as well learn something, right? So, what have I learned?
~When you are factoring in what might go wrong in an endeavor, the one element that will always screw things up is the human element. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love people and believe in their basic goodness, but just like a chemical equation, the one unstable element will always be a human. When you remember … (30 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...For the Good in People  - 09/22/21 06:37 PM
Thankful Thursdays...For the Good in People 
Call me naive but I have always believed that there is some good in 99.9% of the people out there.  
It may be that the “good” is taking a nap or hasn’t yet been given the opportunity to show itself, but it’s there. 
For example, until recently Larry has been missing in action on our morning walks. He is working through planters fasciitis and has progressed to short walks.
There have been so many people who have stopped me to ask how my husband is. Some I know by name, and others I “know” via our exchanges of “Good … (23 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...For Mattress Mack - 09/01/21 12:10 PM
Thankful Thursdays...For Mattress Mack
In 1981, we were watching a program on one of the non-big 3 television stations in Houston. I’m not even sure if cable tv was around, at least not as we know it today. 
There was a commercial that had us looking, laughing, and watching. A thin man was promoting his furniture store and at the end, he spoke quickly and said “Gallery Furniture Saves You Money” and then jumped up with a wad of cash in his hand. 
For over 40 years, Jim McIngvale otherwise known as Mattress Mack has been a Houston icon. 
After Hurricane Harvey, he coordinated with … (25 comments)





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