thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For the “Git R Done” People - 06/12/24 03:34 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For the “Git R Done” People
Have you noticed there are the “Git R Done” people and the “Someone oughta" people?
Some of the walking paths at Kickerillo are along Cypress Creek. In some areas, there is a 125-foot sheer drop into the creek. Recently a sinkhole developed…under part of the path. Orange cones were placed at the sinkhole but this was just the tip of the issue. 
Our friend, Greg, who does everything imaginable at the parks in this area, is a Git r done guy. Rather than wait for the Road and Bridges Department who are stressed with repairing things after … (16 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For Waiting Rooms and Good Ole Boys - 05/01/24 05:24 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For Waiting Rooms
and Good Ole Boys
Most people I know would rather have a root canal than wait in the airport, a long line, or the doctor’s office.  While it’s not my favorite activity, I think it’s fun to observe people. You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet. 

The other day, while waiting for Larry to have one of his eyes tweaked. (from his cataract surgery a few years ago) I had the opportunity to chat with my favorite character…a good ole Texas boy. 
An older gentleman walked in, sat on a loveseat, and promptly tried to get up. … (17 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…for Family - 04/24/24 05:05 PM
Thankful Thursdays…for Family
When Larry and I decided to return to Houston after 30+ years off and on in FL, it was because of family. It was time. 
This hit home with me this week when I attended the funeral Mass for my sister-in-law’s mother. Mrs. A was a kind and loving woman. She had a deep faith that she passed on to her family. 

She always wore a smile…asked for nothing…and loved her family. Larry made little rolls just for her because she loved small sandwiches. 
Mrs. A has a large family…children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters and more. But I also saw other … (17 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful and Throwback Thursdays…ActiveRain Meetups - 04/10/24 04:40 PM
Thankful and Throwback Thursdays…ActiveRain Meetups
In case you weren’t aware, many of us have been actively reaching out to absent members. 
This month’s April ActiveRain Reconnection Rally-Bring Back the Spark is just what we need! 
My first AR MeetUp in 2011 was hosted by Katerina Gasset and Nestor. Look at Tristan! He's now following in his mom's footsteps.
Seeing Patricia Kennedy , as well as comments from James Dray , Jay Markanich, and Ginny Gorman  and others is like old home week.
It reminded me of the many ActiveRain MeetUps we used to have. They were held in different areas and hosted by a … (19 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Why We’re Here - 04/03/24 06:25 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Why We’re Here
This Easter we had most of the family with us. Last count was 31 (I think)  
When we moved back to Houston in 2019 it was because it was time. We had our Florida fun in the sun for about 30 years however Larry and I felt the need to be closer to our families.
Casa Streib has become the dining hub for most holiday and family dinners. I don’t mind because I enjoy entertaining and cooking. 
When my cousin thanked us for hosting our family gatherings, I said…
“It’s why we moved back!”
And I meant it. I am grateful for … (16 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…A Joyful Meeting - 02/21/24 04:22 PM
Thankful Thursdays…A Joyful Meeting
When Larry and I returned to Houston, we learned about the Fallen Warrior Memorial and the adjoining park. We are there at least once a week to walk and to pay respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

We’ve found small painted stones with inspirational messages placed along the walk. Some are tucked in the crook of a tree…others on a tree stump. 
There were crosses made of stones and pine cones…often with a small fresh flower on them. At Christmas there were small ornaments hung along the path. On each one was a special word painted…JOY or BLESSED. 
For … (18 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For the Staff at Alan Murphy Salon - 01/24/24 05:39 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For the Staff at Alan Murphy Salon
This post was inspired by a question William Piotrowski      asked.  It was a gentle reminder that Wednesday, January 24th was National Compliment Day.
I know that unless you live near me, you’ll likely never go to Alan Murphy Salon but I wanted to share the wonderful experiences I’ve had there. 
Every phone call is upbeat and friendly. As soon as you enter the salon, you can feel the positive energy.
I noticed from my first visit at Alan Murphy Salon that everyone smiles and says “hello” to you. It doesn’t matter if … (15 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For a Treasured Gift  - 01/10/24 05:38 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For a Treasured Gift 
Often in ActiveRain, one post leads to another which then leads to another.  And in my case, it led to one of the most treasured and unexpected gifts I’ve ever received. 
In early December, I wrote a post about political correctness. My dear friend, Endre Barath, Jr., followed up with an excellent post about the subject using my favorite rice as an illustration.
And, if you’re not one to read some of the comments in posts, you may be missing out on some interesting and/or fun conversation.  The comments morphed into the coveted UNCLE BEN'S CANISTER!
Fast forward to … (11 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays...Giving Directly - 12/27/23 02:44 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Giving Directly
Most of us are blessed that the children in our lives have food, shelter, and enough love in their lives to nurture them through their childhood. The hope is that they grow into happy and productive citizens of the world. 
Sadly that is not the case for every child. My niece teaches in schools where most students are challenged in their home life. Some are without their own home and sleep in shelters or motels. Some live with one or two working parents but in a questionable environment. And others live with their grandparents because their parents can no longer … (14 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…Hope - 12/20/23 05:43 PM
Thankful Thursdays…Hope
It’s easy to feel discouraged when you read about the escapades of some of our youth today.  What we don’t always read are the positive stories that can’t help but make you smile and engender hope for our future. 
Recently I read about  2 college students who used part of their NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) money to give back to their communities. 
Regardless of what you may think about players being compensated for their Name, Image, and Likeness, the point is that these two young men didn’t spend all of it on expensive watches, cars or items for themselves but found a … (14 comments)

thankful thursdays: Full of Gratitude For Thanksgiving - 11/22/23 05:45 PM
Full of Gratitude For Thanksgiving
Writing the posts for this month’s Gratitude Challenge and preparing our Thanksgiving dinner for our family took me down Memory Lane. 
My first memory was growing up and playing flag football with my cousins in the front yard after Thanksgiving dinner. One Thanksgiving I attended the  Annual Texas-Texas A&M  game in College Station with a boyfriend. 
At one time we’d have two Thanksgiving dinners…one with the family and the 2nd one prepared in our apartment for our friends whose families were out of town. 
One Thanksgiving in Leesburg, VA, it was just Larry and me and we still cooked a … (20 comments)

thankful thursdays: Gratitude Challenge 2023…for Gadgets, Gizmos and Devices - 11/15/23 01:57 PM
Gratitude Challenge 2023…for Gadgets, Gizmos and Devices
When my friends were wishing for Barbies, ponies, and princess houses, I wanted a Dick Tracy watch. However, I  wanted one that actually worked! 
This was long before April 2015 when the Apple watch was introduced! I waited over 50 years for it!! (and by the way…talking into your wrist is highly overrated!) 
I am grateful that I’ve been able to enjoy all of the wonderful gadgets, gizmos, and devices that make my life fun, often easier, sometimes frustrating, and help keep my world interesting. 
But a few that I am grateful for…
Fitness Bands…I’ve had a Fitbit for … (21 comments)

thankful thursdays: Gratitude Challenge 2023…For Our Dailies - 11/08/23 02:25 PM
Gratitude Challenge 2023…For Our Dailies
Over 13 years ago while having New Year’s Eve Dinner with friends, we decided to start the new year with a walk. It was long past time that we all took better care of our health. 
In January of “I don’t know what year” a handful of us went to Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands to begin what would become for Larry and me our morning ritual of daily walks. 
It is part of our Dailies- just like taking vitamins and eating our fruits and veggies!  
Rarely do we miss and have walked in the rain (light) and cold … (24 comments)

thankful thursdays: Gratitude Challenge 2023: For Being Brought Up Not to See Color - 11/01/23 05:17 PM
Gratitude Challenge 2023: For Being Brought Up Not to See Color
This is a topic that’s been on my mind for months. It has nothing to do with politics or being politically correct.  It was how our family was brought up and how we interacted with others. 
When I say family, it includes my whole family growing up…aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended members. My grandmother, Kate, was at the helm…always. 
Aunt Jerry and me
Her adopted (unofficial) daughter was my Aunt Jerry who was white.  A couple who shopped at our family store became good friends. They bought the house next door to us and … (24 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For Conversation - 10/18/23 04:55 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For Conversation
What do you get when you put a black, Asian, and white person together? 
No, this is not an inappropriate joke or political commentary. Recently as Larry and I were about to begin our walk we ran into a walking buddy and his dog, Wylie. 
Our exchanges are usually brief (2 to 5 minutes) …often “hello” or just enough time to give Wylie his treat so that we can continue on our walk.
However this time we stopped to talk. Of course, the Astros came up, the NFL and college football. One thing led to another and we talked about the … (18 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For Good People - 09/06/23 03:20 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For Good People
There’s nothing I like better than a feel-good story!
This weekend’s College GameDay on ESPN covered the kind of story that brings a big smile to your face and tears to your eyes. 
It is the story of 2 Eastern Michigan football players…Zack Conti, a walk-on Offensive Lineman, and his teammate and captain, Brian Dooley, a senior on scholarship. 
Conti wanted to play college football so much that he was working two jobs (landscaping and pulling tile and carpet) and donating his plasma. He was considering using the transfer portal to go to a smaller school where he might be eligible … (21 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For the Little Courtesies - 07/19/23 05:32 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For the Little Courtesies
When we moved back to Houston, my heart shouted a big yee-haw when we went to the grocery store and the cashier asked how my day was going.  We addressed each other as “mam.” And, as I left the register, she said “Have a blessed day.” 
I love it when people open doors for others or when they smile and say “good morning” whether or not they know you. 
How about when a  perfect stranger asks you if you need help with your packages?  
Every day we read of people who take (aka steal) from stores and others…people who act … (17 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…for Handshakes - 06/28/23 01:59 PM
Thankful Thursdays…for Handshakes
I met someone recently and I received something I’d not experienced in quite a while….a simple handshake. 
Handshakes have been around forever. They must be important because the month of June has two days that celebrate the handshake…World Handshake Day is June 21 and National Handshake Day is observed on the last Thursday in June. 
In my previous jobs I was in sales and business development…lots of handshakes!  You learned how to offer a proper handshake…not one that crushed and not one that was like a limp fish or one that shook someone’s fingers.

Sports teams…young and old…shake hands after a … (26 comments)

thankful thursdays: Celebrating Those Who Give…Thank You, Cheryl Whitfield - 06/07/23 05:20 PM
Celebrating Those Who Give…Thank You, Cheryl Whitfield, of the Fallen Warrior’s Memorial
Larry and I make a point of stopping by the Fallen Warriors Memorial several times a month. 
As we do on every patriotic holiday, we were there this past Memorial Day. There were flags everywhere. In fact, one gentleman we saw carried a large U.S. flag as he walked through the memorial. The flowers bordering the memorial proudly shouted red, white, and blue. 
On this day, we were honored to meet Cheryl Whitfield, founder of the National Memorial Ladies, and the force behind the Fallen Warrior Memorial. 
While Ms. Whitfield did not lose … (19 comments)

thankful thursdays: Thankful Thursdays…For This Inspiring Teacher - 05/17/23 02:45 PM
Thankful Thursdays…For This Inspiring Teacher
Teachers work hard in a profession that is taking a beating and never seems to pay enough. 
The other day I read about Rebecka Peterson, the 2023 National Teacher of the Year. 

What impressed me, besides being given the honor, was that she has elevated being a math teacher to being a teacher who inspires her students. 
Ms Peterson initially taught at the college level then moved into teaching high school students. She admits that this was overwhelming for her. 
She discovered a “One Good Thing” blog written by teachers to share any positives, good deeds, successes, and joy from their … (20 comments)





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