thoughts: Monday Motivational...Just Because - 09/16/18 04:02 PM
Monday Motivational...Just Because
If you’re like many of us these days, you want to read about something good in the news.  It brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of the good that exists within us.
Well, this is not the case!
Just kidding!!!!
I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. I had a weekend packed with football.

Anyway, there was a story about a young man who works at Wendy’s. What brought him to the attention of social media was a generous act of kindness that he showed to a blind couple.

This employee didn’t just take their order but … (25 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...Check Your Attitude - 09/09/18 03:31 PM
Monday Motivational...Check Your Attitude
Where would I be without a quote or post that was influenced in some way by sports and particularly football?
“... expectations don't win games. Just like talent. Talent is what you're capable of; attitude determines how well you do it.”                    Jimbo Fisher
FSU has to do without Jimbo Fisher after 7 years, but my Texas Aggies are happy to have him as their coach.
He is certainly used to coaching many personalities with different levels of talent.
His quote applies to any of us in any situation, whether it’s work or our own personal lives.
If you’re hiring … (28 comments)

thoughts: Thoughtful Thursdays...Just Because You Can… - 09/05/18 04:38 PM
...Doesn’t Mean You Should
Technology has given us tools and platforms that did not exist 15 to 20 years ago. We no longer have to wait for the evening news to learn what occurred in our world.
Most anyone with a smartphone can become part of the paparazzi that shoots photos and lets us know what celebrities and others are doing including but not limited to what they are eating, who they are dating, what ice cream they bought and what they look like in everyday clothes.

Some cough up the idea that the public has a right to know. Well, no … (26 comments)

thoughts: My Hesitation About Getting a New Profile Photo… - 09/03/18 03:44 PM
My Hesitation About Getting a New Profile Photo…
I’ve been thinking of taking a new profile photo for ActiveRain. I’ve had the same one for a while. I don’t think I’ve changed all that much, however, I know that I no longer own the green sweater that I’m wearing, and there’s a purple streak in the back of my hair.
My hesitation though is two-fold. First, I’ve seriously been waiting for a good hair day. It seems never to come. The bangs keep wanting to part, and then when I do decide I realize that my midnight blonde roots are showing. Not … (28 comments)

thoughts: Thoughtful Thursday...You Never Know - 08/29/18 01:58 PM
Thoughtful Thursday...You Never Know
When I was a little girl I, like many little girls, wanted to be a princess. Sharon Tara  Wordless Wednesday Photo of her beautiful granddaughter made me think of this.

But as we know, even princesses can have heartaches and a less than ideal life.
I wondered about all of the people who are in our lives and we never know if they are really happy or maybe we assign our own preconceived notions on them and assume they can’t possibly be enjoying life.
There’s the lady that we see almost every day who walks around the beach … (27 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...Talent Alone Isn’t Enough - 08/26/18 04:03 PM
Monday Motivational...Talent Alone Isn’t Enough
Last week a friend and I were reminiscing about our work together years ago in Houston. We’ve known each other for over 40 years and besides working together, we became lifelong friends.

As always happens, we talked about some of the people we’d known in our work. There was always one person who had so much talent and could have succeeded in anything they tried.
They had great skills, were educated and as smart as they come, yet there was one thing that held them back.

That one thing was their character or lack of it. Some … (27 comments)

thoughts: Have a Magical Day! Do You Believe? - 08/22/18 03:25 PM
Have a Magical Day!   Do You Believe?
There are two things I love...Disney and magic. Years ago when Larry was building in Celebration, we had the opportunity to go to Disneyworld whenever we wanted. I remember that if you called Disney, the service representative would always say Have a magical day!
And, not surprisingly, I was always left with a big smile on my face.

The same can be said for magic...good magic.
We watch America’s Got Talent and some of the magicians and illusionists have been amazing. They have taken the old disappearing act or simple card trick way up several notches. … (27 comments)

thoughts: Get Out of Bed On the Wrong Side? - 08/16/18 04:35 PM
Get Out of Bed On the Wrong Side?
We all know this phrase, don’t we? The other day while having breakfast out, we had a server who must have done just that.
She was cranky and short with those she was serving, and not much better to those she worked with. Had there been a smile, it was now replaced with a grimace.
At one point when she went back towards the kitchen, I heard a co-worker say to her…

What’s the matter with you? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?? If you did, get back in and … (31 comments)

thoughts: Change... - 08/12/18 04:18 PM

It’s a fact of life...the older you get the quicker time seems to fly.
We were driving around Delray the other day remarking about new businesses opening and even more, thinking about those that have closed.

What happened to them, we mused?!

It then occurred to us that we’ve been in Florida off and on for over 30 years! Businesses close, owners sell, retire, or die. The business landscape changes.
The trouser shop that had been on Atlantic Avenue since we moved here in 1987 was a fixture and part of the local color. It was known for its only in South Florida colorful … (30 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...Restoring My Faith - 08/08/18 04:36 PM
Thankful Thursday...Restoring My Faith
Generalizing and putting people into groups makes us forget about the beauty of the individual.
Lately, the air at times seems to be filled with hostility towards groups with name-calling and hate being flailed about with reckless abandon.
Larry and I have been editing our toys and furniture since the first of the year. They are sitting there, well used but it’s time to let someone else enjoy them.
We’ve been using Offer Up. Much has been said about being cautious about using these selling sites. You’re never really sure who you’ll meet...even in the safety of the Target … (39 comments)

thoughts: How Do You Sign Off on Casual Texts??...and Other Thoughts - 08/02/18 05:14 PM
How Do You Sign Off on Casual Texts??...and Other Thoughts

When many of my friends decided that phone calls would take a back seat to texting, I was not a fan. I’m a big techie and early adopter but I enjoy having a real conversation with my friends.

However, I grew to love texting. My friend said that she started utilizing texting a lot while she was sitting on a soccer field or in a gym watching her children play.
It was a good way to communicate without having to scream into the phone.

We all fell in love with how easy … (39 comments)

thoughts: Can You Make the Time to Do It? - 07/29/18 02:13 PM
Can You Make the Time to Do It?
Someone I know is always telling us that they didn’t have the time to do what it is they said they would do. It was a simple thing. In fact, it didn’t require much in the way of time and effort.

We all have people that we meet in our and personal...who are forever telling you that they didn’t have the time to do something.
In the past, I thought OK, they didn’t have the time. And sometimes that’s true.
However, there are some people who grab for this excuse constantly.
Heck, most … (35 comments)

thoughts: Your Positive Spin Could Be What Someone Needs! - 07/26/18 03:53 PM
Your Positive Spin Could Be What Someone Needs!

Think back to a time when a friend, acquaintance or even a stranger said something to you that was just what you needed to hear.  It might have been something as insignificant as I love your hair!

Whatever it was they said at that particular moment in your life it is exactly what you needed. And oddly enough, that person probably had no idea that what they said had such an impact.

Thirty plus years ago when I thought my life was as good as it gets (and in fact, had just said that to … (26 comments)

thoughts: Just One Thing... - 07/25/18 02:14 PM
Just One Thing…
We met a new walking friend at the beach recently and something he said will ring true to all of you.

First of all, he’s a fellow Texan so we began by comparing notes on our search for good Mexican food and chicken fried steak.

He’s a retired Real Estate agent but not retired from working. When he left real estate, he followed a passion and became a wedding photographer. He was very busy in Texas, but then when he moved to Florida to be close to family, he had to start all over.

Like so many businesses, it’s a … (68 comments)

thoughts: A Final Update... - 07/23/18 03:52 PM
A Final Update…
For those of you who followed our Peahen saga, this is the final update.

On June 5, Larry discovered a peahen sitting on 12 eggs tucked away under a tree in our yard. We were so excited!!!

He even pulled his old Samsung Galaxy out of a drawer and turned it into a Live Camera by downloading the Alfred app.

Our grandchildren, nieces, and nephews enjoyed watching the monitor just to watch mama peahen move her eggs around. We all hoped to watch as the eggs hatched.
The eggs were supposed to hatch in 28-30 days.
However, after 35 days or … (26 comments)

thoughts: How Teachable Are You? - 07/22/18 03:07 PM
How Teachable Are You?

Just because someone has a high IQ doesn’t mean a thing unless they actually use it. I’ve given enough IQ tests to know.

Most people can be taught if they want to be. One of my favorite coaches, Herm Edwards, tweeted something the other day that is as applicable for non-athletes as it is for athletes.
Teachable players have these traits:
1.They listen more than they talk.
2.They admit when they are wrong.
3.They ask questions.
A man who asks is a fool for five minutes. A man who never asks is a fool for life.   Chinese Proverb
All of us fall … (32 comments)

thoughts: Toss Out Tuesday... - 07/16/18 03:47 PM
Toss Out Tuesday

Not to worry...I just made this up.
However, humor me... think what might happen if we took one idea, thought, or belief that we’ve held forever or at least for a long time.
Perhaps we grew up with this belief ingrained in us by our parents or community.

Consider taking that idea, just for the moment, and tossing it out.

The other day I read about a man who had grown up with one political belief...passed down from his parents and grandfather. However, after serving in a branch of our Armed Forces, going into business and having a family, he made … (50 comments)

thoughts: It All Depends On Where You’re Standing When You’re Looking - 06/28/18 12:06 PM
It All Depends On Where You’re Standing When You’re Looking

My husband and our good friend are always joking with each other about their military backgrounds.

Vic has the utmost respect for the pilots who were called in to supply air support when his patrol was being attacked. He said they would all stand up and cheer as if they were kids at a ball game when the jets flew in.

On the other hand, my husband, who flew F-4s totally admires Vic and all of the soldiers who fought the ground battles.’s all a matter of where you’re coming from … (30 comments)

thoughts: A Simple Hello or Good Morning... - 06/17/18 03:46 PM
A Simple Hello or Good Morning...
Joseph Domino 480-390-6011  wrote a post this week that I featured in my weekly post. It’s such a simple thought and yet one we may forget to do every day. If you haven’t read his post, I’d encourage you to do so. It will be worth it.
It reminded me of something I say to people all of the time. If it’s on our morning walks, it’s a Good Morning. At the very least, it’s a Hello! It's become a bit of a challenge to see who says Good Morning back to me.
Don’t laugh! How many … (43 comments)

thoughts: Summer Safety Tip for Children... - 06/14/18 02:46 PM
Summer Safety Tip for Children
Schools are out and families will be headed to the beach, amusement parks, the mall, and other fun destinations.  Let me share with you something I saw a mother do many years ago that unfortunately, we must think about these days.
We were in the parking lot headed towards a town festival. Lots of people and lots of children.
I watched a mother taking a separate photo of each of her 3 children. She was careful to make sure she took a full head to toe shot of them.
In talking to a friend of mine who is … (33 comments)

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