thoughts: Monday Motivational…Follow the Birds - 07/21/19 02:32 PM
Monday Motivational…

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
On our morning walk a friend said that she’d heard the reason birds sing first thing in the morning before they even begin to look for breakfast is to praise and give thanks for the coming day. 
I did Google this and while it may be more mystical and myth, the idea of it made a lot of sense to me. 
Instead of beginning your day with thoughts of the many tasks facing you, or the client who drives you crazy, try thinking of how grateful you are to wake … (29 comments)

thoughts: Good People, Nextdoor, and Pets - 07/18/19 06:59 PM
Good People, Nextdoor, and Pets
You can take only so much of the news without wondering what the world is coming to and feeling like you want to crawl under your blanket and never come out. 
And then you are reminded that there are good people in the world and your spirits are lifted. 
Yesterday afternoon a sweet dog wandered into our garage door which was partially open and then into our backyard. He was so friendly and thirsty!  It was after 4 and still 98 degrees out. Larry got him water and I went out in the street to see if someone was … (32 comments)

thoughts: Friday Thoughts...Enough With the Weather! - 07/11/19 01:54 PM
Friday Thoughts...Enough With the Weather!

Yesterday I was wandering around Cyberville looking at what will be celebrated in the coming days. I came upon a New Conversations Day, which is today, July 12 and my mind did more wandering. (you might blame our Michael Jacobs  who has us pondering and wandering these days.)
Anyway, the gist of the New Conversations Day is that we make an attempt to have a conversation with someone that is more than about the latest restaurant they tried or how hot the weather’s been (unless you’re a meteorologist!) 
The point was that we often think we know friends and … (27 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Be A Child Again - 06/30/19 05:58 PM
Motivational Monday...Be A Child Again

After spending some quality time this weekend with my niece and nephews it occurred to me that we often leave the best part of our inner child behind as we mature. 
When did we have to search for a reason to be happy or spend money buying things that might make us happy?

When did we stop learning new things and settling for what we already know?

When did we learn to give up because it was too hard? 
Take a little time as you begin your week to seek out that kid in you again. You owe it to yourself!

A … (23 comments)

thoughts: Paul Henderson’s Post Jogged a Memory - 06/27/19 04:32 PM
Paul Henderson’s Post Jogged a Memory
If you’re not following Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS ’s daily quotes, you’re missing out on what to many is the best part of the morning. 
The other morning when I finished reading one of his posts I was reminded of an agent I’d met on my journey through life. 
The agent who was tasked with finding a home for us.  It was a seller’s market and Slim Pickins was not just the name of an actor. This agent’s attitude was so negative, though, that Larry and I wondered if we’d find a home or have to rent something … (26 comments)

thoughts: You’re Not Fooling Anyone… - 06/20/19 03:07 PM
...Except Yourself!
Do you remember the kid in class or the jerk at work who thought they were making a snide remark about someone that others wouldn’t get?  They usually chuckled to themselves. Some got it and others may not have but still, we all saw right through it.
It happens at work, in our personal lives, and yes, in Cyberville.
What’s the point?
It happened recently in this Cyberville community and when I read what was said, I had to shake my head. It said more to me about the person who wrote it than it did the subject of their … (21 comments)

thoughts: Pick Up a Rod & Reel...It’s Go Fishing Day... - 06/17/19 12:59 PM
Pick Up a Rod & Reel...It’s Go Fishing Day...

No, I haven’t gone totally daffy (yet.)  Larry and I have been talking about children and how buried their heads are in their devices. And the discussion turned to fishing and how we wish more children had the opportunity to learn to fish.
I love to fish. Not crazy about removing the fish from the hook but that’s why I have Larry around, as well as gloves and a hook remover.  With the exception of certain fish, we are "catch & release" fisherpeople.
We tried once to take our grandsons fishing once and … (29 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday… “Leave Your Ego at the Door." - 06/16/19 01:58 PM
Motivational Monday… “Leave Your Ego at the Door."

The Planet Fitness we belonged to had a big sign that said: “Leave your ego at the door.” I’m not sure what they meant but I always took it to mean that we were all there with a similar goal. No one needed to be impressed or meant to feel any less by what we could or could not do.
Someone with a healthy ego feels good enough about themselves that they do not need to make those around them feel any less.
The ego that presents an issue is the one that is quite … (47 comments)

thoughts: Focus on the Message - 06/12/19 06:16 PM
Focus on the Message
Yes, this is another one of those Social Media etiquette posts. Well, it’s not so much about that because the book is still being written about that.
Every morning, part of my routine is to spend a few minutes on my Nextdoor app.  Being new to the area I have found it very useful in finding out about doctors, restaurants, and other services in my area.
The other day, one of the members wrote about a recent experience he had while having lunch at a local fast food restaurant. An apparent homeless person became aggressive towards … (33 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Be Someone’s Light - 06/02/19 05:17 PM
Motivational Monday...Be Someone’s Light
You can learn so much when you’re out enjoying life and mother nature. On our walk one morning I was looking at all of the flowers that have been out for several months now.
All of them were reaching for the sun and its energy. And, it reminded me of how and I...are much like these flowers. We gravitate towards people that radiate energy and a positive force.
Seriously, when you’re at a party or business meeting do you immediately walk towards the one person you know is a downer who could zap whatever remaining energy you … (37 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...An Honorable Spirit - 05/27/19 06:18 PM
Motivational Monday...An Honorable Spirit
There was an article I read on Memorial Day about a woman who has “watched over” a World War II soldier’s grave for 74 years. She did not know him nor did she know anything about him.
Who would do that?  As I read more, I learned that she is part of thousands who show their gratitude to the soldiers who helped them and others across Europe regain their freedom during World War II
It's more than just an adopted grave. It's cherishing our liberty and our freedom.
Ton Hermes, president of the Foundation for Adopting Graves at the American … (26 comments)

thoughts: Are You Sending Business to a Competitor? - 05/23/19 05:42 PM
Are You Sending Business to a Competitor?
Businesses large and small invest a lot of time and money into bringing clients to their doors (or websites or whatever portal they have.) Why wouldn’t you do everything you could to ensure that once you got them there, they weren’t going to walk over to your competitor’s?
The other day we were at a big box store looking for something for our growing bird sanctuary.  We searched the pet section until someone came along and asked if they could help us.
After we explained what we were looking for, he thought a moment then … (37 comments)

thoughts: Just a Thought...Why Not Just Smile and Move On? - 05/20/19 03:18 PM
Just a Thought...Why Not Just Smile and Move On?
When  I was a little girl, if something was served for dinner that I didn’t like, I was taught not to make a big show of not liking it.

Just don’t eat it. Don’t push it all to one side of the plate and separate it as if it were a crime scene.
 It would have been rude to say for example “I don’t like cauliflower.” It would also have been very obvious if I’d made a point of eating everything but what was pushed all the way to one side of the … (58 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Grab Your Inner Childhood Spirit! - 05/19/19 03:35 PM
Motivational Monday...Grab Your Inner Childhood Spirit!
What Larry and I enjoy most about Facebook besides photos from friends and family members are the hilarious and heartwarming pet and child videos.
This video had us in stitches. It also made me wonder about a time when most of us had that wonderful childhood quality of uninhibited spirit.
(it's over 3 minutes but trust me, it will be the best 3 minutes you've spent!)
It may be something that some of us never truly had or perhaps had but was lost on its way to adulthood.
This week I’m going to venture into the “way … (24 comments)

thoughts: A Nice Pay It Forward Act of Kindness - 05/16/19 05:21 PM
A Nice Pay It Forward Act of Kindness
This was not what I’d planned on writing about but as they say…”things” happen.
My asthma flared up big time this week so much so that I’ve had to break out the inhaler and nebulizer. Today we decided to have a late lunch at Lupe Tortilla (hear that Dorie Dillard CRS GRI ABR !)
Just as I got settled in our booth I started coughing and wheezing. I had my gargantuan purse with me so I was struggling to find my inhaler.
Within seconds someone tapped me on my shoulder and gave me a tall glass … (31 comments)

thoughts: Asking and Listening to Get the Answers - 05/13/19 05:02 PM
Asking and Listening to Get the Answers

Many years ago I managed an employment agency in Houston. For the most part, we all got along. This was not by chance...when hiring I wanted to make sure not to bring in people who could rock an otherwise smooth sailing ship.
We weren’t like the Stepford wives though. Everyone had their own strengths that they brought to the agency. There was a balance that could be toppled by just one unhappy camper.
One day that unhappy camper came to my office. Her production was down and I wanted to see what I could do … (20 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Taking Root - 05/12/19 06:28 PM
Motivational Monday...Taking Root

When I was thinking of Mother’s Day this weekend and my first neighbor in Delray Beach, I remembered what she told me shortly after we moved in.
Root where you are planted.
You see, I’d just moved from Houston where I’d lived for 37 years. I dragged my feet getting a Florida Tag and license and couldn’t bring myself to become immersed in anything to do with Florida. (For anyone who’s read my posts over the years you know how that worked out!!)
However, I took her message to heart. I “allowed” myself to listen to the local news and read … (23 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursdays...This is What It’s All About - 05/08/19 07:39 PM
Thankful Thursdays...This is What It’s All About
People always talk about the meaning of life and what it’s all about. Why are we here? What is our purpose?
That answer is different for everyone and for everyone it can change depending upon their stage in life.
In addition to putting a roof over our heads, our work gives us a reason to get out of bed every morning.
Our volunteer efforts help to make whole our hearts and add a third dimension to our souls.
Deep friendships that we make can serve as guides in our lives and often serve as anchors … (30 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Stop “Communicating!” - 05/05/19 05:44 PM
Motivational Monday...Stop “Communicating!”
When this texting thing appeared in my world many years ago it was hard to get used to. My friend, whom I was used to having nice conversations with over the phone, suddenly was texting short messages.
She explained that it was easier for her to text while she was sitting at the soccer field or in the gym rather than to try to have a phone conversation.  I get it! And texting grew on me.

~ It’s ideal when you simply need an answer to a question or to confirm an appointment.
~Texting also gives you a digital … (33 comments)

thoughts: Ditch the Vinegar and Grab the Honey - 04/29/19 05:21 PM
Ditch the Vinegar and Grab the Honey
This isn’t a health post unless you might consider it a health post for your business.
We’ve all heard the old saying You can catch more flies with honey… and I totally believe in it. Actually, I’m more likely to begin with honey and if that begins to fail, I reach for the vinegar.
My honey journey began this morning when trying to access a shopping site. (what else is new?!) At any rate, there were login and password issues and at one point everything I had in my cart vanished.
This shopping adventure required … (44 comments)

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