thoughts: National Let It Go Day… - 06/22/20 01:11 PM
National Let It Go Day…
The first thing that came to mind when I saw what this day is was the movie Frozen and Elsa (Idina Menzel) singing Let It Go. 
It also reminded me of consultations with sellers who were preparing their home for sale and encouraging them to edit their items and let go of treasures they no longer wanted or needed. 
However, letting go isn’t just about items like clothing or furniture. There are actions, thoughts, attitudes, and people that often we would be wise to let go of. 
For example, years ago I let go of the people in my life … (32 comments)

thoughts: Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything? - 05/18/20 05:45 PM
Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything?
OK, I couldn’t resist.  On our daily walks, there is an agent who walks and rides a bike.  How do I know that this person is an agent?
They arrive and get out of a car with signage on both sides that bears their photo and name. 
The agent and friend are friendly and always wave and say “hello” to all they pass.
HOWEVER...with physical distancing being practiced, this agent seems clueless. As they walk in the middle of the path, everyone they pass is forced to go off the path onto the grass and … (30 comments)

thoughts: How To Keep Your Posts From Sounding Too Buzzy/Stuffy - 05/07/20 06:00 PM
How To Keep Your Posts From Sounding Too Buzzy/Stuffy

Today I was listening to someone speak and the first several minutes almost put me to sleep. It felt like I was sitting through someone presenting a paper before a very formal academic group.  Unless this is your purpose, refrain from using terms and words that you think make you sound like a professor. 

We live in a world where information comes at us 24/7. Most of us here rarely will read a post that is all words and more words. It’s important to remember that our readers feel the same way. 
Get To The … (49 comments)

thoughts: Are Your Ducks in Order Or Are They Still Quacking Around? - 05/04/20 12:26 PM
Are Your Ducks in Order Or Are They Still Quacking Around?

There have been many stories about businesses and what they are doing to try to reopen. Recently I read about two owners of similar businesses and it made me think about the age-old saying about ducks and having them in order. 
Both owned salons with a medium-sized staff and had been open for many years. They were concerned for their business as well as their employees. 
Salon Owner A was waiting for the word that salons could reopen. She was concerned about being able to get supplies once they were allowed to reopen. … (56 comments)

thoughts: Masks...What Say You? - 04/20/20 03:47 PM
Masks...What Say You?
When this whole thing began there seemed to be a larger concern for what we touched.  Wash your hands with soap and water. And that’s a good thing!
But what has become a concern for many is the reach of the virus as well as the length of its “hang time.”
So besides doing our best to physically distance ourselves from others, we are very much aware of the air we breathe and pass through. 
Masks are a bit like social some extent they allow us to be semi-anonymous when we’re out in public...kind of like a masked ball. (I’m channeling … (36 comments)

thoughts: Friday Thoughts...Words Buzzing Around - 04/09/20 04:50 PM
Friday Thoughts...Words Buzzing Around
Many years ago I started working in business development for a company that marketed to health-care-related companies.  I had to learn a brand new lingo. Not the medical terminology but the business buzzwords that seemed to have popped up in the years since I’d worked in Houston. 
Where do these words come from?
 I’ve been listening to the daily COVID-19 briefing (BTW... Dr. Deborah Birx reminds me of Larry’s mother) and two words leaped out at me.
Granular and Mitigate.
It’s not that I don’t know the meaning of these words but I’ve not seen them used in the context that they … (31 comments)

thoughts: Food For Thought Friday - 04/02/20 05:17 PM
Food For Thought Friday
Yesterday I caught some of Dr. Oz and one of his guests was Mel Robbins who offered some excellent Emotional Resiliency Tools (or Inner Strength) to help us cope.  
I was not familiar with Ms. Robbins but I thought I’d pass it on to you to use as you will or even share with someone you may know who is finding it hard to deal with our world being turned topsy turvy. 
Bear with me while I paraphrase and add to her suggestions.
“Emotional Resiliency Tools” to help you cope…
Accept Where You Are
One of my favorite phrases that my husband uses … (42 comments)

thoughts: Tuesday's Thoughts... - 03/16/20 05:45 PM
Tuesday's Thoughts...
Social Distancing...

In college, I remember learning in sociology about social distancing. However, at that time,  it related more to different cultures. For example, if you were doing business with someone from Japan, you would make sure that you kept at least 3 feet between you.

Social distancing has taken on a somewhat different meaning now in light of the Coronavirus.  We are asked to maintain at least a 6-foot separation from each other and to avoid large crowds.  (by the way, I’m ok with that)
I have to tell you that the earlier version of me was a natural social distancer. … (32 comments)

thoughts: A Shout Out for Ring Customer Service - 01/16/20 04:18 PM
A Shout Out for Ring Customer Service
We bought our Ring Pro Video Doorbell several years ago and love having it. In fact, right after we installed it, it came in handy during the Christmas holidays. 
Recently it stopped working.  We went through all of the “try this first” stuff that is recommended on the website but still nothing. 
I called Customer Service and was hoping that even though we were out of warranty they might offer a discount off of a new Ring. 
The representative was very concerned and went so far as to tell me that he bought two for his mother who … (38 comments)

thoughts: Funky Friday...The Rest of the Story - 01/09/20 04:52 PM
Funky Friday...The Rest of the Story
December’s Challenge Your Craziest Transaction hosted by Carol Williams  and Anna Banana Kruchten Broker/Owner, CRB, CRS was so much fun to read. If you missed some of the posts you can head to the challenge post and scroll through the comments. 
Just for fun, I thought I’d fill in the rest of the story for my most unusual and eye-opening consultation. 
To set the record straight the whole story was true, with one exception... this wasn’t a staging consultation, it was a home that the agent was showing me when we were looking for a house on a lake. 
My … (26 comments)

thoughts: 2019...Great Moments of Gratitude - 12/26/19 05:54 PM
2019...Great Moments of Gratitude
On occasion, I’ve compiled a list of my most memorable moments for the year and what I have to be thankful for. It serves no purpose other than to remind me of the blessings I’ve had throughout the year. To some, they may seem ho-hum or big woo, but as I look back at the year, these are the top 10 things I am grateful for. 
The 10 things I am most thankful for in 2019
1.  Moving back to Houston. It was time and I had had no regrets.
2. Rafael officially became a part of the family. This beautiful … (29 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...My Cup Runneth Over - 12/25/19 05:15 PM
Thankful Thursday...My Cup Runneth Over
Christmas 2019 is over but my wish is that the spirit stays with us all for quite some time. 
I was with my family or at least part of them, and for that I am thankful. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and no need for sweaters, and it would not have been a family gathering without more food than we could ever eat. 
My niece used Marco Polo so we got to see her 3 tykes trip over each other as they bounded down the stairs and headed for their stockings. My mini-me found her bicycle, then immediately noticed … (30 comments)

thoughts: We’ve Resorted to Picking Through Trash - 12/19/19 06:19 PM
We’ve Resorted to Picking Through Trash
No, Larry and I have not fallen on hard times.  I had to share something that happened this week that could have been a scene from (enter the name of your favorite comedy show)   
For years as a way of thanking the men and women who help make our lives easier, we like to give them a little something during the holidays. 
It’s a lot easier to thank people you know you’re going to see, such as your hairdresser or the people who help with your lawn or house but not so much if you’re trying to … (32 comments)

thoughts: Fat Friday - 11/28/19 08:09 PM
Fat Friday
No, I am not doing any Black Friday shopping. It is almost 10 pm Thanksgiving night and my family just left. That’s 10 hours of non-stop talking and eating. 
I am talked out and pooped!  This dessert table full of goodies is missing 3 pies and a large birthday cake (we also celebrated 3 birthdays.)  No one was allowed to leave without a big doggie bag! 
Loved it...had fun...everything went well!  I don’t want to see mashed potatoes for a year!


thoughts: Thank Goodness For Post-It Notes! - 11/21/19 04:47 PM
Thank Goodness For Post-It Notes!
As much as I love my devices and using my iPhone for everything that I can, there are still times when I have to have an old-fashioned legal pad, my pen, and a bunch of post-it notes. 
I’m a big list maker. If I write something down, the chances of remembering it are greater. I have post-it notes for each task I have to do for the day on my vanity. 
I do use the Notes App on my phone, as well as Google Keep, and Evernote. However, when I have a long list that keeps growing as well … (28 comments)

thoughts: My Apologies...Road Trip and Limited Time in the Rain - 10/21/19 05:20 PM
My Apologies...Road Trip and Limited Time in the Rain
Larry and I took a short road trip to see the grandsons in Omaha. Before I left I decided that I wanted to limit the time I spent with my face staring into a computer, iPad, or iPhone screen. 
And so I wrote my posts days in advance and scheduled them to go live while I was gone. The only thing left was to find posts to add to my Sunday series. 
Unfortunately, while I was able to read many posts I had to limit my commenting and responding to comments left on my post.  … (26 comments)

thoughts: Funky Friday… No Gills Yet - 09/19/19 04:47 PM
Funky Friday… No Gills Yet
Dear Imelda has been visiting us for a few days. For residents to the south and closer to the coast, the rain has been heavier. Streets have flooded and people have had to be rescued. 
We’ve been lucky. Today (Thursday) was the heaviest day of rain for us but nothing like what people in Beaumont have experienced.  We were able to get out for short walks the past two mornings before the rains came. 
Houston is called the Bayou City and there’s a reason for that...bayous or incredibly large ditches everywhere. Our soil is clay so unlike in Florida … (31 comments)

thoughts: Funny What You Discover While Waiting... - 09/09/19 05:38 PM
Funny What You Discover While Waiting...
This morning I had a marathon conversation fix-it hour and a half session with Carbonite. That’s a story for another day but I do recommend them.
The technician had to take control of my laptop so there I sat. Since I am not one to just sit, I reached in a drawer and found my old daytimer/Filofax. 
Remember those??
They were what the Smart Phone is to us now. Our whole world was in that small notebook. Paper, dividers, and a pen. 
It had all of our contacts including their birthdays and other pertinent information about them. It also held … (34 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursdays...Guess What Time It Is! - 08/07/19 04:55 PM
Thankful Thursdays...Guess What Time It Is!

It may be close to 100 degrees outside but football season...or at least here.  Tonight there are 11 NFL games being played. Unfortunately, we’ll only get 3 of the games live, and the last one doesn’t begin until 9 PM. 
On a positive note... now that we’re in the C.S.T.(Central Standard Timezone) our games begin earlier than when we lived in Florida. 
It was tough trying to stay up past half time when we lived in Delray. 
While waiting for the return of football (college included) we’ve enjoyed watching our Houston Astros who are having a phenomenal season. … (30 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...Find Out What’s On the Other Side - 08/04/19 05:02 PM
Motivational Monday...Find Out What’s On the Other Side
The other night the 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees were enshrined in Canton, OH. One of my favorite players, Tony Gonzalez, was one of 8 in the 2019 class. 
In his speech, he spoke of how he (this now 6’5” Tight End who holds the NFL record for total receiving yards by a tight end) was too afraid to take part in the contact part of Pop Warner football. He participated in drills but his fear kept him from playing.
He also spoke of his fear of a bully and how he could not … (37 comments)

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