thoughts: Keeping You Informed- My Kind of Client Service - 06/14/21 04:50 PM
Keeping You Informed- My Kind of Client Service
Most of us have our pet peeves about client/customer service. One of mine is not being kept informed of steps and procedures. 
Several weeks ago, when I had some routine annual tests done at the Methodist Hospital near me, I was terribly impressed with how everyone at the hospital went out of their way to make all visitors and patients feel comfortable. 
This is a large facility and it would be easy for anyone to get lost or turned around. But when I came through the door there was someone to point me in the right … (38 comments)

thoughts: Best Friends - 06/07/21 02:01 PM
Best Friends

I read that today, June 8, is Best Friend’s Day it made me think about what a best friend is to me. When we’re younger we have tons of friends...from school, work, the neighborhood, church. 
Years ago I read that as we age, the number of friends we have decreases, and instead we tend to have more acquaintances. 
I know that has been the case for me. And, that’s ok. 
So I thought about what is something I look for in a good or best friend and in turn, who I try to be for them…

Short of certain legal and criminal infractions, I … (34 comments)

thoughts: Looking Back… - 06/03/21 12:35 PM
Looking Back…
This month’s Post-Pandemic, Let Freedom Ring Challenge prompted me to review some of my photos I took back in June 2020. 
Our salons and restaurants began opening with limited capacity and restrictions as early as May 2020 however many took a cautious wait and see attitude. 
We saw the above chalk art while on one of our morning walks.  
For me, seeing this inspired me and it reminded me of all the good that is out there.  Hope and kindness are powerful ingredients that we all need. 

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in … (30 comments)

thoughts: What Would You Tell YOU? - 05/20/21 05:15 PM
What Would You Tell YOU?
This is the time of year when many students and their families and friends are celebrating their graduations from college. We’ve had two celebrations and one more on the way. 
I pulled a Michael Jacobs and began pondering with a little wandering into the way-back machine.
What would I tell ME (if I could) when I graduated from college?
I can’t think of just one thing though. Sure, I might tell myself to invest in Amazon as soon as you can, but no that’s not what I mean.
So here are just a few things I would tell me when … (29 comments)

thoughts: Thoughtful Thursday… - 05/19/21 05:38 PM
Thoughtful Thursday…
Did you ever have someone out of the blue do something nice for you? It may not have been for may have seen or heard of someone who did a kind act for someone. 
If you’re like me, may have slapped your forehead and thought...That was so nice, why didn’t I think of that?!
Larry and I’ve met a sweet lady on our walks who shares our interest in wildlife and birds in particular. She loves hearing about the bluebird nests that we have and monitor. 
The other day when we were in the parking lot where we walk, she said...I have … (35 comments)

thoughts: When Your Blogging Tank Registers Empty - 05/10/21 04:42 PM
When Your Blogging Tank Registers Empty
It all of us...well many of us. If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time...heck even if you’ve just started...there comes a time when your blogging tank registers empty...nada, nyet, nichts. 
For many years, I have tried posting every day. I do this not for business (I’m retired) but for me. Blogging keeps my dendrites going and I know (fear) that one day when I decide that I’ll pass blogging that day, it will be harder for me to get back into the blogging habit. 
This works for me and it may not be what works … (35 comments)

thoughts: Backspace...Delete...Move On - 04/26/21 03:16 PM
Backspace...Delete...Move On
No, it’s not what you’s not about what others might say. 
The other day while commenting, my little fingers were just whizzing away. It wasn’t anything that was negative or derogatory...not at all. 
But I stopped and asked myself...Is all this really necessary?  I’d already made a comment that showed I’d actually read the post. 
And more to the point, what I was writing was extraneous or perhaps just added fluff to my comment. 
And so, I reread my comment and decided to backspace and delete the extra words. 
I asked myself if what I added would matter to the author or add anything … (25 comments)

thoughts: It Would Be So Nice If You Weren’t Here...Just a Thought - 04/15/21 04:22 PM
It Would Be So Nice If You Weren’t Here...Just a Thought
In case you’re wondering, yes there have been some people who have been told “It would be so nice if you weren’t here” during my 13 years or so at ActiveRain. 
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can! asked in the Q&A if we agreed with the decision to give the boot to those who have chosen not to abide by the ActiveRain Guidelines.
And of course, it’s not an easy question to answer. As in life, the answers aren’t always a simple Yes or No. 
Over the years I’ve seen some who were asked … (46 comments)

thoughts: Wanda Asked a Question...My Thoughts - 03/18/21 02:25 PM
Wanda Asked a Question...My Thoughts
Yesterday Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can! asked an interesting question…  Do you think that ActiveRain members have failed those who choose to leave the platform? 
“Oh no...what should I have done to keep the members here?”
That response would have been what a much younger version of me would have thought. However, having been a member for many years, I’d have to say “Not in the least!”
This is not to say that I or any other member doesn’t give a hoot about members who leave. Not at all. 
If you’re referring to new members, then there are many members here … (32 comments)

thoughts: You Learn to Listen When You Can’t Do Anything Else... I’m Listening - 03/15/21 02:53 PM
You Learn to Listen When You Can’t Do Anything Else... I’m Listening
One of my all-time favorite television series is Frasier. Years ago when the series was still on, we would often sit out on our lanai and watch it. I laughed so hard and loud, Larry was worried that we would get a call from our neighbors. 
Frasier’s radio tagline was “I’m listening.” As a psychiatrist, it was one of the skills he needed the most. 
In my other lives, I was lucky in that some of the training I received was focused on listening. 
In graduate school (Applied Clinical Psychology) my practicums placed … (33 comments)

thoughts:  Comment...Respond...Both...Neither? - 02/01/21 02:16 PM
Social media platforms usually work best when members participate and interact with others on the platform. And that is certainly true of ActiveRain. By reading and commenting on other’s blogs...responding to their comments, we learn more about each other. 

However...there are times when I have to make a choice...respond to comments you left on my post or head to your post and comment on it. 
When time permits, I try to do both but even though I’m retired, I do have a life!  

I know that some members never respond to comments on their posts or comment on other posts. They do however write … (28 comments)

thoughts: What’s Your Intent? - 01/27/21 03:25 PM
What’s Your Intent?
Good grammar has always been something I value. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because who is, but I still cringe when I hear double negatives or someone saying Me and Joe are going instead of Joe and I are going. 

Thanks to Marte Cliff we’re also more aware of how our message can be diluted if the reader is tripping over errors in grammar.

That said, I am curious about someone’s intent when they call error in grammar. 

In a post on a social media platform, someone wrote wining instead of whining. 

It was clear what the author meant … (27 comments)

thoughts: The Golden Rule for Staging Consultations… - 01/18/21 04:43 PM
The Golden Rule for Staging Consultations…
While there are many principles stagers follow when staging a home, there is one I call the Golden Rule of Staging Consultations that I followed. And while I am now retired, that Golden Rule served me well.
What was that rule?  
I always put myself in my clients’ shoes.  How would I feel if a stranger came into my home and proceeded to tell me what was wrong with my home? It’s hard to hear someone tell you that those beautiful figurines or collectibles you have are clutter* and need to be removed. 
Being honest…
Yes, the truth often … (29 comments)

thoughts: From the Mouths of Babes...Just What I Needed - 01/04/21 04:27 PM
From the Mouths of Babes...Just What I Needed
Larry and I dropped off some homemade brownies for my niece’s family yesterday. It was a special treat because they’d been down and out with allergies last week. We were afraid that my niece had come down with the virus but after two negative tests, it was just what she thought it was...a bad sinus infection. 
While dropping off the brownies, Mini-me took me aside and asked if we could have Easter this year. And if it could be at my house. 
I wanted to cry because Easter 2020 was the first major holiday we … (32 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...It’s Not What You Say or How You Say It...It’s Why You Say It - 12/20/20 05:04 PM
Motivational Monday...It’s Not What You Say or How You Say It...It’s Why You Say It
This is that time of year when our tongues flap about when we’re trying to wish someone Merry Christmas without inadvertently offending them.

This happened to me quite often when we lived in South Florida. When we passed someone while walking on the beach or in the park, we would often hear people stumbling over whether to wish us Merry Christmas. 
Were we Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, non-believers?  The thing is no one wanted to risk offending us and (dare I say it?) being politically incorrect.
First of all, … (38 comments)

thoughts: Touch a Heart Tuesday...Let’s Do It Everyday! - 08/24/20 03:01 PM
Touch a Heart Tuesday...Let’s Do It Everyday!
There have been so many posts and articles written about the importance of being kind to others and sharing our smiles. I know because I’ve written many of them. 
And so on Touch a Heart Tuesday, here is another gentle reminder that those seemingly little things you do can touch someone’s heart and have a lasting impact. 
I remember when I found out I was moving to Florida...away from my family and home. I was depressed for days. Well-intentioned friends commiserated with me, which made me feel even worse. 
And then a co-worker totally turned my attitude around … (17 comments)

thoughts: Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything? - 05/18/20 05:45 PM
Are You SURE You Want Your Name on Everything?
OK, I couldn’t resist.  On our daily walks, there is an agent who walks and rides a bike.  How do I know that this person is an agent?
They arrive and get out of a car with signage on both sides that bears their photo and name. 
The agent and friend are friendly and always wave and say “hello” to all they pass.
HOWEVER...with physical distancing being practiced, this agent seems clueless. As they walk in the middle of the path, everyone they pass is forced to go off the path onto the grass and … (28 comments)

thoughts: How To Keep Your Posts From Sounding Too Buzzy/Stuffy - 05/07/20 06:00 PM
How To Keep Your Posts From Sounding Too Buzzy/Stuffy

Today I was listening to someone speak and the first several minutes almost put me to sleep. It felt like I was sitting through someone presenting a paper before a very formal academic group.  Unless this is your purpose, refrain from using terms and words that you think make you sound like a professor. 

We live in a world where information comes at us 24/7. Most of us here rarely will read a post that is all words and more words. It’s important to remember that our readers feel the same way. 
Get To The … (49 comments)

thoughts: Are Your Ducks in Order Or Are They Still Quacking Around? - 05/04/20 12:26 PM
Are Your Ducks in Order Or Are They Still Quacking Around?

There have been many stories about businesses and what they are doing to try to reopen. Recently I read about two owners of similar businesses and it made me think about the age-old saying about ducks and having them in order. 
Both owned salons with a medium-sized staff and had been open for many years. They were concerned for their business as well as their employees. 
Salon Owner A was waiting for the word that salons could reopen. She was concerned about being able to get supplies once they were allowed to reopen. … (56 comments)

thoughts: Masks...What Say You? - 04/20/20 03:47 PM
Masks...What Say You?
When this whole thing began there seemed to be a larger concern for what we touched.  Wash your hands with soap and water. And that’s a good thing!
But what has become a concern for many is the reach of the virus as well as the length of its “hang time.”
So besides doing our best to physically distance ourselves from others, we are very much aware of the air we breathe and pass through. 
Masks are a bit like social some extent they allow us to be semi-anonymous when we’re out in public...kind of like a masked ball. (I’m channeling … (36 comments)

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