thoughts: Not Just Another Day… - 05/17/18 06:00 PM
Not Just Another Day…
The further away we travel from significant days in history, I am concerned that they will be forgotten.
Does anyone remember the significance of June 6? Or July 20?

Some days we will always remember but other than celebrating them, it is as important to remember why they are they impacted those who lived through they impacted the world, even if slightly.

Today our friend Vic is remembering what happened on May 18, 1967. (View the CBS special they did) He was in Viet Nam and after being shot in the back by the North Vietnamese … (24 comments)

thoughts: Three Movies Left Me Feeling Low. It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way Is It? - 05/06/18 03:43 PM
Three Movies Left Me Feeling Low. It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way Is It?

Writing a movie review is not something I tend to fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever written one. That said, this weekend we were loaned DVDs to 3 recent movies. All were nominated for at least one Oscar.

The acting in all of them was excellent. But at the end of each one, I was emotionally down. It was similar to the feeling I’d have after some of my patients in grad school.

And if you know me at all, even if only from my posts, then you’d … (36 comments)

thoughts: Your Business Has a Curb Appeal Too. - 04/26/18 05:12 PM
Your Business Has a Curb Appeal Too.
As a Home Stager, the subject of curb appeal is always coming up. It’s so important to catch the eye of your buyers before they even pull up to the curb.

The same is true of your business. It too has a curb appeal.
The other day Larry was calling businesses in our area. We needed the Air Conditioner in our Prius fixed.
Because it is a hybrid, it requires a different knowledge than your standard air conditioner (beyond that I can’t explain it because I know nothing about cars)

When we called the first company and … (49 comments)

thoughts: Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday - 04/25/18 03:08 PM
Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday

Sometimes a story comes across the news that makes you smile...a big warm and fuzzy smile. And with all of the negativity and sourpusses around us, I was ready for this story.

So, if it brings a smile to your face, or if it makes you feel better about the human race, then for that I am thankful.

The other day, the other day, early in the morning, the Michigan State Police with the help of 13 truckers and their semis lined up beneath an overpass to help lessen the fall of a man threatening to jump. … (29 comments)

thoughts: Feeling Thankful... - 04/19/18 05:16 PM
Feeling Thankful

This seems silly, and first, let me say that I am thankful every day, but this week I am feeling particularly thankful.

~We have had a beautiful week meeting our friend’s sister and brother-in-law who were in visiting from New York. I felt as if we already knew them from all of our friend’s stories of them. We walked several mornings and had breakfast together.
Despite having very little in common, we meshed and can’t wait for them to return.

~The weather has been absolutely beautiful...coolish mornings (high 60s) and cloudless skies.

~A consultation I did this week felt … (27 comments)

thoughts: I Didn’t Want What I Bought to Be Served Up with a Spoonful of Your Opinion. - 04/15/18 04:02 PM
I Didn’t Want What I Bought to Be Served Up with a Spoonful of Your Opinion.

While at the Delray Affair, I was enjoying walking along Atlantic Avenue...taking in all of the activity, people watching and enjoying the day.

While I was making a purchase at one of the booths, I made some small talk with the artist...something like It’s good to see it’s busy so early and on the first day.

What I didn’t expect or want when the artist handed me my receipt and bag was her opinion on the state of the country.

She went off on how scared she was … (66 comments)

thoughts: Thankful for Being an Old Lady with Old Lady Friends. - 04/12/18 05:16 PM
Thankful for Being an Old Lady with Old Lady Friends.

Ok, Carol Williams, this one’s for you.

This morning I met with 2 ladies with whom I’ve been friends for a number of years. We try to get together every couple of months for brunch and play catch up.

What I love is that we’re of an age when we’ve already been through a lot with work and family. Which is not to say that we don’t have any bumps in the road that may come up but I’d say we’re better equipped to handle them now.
OLF’s (Old Lady Friends) … (24 comments)

thoughts: Lessons Learned From March Madness - 04/04/18 01:59 PM
Lessons Learned From March Madness

The big event known as March Madness is over, and while most of the brackets began collapsing on the first day, there were, as always, winners and losers, real and perceived.
Sports, especially team sports, offers so many lessons for our personal as well as our business lives.
So, here in the months-long break that we have between college basketball and football, are some lessons learned from March Madness.
1.Nothing is a given.
You may have all of the advantages but when it gets down to it, you have to play as hard as all of the other … (37 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...No Bad Days| - 03/28/18 03:55 PM
Thankful Thursday...No Bad Days|
We had breakfast with a friend and the subject of having a bad day came up. Our friend is 75, still goes on dive trips all over the world, and survived a heart attack while diving out of the country.
One credit card later, a life flight, a really good cardiologist, rehab with the help of a friend, and someone up above looking down on him and our friend welcomes every day with a smile on his face.

As he said at breakfast, after my heart attack, I have no more bad days.
And while I would not wish … (30 comments)

thoughts: It's Hard for This Old Dog to Learn New Tricks... - 03/22/18 03:15 PM
It’s Hard for This Old Dog to Learn New Tricks

While I don’t consider myself to be too high maintenance, there are two things that I need to car and my laptop.

Thankfully, Larry can take care of both.

However...last night my laptop went bye-bye.
Actually, it’s still in existence but my hard drive decided to go on strike.

While I didn’t get the infamous blue screen of death, I have a feeling it is on life support.

That said, I do have my iPad as well as the 3 other Thinkpads we own.
But you know how it is when you … (34 comments)

thoughts: The icing on the cake of a simple life… - 03/15/18 05:50 PM
The icing on the cake of a simple life…
Last month after I finished charging my Apple watch, I removed it from the charger and the back came off! What the hey?!

Thanks to Google, I discovered that this was a known issue with the first generation Apple watches.  Apple had extended its free repair for 3 years. After a conversation with the good people at Apple, I boxed it up and off it went!
Larry was waiting for panic to set in because he knows how much I love this watch.
However, somehow after years of waiting for maturity to kick in, … (28 comments)

thoughts: What Do You Think Makes a Good Leader? - 03/04/18 05:12 PM

What Do You Think Makes a Good Leader?
Recently when I was listening to some people who were in positions of leadership, the thought occurred to me that they didn’t appear to be exhibiting what I would consider traits that mark a good leader.

Think back on people you’ve worked for who were ones you’d follow to the ends of the earth. And of course, there’ve been those you wouldn’t follow down the hall for a cup of coffee.

And as I often do, I began talking to myself about what makes a good leader.

What makes a good leader?

1.These are the … (62 comments)

thoughts: Who Couldn’t Use a Feel-Good Story Now?! - 02/26/18 04:30 PM
Who Couldn’t Use a Feel-Good Story Now?!

What about you? I love to smile and nothing does that better than what I call a feel-good story. This story reminds me a little of the saying by Anne Lamott- It’s better to be kind than to be right.
In the Sunday game against Northwestern, Iowa guard Jordan Bohannon could have made a free throw which would have given him the program’s record for the most consecutive free throws.
Jordan intentionally MISSED the free throw. Until then he was tied with Chris Street for a record 34 consecutive free throws.
Chris Street also played for Iowa. … (26 comments)

thoughts: Remembering How Simple Life Used to Be. - 02/14/18 05:00 PM
Remembering How Simple Life Used to Be.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I was thinking of when I was just a kid and we decorated shoe boxes so that our classmates could deliver little paper Valentines to us.
Life was sweet and simple then…

And then the heartbreaking news that there was another school shooting. And this time closer to home in Parkland, FL.  just about 20 miles to the south of us. Larry built homes in the area and I have staged homes in the area.

How in the world can this be happening?
17 Killed
Teachers and school administrators are trained on … (28 comments)

thoughts: Anyone Can Fall Down...But It Takes a Winner to Keep Going. - 02/12/18 04:25 PM
Anyone Can Fall Down, But It Takes a Winner to Keep Going.
Don’t you love the Olympics!?! We love watching all of the athletes as well as hearing the backstories. They all work so hard and make so many sacrifices.
One event we were watching this weekend...cross-country skiing...offered a lesson that even the non-athletes among us could use.
Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krueger won the Gold Medal in the Skiathlon by 8 seconds
That alone is noteworthy, but he did it after he fell in the first few seconds. Two of his competitors fell on top of him as well. Krueger had lost … (73 comments)

thoughts: Oh Yes...It’s That Time of Year ...Once Again - 02/04/18 05:37 PM
Oh Yes...It’s That Time of Year ...Once Again

For years now I’ve been writing this post on the day after the Super Bowl.  In case you’re not aware, I’m a huge football fan...Pro and College.

I was born in Texas. Friday nights in the fall meant football. In fact, when Texas A&M was still part of the Big 12 there was a traditional Thanksgiving Day game between the Aggies and the Longhorns.  One turkey day, I was dating an Aggie and had the most fun watching the game in College Station.
I can remember one Saturday when I went to 2 football … (30 comments)

thoughts: Making 2018 the Best Year Yet...or At Least Trying - 01/24/18 04:05 PM
Making 2018 the Best Year Yet...or At Least Trying

Debbie Reynolds is hosting a challenge asking us to write about 3 goals (personal or professional) we have for the year. Why we have them and how we intend on reaching them.
At this point in my life, my goals tend towards personal ones... Making sure that I continue to live the kind of life I’ve been living and enjoying it as well.
My 3 goals are extremely simple ones, and perhaps that is by design. Hopefully, the simplicity will ensure that I am not overwhelmed by them.
1. Getting back in (regular) contact … (29 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...Thank You for Reaching Out. - 01/17/18 04:37 PM
Thankful Thursday...Thank You for Reaching Out.
Confessions of a former lurker.
When I began at ActiveRain, I was a part of a group many of you may be familiar with...The Lurkers. I read, and I commented.
I decided after 4 months of lurking to write my first post and it was everything you don’t want a post to be...a wall of words and no photos or graphics.
And then one day 6 months later, when I was telling a fellow stager (who is no longer active on the site) about a staging story, he said...Why don’t you write a post about it?”
The lightbulb turned … (30 comments)

thoughts: Five Positive Things About South Florida’s Cold Temperatures… - 01/04/18 05:44 PM
Five Positive Things About South Florida’s Cold Temperatures…

While those up north are being hammered by Winter Storm Greyson, Floridians have been the recipients of colder temps as well. We awoke to a temperature of 39 degrees this morning!

Now before you begin playing your little violins and chuckling, let me point out that while you Northerners are old hands at this, there’s a reason many of us choose to live in Florida!  
But inasmuch as I prefer to view things through a positive pair of glasses, let me try to squeeze out 5 positive things about South Florida’s Cold Temperatures.
1. … (30 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...For Sharing Your Memories - 01/03/18 03:40 PM
Thankful Thursday...For Sharing Your Memories
A  week ago, Carol Williams wrote a post about leaping into 2018 with a consciousness of gratitude. I think it’s a really good idea.
We talk about being thankful or grateful for something but committing to writing it making a conscious effort to recognize what makes you thankful...takes it a step further.
And with that said, I would like to express my gratitude to the many members who participated in the December Challenge I hosted and shared their favorite holiday memory with us.

There were 70 posts written and I enjoyed reading every single one of them. … (31 comments)

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