thoughts: Murphy Brown, Magnum PI, Will & Grace...You Can Do It Too! - 03/25/19 06:10 PM
Murphy Brown, Magnum PI, Will & Grace...You Can Do It Too!
One of the hardest things for many bloggers is finding a topic day after day or week after week...however often you blog. Of course, there are listings and market reports but if you want a continued following, you’ll want to offer more informative content.
But how many times can I, a Home Stager, tell you why sellers should edit their belongings?  How many times can an agent talk about what kind of questions to ask before hiring an agent?
I suppose the answer might be As many times as it takes!
Not … (11 comments)

thoughts: Monday Thoughts...Remember How Simple Life Used to Be? - 03/24/19 02:58 PM
Monday Thoughts...Remember How Simple Life Used to Be?

Yesterday I was reading James Dray’s post on James Blyth, the inventor of the first wind turbine. (by the way, if you’d like to learn something new every day I suggest you follow his blog)

My mind turned to windmills, not the huge turbines we see today but the smaller ones.

When I was a wee one our family would drive out to beach property we had along the Gulf Coast.
Often we had 4 to 5 carloads traveling there for a day of fun and, of course, food!
No cell phones in those days … (32 comments)

thoughts: Tuesday's Thoughts... - 03/18/19 06:09 PM
Tuesday’s Thoughts…
Can you appreciate what you’ve always had or must you have gone without in order to appreciate it?
I don’t know what the answer is or if there is one. I suppose, as my friend Michael Jacobs likes to say, it depends.
I suppose the answer lies within each of us.
We had a beautiful spring day yesterday with temps just under 70 degrees and the sun shining. Could we have appreciated it had we still lived in Delray Beach where the temps typically hover close to 80?
Do we take what we have for granted, knowing that others may not have … (28 comments)

thoughts: Turn Around is Fair Play - 03/14/19 06:00 PM
Turn Around is Fair Play
There was no doubt that the day would come. After 30 years of off and on living in sunny (and warm) South Florida, I knew to expect this.
Every year between December and March, our dear friends and neighbors to the north had to bite their tongues and call us all sorts of interesting names when we shared our photos of this…
And now that Larry and I have returned to Houston, while not the frozen tundra, we are subjected to this from our friends still in Delray Beach...

thoughts: Now, This Is How It’s Done… - 03/11/19 06:40 PM
Now, This Is How It’s Done…
Not to belabor a subject but our cable and internet went out Sunday and was out for over 24 hours.
No new reports here except to a report on the excellent service we received from Xfinity.
If you’ve ever been on hold with your cable company for what seemed like an eternity to report a problem or ask a question, then you’ll appreciate the Xfinity app that lets you request that a representative give you a call.  No more talking to a computer.
Within seconds someone from Xfinity called me. What stands out to me was … (41 comments)

thoughts: Not Connected... - 03/10/19 06:13 PM
Not Connected
Chalk this one up under “what in the world did we do before cable and the internet?” Yesterday, Sunday, Larry and were doing what we tend usually do on a Sunday afternoon in March...watching NCAA basketball.
My alma mater, the University of Houston, was playing Cincinnati, who really needed this win.
Then poof...cable off. internet.
I was trying to respond to comments on my post and ended up using my iPhone as a Hotspot for my laptop.
Unplugged and replugged everything...did the old unplug the modem and router route and wait until lights come back on however, nothing. … (28 comments)

thoughts: Give Your Audience More Than One Way to Know Who You Are - 02/28/19 05:05 PM
Give Your Audience More Than One Way to Know Who You Are
Yesterday I was working around the house and listening to whatever was on the television. I had headphones on and was not in the room where the television was.
I heard a commercial about some huge furniture sale (we are in the market for a few pieces). From what I heard, it was a sale that warranted my checking it out.
Only one thing...I heard when the sale was and how much I could save BUT I never heard the name of the store or where it was located.
Had … (34 comments)

thoughts: Goal Setting, Shelf Paper, and Seeing the End - 02/24/19 05:53 PM
Goal Setting, Shelf Paper, and Seeing the End

One of my least favorite things to do when I move into a home is to lay shelf paper. While it’s easier than it used to be, you still have to measure and cut the paper to fit each shelf or cabinet.
I usually measure the length, mark the endpoint then cut.
 That’s ok when you’re only going 12 inches but some of my shelves are 45” long.
I noted my starting point and my endpoint, but it seemed a long way from 1 inch to 45 inches. Just eyeballing it was probably not … (28 comments)

thoughts: Back in the Saddle Again... - 02/07/19 04:26 PM
Back in the Saddle Again…
If you’re picturing me on a horse because I’m back in Houston, you can delete that from your mind. Even though my father used to take me to ride horses when I was a wee one, I haven’t been on a horse in many years.

No, that saddle is actually in a car sitting in Houston traffic. If you are familiar at all with this city, then you know that there are two things that visitors complain about...the humidity and the traffic.
Yesterday we were errand running and all I have to say is thank goodness … (43 comments)

thoughts: And So It Begins 2019... - 02/03/19 02:40 PM
And So It Begins 2019...
If you were not aware, I am a huge football fan. And now that we are back in Texas I know that we’ll have our fill of it soon.
But the day after the SuperBowl has always been a bit of a letdown for me. However this year, it is more for college football and less for the NFL. (Did I just say that??)
The new rules that are meant to protect players are slowly ruining the game.
Call me old-fashioned but I’d prefer to watch players who truly enjoy the game and aren’t just in it for … (33 comments)

thoughts: Borrowing From Michael Jacobs - 01/30/19 02:29 PM
Borrowing from Michael Jacobs…
Anytime you’re sitting in a car for several hours you have time to ponder. My friend Michael Jacobs is famous for his very interesting pondering.
We left Delray Beach at 5 this morning for no other reason than we happened to wake up then. The trip has been smooth and Larry and I have taken turns driving. The rules of the road allow the driver to choose the channel. We have Sirius Satellite radio (I would never be without it) so we have an abundance of music, talk, entertainment, and sports to listen to. (I tend to flip all … (38 comments)

thoughts: Motivational Monday...I’m Not Good At This - 01/27/19 04:29 PM
Motivational Monday...I’m Not Good At This
This is crunch week...the movers come today, tomorrow the cleaners come, and with any luck, we’ll be on the road to Houston on Wednesday.
One of the things that I’m not good at is saying good-bye. When I’m at a big party, for example, when I’m ready to leave, all I want to do once I’ve said good-bye to the hosts is to walk out the door...slink away quietly in the night.
We’ve already had our “goodbye” breakfast with our friend who has become a major part of the way we love to start our day. … (31 comments)

thoughts: Sometimes It Helps to Step Away! - 01/23/19 04:16 PM
Sometimes It Helps to Step Away.

One of the hardest things to do when you’re blogging is blog.  Well not exactly, but what becomes hard is trying to figure out what to write about.
Some find it so easy to whip out a post daily, and even though I do post every day, I would not be honest if I said that it was easy.
There are some days when the topics seem to just pop up out of thin air. But there are also days when I think that the well has gone dry.
One tip that always works for … (43 comments)

thoughts: So, Who Does Pay for the Staging? - 01/17/19 04:59 PM
So Who Does Pay for the Staging?
Will Hamm asked in the Q&A section “If a client asks you to stage their home, who pays for it?”
Of course, I have my own opinion on the subject, as did the agents who responded to the question.
When I started staging in 2007, the market was already turning towards a buyer’s market. I was in Northern VA and one of the agents I met was offering to pay $150 towards a staging consultation for his listings. He viewed it as a marketing expense, which when you look at it, it was.
However, I always … (34 comments)

thoughts: The Decision... - 01/13/19 12:11 PM
The Decision…
A few months ago, Larry and I had an epiphany or awakening. Perhaps it is more accurately described as a realization.

We are not getting any younger.
Or from a different
perspective, we are getting older!
We first moved to Delray Beach in 1987 and have lived here off and on since that time. We moved back to Houston for a short time in the mid-90s, then back to Delray, then to Leesburg, VA, and finally back down to Delray Beach.
We were lucky enough to move next door to people who would become our extended family. When we returned … (32 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...People - 01/09/19 05:04 PM
Thankful Thursday...People
Right now I’m channeling Barbra Streisand singing People from Funny Girl.
Often I talk of The Season here in Florida and while the snowbirds begin to trickle in during the months of October and November, it is during Christmas holiday that the season kicks into high gear.
Yes, I complain about the traffic, and yes I dread the long waits for a table for dinner, and for sure I am leary of the heads I can’t see above the steering wheel, but I do love seeing people we’ve not seen since last April or May.
It’s not just the friend … (30 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...It Begins With One Step. - 01/06/19 04:30 PM
Monday Motivational...It Begins With One Step
With everyone already headed out of the starting gate for 2019, I was reminded of a story I shared years ago.
If you’re like me, when there is a goal I have in mind or something new I want to try, I want to get there NOW.
My tendency is to want to go from Point A to Point Z in one giant step.
But that’s not always possible or a good thing, is it?
A friend that we met several years ago told of us his struggle to get his health back after experiencing a heart … (37 comments)

thoughts: People Really ARE Nice... - 01/03/19 04:40 PM
People Really ARE Nice…
I’ve been trying to share positive stories to highlight the “Positive” that exists around us and because frankly, I’m sick of reading about stories that put me in a foul mood for the day.
The other day, Larry and I were traveling home from our holiday visit to Houston.  It was on New Year’s Eve, late in the day, and we were both ready to settle in and chill out during the trip.
We were buckled in, our iPhones and iPads out, seats up and ready to go.
But a late passenger came in and was seated just … (41 comments)

thoughts: New Year's Eve Thoughts... - 12/30/18 12:11 PM
New Year’s Eve Thoughts…
Now that my favorite ponderer ( Michael Jacobs) has proceeded with his pondering posts, I thought about the impending New Year.  2019 in case you’re counting.
Most people I know don’t make New Year’s resolutions and neither do I. It’s not that I can’t be bothered, but more like...why bother???
Exactly, why bother to make a resolution that I may or may not keep? It’s way too much pressure.  You have this one time of year that has been imposed on us by the holiday gods to create resolutions that we’re supposed to keep for the new year.
Forget about … (25 comments)

thoughts: Fixit Friday or Internet-less Days. - 12/27/18 01:41 PM
Fixit Friday or Internet-less Days
Oh, how we get out of sorts when we don’t have our connection to Cyberville!  
Wednesday while visiting my brother in Houston, we discovered that there was a large internet outage (the large carrier that is not Verizon).  My poor brother held for hours on the phone and tried to download the carrier’s app to see if the problem was n his end or theirs.
We considered going out for a new modem but it wouldn’t do any good if it was a larger problem.
Thankfully I have unlimited data so did my best with my iPad … (26 comments)

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