thoughts: The Christmas Gift I Never Forgot...What Was Yours? - 12/12/18 04:00 PM
The Christmas Gift I Never Forgot...What Was Yours?
The holidays always bring back wonderful memories for me. Besides the family dinners, Christmas lights, and the cheerful mood everyone is in, there are also gifts that I remember.

The Christmas gift that has always been in my heart is one I received when I was living in my first apartment.

This was in Houston, my hometown, and I’d met a good group of people who lived there. We went to dinner together and played water volleyball every weekend. In fact, I’m still friends with many of them.

One evening there was a knock … (42 comments)

thoughts: More Things You May Wish You Never Knew About Me… - 12/10/18 04:24 PM
More Things You May Wish You Never Knew About Me…

Back in December of 2015, someone started a post that was  26 Things About Me. It was a non-sensical fun thing to do in the last month of the year.  It was also a fun way to get to know each other a little bit better.

Actually, we used to have fun posts like these all of the time at ActiveRain. We’ve all gotten busier but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.
So in the interest of fun...I thought I’d resurrect this 26 Things About Me post.
If you’re of the … (50 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational ...Who Will You Become? - 12/09/18 03:55 PM
Monday Motivational...Who Will You Become?
Sports provides so many inspirational moments for me and that is especially true of football.

This weekend was the annual Army-Navy game. You do not have to have attended either military academy or served in the military to enjoy this game.

In fact, even if you aren’t a football fan, this game has a rich history that every one of us can appreciate.
Prior to the game, they showed footage from last years (2017) game where Navy lost to Army by a missed Field Goal. Army won 14-13.

The kicker, Bennet Moerhing, was capable of making that … (29 comments)

thoughts: Kindness Inspires Me... - 12/05/18 03:06 PM
Kindness Inspires Me…

A wonderful December Challenge by Carol Williams is to share a quote that inspires us. It is a tough choice because there are many quotes, lines, and sayings that have always inspired me.
However what immediately came to my mind was this quote by the Dalai Lama.
Be kind whenever possible.
It is always possible.
Something I’ve always believed is that we all have choices.  We may not always like them but they are our choices nevertheless.
Being kind doesn’t mean being a pushover or letting others walk over us.  
It means recognizing and taking into consideration the feelings of … (34 comments)

thoughts: Gift Cards...Love Them or Hate Them? - 12/03/18 03:59 AM
My Love/Hate Relationship with Gift Cards.

Years ago I wrote about my love/hate relationship with gift cards. Well, times do change and the older I get, the more I embrace them. I still miss (a little bit) the idea of going out and picking out and buying a gift for someone.

What I love is watching everyone picking out gifts for their family, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends.  It’s fun to see dad with kids in tow looking for that perfect gift for mom.

 As I stood in line at Godiva one time, there were some young college-aged men picking out gift boxes … (34 comments)

thoughts: My President George H.W. Bush Memory - 12/02/18 01:10 PM
My President George H.W. Bush Memory
My very memories of President George H.W. Bush date back to the summer after I graduated from high school in Houston...1967.

Some have said he was one of the most prepared persons based on his background to come to the Oval Office...U.S. Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of the C.I.A., Chairman of the R.N.C., Envoy to China, and Vice-President of the United States.
I did not know him personally but I admired the way he chose to live his life...with humility and decency.
He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism under fire. … (27 comments)

thoughts: Thanksgiving Thoughts...The Day After - 11/22/18 04:08 PM
Thanksgiving Thoughts...The Day After
It’s done. Now we have about a month until Christmas or Kwanzaa, less if you observe Hanukkah.  Take a breath and breathe.
It could be that you’re out amongst the other throngs of after Thanksgiving shoppers trying to take advantage of the sales that we are told are there.
 Perhaps you went out late yesterday to the malls that opened to catch those of you who couldn’t wait for today.
I don’t know...maybe that’s not such a bad idea, especially if you’re wherever you are and don’t have family or friends around. You can go to the mall … (35 comments)

thoughts: Take a Pause... - 11/19/18 04:31 PM
Take a Pause...
The other day I had the good fortune to meet a surgical technician at one of our local hospitals. I asked her if she knew my husband’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Sachs, and she broke out in a big smile.
It turned out that she and the hospital staff felt the same way as we and others do about him...he’s a gem!
She told me that one of the many things she admired about him was that he was a stickler for “Timeout” before a surgery.
I know that Debe Maxwell, CRS  and Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland know about this but … (31 comments)

thoughts: Just For Fun Friday... - 10/25/18 04:04 PM
Just For Fun Friday…|

While I’m not a huge candy eater, there are some candies that I do indulge in around Halloween. And by indulge, that would be maybe 5 pieces total for the week leading up to Halloween.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my family had a small grocery store in Houston.  The proximity to and availability of all things sweet and sugary was more than what any child could hope for.

This may be the reason why I don’t eat a lot of candy. In fact, I really don’t indulge.
That said, how in the world could anyone (except Barbara Todaro ) … (26 comments)

thoughts: Safety Tips for Home Stagers - 10/24/18 01:12 PM
Safety Tips for Home Stagers

While stagers aren’t as exposed to meeting with people they’ve never met as often as agents, we still need to be alert. There are a few instances from my own staging experiences that I can remember where I should have been more cautious.
The first thing to do is remove from your mind the idea that it can’t happen to you.
Follow what agents do...know who you’re doing business with.
We’re so excited when the phone rings and someone wants a stager, good judgment can take a back seat.

It’s easier if an agent or someone you … (55 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...Reach for the Sky - 10/21/18 12:35 PM
Monday Motivational...Reach for the Sky

As you ready yourself to set your 2019 goals for your business and for your personal life, why not reach for the stars?
Our wonderful friend, Vic, is always telling us that he sets his sights high. And adds, “Why not, whatever I achieve, it will be better than what I have.”
He bought a dilapidated apartment building when everyone told him not to.
There were tenants in it but what they paid in rent would not generate enough to cover any investment. And, there was no way he would be able to buy the building and update it. … (25 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursdays...You Can Say That Again! - 10/10/18 02:47 PM
Thankful Thursdays...You Can Say That Again!

Many of us here subscribe to the glass half full view of life. For me, it’s the only way I know how to function. Bad things happen but I have always found it helpful to look for the sunshine in the clouds in the sky.

Wednesday, we were in the Emergency Room of Delray Medical Hospital by 6:30 in the morning. Larry was feeling odd, was nauseated and was having trouble maintaining his consciousness. I called 911 and quickly grabbed phones, chargers, and water.

Everything checked out with Larry after they arrived but they decided to … (39 comments)

thoughts: Back To The Old Address Book… - 10/08/18 04:17 PM
Back To The Old Address Book…

It just may come down to this. Since the digital cloud, etc, I’ve done my best to adapt and do away with as much paper as I could. That said, I always have back-ups and believe in redundancy.
However, I spent almost one and one-half hours on the phone with Apple Support trying to figure out what happened to several of my contacts.
Last week I received a text from the “713” area code but no name was attached to it. When I opened the text there was a thread that I’d sent to a good … (34 comments)

thoughts: What Do You Keep? - 10/03/18 03:41 PM
What Do You Keep?

Do you have something in your box of treasures...perhaps in your sock drawer, or that box you keep on a shelf in your closet...that you’ve kept for ages even though it may not have any monetary value?
The other day I read about a book that asked that question of a group of people and published the responses of 150. They ranged from a hotel key to a shell pin cushion...from a boarding school hat to an Apple III computer, a gift from a father.
It made me think about what keepsake I have that I’ve kept for ages … (30 comments)

thoughts: Tips On Getting Older - 09/29/18 05:38 PM
Tips On Getting Older

Getting older is something we all, God willing, will be blessed to do. And as such, I have a few thoughts and tips on aging. Obviously, getting older beats the heck out of the alternative.
But there is something grand about getting older...I’m pausing because I’m waiting for the “something” to come to mind.
Well, I’ll move on. Oh yes, I’ve often humored myself by saying that one thing about getting older is that you aren’t as concerned anymore about who you please or what others think of you. And, that would be true.
So here are my … (60 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...The Signs Are Telling You. - 09/23/18 03:07 PM
Monday Motivational...The Signs Are Telling You.

We’ve all been have made or have to make a decision and you are going back and forth. Should I...shouldn’t I?
The beautiful young lady who has made sure that my greys are covered, my purple is refreshed and my bangs trimmed for many years is moving to Hawaii with her boyfriend.
Hawaii has been on their minds since they returned from a vacation there.
This is not a spur of the moment decision. They have looked into the costs involved in moving to Hawaii, jobs (they both already have them lined up) and have somewhere … (23 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...Just Because - 09/16/18 04:02 PM
Monday Motivational...Just Because
If you’re like many of us these days, you want to read about something good in the news.  It brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of the good that exists within us.
Well, this is not the case!
Just kidding!!!!
I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. I had a weekend packed with football.

Anyway, there was a story about a young man who works at Wendy’s. What brought him to the attention of social media was a generous act of kindness that he showed to a blind couple.

This employee didn’t just take their order but … (26 comments)

thoughts: Monday Motivational...Check Your Attitude - 09/09/18 03:31 PM
Monday Motivational...Check Your Attitude
Where would I be without a quote or post that was influenced in some way by sports and particularly football?
“... expectations don't win games. Just like talent. Talent is what you're capable of; attitude determines how well you do it.”                    Jimbo Fisher
FSU has to do without Jimbo Fisher after 7 years, but my Texas Aggies are happy to have him as their coach.
He is certainly used to coaching many personalities with different levels of talent.
His quote applies to any of us in any situation, whether it’s work or our own personal lives.
If you’re hiring … (28 comments)

thoughts: Thoughtful Thursdays...Just Because You Can… - 09/05/18 04:38 PM
...Doesn’t Mean You Should
Technology has given us tools and platforms that did not exist 15 to 20 years ago. We no longer have to wait for the evening news to learn what occurred in our world.
Most anyone with a smartphone can become part of the paparazzi that shoots photos and lets us know what celebrities and others are doing including but not limited to what they are eating, who they are dating, what ice cream they bought and what they look like in everyday clothes.

Some cough up the idea that the public has a right to know. Well, no … (26 comments)

thoughts: My Hesitation About Getting a New Profile Photo… - 09/03/18 03:44 PM
My Hesitation About Getting a New Profile Photo…
I’ve been thinking of taking a new profile photo for ActiveRain. I’ve had the same one for a while. I don’t think I’ve changed all that much, however, I know that I no longer own the green sweater that I’m wearing, and there’s a purple streak in the back of my hair.
My hesitation though is two-fold. First, I’ve seriously been waiting for a good hair day. It seems never to come. The bangs keep wanting to part, and then when I do decide I realize that my midnight blonde roots are showing. Not … (29 comments)

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