wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Watching Children Play - 06/15/21 02:26 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Watching Children Play
Something I think is so important is play... for children and for adults!  
So if you’re reading this, I’m presuming that you’re past the child stage of your life and you can organize your own form of play. 
But for children, play is crucial to their development. Besides wearing them out before their bedtime, play is how they learn...it helps to develop their creativity and imagination.  
We had family over on Sunday and with the many toys that their grandmother brought over, little Raffe was more interested in the fire hydrant in front of our house. 
He explained to his grandmother and … (29 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Oh Yes, Lot’s of It - 06/08/21 06:31 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Oh Yes, Lot’s of It!
We’ve had a lot of rain these last few weeks. And even on those days when we didn’t experience hard rain, there were clouds everywhere.

It was interesting seeing how high the water got in Cypress Creek because the county just completed one stage of the multimillion-dollar flood control project that they began in 2019. 
Mushrooms were everywhere on our walk. But thankfully, we have been able to see the sun for a few days now and we’re down to just a 10-15% chance of rain each day.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...When Less is More - 06/01/21 04:37 PM
Wordless Wednesday...When Less is More
On Memorial Day, Larry and I visited the Fallen Warriors Memorial in Houston.  There is a park around the Memorial so we go there often for a change of pace when we walk. 
As I admired the flags and wreaths that had been placed there, once sight...very simple and elegant...said it all for me. 

Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective, and valuable than words.   Francois Rabelais

No gesture is too small when done with gratitude. Oprah

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Sibling Help - 05/25/21 03:08 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Sibling Help.
Yesterday was a big day for our baby bluebirds. They hatched May 7 (we think) and on Tuesday, May 25, they fledged (flew the coop.)
There will be more to come on this later but while Larry and I (mostly Larry) sat out undercover while thunderstorms moved through, we saw this precious act of sibling love. 
The juvenile on the top of the fence (who fledged April 8) kept an eye on the newly fledged baby bluebird. 
Mom and dad had their hands (claws) full keeping track of the other fledglings and feeding them with freshly caught worms. 

Families are the compass that … (29 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday… Raining More Than Cats and Dogs! - 05/18/21 04:36 PM
Wordless Wednesday… Raining More Than Cats and Dogs!
Our area has had a lot of rain this week. It rained so hard and steady on Monday that we had a mini stream in our backyard. 
We’re used to seeing many kinds of birds in our backyard buffet that we offer...bluebirds, blue jays, cardinals, Chickadees, mockingbirds, hummingbirds, and many migrating birds...however we’ve never seen any black-bellied whistling ducks in our yard. 
If you’ve never heard a whistling duck, watch the video and you’ll understand why it’s called a whistling duck. 

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...P.I.T. - 05/11/21 06:02 PM
Wordless Wednesday...P.I.T.
P.I.T.?  Patriot In Training!
What a treat we had last week when we pulled into Kickerillo Mischer Preserve!  There at the top of a light pole, maybe 50 feet high was a juvenile eagle. 
We know that there is a bald eagle in the Preserve so we’re thinking this is one of its recently hatched babies. 
This was one of those times when Roy Kelley's words were ringing in my head...Always have your camera at hand. 
Unfortunately, all we had were our iPhones and my 12 Pro is good but not good enough to catch an eagle 50 feet away. 
We brought our big-boy camera … (27 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Rumble in the Park - 05/04/21 02:43 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Rumble in the Park
It’s mating and nesting season so it’s been fun observing animal behavior. 
The other morning as we were beginning our walk at Kickerillo, we saw a female cardinal going at it with...herself...in the car mirror. 
I’ve seen this before when we were in Delray Beach, except the bird was much larger...a peacock fighting with the other peacock he saw in the shiny black SUV. 
Some birds are territorial especially during mating and nesting season, so when they observe what may be a threat...they do what many might do...they break out the gloves. 
By the way, this cardinal did this several times … (27 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...They’re Back! - 04/27/21 05:29 PM
Wordless Wednesday...They’re Back!
We kept our fingers crossed after February’s freeze damaged the 5 eggs that were in the nest in the bluebird box in our backyard. 

And...as you can see, we were rewarded!  Mama bluebird began laying on April 20 and finished on April 24...5 beautiful eggs. 
We were worried that the bluebirds would have been upset because we ended up removing the no longer viable eggs. We waited but decided that at some point we needed to spare the mother bird having to sit there for such long periods of time for nothing. 
We had to do the same thing in Delray Beach … (28 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Here’s Lookin’ At Ya! - 04/20/21 05:16 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Here’s Lookin’ At Ya!
After our snow and freeze earlier this year, Larry was trimming our Sago Palms, he almost stepped on this little fella. 
Moth or butterfly??? It’s hard for me to tell the difference. I did find some information here about how to tell the difference.
For me, Mother Nature is hands down the most creative artist. 

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Too Late for Easter? - 04/13/21 04:48 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Too Late for Easter?
One of the benefits of our early morning walks has always been catching wildlife searching for their early morning breakfast. 
We saw this little guy the other morning and he was just as surprised as we were. The look on his face seemed to say “Am I too late for Easter?”
If you want to see what the rabbits, squirrels, deer, and other wildlife do when you’re not watching try to go out when they’re out...early morning or just before sunset. 

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. Henry David Thoreau
Heaven is under our feet as well … (27 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Mini-Me Got Her Easter Egg Hunt! - 04/06/21 06:47 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Mini-Me Got Her Easter Egg Hunt!
A few months ago, Mini-me asked me if we could have Easter this year and have an Easter egg hunt. 

Well, our family Easter gathering was a lot smaller than it was two years ago, but she got her easter egg hunt!!!  
Poor thing...older brother Luke was feeling miserable because of his allergies and middle brother, Jake, was too busy on the One Wheel, so I thought one of us was going to have to hunt with her. 
Thankfully, Luke’s big brother instincts came through and he decided to hunt for eggs. It didn’t hurt that his mother … (21 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Signs of Spring - 03/30/21 05:41 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Signs of Spring
While the eggs in our bluebird box did not survive our snow and freezing weather, all is not lost. 
Larry and I monitor and maintain 5 bluebird boxes at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve and were so pleased when one of the boxes had 5 bluebird eggs in them. They were laid around March 16 and as of today, there are 4 wee little baby birds. 
Mother Nature has a way of showing us that life goes on!

A bird in a nest is secure, but that is not why God gave it wings. Matshona Dhliwayo

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home - 03/23/21 03:47 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home
My mother used to call her female loved ones Ladybug.  When my youngest niece married, her husband, who composes music, even wrote a Ladybug song that they danced to at their reception. 
So, I am especially fond of ladybugs. 
A few weeks ago a Ladybug wandered into our bathroom.  (We get them frequently) He/she had crawled upon some peanuts Larry had taken out and left on his vanity. (the peanuts are for the squirrel) 
It was late at night and cold out so we left him with his peanuts. I Googled what Ladybugs eat and discovered that besides water … (28 comments)

wordless wednesday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Bring On the Bagpipes! - 03/16/21 04:09 PM
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Bring On the Bagpipes!
Well, no, I’m not Irish!  But I am on St. Patrick’s Day. 
Delray Beach always has a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day parade and no matter what we were doing, Larry and I always attended. One of our favorite parades had World War II Survivors as the Parade Marshalls. 

And I do love bagpipes, so hope you’ll enjoy these!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be still. Be. 
                                  St. Patrick
For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way: Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every … (26 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...International Bagpipe Day - 03/09/21 04:30 PM
Wordless Wednesday...International Bagpipe Day
Some may not like the bagpipes but I love them!

Early one morning when Larry and I were walking along A1A in Delray Beach, I could hear the faint sound of bagpipes. 
I paused a moment wondering if the BIG GUY UP THERE was calling me home. But as it turned out, there was someone at the water’s edge welcoming in the sunrise with his bagpipes. 

We were able to enjoy his music for many more sunrises and I cannot think of a better way to greet the morning. 

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...They’ll Be Back...Maybe - 03/02/21 04:37 PM
Wordless Wednesday...They’ll Be Back...Maybe
Houston may not have the tropical weather that South Florida has but with the few hard freezes we may experience, our plants usually will survive. We’ve learned to cover them (which is why we never throw away old sheets) or bring them inside our homes. 
However, the snow and freezing weather we had beginning on February 14, may mean we’ll be playing a wait and see or wait and replant game. 
This Sago Palm was so beautiful covered in snow...now not so much.  
From my reading, it may come back so we’ll wait a bit, cut off some of the yellow … (32 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...KG’s B&B - 02/23/21 03:27 PM
Wordless Wednesday...KG’s B&B

At the Streib household, we strive to offer our outdoor guests food, water, and some shelter...better known as KG’s B&B to the local birds and squirrels.

When our mama bluebird thought Spring was around the corner, she and papa bluebird decided to...well, you know...and thus a nest was built and 4 eggs laid. This was at the end of January. 
Enter last week’s extremely cold weather (which we had prior to that) and what’s a good host to do?

Larry bought rechargeable hand warmers, built a shelf under the nest and placed the hand warmers under it. 
Mama bluebird is very used … (35 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Texas Snow Shovel - 02/16/21 02:21 PM
ordless Wednesday...Texas Snow Shovel
We hate having unusually frigid weather for South Texas. Monday we had snow, lots of wind and temperatures below freezing.
(There is supposed to be a pic here of Larry shoveling snow. But I am doing this via my iPhone and can't seem to get a photo in. So I had to grab one I'd already uploaded to the Activerain editor. It was cute too. And this photo is warmer anyway!)
This is not the north! Snow plows? Surely you jest! Snow shovel? Not unless you brought it with you from up north!
(Still no power)


wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam - 02/09/21 02:06 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam

People tend to think that Texas is all wide open plains with cowboys and cattle.  You want to hum Home on the Range. 
Even though we’re not on the range, but live in the city, there are still deer around...if you keep your eyes open for them.  We saw this small family on our walk at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. They were actually across the creek from where we walk and believe it or not, very near some big box stores. 
They have amazing eyesight, hearing, and smell, so when we see them, we stand still and are … (32 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Shibumi - 02/02/21 05:24 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Shibumi
As inspired by Serendipity Sunday: Shibumi or Effortless Perfection from Ron and Alexandra Seigel 
As you go through your daily outings see if you can find the Shibumi or effortless perfection that Mother Nature has created for us. You'd be surprised at what you may find! Have fun with it.

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