wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...A Good Landlord - 07/16/19 06:14 PM
Wordless Wednesday...A Good Landlord
Our bluebird babies fledged on Saturday and while we are happy that they seem healthy enough to fly the coop, we miss being a part of their nesting process. 
Larry and I took this responsibility seriously going so far as to purchase a small fridge for the garage just to hold live mealworms. Yes...we did that! 
And as temps rose into the high 90’s, even reaching over 100 degrees in the afternoon, Larry tried to see if he could help to get the internal birdhouse temperatures lowered. 
He made a custom insulated cover for the birdhouse, then mounted his expensive umbrella … (28 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday… We’re Going to Be Empty Nesters!!! - 07/09/19 05:06 PM
Wordless Wednesday… We’re Going to Be Empty Nesters!!!
Last year we watched Mama Peahen sit on her nest in our backyard in Delray Beach and waited anxiously for the 14 eggs to hatch into Peababies. Sadly none hatched. 
This year we’ve been blessed to watch mama and papa bluebirds build a nest in a birdhouse within a week of Larry putting it up. 
We’ve watched as they brought nesting material from who knows where to build their nest. We also watched them chase away other birds who wanted to build their nest in another house we put up across the yard. 
And finally, on Saturday … (30 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...The Tea Party - 07/02/19 05:56 PM
Wordless Wednesday...The Tea Party
Julia (my great niece) had her second tea party of the year and we cannot wait for the next one. 
My niece, Stephanie, made this special cake for the occasion. It was inspired by those innovative cakes by Amira Kassem from Flour Shop in NYC. 
I loved having tea parties when I was a little girl and am having so much fun being a little girl again. 

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...It Floats! - 06/25/19 03:37 PM
Wordless Wednesday... It Floats!
We were just completing our morning walk the other day and noticed a car with what looked like a large, wide coffin strapped to the top. We’re accustomed to seeing kayaks and canoes but never anything like this. 
We weren’t sure if held some kind of camping equipment or if it was going to be part of some type of display. 
Just as we reached our car, we saw the “coffin” being rolled down the boat ramp. Ok...I had to stay for this one!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Imagination - 06/18/19 12:29 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Imagination
When we’re out on our morning walks, Larry and I like to chat and observe nature. We also are busy keeping our eyes open for any snakes that may cross our path.
For months, I’ve passed by this old tree stump and my imagination kept getting carried away.

What do you think?

Our thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to our possibilities. Orison Swett Marden

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Here We Go Again… - 06/11/19 04:15 PM
...More Babies!
Returning to Houston meant leaving our peacocks back in Florida. Since that time, Larry and I have enjoyed adding feeders, etc to our back yard for the birds and squirrels.
Well, almost a year to the day I’m writing again about more babies!!!!
Larry researched and found a box he thought the bluebirds would like. We have mealworms...although I drew the line at live mealworms that we would have to keep in our fridge.
I’m not sure of the status but we are tickled pink or blue that they chose our yard for their nursery!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...You Lookin’ at Me? - 06/04/19 05:51 PM
Wordless Wednesday...You Lookin’ at Me?
On our walks, the wildlife go about their daily routines as if we humans were part of the scenery.  The Cardinals fly from tree to tree and all we see are brief glimpses of red.
There are red and grey squirrels that hunt for acorns along the path and never even give us the time of day.
Even the snakes we saw last week acted as if we weren’t there. They just crossed the road and slithered away into the grass.
But the other day, this little guy, who was having his morning veggie breakfast stopped and gave … (28 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Alright, Alright, Alright - 05/28/19 04:56 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Alright, Alright, Alright
This is that time of year when families and friends gather to support, congratulate, and cheer on our 2019 graduates.
Last Sunday we celebrated my sister-in-law’s niece’s (whom I’ve known since she was born) graduation from St Agnes Academy in Houston.
She will begin classes at the University of Texas (and her Texas A&M grad father even approves of this!) as part of the Moody College of Communications Honors Program.
“All right All right All right” may have been misspelled but we all get the drift...an homage to Matthew McConaughey, a proud UT alum.
To all the 2019 … (30 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Nesting Season Remembered - 05/21/19 02:13 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Nesting Season Remembered
We’ve been working on making our back yard somewhat of a sanctuary for our local birds and guests.
We now have a birdhouse that we hope will attract a lovely bluebird couple we’ve seen at one of our “open houses.”
I was reminded of the many birds and other creatures we were able to see when we lived in Delray Beach and walked out at Green Cay Wetlands.
This is a Common Moorhen (or Common Gallinule).
Her eggs were perfectly formed...as only Mother Nature would have it.
Hope you have a chance to get out and see the wonderful … (25 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday… Before and After - 05/14/19 12:00 PM
Wordless Wednesday… Before and After
One of our walking places has a large retention area built to handle any flooding that might (will) occur.  It gets a lot of use from soccer players, dogs, RC planes and their owners, and anyone else wanted to use the large open area.
But after the heavy rains from last week, that area also became a wetland for some of our area birds.  We’ve missed seeing that from our walks at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday... Join Me? - 05/07/19 04:39 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Join Me?
There’s something about benches that draw me to them. I love seeing them but oddly enough, I rarely spend any time sitting on them. (yes...another bench post)
When I see them I can’t help but wonder if the bench ever gets used. It’s there but does anyone sit on it? Is it waiting so it can “do its job?”
This one looks like the perfect place to read a book...bring a picnic lunch...or fish. It has the perfect view, don’t you think?

No king has a throne more beautiful than a bench covered with the autumn leaves!    Mehmet Murat Ildan

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday... The Word is Out - 04/30/19 02:32 PM
Wordless Wednesday...The Word is Out!
On our morning walks Larry and I enjoy seeing whatever wildlife is out and about. We’re discovering new ones and seeing some familiar faces. While we don’t have any peacocks in our neighborhood, we do have a number of squirrels.
We’ve noticed that at our new fave walking place...Kickerillo-Misher Preserve...the squirrels are used to the two-legged guests who are out all day. They don’t appear to be too skittish either.
We turned the corner one day and two red or brown squirrels came out to the pathway and stood there looking up at us. It was almost … (24 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...You CAN Go Home Again! - 04/23/19 05:32 PM
Wordless Wednesday...You CAN Go Home Again!
There’s an old saying that you can’t go home again. And to some extent that would be true. People change, places change, streets change!
However...Houston still has horrific traffic, it still has a million good restaurants, and the people are still the friendliest you’d find anywhere.
Who says you can’t go home again??!!

I once joked in a book that there are three things you can't do in life. You can't beat the phone company, you can't make a waiter see you until he is ready to see you, and you can't go home again. Since the spring … (27 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Come Sit With Me - 04/16/19 04:56 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Come Sit With Me
We were introduced to a new-to-us park the other day by a long-time Houston friend. The weather could not have been more perfect and the good news is that the preserve is only a few minutes from our home.
We took a path along the lake. There were enough trees to provide shade from the sun. On the path was this perfect bench.

Even without cushions or pillows or fancy fabric, it called to me. I would love to have had just 10 minutes to sit for a spell.
Come sit with me! Let us drink the … (33 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Trying To Squirrel It Away - 04/09/19 05:59 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Trying To Squirrel It Away

One of the things I’ve missed about leaving Delray Beach has been my squirrel friends. There was Fric & Frac, Karl Maldon, One-Eye and others. I had a few who would come right up to me and take a peanut from my hand.
So far I’ve met some familiar looking little grey squirrels and some of their larger brown/red squirrel cousins.
The other day, the little guy above was on our window screen. Not sure if he was trying to get in to say hello and introduce himself or perhaps trying to check out a new … (29 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...A Boy and His Toy - 04/02/19 03:16 PM
Wordless Wednesday...A Boy and His Toy

It was only a matter of time.  Any boat we bought, no matter the size or age, it was always just a matter of time before Larry had some kind of tool (usually a drill) in his hand ready to “make it his own.”
New house?  Well, just one more excuse to visit Ace Hardware or some other home improvement store. Nails, saws...walking down aisle after aisle of things that hold absolutely no interest for me.
Who wouldn’t want to be Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo??
Yep...it was just a matter of time.
When I am grown … (30 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Hope - 03/26/19 01:33 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Hope
We were able to get back to our routine of early morning walks recently. It has been so much fun seeing the trees wake from their winter sleep. There are buds and small blooms everywhere.
I happened upon this small tree and looked up. One word came to my mind...HOPE.
This, I think, is why we all welcome Spring with open arms for it is the new life that its rains and warm temperatures bring. It is a hope for a fresh beginning after the cold grey skies of winter.

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, … (38 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...That’s No Rain Cloud!!! - 03/19/19 06:20 PM
Wordless Wednesday...That’s No Rain Cloud!!!
Several members have asked if we’d been impacted by the Deer Park fires that has been burning since Sunday at 10 am.
                                        (Sorry for the fuzzy picture but a moving car doesn't make for clear photos. )
This is what we saw out of our car window as we were returning from breakfast Tuesday morning. I wasn’t sure what it was at first...we weren’t forecast to have any rain or fronts coming through.
It then occurred to me that … (22 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Ouch! - 03/12/19 05:06 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Ouch!
One of the reasons we moved back to Houston was to be closer to our family. Saturday, Larry and I had the honor of watching my great-nephew-Jake- earn his Blue Belt in Taekwondo. It was fun watching him and the other children break their boards!
The class was made up of young boys and girls. What I loved is the philosophy they teach…
Indomitable spirit
I especially love the Taekwondo Oath, especially the last two lines…
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
I shall build a more peaceful world

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Pass The Tissue, Please! - 03/05/19 03:20 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Pass The Tissue, Please!
Our cars are covered in it!  On our walk the other morning we saw this in the little stream that runs along the retention area. It’s a very vivid yellow in person but that stuff is all pollen.
You can see it on the sidewalks after the rain we’ve had too. This may explain my coughing and scratchy throat.

I can’t complain, though, because according to the various weather resources, the majority of pollen here is from the trees, which are beginning to bud here. That means that Spring, heretofore overlooked when we lived in Delray Beach, is … (33 comments)

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