wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Channeling Indiana Jones - 04/09/24 05:37 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Channeling Indiana Jones
“Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?”
Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark

Full disclosure…I love animals but I am not overly fond of snakes! After seeing 6 snakes on one Girl Scout camping trip, my toes curl just looking at a picture of one. 
Yesterday as Larry and I were preparing for our morning walk, Larry saw this fellow in front of the door that leads to the garage. (it’s a detached garage so thankfully not by our back door)
It was a Coral Snake one of a handful of venomous snakes in Texas. Our State has the “highest density” of … (19 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…The Crosses - 04/02/24 05:41 PM
Wordless Wednesday…The Crosses
Shortly after our return to Houston, we learned about the crosses that appeared on the tops of pine trees just before Easter. 
Legend has it that certain pine trees in certain regions of the country will begin to grow pale yellow shoots at the tops of the trees. It is said that they begin to show two weeks before Easter. 
We saw these “crosses” out at Kickerillo a week before Easter! 
What do you think???

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Feeding Time! - 03/26/24 05:14 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Feeding Time!
At the Bird BNB better known as Casa Streib, we have 4 chicks that hatched last week. 

Larry mounted a camera in the top of the bluebird box to monitor the health of the eggs and chicks, and yes…we’re nosy and curious! 
This is a video of Daddy Bluebird (I think it’s daddy) feeding the babies. The video is only 14 seconds long but if you stay…about halfway through you’ll see Daddy remove the Fecal Sac aka diaper aka poop bag. 

Larry took this photo of the bird with the Fecal Sac just as it exited the Bluebird box.

Faith is the … (20 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Starting Small - 03/19/24 05:27 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Starting Small
Larry was surveying the yard in his never-ending battle with weeds and came across this. 
The rootball made a clunky sound when he tossed it into his bucket. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was the beginning of a majestic oak tree. If left to grow, and given the right conditions, it might take from 3 to 5 years to grow into a sapling tree.
Amazon began in the garage of its founder, Jeff Bezos. I don’t have to tell you how big (huge) Amazon is, do I? Mr. Bezos’ motto was “Get big fast” and while it may have … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Who Are You Follow Up - 03/12/24 02:34 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Who Are You Follow Up
Last week I wrote about a “squatter” egg in one of the bluebird boxes we monitor. In a nutshell, we had white eggs where there should have been little blue eggs. 

After researching the eggs of birds in our area, none matched these. However,  what I did learn was that about 5% of female birds will lay white eggs due to a genetic mutation. The hatchlings will still be blue! 
We’ll find out in about a week or so when they hatch!!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Who Are You??? - 03/05/24 05:39 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Who Are You???
Agents…you may relate to this. There has been a move-in ready home near us but as they say…you snooze, you lose!

One of the bluebird nest boxes we monitor at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve has had a newly built nest in it for about a week. 
Larry and I have been checking every day to see if an egg has been laid. We share this information with an organization each year. They in turn, monitors the health of different species of birds. 
When we checked this week…this is what we saw….

THAT is not a bluebird egg!!!  We think it might be the egg … (13 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Anticipation Rewarded - 02/27/24 04:43 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Anticipation Rewarded
Last Saturday in my post I wrote that Larry and I have been eagerly waiting for Spring nesting season.
Our wait has been rewarded. Our most productive bluebird box has 5 eggs in it!  We didn’t expect anything because we’d not noticed any bluebirds nearby. When we checked, not only was there a nest but 5 beautiful blue eggs!!!

However, that’s not all!!!   One of our other boxes out at Kickerillo and our bluebird box in our backyard both have move-in ready nests!!!

Having a front-row seat to the marvels of Mother Nature brings joy that you can’t buy in … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Play-It’s a Good Thing! - 02/20/24 04:47 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Play-It’s a Good Thing!
Larry and I love walking at Meyer Park on Sunday mornings. If we time it just right, we are serenaded by the Carillon music coming from a nearby church. 
The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.  Carl Jung

Spring soccer season just started so we also enjoy watching the many teams playing on one of their 26 fields. Family and friends are lined up on both sides of the field, eagerly cheering on the teams. 
Last Sunday, we got a kick out of these young boys “wrestling” on the sidewalk. We … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Hearts Abound! - 02/13/24 04:50 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Hearts Abound!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  The day is young so if you have not yet bought that special gift or made reservations at your favorite restaurant…STOP reading this now!!!

Pick up the phone and make that dinner reservation…pick up some flowers, cigars, chocolate, or adult beverage of your loved one’s choice! 
Still here?  Here are some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. 
Do you know why we eat and give chocolate on Valentine’s Day?  You can thank Cadbury for that. 
In the 1860s they introduced the first heart-shaped box of chocolates.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate
now and then doesn’t hurt.
Charles Schulz

Enjoy your Valentine’s … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…16 Years of a Good Habit - 02/06/24 05:08 PM
Wordless Wednesday…16 Years of a Good Habit
You know how it is…when something becomes a habit…you forget you’re doing it. It becomes as natural as any of our daily routines. 

That was the case yesterday…my 16th anniversary of joining ActiveRain. 
I didn’t realize it until something popped up on my phone. 
I won’t bore you by saying what you already know…

~That I learned how to blog for my business through the Webinars that Bob Stewart  held
~That calls for my services came from those blogs
~That what I continue to love about this platform is the community and the support it gives to all members
~That not a … (34 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…When Left Alone in the Car - 01/23/24 05:48 PM
Wordless Wednesday…When Left Alone in the Car
Arthur Fletcher was right when he said A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I would add…So is the imagination. 
What do you see below?**

The other day while I waited in the car for Larry, I’d placed my sunglasses on a bracket that holds a portable GPS. My mind wandered and it reminded me of The Scream by Edvard Munch. 
Left alone in the car, the airport, at home, or wherever, I’ve never been bored. As long as there is something to look at, my imagination takes me to many strange and interesting places. 
How is your … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Houston's "Snow" - 01/16/24 01:52 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Houston’s “Snow”
Rain and floods we can handle.  In February, we think nothing of cowboys, cowgirls, and horses on the streets of downtown while pedestrians carefully sidestep the you-know-what.
We have boats, kayaks, canoes, and lots of trucks to navigate the waters of any hurricane. 

However, Houstonians have no idea how to function when it comes to ice or snow…we shut down. 
The danger in driving when there’s the slightest bit of ice is not the ice but our fellow drivers. 
                      I built a make-shift shelter for our wildlife but not sure

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Brrr - 01/09/24 05:16 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Brrr
We were out the other day and saw these cuties taking cover on the tire of an SUV.  It wasn’t cold yet but it will be next week. 
On February 14, 2021, Houston had snow and freezing temperatures. That may not mean much to those who live in Chicago ( Wayne Martin ) or Idaho (Mark Don McInnes, Sandpoint-Idaho ) but for those of us in Houston and Austin (Dorie Dillard Austin TX)  that’s time to take notice.
We are expected to have a low next Monday of 19 degrees!!! Houstonians don’t know how to behave in this weather!! 
My concern is … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Got a Second? - 01/02/24 05:04 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Got a Second?
A few years ago my sweet cousin’s husband introduced me to an app for my iPhone called 1SE or 1 Second Everyday. 
It’s a fun way to chronicle a second every day and at the end of the year, the app puts them together in a short video. 
Click on photo
Since I’ve been using the app, I am more diligent about taking a photo or short video every day which is a way of chronicling my life. (such as it is)
An added plus from watching my 2023 flyby was I saw a clip of a heated scarf of Larry’s … (17 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday...Contractors Wanted - 12/26/23 02:10 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Contractors Wanted
Over the years I’ve gifted many gingerbread houses to the children in my life.  However, I’ve never made one for myself. 
Just before Christmas, I bought a small pre-formed gingerbread house. All I had to do was add icing to trim the house and the small candies and peppermints. 
We were busy preparing for Christmas so it wasn’t until Christmas morning that I had time to add the icing and candies. 
After 5 minutes, I realized that I could add decorating gingerbread cookies to my list of things I’m not good at!
I made a sign…
                  House Ready to Be Finished. 
                 Contractors Wanted!
As luck would … (23 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Covered in Flour and Sugar.  - 12/19/23 05:43 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Covered in Flour and Sugar. 
Larry and I have been busy doing our Christmas baking. It began last week when I made 32 mini carrot-raisin cakes. These are wrapped and ready to be given to family and friends…along with our cookies. 
Besides the carrot-raisin cakes, we’ve made fudge, Mexican Wedding Cookies, spritz cookies, Double Chocolate Krinkles, frosted sugar cookies,  Cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies, and holiday biscotti. 
My kitchen looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy did a Happy dance in it. 
This is a labor of love for me!  When I moved into my first apartment, a friend’s mother brought me a plate … (18 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Wreaths - 12/12/23 04:33 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Wreaths
Wreaths Across America is this Saturday, December 16, 2023. Larry and I volunteered when we lived in Delray Beach and it was an honor neither one of us will forget. 

This week we walked at Fallen Warrior Memorial and saw the beautiful wreaths that were placed throughout the grounds. 
We love walking at the Memorial and paying our respects to the men, women, and canines who gave their lives for us.  
I hope you have the opportunity this weekend to visit and pay your respects at a Military Cemetery or Veterans Memorial near you. 

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Oops! - 12/05/23 05:49 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Oops!
We switched our garden flag from a Fall flag to one to celebrate the holidays. 

It’s an easy task unless it’s windy. Wouldn’t you know it, that day was one of those “let’s blow the flag around” days. 

Larry attached the flag, took a step back, proud of his work, then saw this…

Perspective is always a funny thing. Anyone leaving our home would have received the message as it was meant to be seen.

You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective. Denis Waitley

The greatest tragedy for any human being is going through their entire lives believing the only … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Thanksgiving Leftovers Redux - 11/28/23 02:36 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Thanksgiving Leftovers Redux
It didn’t take long for us to tire of turkey, dressing, and the rest of our delicious Thanksgiving leftovers!  
We’d sent guests home with doggie bags and yet we still had enough for several meals. 
When in doubt… make a casserole!!! A friend made this years ago and  I decided to give it a try!!! After reading several recipes online, I threw everything together and we loved it. 

Here’s a link to one of the recipes. I used leftover dressing, corn casserole, turkey, green bean casserole, cranberries, and some extra corn, and topped it with the leftover mashed potato casserole … (14 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday…Stop and Breathe - 11/21/23 04:13 PM
Wordless Wednesday…Stop and Breathe
This is a busy week for most of us. We’re either preparing our annual Thanksgiving dinner or planning to travel for the holiday. 
We’ll have the usual crowd over on Thursday. I’m a list maker so the only way I know how to get a handle on everything is to make my list!  
On our morning walk, I was focused on my list and everything I had to do. I walked past this lone beautiful red leaf on the path. 

Something made me stop, turn around, and take another look at it.
It was as if Mother Nature was telling me … (14 comments)





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