wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday...Progress We Like! - 02/27/18 09:48 AM
Wordless Wednesday... Progress We Like
Progress isn’t always welcomed but this one we like. When Delray Beach refreshed the area along A1A at the beach, new and wider sidewalks were added, fresh landscaping, updated showers, new doggie bags, racks for paddle boards, new benches, and best of all new Millennium parking meters!!!


All you have to do is download the Parkmobile app and you can pay for your space without waiting in line and best of all, you don’t have to put your sandals back on and walk up to replenish your meter!  
This is when progress makes some sense!!!


wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday- The Aftermath - 12/19/17 08:37 PM
Wordless Wednesday- The Aftermath
Last night was our annual Ornament Gift Exchange which I wrote about just yesterday. I thought it only fair to share some photos of the goodies!

We had an assortment of cookies, and I can’t wait to try them all. (Neither can Larry!)
One of our new Exchange Members is also from another country and didn’t quite understand how everything works. She bought these wonderful macaroons...and everyone was really excited! And instead of bringing an ornament for the tree, she thought she was supposed to bring something decorative. Heck...we threw the rules out the window for her!!! The Macaroons … (32 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday-Art On the Beach - 12/12/17 03:36 PM
Wordless Wednesday-Art On the Beach
What I love about going to the beach every day is that you never know what you’ll see.
And, if we’re lucky, on Sundays or Mondays after the usual beach crowd has tiptoed in the sand and surf, we might be lucky enough to catch some beach art- or sand sculpture- that some budding artist left for us on the beach.

We found these and while they may not make it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it says to me that creativity still exists among us.
And with all of the devices and video games these … (31 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday-Smoking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health - 11/29/17 09:58 AM
Wordless Wednesday-Smoking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Note… not safe for viewing by vegans!

Proof positive that it is!  Our good friends had a pig roast this past weekend.  Another friend had a La Caja China for roasting the pig! (I think Williams-Sonoma has one waiting for you, Dick Greenberg )

Yummy? You bet!!!
Lots of crispy pig skin (chicharron)? Absolutely!
Bad for you? Of course!!!!!
Ready for more? Yep!

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday...Where Did It All Go? - 11/07/17 03:23 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Where Did It All Go?
It’s been just over 2 months since Hurricane Irma hit Florida and to look around, things are back to normal.
If you look hard and up, you can see some broken branches.
All things considered, we are fortunate, and certainly blessed if you consider all of the other things that have gone on this year.
Rather than structural damage, our area suffered primarily downed trees. Residents placed our leaves and branches on the street for trucks to pick them up.
Over the days and weeks, everything turned brown.
So where were all of these truck taking … (40 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday...Lonesome Palm - 10/17/17 04:31 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Lonesome Palm
We are at the beach every morning unless it is raining, we are out of town, or we have an appointment that could not be rescheduled. And, on those walks, I am always taking pictures of the space that I love.
So many times, there have been friends who’ve commented to me “How many times are you going to take a picture of the ocean and palm trees? Don’t you have enough?”
No...I never have enough.
In fact, there’s always something new to see or something old that I see in a new way.
The other day for the first … (33 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday...Not Just Another Healthy Fruit. - 10/10/17 03:56 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Not Just Another Healthy Fruit.
We were on a walk one morning in early summer and saw these hanging from a tree.
When we first moved to Florida many years ago, I saw my first mango tree. We were in our bass boat on Lake Ida trying to show the fish that we knew what we were doing when on the bank was a mango tree with the most interesting fruit hanging from it.
They were beautiful and before they ripen and become the green and reddish-orange and deep red colors that we see in the market, are all of … (37 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday...Who Doesn’t Stop to Look? - 08/08/17 03:45 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Who Doesn’t Stop to Look?
Seriously, who doesn’t stop to look at a butterfly?
On a walk the other day, I saw a butterfly flitting around a plant and had to stop.
I find them fascinating and always beautiful.

A few years ago I took these out at Secret Woods Nature Center in Broward County and had forgotten all about them, until I noticed the butterfly on my walk.
Did you know...
-Four butterfly and more than 60 moth species became extinct in the last 150 year
-Butterflies don’t just make us smile when we see one but they have scientific, health and … (43 comments)

wordless wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday- South Florida Drivers- Ya Gotta Love'Em! - 01/10/12 10:43 PM

We were taking one of our morning walks at Delray Beach along A1A the other day and had to stop and take a few snapshots of these 2 South Florida drivers.  I'm not sure where the owner was... fortunately the weather was cool enough and the windows were down... but I couldn't get over these two.  
My imagination ran wild and I pictured them driving down on I-95 to take advantage of the great weather we're having.  They might be planning on an early morning swim in the Atlantic or a trip over to the Lake Ida Dog Park. … (23 comments)

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