san diego: NAR Makes Changes in Internet Data Exchange Policy - 11/20/09 05:13 AM
The National Association of Realtors’ board of directors on Monday adopted a change in policy which will let real estate brokers allow search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index their property listings from their websites under agreements to share data with other brokers. The change was among a handful of changes made to the NAR’s Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, policy as it was wrapping up its annual meeting in SanDiego early this week.

san diego: Tips for Furniture & Computer Help in San Diego - 10/12/09 10:54 AM
The other day, one of my clients asked me if I knew of any place that sold nice / classy leather furniture in San Diego.  Since I did, I thought maybe there might be others who were interested.  Whenever I have needed to purchase some nice contemporary furniture, I head down to Casa Divani located in Chula Vista.
Anyhow, my clients loved the place and the furniture can not only be purchased on their floor, but also online.  Great service and great furniture at a great price....what more can you ask for?  Generally, I never really promote anything on this blog, … (0 comments)

san diego: San Diego Union-Tribune Set to Make a Profit - 08/23/09 06:59 PM
After making two rounds of cutbacks in May and last week, the San Diego Union-Tribune in reporting an expected profit of $5 million. Platinum Equity acquired the paper from the Copley family in May, and immediately slashed 192 jobs, laying off 112 more last week. The company says it’s finished making cuts.
The paper’s profit has dropped significantly in the last few years from $68 million in 2006 down to $38 million in 2007, then down to only a million dollars last year. Before Platinum took over, the paper was on a pace to lose $7 million. The newspaper’s revenue … (0 comments)

san diego: San Diego Property Tax Defaults Declining - 08/06/09 07:12 PM
The San Diego treasurer / tax collector reported yesterday that fewer San Diego residents are defaulting on their property taxes. As of July 1st, 3.6 % of property owners were in default, compared with 3.7 % last year, 2.7 % in ‘07, and 1.9 % in ‘06. The office is mailing out just over 47,000 notices of default, compared to over 50,000 a year ago.
Economists say that the trend is encouraging, if it continues, but that a key factor is that when lenders foreclose they must pay delinquent tax-debt before listing the property.
Owners who fail to pay … (0 comments)

san diego: Coronado Bridge Has Birthday - 08/03/09 06:01 AM
The Coronado Bridge, that leads us, living in San Diego, effortlessly to Coronado, turns forty years old today. The Coronado Bridge was opened in 1969 and has been paid in full by San Diego residents and tourists. The $1.00 toll was collected until 2002, even though it was paid off by 1986. The reason for the extended toll was due to those who had purchased their piece of Coronado real estate and their fear that by discontinuing the toll, traffic to the island would substantially increase. Turns out they were right.  Traffic has increased by approximately twenty percent since 2002. The … (0 comments)

san diego: Innovative New Programs to Sell Homes - 06/06/09 07:20 PM
Rockrose Development Corporation has begun offering an interesting incentive to potential buyers. They will buy the property back. Anybody who purchases one of their hundreds of condominiums in New York, can, if values continue to fall, sell the apartment back after five years for 110% of what they paid. Home builders have been forced to come up with innovative ideas to urge people to buy as inventories of unsold homes are at their highest since the early 60s and sales are at their lowest levels in decades.
In addition to money-back clauses, some sellers are offering credits for renovation projects, … (0 comments)

san diego: Solar Energy to Become More Affordable - 04/19/09 08:44 PM
One of the leading developers of solar power solutions, Applied Solar, Inc. today unveiled its new Solar Communities™ program in San Diego County. The program aims to increase the number of homes using solar power by eliminating two significant deterrents: aesthetics and cost. They will start the program off by holding a series of open house events. While many people are interested in renewable, environment-friendly energy sources, few are willing to make the initial investment of installing rooftop solar panel, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Also, though federal and state incentives are designed to significantly lower this initial … (0 comments)

san diego: Leather Furniture Maintenance - 04/02/09 06:58 PM
Although furniture is not nearly the investment as investing in San Diego homes or condos; I know you would still like to keep it as long as possible. This week I thought I would share some info on leather furniture maintenance. In the past leather furniture was found only in the homes of the wealthy. But now people of all walks of life own various pieces. Leather is an all-natural material which can be derived from either cow hide or lambskin. The most durable type of upholstery fabric, pieces of leather furniture, when properly maintained, can last over 20 years. Aesthetically … (0 comments)


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