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One of the leading developers of solar power solutions, Applied Solar, Inc. today unveiled its new Solar Communities™ program in San Diego County. The program aims to increase the number of homes using solar power by eliminating two significant deterrents: aesthetics and cost. They will start th...
One of the great things to keep in mind is the fact that if you decide to purchase a home this year in 2009, even if you have already filed your taxes; you can file an amendment and still receive your $8,000 tax credit this year. Falling prices, favorable interest rates, and government tax credit...
Although furniture is not nearly the investment as investing in San Diego homes or condos; I know you would still like to keep it as long as possible. This week I thought I would share some info on leather furniture maintenance. In the past leather furniture was found only in the homes of the wea...
California Energy Commission has published data that show slumping figures in the state's number of applications for solar energy rebates in the new housing sector. There were three hundred applications in the first two months of 2009, as opposed to twelve hundred applications in the last two mo...
In the current housing market, people can afford bigger homes than a few years ago. But, just because you may be able to buy your piece of luxury real estate in La Jolla, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to own it. While home prices have been dropping steadily, other costs associated ...
Economists and housing market analysts say that with home prices comparable to 2002 and continuing to fall, we could be in for a lengthy period of fairly affordable housing. Typical prices of homes are currently below historical averages in comparison with incomes making them affordable to more b...
Instead of increasing foreclosures, the latest trend seems to show that foreclosures have fallen for the second consecutive month. The numbers indicate that foreclosures have not fallen to this level since the second month of 2007 and it appears that the trend will continue. Foreclosure filings w...
If you are trying to sell your home in La Jolla, staging it can sometimes make the difference in selling your home quicker.  In some areas stagers seem to be making quite an impact on slagging home and condo sales.  With all the homes on the market, you must begin thinking about what it is that w...

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