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     I just read an article on Aol about the businesses that consumers most complain about.  Mortgage brokers came in 9th.  It said that 10,000 people complained to the BBB.  The most common complaint - not honoring the promised rate or terms.      I can only make one comment about this.  As a cr...
      It is July 2011 and I want to share a little secret with you, " the FHA wants to get out of the condo financing business!!!"  If it wasn't for condos FHA would be in much better financial shape.  That is why most projects are not Fha approved and it is almost impossible to get FHA financing...
Fha has just announced that the monthly mip will go up to 1.1% with 5% down payment and 1.15% with 3.5% down payment.  The affect of this is that now it makes 5% down conventional financing more attractive than FHA financing. As one of the few lenders who still have 5% down on conventional finan...
Who says You Can't Buy a Southbay Condominium with Only 5% Down? All across the nation folks are struggling to come up with the money for a down payemnt.  Who has 20% down these days?  Folks are just struggling to make ends meet--if they are lucky enough to have jobs.  Although savings rates are ...


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