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There are so many ways we can feel REALLY GOOD at the end of the day.  Here is a partial list of the things that I can do for my BUSINESS that will help make my day.I feel great if I have accomplished a few of the following things:completed most of the items on my TO DO LIST received a referral f...
Why do I live at LAKE ANNA?  Sometimes I am asked this question. When you select a place to live just because that is where you want to be people are often curious as to why. No career moves brought us here and no children or parents required my husband or me to be here. We are simply here becaus...
If you have every wanted to have an adventure, ever wanted to venture to a really different spot on this earth, go where not too many others go...consider Antarctica.I know, I know.  Unless you've had you're head stuck in the sand in some wonderful, warm tropical island, you have probably seen an...
Retiring is a nice word.  Retiring is a nice concept.  Retiring is a nice state of being for someone that has had a nine to five job (or 7-3 or midnight to 8 or whatever) but maybe not for me.  At least not voluntary retirement.  Health may require it.  A move away from Lake Anna may force it as ...
We all have a PAST.  Some of us even a checkered one.  While mine may not be has been varied.  I certainly used the word CAREER loosely in the title...some of mine can hardly even be comsidered jobs (AND I AM NOT REFERRING TO MY REAL ESTATE CAREER). These are some, BUT NOT ALL, of ...
I cannot prove it, not having done any research on this myself, but I believe being POSITIVE leads to being PRODUCTIVE.  How can it not?Being positive enables you to be enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm gets you motivated, Motivation gets you going.  Now you are well on your way to being productive.  It ...
I send out post cards.  Do you?I send them WHEN I LIST a new property.  If it is a house I use 2-3 interior shots and 2-3 exterior.  If it is land I take photos from the road unless it is waterfront than most of my shots will be of the waterfront, lake, boat shelter, if there is one, etc.  If it ...
This is an impossible situation.  Every time I login AR I find more blogs that I want to read than can possibly be read in a full day doing nothing else.This morning is no exception. I went to Adam Waldham's latest post (if you haven't subscribed to his blog please do...treat yourself to a good o...
My two sons and my daughter were all smart enough to marry folks that really like to cook. I knew they were precious (and very smart) from the minute they were born but they sure proved it when they married. Once again my good luck held up. We were invited to my son and DAUGHTER-IN-LAW’S home for...
Given the market slowdown more and more agents are realizing the importance of having a business plan.  IT IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR OFFICE TO HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN.  It is especially useful to have imput from everyone.Yesterday we had a RETREAT.  Almost everyone in our office attended and fou...

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