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If any of you have had or know any agents that have received full or partial payment of a commission on a Lease to Purchase prior to the actual transfer of title please let me know. Lease to Purchase Agreements are becoming more and more prevalent in some markets.  We are seeing them even at Lake...
With the Fourth of July just around the corner, folks are planning where they will go to see fireworks.  It is very hard to imagine celebrating the birth of our country without fireworks.  The colors, the sounds, the sparkle just send a thrill through me.  I wouldn't be surprised if you felt the ...
You wouldn't mind giving this handsome couple all of your hard earned money for a few gallons of gas, would you? We may be out in the country but we have something I have never seen in even the classiest part of any major city. Dapper Dan and Fancy Fran are just two of the folks that make our par...
Home inspections have become very commonplace in my part of the country.  Radon inspections are lagging behind and I am curious as to why. As a buyer's agent do you consistently recommend radon test?  Do you have factual knowledge if radon is prevelant or nonexistent in your market area?   Recent...
It's been some months now since I discovered ActiveRain (and of course now I cannot remember how that happened) and I have learned much in that time.  However, there is one thing that I do not quite understand and that is Associates.  And yet I have some. What are Associates?  Will they be attend...
Just the other day I was out driving and suddenly I noticed a Newbie in my neighborhood.  Of course, I did not keep driving.  I put my car in park, hit the hazard light button, put my window down, and began to snap pictures. Some Newbies may be shy but not this guy.  After the first shot, he call...
What do you do when you receive a call from a potential client and they ask you how the real estate market is?  Recently I had such a call from a lot owner here at Lake Anna.  I told him the truth.*  I told him few lots are selling especially non-waterfront, what we call access lots.  (We are sel...
If you are anything like me you love looking at beautifully designed homes and the rooms within when the decorating does them justice.  One more thing we probably share is a keen interest in photographs of these homes. I just discovered a new member of the Rain and thought you might like to learn...
That's right...just because you can upload a zillion photos to your MLS for your listings does not mean you should. We always come back to Quantity vs. Quality.  The best combination is when we can achieve Quality & Quantity.  However, when we cannot, go with quality every time. The MLS I belong ...
For those with a personal blog, do you put the same posts on Active Rain and also on your other blog?  Being a relatively new blogger, at least I think of myself as a novice on the blogosphere, I do not know the etiquette behind this practice. Is it permissible?  Is it frowned upon?  Is it a smar...

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