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Do you share your goals or are they a secret?  I must admit when I first started in real estate I seldom established goals for myself.  Sometimes I would think about how many listings I believed I would need to have as well as how many sales I needed to earn a certain amount but during the year I...
It is very, very seldom that we have this much snow at Lake Anna so it seemed like the perfect time to go out to take some pictures.  As I had no plans of venturing very far from home most of the pictures are of home.   You will also get an idea of my neighborhood.  We live in the country so we d...
If you're ups for a little smile time, take a look.  Thanks Missy. Lyrics Cold call costs are much too high!Outbound on which I rely.Is there something I can doThat is inbound and fun too?BloooooooooogingBlogging every day! Oh!BloooooooooogingBlogging every day! Ohhh! Courtesy of Hub Spot Marketi...
At this time of year when we become so busy shopping for gifts for our children and others it is good to remember the gifts that really count. There are so many things we can give our children even when we can provide barely provide material things.  What is important is to give these things; our...
This title caught my eye immediately.  Well worth reading. I wrote this one last year around this time and I think it's actually more fitting now than it was when I wrote it.  The holiday season is a great time to draw your family close and be thankful for the blessings you've been given.  As man...
There are too many times we hear and read about the trials and tribulations of being a REALTOR.  Not to say that we do not go through these ups and downs.  However, if you stop to think about it there are so many aspects of real estate that make us happy. When we are having a particularly tough ...
Believe me, I would never be able to guess what this is.   I'm not sure this is even fair.  As this is my first post in this group forgive me if I've gone too far.  Now perhaps I'm making it sound harder than it really is to guess this.  Perhaps you'll know right away. Show me up. That's fine.  I...
Caught some pictures of the pups experiencing their first snow.  The decided right away that it tasted good which made it hard to get any pictures of their faces.   Actually Rocky kept his back end towards the camera most of the time so I only got a couple of shots of him and several more of Lind...
Now is the time to find out what activities are planned in our area for the upcoming holidays.  These are just a few.  Others will be mentioned in future posts.  See how many you can fit in your schedule. Louisa is Ready to Start Celebrating Louisa's Christmas parade, with an expected 40 floats, ...
An early Christmas gift from Active Rain arrived today.  Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say through the goodness of Active Rain I have received a gift (aka referral) from Gene and Renee Jantzen, fellow members. My phone rang, saw a number I was not familiar with, and answered to find ...

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