buyers: Lake Anna's Unbelievable Open House Event this Saturday - 06/02/11 12:01 PM
As a Realtor® at Lake Anna I'm excited to share with you* our plans for a huge (92) number of open houses for you to view. You are welcome to visit as many houses as you would like. You do not have to be in the market for a home. It is an opportunity to share what a wide range of styles there are at Lake Anna and how beautiful so many of them are.  

If you have any questions or would like any additional information please contact me at (540) 226-1964 or Hope I see you on … (7 comments)

buyers: Sorry...My Crystal Ball Broke - 04/19/11 04:08 PM
Sorry, my crystal ball broke.  In fact, it broke the day I became a REALTOR®.  That's right, it is very unfortunate but because of that I am unable to tell you, with absolute certainty, some very important things as much as I would like to.
I cannot tell you, the SELLER:
the exact price to list your home how long it will take until we receive an offer the exact price that you can actually get for your home Whether the market will be stronger next year or not, therefore should you put it on the market now or wait However, SELLER, I can … (23 comments)

buyers: LAKE ANNA, VA MARKET REPORT...WATER ACCESS HOMES SOLD 1st QTR. 2011 - 04/16/11 01:46 PM
LAKE ANNA Water Access Homes SOLD 1st Qtr. 2011. There were 15 water access homes sold during the first quarter of 2011. During this same period in 2010, eight homes sold almost half the number sold this year. That certainly is a good sign and will hopefully continue into the second quarter and beyond. Water access homes, which are off water homes within a Lake Anna subdivision, have access to the lake through a common area in that particular subdivision. Each lake community has its own common area located on a waterfront lot. If the subdivision has only waterfront properties it probably has only a ramp … (2 comments)

buyers: REAL ESTATE is a TEAM SPORT! - 01/13/11 02:20 PM
Real estate is a team sport!   Try playing it alone and you'll quickly learn you are playing a losing game.  True some homes are bought and sold strictly between the seller and buyer, however most properties are sold using the services of a real estate company.
When this is done there are so many players on the team and keeping everyone at the top of their game is very important. Not only are there many players sometimes we, as real estate agents, even switch positions. Their are times our assigned position is Listing Agent.  We are then representing the seller.  … (8 comments)

buyers: SELLERS BE CAREFUL...If you list TOO HIGH, YOU may end up with TOO LITTLE - 10/30/10 06:10 AM
Sellers be careful...If you list too high, you may end up with too little.  Yes, that can happen and often does.  Why?  That's a question I will address but you should talk with your agent to see if this is true in your market area.  It certainly holds true for many.
By pricing too high you discourage a number of buyers from even looking.  That's for starters.  When folks start looking for property they are usually hoping to find what they want at the lowest possible price.  Often they will begin by looking at homes that are less than they will eventually … (56 comments)

buyers: The Power of Active Rain is Putting Lake Anna, VA on the Map - 01/27/10 01:43 PM
When you live in a community such as Lake Anna, Virginia you really learn to appreciate how great it is to live in a small place.  Working in real estate in a small place can sometimes be a different thing.  The positives are that the whole Lake Anna area is your neighborhood.  At least that is exactly the way I feel about it.  That provides you with the ability to really know your market and to know it well.  I love driving around with buyers and they are often amazed at how well I know where I am and where I am going … (18 comments)

buyers: Seller Agency is a Fraud...(But Only Sometimes) - 11/17/09 10:01 AM
Seller agency is a fraud...(but only sometimes). Having just read the post, Buyer Agency is a Fraud...(Sometimes) by Maya Paveza, I must agree that this has happened to me also.  
Now the other side of that coin is the agent "posing" as the seller's agent. Perhaps you have met a few of them throughout your real estate career.  
Here are some of the comments I have heard as a buyer's agent: Bring an offer, my client is getting desperate. The listing is about to expire and I need something out it. The sellers have a contract on another place with … (26 comments)

buyers: Top 10 Reasons to Buy at Lake Anna NOW - 05/25/09 11:08 AM
A MESSAGE TO BUYERS Top Ten Reasons to Buy at Lake Anna NOW  
Interest rates are still very, very low. Prices have come down considerably. Who knows when they may go up again.  Lake Anna continues to be an area that is growing. Inventory is beginning to decrease.  Look while you have ample choices. Real estate taxes are definitely reasonable in all three counties around the lake. There is a finite amount of water-oriented property, especially waterfront.  Lake Anna still has not been widely discovered...yet.  Quality builders are here to assist you with your special home. Lake Anna provides a fun-filled … (10 comments)

buyers: All Home Warranties Are Not Equal - Don't Let the Fine Print Get You by Surprise - 05/20/09 12:13 PM
Have you ever taken the time to read all of the fine print in the application brochures from the various home warranty companies?
If so than you are one step ahead of me.  I have perused them more than once but I must confess that I have not compared them item by item, one from another.
One thing I do know, some of the companies charge a substantial amount for houses over 5,000 square feet.  In case you did not know this and have or may have been involved with the sale or purchase of a larger home you might want … (19 comments)

buyers: Help...Commission Payment on Lease to Purchase...AR Please Come to Our Rescue - 06/28/08 04:49 AM
If any of you have had or know any agents that have received full or partial payment of a commission on a Lease to Purchase prior to the actual transfer of title please let me know.
Lease to Purchase Agreements are becoming more and more prevalent in some markets.  We are seeing them even at Lake Anna. 
A seller I am working with is considering one right now and I am trying to figure out if there is any legal way we can include at least a partial commission in the terms.
Last August one of my listings had a Lease to … (29 comments)

buyers: Listing Agreements RULE - 05/04/08 12:44 PM
At a settlement last week the sellers and buyers renegotiated the contract price. A home inspection was done about a month ago and noted several repairs that needed to be made. Most were problems that the sellers and I, the listing agent, were aware of so there were no big surprises.
The sellers agreed to the addendum that spelled out the repairs the buyers requested be done prior to settlement.
They were going to be done...they were going to be done...they were going to be done...they were not done.
While the sellers and buyers renegotiated the price, with little input from the agents, the attorney was … (12 comments)

buyers: SHIFTING SANDS...The Real Estate Market - 03/09/08 03:33 PM
Have we seen a shift in the real estate market? Yes, the real estate market has changed.  Yes, REALTORS are working harder and earning less. Yes, properties are sitting on the market longer.  Yes, many sellers are becoming frustrated.  Yes, some buyers think the market is even worse than it is and that all sellers are getting ready to give their homes away.   And yes, some sellers think their property is still appreciating.   All these things are true.  Another thing that is true is that this has happened before and will happen again. 
Yes, real estate is cyclical.  It's a seller's market and … (14 comments)

buyers: Call Seller Directly - Here's the Phone Number - 02/27/08 08:40 AM
Are you finding that there are agents that input listings along with all information the buyer needs to go and purchase a home on their own.
Evidently they are doing this for a reduced commission as they are not providing full service to the seller.  That's fine.  It is the arrangement they have made with the seller.  However, when they put the contact information so that the buyer does not need a REALTOR®, they are undermining our industry.  We are paying fees to maintain a multiple listing system that is being used to potentially give away our business.
The drip e-mail system has … (22 comments)

buyers: WHO IS LEADING THE DANCE? - 11/14/07 08:36 AM
Do you sometimes think that you are dancing? At times it is a slow waltz, at other times perhaps it's the Twist. The hard thing to determine sometimes is who is leading. The Sellers think they are and the Buyers think they are. And don't we, as REALTORS, often wish we were?
It doesn't matter what type of a market we are in. BUYERS and SELLERS usually think they should have the upper hand. They should lead and the other party is to follow where they take them.
It is our responsibility to share with them that in order to have a … (5 comments)

buyers: DOES LOCALISM INTIMIDATE YOU? - 11/13/07 05:05 PM
This is really a strange situation for me.  There are not many things that truly intimidate me.  How could something as simple as posting on a site do that?  I really cannot figure it out.  I have read, in fact printed out, how to post to Localism.  I have read posts there.  I think I understand the concept but I do not want to do something wrong.
Living at Lake Anna certainly provides me with plenty of least loads of photos.  Having lived many, many places this is the spot for me.  Working in real estate at a lake is a pleasure.  Living … (67 comments)

buyers: Falling for Fall - 11/11/07 02:34 AM
As long as I can remember when asked which season I loved the most I always replied, "Spring."

Perhaps it has been fall all along. Who cannot love the colors of the changing leaves? We were told that we would not have a very colorful fall this year because of the drought we have experienced. Expecting very little I have been so grateful for the wonderful colors we have had.
The varied shades of yellow, green, red, orange, and even rust are spectacular. When the sun filters through the leaves it provides even more intense color. What better time of … (5 comments)

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